Buying the latest security tools and doing nothing more will never be enough, and is in fact, not good enough as a software security strategy. There’s more to software security than for you to treat it as plug-and-play. You need to invest in several tools and tool integration and customization and focused developer training for you to reap the benefits of your investment in software security.  Building an excellent security strategy is crucial for organizations. Still, too many times,
Infographics can be a powerful way to present information to the public, but only if done correctly. Unfortunately, so many companies are working on creating information systems, but they don't know how to make them efficiently. When creating both an educational and a visual information graphic, these are some of the best examples that businesses and marketers should always keep in mind. These best practices help designers and people who are not similar follow a plan when creating
Cyber-attacks are real, frequent, and often very painful, so keeping your WordPress website is enormously important. More and more attempts are launched against websites every year, so the question of security remains critical for everyone. As we know, size doesn’t matter to cybercriminals, so when it comes to targeting victims, everyone is a fair game, from large international corporations to small businesses. 2018 Internet Security Threat Report informed that 2017 was the year of cyber-
Properly optimized video campaigns are the keys to high conversions. You will agree that most web users and businesses leverage videos to entertain, educate, inform and inspire themselves about what matters to them.  In one way or the other, these actions attract people to the video content. So, the integration of video content into one's website or blog has become one of the most proactive ways to rank above competitors or other industry players on search engines.  Search engines
You are here to look for the best SEO tools to boost up your website rankings, right? No doubt, boosting up the search engine ranking is significant for the credibility and visibility of your website on search engines. A website that has a higher rank on the web page of a search engine, tends to be trusted by more potential visitors, customers, and leads.  The content lies in the first ranking position gets 18 percent of organic clicks, only 10 percent of visitors go to the second-
The product development team is generally more concentrated on how they're developing what they're building, whether you're at a start-up or an established organization. That's understandable. You expect the new feature, as well as the rest of the product, to be user-friendly. However, when all that emphasis is placed upon that "how," the "why" of whatever you're developing is sometimes overlooked. Recently, several product teams were more concerned with building goods correctly, or the "
6 Key growth strategies a start-up can use to rock the market Every prominent start-up has a growth strategy that made them so successful. Here are six learnings to follow that can lead your business to the win. Six Proven Strategies to Make Your Start-up Successful  “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  – Steve Jobs,
11 Important SEO Statistics You Should Be Aware Of [Source: Pixabay] Some business owners only care about creating the best quality product for the market. And with creating the best product being their main concern, their website's reach, their online presence and other aspects of digital marketing may become secondary.  That is what digital marketing specialists are for — to provide guidance on how to improve your brand's online presence and your business' website. An important
7 best ways to Create a Successful Customer Engagement Strategy on e-commerce in 2022   The term "customer engagement" is a trend among online retailers, so you've probably heard it. Increasing consumer interaction on your Shopify business is critical if you want to keep your customers coming back. It's no secret that consumers are your company's lifeblood. However, the majority of online stores do not attempt to engage clients in this manner. Instead, they focus on making as
Most startup companies desire to grow their brands and boost sales and revenue. However, there are specific techniques that companies adopt to integrate growth strategies into their long-term plans. The company will leverage these strategies based on its financial status, government regulation, and competition.  An online writing service has stated that product development, acquisition, market penetration, and many others are examples of the most typical growth strategies. In this post
If you own a website, you know that traffic is a crucial part of your success. Without visitors to your site, there's no way for you to earn money from ad revenue or product sales.  Organic traffic is the traffic you get from search engines. It's basically a phrase used to describe visitors who reach your website without the use of paid advertisement. It's any traffic your site gets that comes from a Google or Bing search query.  Depending on your marketing strategies, your goal
SEO is critical for brand promotion and growth. It is because only the top-ranking sites on search engines receive the most hits. Using SEO, you may improve your website's rating in Google's Search Engine Results Pages and keep it at the top. However, SEO is a difficult task, and even specialists may make blunders. While designing your website, you should be aware of the most typical errors that might occur, how they affect your SEO, and how to avoid them. Otherwise, because the first
Bitcoin turnover is growing from year to year and has reached 20 million tokens, but people still have a limited number of ways to cash out coins. This is because digital currency isn’t legal in all countries, and miners have to constantly convert their coins into cash. To ensure the continuity of transactions, people use a variety of platforms, which are more and more every year.  On October 22, 2015, the ECJ ruled that exchanges of BTC for fiat currencies are exempt from VAT. So,
After the pandemic, more people are becoming used to online services. Even the hybrid mode of work has seen an upward trend. These changes created difficulties for businesses in interacting with their customers. To resolve these communication problems, more businesses are investing in the use of CRM software. A market research industry, Market Research Future, stated in its CRM software research report that the CRM market size value is predicted to shoot up to $35 billion by 2023. What is
Marketing your Software as a Service (SaaS) business is challenging due to the market being saturated with tech industry giants like Adobe and Salesforce. Recent reports indicate that the SaaS market is growing by 18% annually, with 78% of small businesses relying on SaaS solutions in their business workflow.  Despite the competition, it is still possible to position your SaaS brand on the market and attract valuable B2C and B2B leads through content marketing. Additional data
Marketing is all about getting the customer to purchase your product. There are many different marketing strategies out there for you to choose from, so it can be difficult and confusing when trying to pick one that works for you and your company. The following list will give you a basic overview of five ways that you can market your business: Advertising This is not just plain old advertisements anymore. Now we have social media advertising in digital marketing! It has grown
The cloud? You mean the whitish, fluffy substance we see in the sky especially when it's about to rain. What has it got to do with technology?   Well, cloud computing technology has come to stay. This is the delivery of computing services over the internet thereby offering more flexible resources, faster innovation, and economies of scale. These services include servers, software, storage, analytics, databases, intelligence services and networking offered through the cloud. At the
Businesses around the world are veering towards cross-platform app development frameworks as they provide a host of advantages. While there are numerous cross-platform programs available, React Native has gained huge popularity amongst the developers due to the many benefits it offers. It allows you to create applications for both Android and iOS on the same platform. This open-source framework created by Facebook allows you to create highly functional and feature-rich apps using
Ever since Web 2.0 opened the way to a whole new world of opportunities, more and more data have been generated each day. We can now access more information than we could have ever hoped for, so businesses must adapt in order to ensure continuous development and performance. Let’s find out what raw data means and how to harness its power.  What is raw data? Data has become more valuable than ever and come under different terms. The foundation of all information is known as raw data
If anything grew exponentially and multiplied its ecosystems in 2021, it’s SaaS (Software as a Service). The technology has empowered users at various fronts, such as usability, cost-optimization, and data accessibility.   Often known as the flag bearer of modernism in operations, SaaS creates history with each passing day. You must have skimmed SaaS trends 2021 from various resources already. But how about next year? In this edition of the latest SaaS industry trends 2022, read
Until recently, companies did not seriously consider holding large corporate events entirely online. Today, however, Internet technology has become the only way to maintain communication. A huge digital niche has emerged that is only now being filled. SaaS platforms have entered the market, capable of making an event revolution in the corporate environment.  A couple of years ago, there wasn't such a huge demand for new product creation. But during the pandemic, large companies with
But why would anyone want to attack your website? If any website should come under any form of attack, wouldn’t it be that of big businesses? If that statement above is how you feel, here’s something that may interest you. According to the information by a top researcher from an essay writing service, small businesses can lose over $100,000.00 to DDoS attacks only, with big businesses facing losses in millions. While an attacker may target your website for many reasons, some of the
Since online shopping is all about visual experience, you gotta make it superior if planning to start one. To achieve that, you need to invest in an online product configurator. Let us tell you why. The only drawback online shopping has is giving the real feel of products to the customers. In offline shopping, a customer gets to see, touch, feel, and experience a product before buying which online shopping fails to provide and hence is creating a lot of impacts on the buying behavior of
So, what is Digital Marketing? As the name suggests, it is marketing the products or services digitally through social media platforms or through dedicated web pages. Having a strong digital marketing strategy is not an easy task. You need to work on the development of your website, optimize them to top search engine search, use social media platforms to generate potential leads, etc. Hiring companies that offer their services in digital marketing will be a great boost for your business
Cloud computing has a long history (the concept originated in 1960), but the term itself only gained a foothold a few years ago, in 2007. Despite the widespread and frequent use of the term, it still lacks a clear and unambiguous definition, because in the process of cloud technology development the wording undergoes more and more changes and additions. Therefore, instead of a strict definition, I give its most common version: "Cloud computing is a technology of distributed data processing, in
Meta Description: Software as a Service SaaS is a part of cloud computing that is undergoing a lot of trends to make it appropriate for today’s user demands. Software as a service is a delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis.  It is undergoing various trends in 2021 that would add up in its work capacities for businesses. Annual SaaS revenues exceeded $100 billion in 2020, an average growth of 39% over a 10 year period. The users making use of the
Along with platform as a service (Paas) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the three main elements of cloud computing. SaaS helps businesses leverage the benefit of a variety of applications such as Slack, Google Workspace, Dropbox, and more without needing to install and maintain them. Businesses just need to access the applications through the internet. These applications are run and maintained by SaaS providers. From making applications
In its simplest form, DevOps is the short form for Development Operations, setting up the proper alignment of development organizations by covering up its tools, people, and behaviors to facilitate the behavioral and technical changes within its developmental practices. Being the No.1 platform in enterprise management, Salesforce has introduced DevOps, which enables the application of DevOps practices and principles in the Salesforce instances of the organization. While it comes to
Properly organized and optimized product cards are the key to high conversions. The sales potential of any store is largely determined by these pages: their interfaces, UX design, and SEO. At the same time, it's the product cards that often remain the most underdeveloped elements in the structure of sites. Here's a fairly telling statistic: of the top 60 most profitable eCommerce sites in the U.S. and Europe, only 18% of the optimization quality of product cards has been rated as good or within
Starting and managing a business can be very challenging. Without proper guidance and strategies, the chances of losing momentum are relatively higher. It is very crucial to plot how to grow your businesses by using tried and tested methodologies. One such business growth technique has been used vastly in the SaaS industry.  The collective efforts aimed at growing SaaS business have been proven to be successful as they have also helped a significant amount of startups grow from the
Agile software development enables an entrepreneur to launch a product in the market within a short span of time. For executives to know whether the agile methodology is right for them, we share information on basic principles behind agile, preferred team structure, and common methodologies such as scrum, extreme programming (XP), dynamic systems development method (DSDM), and feature-driven development (FDD). Table of Contents What is Agile Methodology in Software Development
  The world is changing rapidly, and it's never been more important that businesses adapt quickly to stay on top of things and keep up with rapid changes in technology or customer demands. One way that many companies are doing this today is by expanding their reach internationally. Hence, they have access to new customers and new markets, providing them with unique opportunities and challenges. Let's take a look at what steps you have to mention when going global! Find Your Target
Starting and handling a new business is not always a cakewalk. There are plenty of things to think about and decisions to make, and any poor decision can lead to destroying your business or set you back. In your startup business, every single penny means a lot. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have a limited budget to hire an IT team. Even companies also don’t have the essential skillset and knowledge for managing their systems that may turn towards severe issues down the line.   Market research has always been present in the business world. It is the process of gathering and analyzing information about a given market. It allows companies to discover and target marketing opportunities. Moreover, opinions and feedback from the customers are gathered regarding their products and services. This type of research can be conducted by the company itself or an outside company that is specialized in market research.   Whenever the word “security” is mentioned people can think of a lock, a bodyguard, or even an alarm. There are many security measures available for different reasons. Each security measure attempts to make a situation more secure in its way. Achieving security is important, whether you’re a business owner, employee, student, or even an ordinary citizen. Security comes in many forms, depending on what needs to be secured. For your home, you might have a
Meta Description: Upon seeing the success of different SaaS applications, several businesses are seeking to develop in-house cloud-based software. Here are some tips that will help in this. The changing customer demands, competitive market, and security breaches have forced businesses to go an extra mile. The unpredicted market trends in 2020 have taught us that the forecasts and surveys could be wrong, and nature can bring the unexpected. Numerous businesses were set to positively
In its simplest form, DevOps is the short form for Development Operations, setting up the proper alignment of development organizations by covering up its tools, people, and behaviors to facilitate the behavioral and technical changes within its developmental practices. Being the No.1 platform in enterprise management, Salesforce has introduced DevOps, which enables the application of DevOps practices and principles in the Salesforce instances of the organization. While it comes to
2020 was a year of disruption for the SaaS industry in many ways. Many organizations started collaborating and working remotely (not only tech), while some of them were for the first time. This situation has given a great push to the SaaS industry and SaaS development Agencies as many organizations upgraded the online process. The mode of online working is just a beginning, in coming years starting from 2021 we will see SaaS consolidating its positions in the market. The SaaS market
As a B2B SaaS brand, you must know how to make your products stand out in the highly competitive market; otherwise, your company won’t grow. This is why companies use growth hack strategies such as offering side services and various deals to help improve the growth of their product. These strategies work for them. Brands like PayPal, Mailchimp, and Dropbox have successfully increased their user base and revenue with these growth strategies.  To successfully use these growth hack
Meta Description: As we experience new normal, having Project Management tools is essential nowadays, especially working remotely. When it comes to managing a business, you want to make sure that you have the most robust management tools to help you.  The great news is that there are a variety of excellent options available out there. But the bad news is that it can be challenging to find the best tools and avoiding distractions from the bad ones. It is where project management software