An interview with Tom Gorski, Growth Hacker and CEO of & published a part of the Startuptyping - a Polish newsletter devoted to startups, content marketing, social media, and growth hacking. Today we’re talking to Tom Gorski who has been creating and implementing marketing strategies for over 12 years. Tom cooperated with over 150 companies representing various industries, including Dell, BlackBerry, and 24HourFitness. Tom is the co-founder of
Interview with CEO of, Tom Gorski which was originally published by a Polish magazine MamStartup. How many pieces of SaaS software does an average mobile app studio need? At the moment, mobile app agencies with a marketing & sales department will soon need approximately 20-50 tools facilitating their work. These tools improve customer communication, internal communication, or can be used for analytics, branding, and scalable application testing. 20 to 50 sounds like