SEO is such an important phrase for any serious business owner. And while most think it's a very complicated affair, the truth is that SEO can be quite difficult and fast at the same time. Of course, all this depending on the way you view things. Therefore, if you have just launched a website and doesn't have enough budget to hire expensive SEO service providers, then maybe what you need is to incorporate simple tools to guide through this journey. And it's for this reason that we took our
Rolling out a new IT technology in your organization requires that you plan, organize, and assign responsibilities accordingly. One of the most important aspects in IT implementation project is the risk assessment. Whether you’re developing a software, implementing cloud computing, or upgrading networks, you’ll need to perform risk prioritization to enhance efficiency. Risk Prioritization What is Project management in information technology? Project management ensures that you have
Many organizations recognize the importance of cybersecurity and have implemented a security-first approach to keep the data they are entrusted with safe. A robust cybersecurity compliance strategy will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your company data as well as that of your customers, clients and other third parties. However, as you put safeguards to prevent external data security threats, do not forget to mitigate threats from within the firm. Monitoring Data Security
Security has become more and more of a concern as businesses move their valuable information online. Because it easier than ever to share data, companies cannot only benefit from this, but they can also run into issues down the line if their security compromised. This can create problems internally, but it can also keep potential clients from wanting to use your product or service. Here are 4 simple ways you can increase the security of your business so you don’t have to worry about losing
According to, the cost of books and supplies for the 2018-2019 academic year average $1,240 for public and private four-year in-state and out-of-state students. Here are some suggestions on how college students can defray this cost.  Buy at Campus Book Stores  The National Association of College Stores states in their “Student Watch: Attitudes & Behaviors toward Course Materials 2017-2018 Report” that 78% of all college students purchased at least one course
The world has become one global village thanks to innovation, worldwide markets, and other factors that bring people together. Technology advancement has birthed many opportunities, but at the same time it has heightened competition. It is then paramount for businesses to align themselves to these global opportunities that have come about, or risk being driven out of the market and pushed into oblivion. Leveraging global innovations is now vital, despite it being a daunting task, as competition
The deficit of and increasing strains on conventional sources of income have prompted workers to go off the beaten path and appropriate their trusted ally- widespread Internet availability- to generate new modes of livelihood. The freelancing industry has witnessed an exponential growth, with half the American population expected to be a part of it within the next ten years. So how do they do it? Let’s look at the 10 methods that are used by freelancers to earn money from jobs online.
Employees are responsible for corporate spying. Companies lose up to $100 billion every year because of business espionage. Employees account for 85% of corporate espionage. It is also called economic or industrial espionage. Espionage is not only about spies working for one government and trying to get their hands on information about another. The same techniques are used in corporate espionage as well. Computer breaches, hacks, and corporate espionage have been making news for a long
The internet is home to almost 2 billion websites, so there is a lot of competition for the eyeballs of those browsing the web. In order for your website to be successful, it needs to be a well-oiled machine and it can take a lot of work. While things like security, log management (find out more at this web page) and monitoring are important to a website, metrics and analytics give you a unique insight into how your website is performing and what could use some improvement. This article
This article was contributed by Stellar Library - Leading Document Management and Distribution Software. In September, 2016, Yahoo announced that they’d suffered from not one, but two security breaches. Amidst fevered negotiations over their seemingly imminent sale, the news couldn’t have come at a worse time, spreading like wildfire just as users’ information spread across the dark web, fetching prices upwards of $300K. The breaches, it was said, had affected some 1.5 Billion users. A
According to communications expert and Forbes contributor Carmine Gallo, a biologist at the University of Washington School of Medicine says audience attention “will plummet to near zero” after about 9 minutes and 59 seconds of watching a presentation. According to the same scientist, drawing on peer-reviewed studies, most people have usually checked out before the approximate 15-minute mark. Of course, different sources cite various limits for the average human attention span. But the point
Ask any business owner and they will tell you that the most important part of a business is the customers. It’s easy to understand why – they are the primary source of revenue. For this reason, good businesses invest a considerable amount of resources in formation of a customer service program designed to engage and nurture customers as they, in turn, engage with the business in various stages of the funnel. Customer Service through Live Chat Cart abandonment is the bane of online
How do you choose the right laptop for you? With most setups, you have to look for a suitable compromise in order to find a device that will suit your needs accordingly. Learning about the details that each alternative offers can provide you with meaningful information regarding the unit that you are considering. Through these options, you can have a better insight regarding the device and make a sensible choice as to which laptop should you purchase. 1. The CPU Your CPU decides how
Nowadays there are so many opportunities for students that help them to find a good job, fulfill themselves and discover new horizons. You just have to be persistent and keep improving yourself. Who hasn’t heard about such company as Google? I guess there are no such people left. And how about having an internship in this company? Google regularly gives offers to interns. Very often those are summer programs that last from 12 to 14. An intern will have to work full time, and it involves working
Artificial intelligence or AI is constantly developing. This term includes technologies such as neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), machine learning and deep learning. That means that AI Technology is able to decipher and understand natural language. It can also compile and analyze information in order to extract insights. Thus, AI is applicable to business marketing. Actually, there is nearly 40% of marketing departments that are already
These days, it often seems like there’s no need to download software to your computer to edit an image, play a game, or create a presentation. But there are still many reasons why downloading software is often preferable to working in a web browser. Below are a few times when it would be more beneficial to download software than to use a web-based application. Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations There are a lot of perks to using Google Docs and G Suite — but there’s a reason
All businesses are potentially at risk from unforeseen disaster or disruption. That’s why the UK Government recommends that every business has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Your plan should cover everything from dealing with the initial crisis, to getting the business up and running again as quickly as possible once the dust has settled. Of course, insurance plays a big role in helping you come back from a disaster and should therefore be an integral part of your recovery
The retail analytics marketplace is projected to top $8 billion by 2022 and it’s not hard to see why. Retail analytics represents the most transformative retail technology in decades. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a crucial asset for brick-and-mortar stores trying to keep in-person shoppers. In the short life of retail analytics, the technology has already matured significantly. An earlier wave proved the concept and laid the foundation. Now a later generation of companies is making high-
The forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. With this level of liquidity comes vast potential to earn huge money in forex trading. Increasingly, the market has moved with the times, becoming digital. This has given rise to secure, flexible, and accessible online trading throughout the forex industry.  This online forex trading has opened the market to a vast number of newcomers through the many brokers who operate in the space. One issue which new traders often
Recently remote work has become not only popular but also profitable. Many people dream of working on a flexible schedule. Working at home does not mean that you need to be a freelancer, you can be a full-fledged employee of any company, but work will need to be remote, rather than sit down all day in the office. Professions That Will Let You Work Remotely Nowadays people have huge opportunities because the world is changing and you can do different assignments distantly. The most
Consumers want to remove the uncertainty from online shopping. Augmented reality (AR) could provide the method. According to a Walker Sands study released in 2015, 35 percent of consumers would shop online more often if the stores offered virtual product interaction. E-commerce in apparel, accessories, cosmetics and furniture already implemented AR, as has the construction and interior design industries.   What Is Augmented Reality?  Three levels of reality exist: actual,
After starting a business, there are some things that you will need to spend money on your business to make substantial profits. However, if you are the extreme saver entrepreneur, you will not be willing to pay more money on such things. But how can you earn if you are not willing to spend? Of course, this will be impossible. For every highly profitable business there exist massive investments in various fields. In this article, therefore, we discuss four things you must spend on to make more
Content creation is always a challenge, but there are fewer challenges more significant than those faced by professional bloggers. While the Internet is a big place with a nearly endless supply of money to be earned, things like content quality, posting frequency, SEO, and engagement all have their impacts. Whether those impacts prove to be positive or negative, have a direct correlation with how they are managed. Most professional bloggers would agree that competition for readers these
Getting people to install your app in today’s busy marketplace is an accomplishment—but it’s really just the first small step toward monetizing your app. Your targeted user acquisition efforts would drive people to install your app, take a series of initial actions and keep engaging meaningfully over time – or so you’d hope. But data tells us this is often not the case: The average app loses 77 percent of its daily active users within three days of the initial install. A month after the
Customer service has always been a significant boon or hindrance to a company’s overall reputation and ability to grow. But in today’s digital economy, customer service exceeds one type of role or touchpoint. In fact, companies are increasingly approaching customer service from within the broader initiative of delivering exceptional customer experiences. The idea is that convenient and memorable experiences foster rich customer relationships, build brand loyalty and drive more revenue.
In a highly competitive market, the tiniest detail will make a difference. Regardless of the industry in question, there will always be two or more companies that basically offer one and the same thing - be it a product or a service. However, one of these companies is an industry giant, while others cannot seem to move from the start-up phase. Why so? It can be a lot of things. They can have a very good customer service department. Their designer might have done a hell of a job and their
In the earliest days of the internet, security compliance was far more streamlined than it is today. With the ever-growing threat of data breaches and hackers becoming more sophisticated with each passing day, your organization needs to take great care to protect your company's and customers' sensitive data. To do this, you'll need to measure the effectiveness of your data security compliance program, and you can accomplish this through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs). KPI
Businesses across all industries have to deal with cybersecurity threats that come with the increasing use of connected devices. To secure organizational data, it is critical to establish robust cybersecurity frameworks for the Internet of Things (IoT). In an effort to standardize processes and ease the burden of data environment information security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a call for papers on April 18, 2018. Internet of Things (IoT) Risk
No matter how prepared you are financially, there are times where you might have money problems. With the rising costs of living and the stagnant earnings in the UK, it’s not uncommon for households to struggle with finance. If you’re struggling with money, it’s important to realise that you’re not the only one. We’ve put together a list of things that could help you get some cash together quickly. Sell, sell, sell When you’re facing money problems, it can be difficult to
Marketing for a SaaS company can be a very different process than marketing for a physical store. There are certain advantages to both, but if the majority of your business is conducted online, then it can be worth it to consider which online marketing strategies can best benefit you. SEO can be a valuable tool when you are trying to reach the right customers within your demographic and you want yourself to appear as the best option over the competition. Here are 4 reasons why you might want
Sometimes PM's can struggle to know how open to be with their teams. Here we look at transparency within project management, why it matters and how to do it.  Sometimes project managers can find it difficult to know exactly how open to be with their teams, no matter how much project management training they have done. It can seem like a good idea to be transparent all the time, to be the open and honest person, but that isn't always the case. For example; in a project management
The cloud-based email archiving solutions are one of the options used by the business organizations to effectively bring the resources into action. This particular option is the most preferable one being the most compliant, efficient and integrative way to maintain free space on the servers of emails. It is not surprising to know that almost 80 per cent work in business is stored in the form of emails as it is the best way to preserve the documents that have been scattered in different places
Every good business requires a great logo, think of the last time when you thought of something and the first thing that popped up in your head was their logo. Smartphone? Apple. Maybe you want to have a cola, Coke! Every great brand is associated with a logo we see every day and brands work really hard to ensure that we associate their product with their brand identity. So how can any business have a great looking logo? Well, you can get a digital artist to design you one, but a professional
If you’re looking for an online broker, then you likely need a hand buying and selling stocks. Buying and selling stocks can sometimes be done alone, but even then it helps to have a light level of support via an online broker. They can be an invaluable resource in this industry, so it’s important that you choose the right one. Here are a few specific things you should know before choosing one: Some Will try to Sweeten the Deal Some brokers will try to get you in with them by ‘
Customer service – it’s all about people, right? Well, it’s certainly the point where your customers meet your business – and in many cases it will involve two people coming together – but without the right systems backing the business/customer interaction up, the communication is destined to be frustrating. Take a look at the following areas where tech might help your customer service efforts – and ask yourself honestly – are you doing everything you can to make delivering great customer
One of the main benefits of your eCommerce business is that it operates online virtually on autopilot, doing exactly what you as a business owner wants it to do. It makes a great deal of sense, therefore, to automate your emailing system too.  Automated eCommerce email systems have come a long; long way thanks to improved technology (see this comparison of Drip vs. MailChimp). If your business isn’t making full use of all that these exciting new systems you are very likely to be missing
Continuous monitoring is a more popular term than continuous auditing in the context of information security. However, comprehending continuous auditing is critical to a ‘security first’ approach to data security and controls evaluation. The Benefits of Continuous Auditing A ‘Security First’ Approach Security professionals believe that such actions as risk assessments, cataloging of assets, threats review and enacting of controls is the first act in ensuring compliance and better
You’ve probably experienced the trauma that comes along with an IT security audit. If you have, then you’ll agree that technical reviews involved in the process are highly complex. However, a security audit is necessary since it guarantees data security of your firm. It involves reporting on various infrastructure and technologies adopted to guarantee security. When you understand the resources and tricks for protection against attacks makes IT security friendlier thus easy to comply. What
There are more than 110 million single people living in the United States. And, at some point, each of them asks one question - how can I correct my position and find the second half? Most of these people have long found the answer to this question and turned to online dating (and most of them say that Ukrainian dating is the best thing that ever happened to them). The rest will understand this over time - every year, the number of users of dating sites and the corresponding applications grows
 It’s often said that people can learn one new thing everyday. Some people dedicate their lives to becoming a realtor in Virginia, while others a chef in New York City.  Depending on your profession, one new thing could take several days to master. Learning a new software program is just like that.     As more job functions get move from analog to digital, the need to adapt is even greater. The complexities of any given software program will pose an extra