I’m not a SaaS owner.  Or a product manager.  You could call me a growth hacker (although I don’t work directly at any particular SaaS company).  If pressed for answer, I would consider myself a mere observer. I’m someone who, by staying outside of the typical SaaS structures is able to see things as they really are.  My opinions are free from the pressure of having to reach, communicate with and convince the target audience to buy before my funds run out, for
According to the latest B2B Content Marketing Report by CMI and MarketingProfs, 70% of B2B marketers produce more content than they did a year before. Due to information overload on the Web, it is now getting harder and harder to come up with fresh, unique, and engaging content. Do I need Content Marketing tools? The role of Content Marketing in any online Marketing campaign is indisputable, and  the importance of publishing top quality content on your blog is constantly on the rise
I’m sure you know how important it is to track progress. Or the benefits of measuring metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to grow and build the business. But are you sure you’re tracking the right ones though? You see: Traffic growth, for instance could paint a pretty picture. So couldthe growing subscriber rate, for instance. But couple these with a rising cost of acquisition and the picture suddenly turns grim. That’s why, it’s imperative that you monitor the right
If your business operates on the Software as a Service model, then your customers are able to not only access but also use internet-based software services as opposed to buying the software and installing it on their server.  Generally, Software as a service is designed to transfer management of serious applications such as CRM and HR apps while conveniently catering to budget constraints since the financial model shifts from being capital expenditure to operating expenditure.
These days marketers have heaps of choices for the technology they use. There are email marketing and automation tools, blog and landing page software, optimization tools, and of course all-in-one marketing clouds. With so many options available, how do marketers choose the right technology stack to accomplish their goals? Do all-in-one marketing clouds offer everything they need, or are best-of-breed software stacks the best option? To find answers, Campaign Monitor surveyed 500
Knowing what makes people click is essential for any online business, regardless of its size and field of expertise. Understanding your visitors means you can get on the same wavelength with them, which is ultimately the goal of most Internet marketers. A lot has been said about online persuasion, but how exactly can good design combined with web psychology maximize the potential of your website? Chances are you’ve already tried optimizing your website, but do you know why some things work
You know, it’s kinda scary: Turns out that anybody could call themselves a content marketer today...and most people wouldn’t be able to call their bluff. At least one impression I had after reading the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmark Report: According to the report, 88% of respondents use content marketing in their work. But… 55% of them are unclear or unsure about what content marketing effectiveness looks like. And only 30% can rate their efforts as effective
So, you’re done:  You’ve typed in those final lines of code. Ironed out few technical problems beta testers have reported. And uploaded that last interface revision.  And now you begin to wonder: How the heck am I supposed to attract users? Use paid ads? Invest in SEO? Start boasting about the product on social media? Or use content, like everybody else? Well, all these strategies will work. But what you need right now is a quick way to introduce your SaaS to as
An interview with Tom Gorski, Growth Hacker and CEO of SaasGenius.com & Inboundway.com published a part of the Startuptyping - a Polish newsletter devoted to startups, content marketing, social media, and growth hacking. Today we’re talking to Tom Gorski who has been creating and implementing marketing strategies for over 12 years. Tom cooperated with over 150 companies representing various industries, including Dell, BlackBerry, and 24HourFitness. Tom is the co-founder of
Interview with CEO of SaasGenius.com, Tom Gorski which was originally published by a Polish magazine MamStartup. How many pieces of SaaS software does an average mobile app studio need? At the moment, mobile app agencies with a marketing & sales department will soon need approximately 20-50 tools facilitating their work. These tools improve customer communication, internal communication, or can be used for analytics, branding, and scalable application testing. 20 to 50 sounds like