Voicera is a cloud-based meeting transcription and collaboration software that helps businesses improve their meeting productivity and effectiveness. Voicera streamlines meeting transcription, improves note-taking, and enhances team collaboration.

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With AI-based technology, Voicera can automatically interpret your content and provide dictation on your blogs and articles. There may be a concern about the extent to which it sounds robotic, but the program design is conducive to a more lifelike reading style.

Its use case is to allow users to become more engaged with what you write, while allowing them to save time, and contributing to as engaged a community as possible. With multiple languages and voice variations, customization is present in spades.

We would like to implore you to read our Voicera review to completion and contrast Voicera against other products before making a final decision.

While we appreciate what Voicera aims to do, as indicated by its Genius score, our impression is a solid piece of technology.

Pros and Cons

The pros are as follows:

  • Transcript accuracy – Voicera has a relatively accurate transcript interpretation mechanism. No design of this nature is going to achieve 100% accuracy. Nevertheless, Voicera misses a lot less than other contemporaries might.
  • Voice customization – Vociera allows different voice and language choices. This is paramount for maintaining engagement with different users who may have individual requirements.
  • Usability – The Voicera interface is well designed. The dashboard and the other elements of the platform are straightforward to use, even for a beginner.

The one large con is:

  • Support – Enterprise support is the only responsive type, while the other two are lackluster.


Voicera’s above-average score is a testament to its capabilities. It demonstrates high convenience in a couple of ways. First, there is voice customization and dialect. With different pronunciation styles and accents, different people are comfortable with different speakers. Having the ability to choose a voice variation appeals to the said comfort.

The presence of extensions, such as those in the Google Chrome browser is also a plus, as it eliminates the need to have a program open that consumes most or all of the screen real estate.

The user interface also makes Voicera easy to get into, since intuitive colors and controls are used. Nevertheless, there is documentation available to assist you if you should find yourself facing any difficulties. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, you should have no challenges using the platform effectively.

With different tiers suited to different blogs and article sizes, Voicera allows you to personalize your plan to capitalize on the platform’s capabilities effectively.


Having a good Genius score is heavily rooted in the feature set that Voicera brings to the table. Here’s a look at the feature set in our Voicera review that makes it so outstanding:

  • One-click voice – Automatic detection and generation allows Voicera to bring audio to your content in seconds. Under normal circumstances, there would likely be other settings that you would need to manipulate to get a voiceover application to produce the audio content you are looking for. However, being able to do it all in one click here provides an air of convenience.
  • Lightweight – Of course, every element added to a web page must be considered in performance terms. While you want to engage your audience as much as possible, you don’t want to do so at the risk of poorer webpage performance. Thanks to a lightweight design, embedding Voicera into your web page requires consideration for less than 3 kilobytes of data, which is an unrecognizable addition to the performance load.
  • Constantly expanding multilingual functionality – The default multilingual capability that allows for a choice of over 10 languages and voice versions is outstanding. However, enterprise-level customers who may have a broader reach across the globe require more. For businesses licensed this way, there are over 200 different languages and dialects to choose from, and the library is consistently expanding.
  • Support – Based on your subscription, Voicera can offer you the support agreement that best suits your needs. There is standard basic support which is best effort, priority support which yields greater attention, and enterprise support, which comes with a dedicated account manager who can handle all follow-ups and escalations on your behalf.

Support Quality

There is no doubt that Voicera has a good Genius score. However, users who are on the lower end of the support spectrum may highlight it as the one gripe they have with the program. Currently, there are three tiers of Voicera support, and they correspond to the different pricing plans customers can select. These are as follows:

  • Basic – This is a best-effort support style bundled with the free license tier. While support is going to be received, there is no priority on items submitted this way.
  • Priority – The next step up from basic support is the priority tier, which is bundled with pro licensing. The SLA is better here, and there is greater attention placed on support tickets that are submitted from these customers. However, there is not necessarily a line of escalation present.
  • Dedicated – This is the highest tier of support and is included with enterprise licensing. Not only is priority support granted, but there is a dedicated account manager who acts as internal representation for you.

Voicera Pricing – What Does It Cost?

There are three pricing levels for Voicera. The first is the free tier. Next, there is a $9 cost monthly, and this license is known as the pro tier. The next step up from there is the final license alternative known as the enterprise tier. 

Pricing at the enterprise level is not disclosed and requires reaching out to Voicera for a quotation based on your business parameters.

The plan differences include the number of articles covered, the type of support offered, and the number of voice versions available.

Free TrialYes
ProStarting from $9 /user/mo
EnterpriseStarting fromCustom


Voicera is a stellar option to choose if you want to bring some personality to your website content by adding a voiceover. Some of the highlights of using the platform include its lightweight design, multilingual capability, and its incredible ease of use. 

For those who want to build a community around their web pages, engagement is one of the key requirements, and having your page speak to users in a way that they’re comfortable is one of the best approaches to take.

Try Voicera Today!

We have no reservations in recommending Voicera for those who want to add that extra element to their pages. In fact, we would implore you to try the free version today, get comfortable, and then switch to the licensed version that best meets your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to improve retention and breathe an air of freshness and life into your web content, give Voicera a try today!



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