TeamGantt is a project management software that offers online Gantt charts. This software enables you to create a schedule, draft a plan, centralize your team’s data, and manage your projects efficiently. Gantt is very easy to use, and you can also invite your business partners and team for accessible communication and collaboration.




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TeamGantt Facts

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TeamGantt Review


TeamGantt may be our favorite project management app for viewing and editing a task in a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart is a form of bar chart that is used to see and track all aspects of a project at the same time in a way that clearly indicates both a timeline and task relationships. 

Essentially, TeamGantt is a top project management program because it’s so simple to use, even if you’ve never used Gantt charts before. It’s well-designed and simple, taking only a few minutes to set up and an hour or so to be up and running. However, better communication features and reports should be included in the app. It also doesn’t include any budgeting or invoicing features. Carry on reading this TeamGantt review to find out more. 

Pros and Cons


  • It’s simple and intuitive to use
  • Outstanding tutorial content
  • Automatic dependencies correction feature
  • Amazing Gantt charts


  • Discussions, notifications, and posted files all need some improvement
  • There are no budgeting or invoicing tools available
  • Reports of average quality


TeamGantt is simple to understand and use. With task management features at the top and project/reporting navigation on the left, everything is clearly labeled.

If Podio is an Android phone with a lot of customization options, TeamGantt is more like an iPhone: everything you do with this application is already pre-built and ready for you to fill in your data and get started. There’s not a lot of room for customizing, and that’s okay. TeamGantt is for users who seek a simple, streamlined interface with plug-and-play templates and reports.

Reporting is a complicated component in project management software with many criteria, filters, and options to pick from. TeamGantt simplifies things by providing only two sorts of reports:

  • Workload
  • Project Health

These reports have a limited number of options, which limits functionality but improves accessibility, especially for new users. In fact, the majority of TeamGantt’s features appear to be designed for rookie project management software users. It provides each function in the most straightforward manner possible. 

Each list has a “new task” button if you want to add more tasks to your project. Simply right-click and edit your task if you need to make changes.


The features of TeamGantt are designed to encourage collaboration and make it simple to use. Everything revolves around optimizing the task management and tracking process without weighing down the product with unneeded features.

Below are some features that it offers:

Task Prioritizing and Scheduler: TeamGantt provides a standard worklist, Gantt timeline charts, and a common team calendar.

Shared Team Calendar: TeamGantt’s shared team calendar shows tasks laid out across its entire duration from start to finish, including features traditionally seen only in a Gantt chart.

Resource Management: In TeamGantt, users can attach any type of project file, including papers, photos, PDFs, and spreadsheets to any task.

Time Tracking: Timesheets for your entire team may be set up and tracked with TeamGantt.

Document Storage: TeamGantt allows you to save any type of project file within individual tasks, making it simple to find, browse, and download.

Support Quality

TeamGantt provides video tutorials, startup guidelines, feature articles, live classes, and even phone help. However, only the first 30 days of phone assistance are included in the first two payment categories. You’ll need to subscribe to the Advanced plan if you want unlimited phone support.

The instructions do a terrific job of getting you started, as we said in our usability section, and consumers usually have very little trouble getting TeamGantt to work the way they want. 

If you require additional assistance, you can contact support; unlike most other project management software, there is no forum. However, you are not limited to using email-based tickets; you may also contact support via in-app chat.

TeamGantt Pricing – What Does It Cost?

It’s a costly alternative when you consider what TeamGantt has to offer. The free version is really basic, and you’ll quickly outgrow it unless you’re using it to handle small, personal projects.

One thing to bear in mind is that TeamGantt’s Standard tier pricing has increased slightly during the last year. Although the increase is only $1.75, it is still an increase. The Advanced tier, on the other hand, was reduced by $0.50.

Free StandardAdvanced
Free$51.50/month for five users$74.25/month and increases by $11 for each additional user


In this TeamGantt review, we have concluded that the app is an outstanding project management program for small enterprises that is highly intuitive for beginners. However, TeamGantt may benefit from better communication tools. What are your thoughts about TeamGantt? Is it able to meet all of your Gantt needs and more? 

Try out TeamGantt today!

TeamGantt may be the program for you if you appreciate Gantt charts and use them as your primary project management tool. 


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