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Oribi is a great marketing analytics software that enables you to massively boost your bottom lines, increase conversions, and improve customers’ overall experience with your business.

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review new │Oribi Overview: The Rising Star of Data Analytics

If you are into digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of a super cool tool that is revolutionizing the marketing analytics industry. 

Oribi is the one-stop shop that has all you need to create content that will drive sales up when marketing analysis is concerned. 

Oribi’s intelligent computing captures everything visitors do while offering great features and requires no manual setup. Featuring campaign and behavioral analytics, conversion tracking, and collaboration tools, Oribi highlights trends and insights on your site, so you don’t have to.

Oribi is definitely designed with marketers, SEO gurus, and sales teams in mind, and is highly targeted to these groups. 

In this review, we’ll offer a detailed overview of Oribi and do a deep dive into all the pros and cons of the tool to make your decision a lot easier. 

Oribi – Best for marketers and sales teams
If you are on the hunt for the best analytics tool to show you which channel makes you money, Oribi is the software you might want to check out.

pros and cons new │Advantages and Disadvantages of Oribi

When researching what the best analytics software can offer, it is always wise to consider the pros and cons. They can help you decide if this is the right product for you or if you should look for other market options. Below are some of the pros and cons we’ve managed to compile. 

Pros of Oribi 

tick new Ease-of-use

The software is easy to use, offers insights into the business, and helps the decision-making process. 

tick new User-friendly interface and dashboard

The software is easy to navigate. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, and you have the option of sharing it with other colleagues who might lack tech skills.

tick new Features that work for you

The software offers useful features like insights and trends, event tracking, and more. They are easy to use and free the user of any unnecessary workload. 

tick new Automated and code-free advantage

Track your events without using any code. The entire analytical process is automated, so you don’t need to do anything manually or have technological knowledge.

tick new Understandable data

Data presented in the reports are actionable and easily understood. No overloading reports with unnecessary or useless data.

tick new Conversion expert

When choosing a paid plan, users are assigned a conversion expert who will guide them through the process of setting up Oribi features. 

Cons of Oribi

cons new Limited Report templates

When creating reports, only a few report templates and dashboards are offered. The reporting is done only in PDF, limiting the data that can be included and excluded. 

cons new Expensive plans

The plans are costly for beginners. The price of the plans increases or decreases based on the number of visitors or clients you have and whether you are paying annually or monthly. 

plus new Simple and user-friendly softwareminus new Expensive pricing plans 
plus new Automated and codeless analyticsminus new Limited report templates
plus new Useful and comprehensive features 
plus new Easily understandable presentation of data
plus new Easy-to-use interface and dashboard
plus new Use of conversion expert assistance

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Start Using Oribi Today!

Harness the power of Oribi’s intelligent computing and get to know your customers like never before! Try Oribi out! 

what new │What is Oribi?

Built as an alternative to Google Analytics, Oribi is made for marketers who have no time to sift through mountains of data and dislike endless reports. It’s software for those wishing to have all relevant metrics, marketing budgets, and trends in one dashboard.

It’s the best analytics marketing tool that could increase your leads, convert visitors into customers and help you evaluate your marketing efforts. The good news is that with Oribi, you don’t need developers to collect data. Everything is automated and requires no coding, meaning this software is ideal for both novice and expert marketers without a tech background. 

Most of us are not tech advanced and have no clue how to use code. In short, it seems like Oribi is the answer to our prayers. Do the job yourself while not getting swamped with endless amounts of data, learn why and where you are losing visitors, monitor their performance, and keep your site on top. 

Oribi is useful in evaluating and optimizing marketing efforts, from new posts to main campaigns. It provides truthful data that allows better insight into the flow of your website. It is said to be the best analytics tool for those who are tired of fixing problems caused by software. 

Oribi is mainly used in sectors like education, e-commerce, real estate, tourism, and even government and has amassed over 187 million unique users. To learn why businesses lose their visitors, Oribi has analyzed over 22,900 funnels. 

rating Overall Rating: 4.5/5
function Functionality:A user-friendly and comprehensive interface is a great choice for those not so tech-savvy. Users have access to numerous walkthroughs.
feature Features: A wide selection of features to help acquire more actionable data and use it to improve marketing.
value Value for money:A useful tool that is worth the value for the money. Takes marketing to a whole new level by helping make fully data-driven decisions.

how new │How Does Oribi Work? 

The first step to using Oribi is setting up and providing the necessary information. Begin by going to the official site and registering for an Oribi Free Trial. You’ll be asked to provide the website domain name and the average monthly traffic expected on the website. It’s important to note that the traffic will affect the price, but we will discuss this in more detail later. 

The last step is to add your mobile phone, and you have completed the registration process. Once you’re done with the basics, next up is configuring the platform to fit your business niche. Pick the correct project type, specify the niche and mark your main target. Connect an existing website to Oribi by pasting the page and allowing Oribi to generate the HTML code automatically. 

Oribi supports various website-building platforms, CMS, and browser-based SaaS software. All you need to do is choose the platform you use for the provided list. Finally, do a quick check to make sure everything is running smoothly, and that you are all set.

Didn’t need a developer so far! This is the stage when Oribi does the magic through its praised best for analytics features. They are divided into categories based on their task, from tracking to trends, insights, and reports. 

feature new │Oribi Features

Once you have set up Oribi, sit back and watch it do all the heavy lifting for you. Tracking events and generating reports are done without any coding knowledge required. This is where the Oribi analytics features shine. It is an automated process meaning you don’t have to do anything manually. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make it all happen. 

point new Oribi Magic Events and Tracking

By using the Oribi magic events feature, you can create events without using code or running after developers. Simply create the event and monitor everything that visitors are doing on your website -track their button clicks, page visits, purchases, or form submissions. 

Events can be explored and tracked by viewing the performance of the visitors through their behavior patterns and conversion rates in previous months. Events are the foundation for gathering information simply and easily, without restrictions or limitations. You can even go back and see all tracked conversions in retrospect.

point new Funnel Tracking

Business owners like to know what is happening on their websites and what they can do to increase traffic, but also what they’re doing wrong. Thus, the funnels feature helps you understand at what step you are losing your visitors. Having someone help you understand what to change and where to focus your attention is useful.

While monitoring the flow of visitors can be used to identify the visitor funnel behavior between different domains by using cross-domain funnel tracking. There is also a unique option to receive cross-session data and analyze funnels accurately. 

It is important to remember that the funnel feature will help you identify leaks by filtering through funnels and understanding how they work. 

point new Visitor Journey

Knowing what the website’s visitors seek will help us understand them better. This feature helps track visitors to your site and determine why some convert while others don’t. Take a peek at every action made on your site by viewing their journey. 

Visitors can be searched by email if they are subscribers, and you’ll also be able to see cross-platform activity. This means visitors’ sessions from mobile devices and desktops or laptops. There is also an option to filter visitors and follow them based on a particular activity of your interest. 

In short, Oribi will give you an insight into the device, and channel visitors use, how long they stay on the site, location, number of sessions, activeness, and other intel.

Knowing the insights and trends on your website is important because it allows you to identify your priorities. To boost your sales in a particular location, you can check what is trending and try to optimize your campaign. It also provides insight into the level of performance of the pages on your site. 

A handy feature if you are running a campaign where you can compare channels, locations, dates, and devices to yield more positive results. Use it to determine the channel that’s driving more leads, conversions, and visitors. An insight into the increase or decrease in conversions, pricing plans, and positive or negative trends are just a few of the perks. 

point new Reports

Creating reports is a hustle, and marketers always look for easier ways to do them. Oribi helps you create customized reports by simply selecting the data you want to display and editing it. It allows you to use your company colors and logo and choose charts and graphic patterns. 

Instead of boring people with raw, endless, and useless data, present the data simply and understandably so that everyone can understand. If you need to share it with your clients, simply segment the report and create presentation slides for your next meeting. The only downside would be that it doesn’t offer as many report templates and dashboards.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to set it up repeatedly. Simply schedule it for the required timeframe, and you’ll have it ready. Insert the email addresses of those you wish to share it with, and Oribi will do it for you. Go and concentrate on more important tasks!

Why We Should Use Oribi?

point new 100 % automatic tracking of all events on your website.point new Offers many useful, best-for analytics features that facilitate the work of the user.
point new Identify events that drive conversions and where the prospects are lost. point new Cross-data and cross-domain funnel tracking. 
point new Need absolutely no coding knowledge to use the platform.point new Creating reports isn’t a boring task if using the reporting feature. 
point new Offers insight into trending campaigns, allowing them to optimize them in real time. point new Following the journey and behavior of visitors helps understand their needs and offers the possibility to adjust options to improve the visitor experience. 

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Better Tracking Than Google Analytics! 

And that’s saying something. Anyone who can go toe-to-toe with Google and come out better is already miles ahead of the pack. Get Oribi today and see why their event tracking is getting people talking. 

who new │Who is Oribi Intended For?

Unlike other analytics tools, Oribi doesn’t require you to have coding knowledge or be an expert data analyst. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, a small or a large business owner, Oribi can meet the level of all.

You can navigate easily through registration and set up steps, and if you get stuck, there are many video tutorials and walkthroughs that offer basic knowledge on how to use Oribi. Beginners will be thankful that they don’t have to spend hours looking for developers to do the complex coding and still not understand what they need to do next. 

Oribi is a super best analytics tool that is useful for basically anyone who needs advanced analytics but simplified. From marketing agencies to data scientists to website owners, Oribi makes analytics possible for everyone. Here are some examples of users that will find Oribi potentially suitable for their business.

point new Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies spend a lot of time analyzing and compiling endless reports, which have to be presentable for the client to understand the data. This makes Oribi the perfect and useful match for agencies. 

Use the handy Oribi features to set the parameters and get the information that your client needs. You can build data funnels and correlations, compare existing channels and generate in-depth reports. There’s also the option of white-labeling and offering clients access to important marketing statistics.

point new E-commerce Business

When in the e-commerce business, the main goal is to boost sales as much as possible. All the campaigns and offers are in vain if you don’t understand the customers’ needs. With Oribi and its features, you can track customers’ behavior, what they like or dislike, what they purchase, and at which stage they lose interest.

Visitor journey, insights, trends, funneling, and correlations are just a few of Oribi’s features that can provide you with the correct data. You can use it for in-depth analysis of revenue sources and understand your audience.  

point new Large Enterprises

Enterprises that have a large infrastructure will find Oribi useful. Processing and analyzing large amounts of data can be tiresome and time-consuming, resulting in disastrous and unrealistic reports. The best analytics tool will provide the best customer monitoring that will help in preparing strong and specifically targeted marketing strategies. 

At the same time, management can receive high-quality reports with the omission of unnecessary and confusing data. These reports will help them make strategic decisions to increase revenue flow. 

point new A suitable marketing tool for users with all experience levels
point new An excellent and very useful tool for marketing agencies who constantly deal with analyzing numbers and preparing endless reports 
point new E-commerce businesses and large enterprises can utilize Oribi to learn the behavior of their customers and use the data to make strategic decisions and planning of future campaigns.

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Does This Sound Like You?

That’s because Oribi was built for savvy people like yourself to help you get the most out of your website’s performance. Optimize your site like never before and watch conversions skyrocket! Get Oribi today.

cost and time new │Oribi Set Up Time and Cost

Oribi is a very simple and easy marketing analytics tool that everyone can use. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to register and set up the features that you wish to use and then you can sit back and let Oribi do the work for you. Simply select all the data you need to make the necessary analysis, and you are done. 

Concerning the cost, Oribi offers several pricing tiers which greatly depend on your needs and requirements. Although it may be a bit pricey for beginners, overall, it is a great value for the money. Below, we will go over the pricing and different plans in more detail. 

usability new │Oribi Usability

When thinking about analytics, users tend to get nervous because they know the workload and other skills required to get the best results. Well, Oribi is here to make things simple. 

No need to be a scientist to do data and marketing analysis for your website. No coding skills are required, and there is no learning curve. Once you connect Oribi to your website, it will start the analysis. You just need to create events with your parameters and select the desired features that will get you the needed data – and all you need to do is monitor the process. 

Oribi will funnel your visitors and provide you with their behavioral patterns so you can improve customer experience and boost sales. The ease of use and user-friendly interface is what make the Oribi tool so useful. 

pricing new │Oribi Pricing

Considering the benefits that Oribi offers its users, you are probably wondering how much it will cost to start using it. Oribi offers several pricing plans that some small business owners may find pricey. 

Each plan has a starting price, but the trick is that it can change based on the monthly traffic volume on your website. The higher the traffic on your site, the higher the price of the plan.

 Another issue you might find annoying is that the price between annual and monthly billing differs significantly. Users might find a good annual discount satisfying, but if you wish to pay monthly, brace yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at each pricing plan and what Oribi has to offer.

point new Business Plan

The Business plan includes customer event support, personalized insights, a year of domain history, and more. You can also choose one of the Optimize, Growth, and Scale sub-plans. 

For traffic with less than 1,000 visitors, the Optimize sub-plan will cost $810 per month, the Growth plan comes to $954 per month, and you’ll need to pay a starting price of $1,620 per month for the Scale sub-plan. 

point new E-commerce Plan

With revenue integration monthly calls as one of the features of this plan; it also offers users to choose from three different sub-plans. The minimum monthly price a user will have to pay for traffic below 1,000 visitors is $675 for the Optimize sub-plan. You’ll need to pay $878 for the Growth sub-plan and $1,485 for the Scale sub-plan. 

point new Marketing Agency Plan

Because Oribi is mostly useful for marketing agencies who manage many websites simultaneously and run different channel campaigns for businesses, they will have to pay for a plan tailored just for them. This plan doesn’t offer sub-plans, and users are charged based on the number of clients they have per month. 

The plan offers white labeling, cross-domain tracking, advanced reports, and much more. The price for one client is $1,136 per month, and it gets higher depending on the number of clients. If you have more than 10 clients, you should contact Oribi to get better service and prices. 

Free14-day trial version
point new Business PlanMonthly traffic volume of 1,000 visitors
Optimize $810 / month
Growth $945 / month
Scale$1,620 / month
point new E-commerce PlanMonthly traffic volume of 1,000 visitors
Optimize $675 / month
Growth $878 / month
Scale$1,485 / month
point new Marketing Agency
The monthly base for one client$1,136 / month for one client

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Try Oribi for 14 Days Free! 
With so many reasons to use Oribi, what is there to lose? We know you’ll love it after your risk-free 14-day trial, and you’ll revolutionize your business’s conversions and traffic experience in no time. Get Oribi free and see for yourself. 

tools new │Oribi Tools

Once you start using Oribi you will realize the blessing of having everything done for you. The reason for this is the tools used that make the job look so simple when in reality, it is quite complicated. 

The core of Oribi is tracking site traffic, sales, trends, and more. Ensuring a deep traffic overview helps users locate causes for traffic changes. Check the trends and adjust the campaigns accordingly.

Analytics and Trending

point new Marketing Attributor

A helpful tool helping e-commerce businesses understand the revenue that marketing channels generate. Oribi’s marketing attribute helps uncover each customer’s touchpoint on the visitor journey and uses it to develop strategies. 

Marketing Attributor

point new Visitor Journey

Track visitors and their journey from pages visited buttons clicked, devices used, and more. It’s a helpful tool for following recurring patterns for customer segments. 

Visitor Journey

feature new │Oribi Highlights

point new Get the “scoop” on who has visited your website, the destination from which they arrived, and what they were looking for while visiting.
point new Let Oribi calculate your revenue and help you create strategies to increase it.
point new Automation of processes is the future, and Oribi is offering top-notch marketing analytics to help you improve your business.
point new Reports don’t have to be boring. Eliminate unnecessary raw data and give management and investors data they want to see.

example new │Websites using Oribi

Oribi is a platform that can be used across many industries. Here are some success stories of companies using Oribi.

Perfection Learning

An e-commerce website from Iowa offering digital, hybrid, and printing solutions in numerous subjects. Being in the business since 1926, this leading publisher used Oribi to gain significant knowledge about their customers through tracking visitor behavior. They specifically use event tracking to acquire data quickly and do further planning to increase revenue and enhance the website experience. 


SkyOne is a not-for-profit organization that has grown significantly since it was founded in 1949. Offering account services, online and mobile banking, investment services, and more, it used Oribi to improve the user experience of its members and process more applications of potential members. It helps them overview how data is coming through and see what is happening without being overburdened by loads of unnecessary data. 

support new │Support

When dealing with technology, you can be as good as they come and still come across a common problem. Customer support is a vital part of every software. Oribi provides access to a Help Center where users can get answers to questions from the team. There is also a section that offers view walkthroughs, guides, instructions, and many tutorials. 

Once a user subscribes to one of the plans, they are assigned a conversion expert who will assist with the setting up of Oribi. They will guide you in achieving your goals by getting the maximum out of Oribi. 

For urgent guidance, you can schedule a call by using an online calendar, sending Oribi an email, or subscribing to their social media accounts. All the latest information on Oribi is posted there, and there are also regularly held webinars with tips and techniques you might find useful. 

point new Conversion expert provided upon subscription;
point new The help center offers a wide selection of video guides, instructions, and tutorials;
point new Schedule a call for urgent support;
point new Email support;
point new Get the latest information on Oribi’s social media sites;
point new Regular webinars offer valuable information.
Not every software is suitable for all types of business; this is also true when it comes to Oribi. As great as Oribi is, some marketers might prefer the good old Google Analytics. 
Google Analytics may have been a challenging program to work on, but it is one of the biggest Oribi competitors and also a viable alternative. It is a standard tool for site structure analysis and research, web analytics, and insights.
Google Analytics may be the older and more powerful relative of Oribi, but if you have no coding or analytical skills, you might get frustrated with it. It offers a lot of insight and information; however, it’s slightly more complicated than Oribi. Additionally, Oribi tends to simplify analytics enough that even novice users can find their way around it.
With this, everything is simple and easy, providing you with the needed information quickly and in an understandable format. Everything is given to you with the click of a few buttons.

conclusion new │Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, effective and best for analytics tool, then Oribi is the one for you. It doesn’t require manual configuration and setting, no need for technical skills, and hiring professionals to do the job for you. 

A simple system with a fully automated process suitable for any e-commerce, marketing agency, or other type of business. It may be slightly pricey for those just starting their business, but considering all the pros that Oribi offers, it might be worth the try.

Use the free trial period to see the benefits Oribi can bring to your business, and then decide if you want to go for one of the paid plans. 

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Take Oribi for a Test drive with a 14-day trial!

So many awesome features to try out, why not see what’s got everyone talking about Oribi? Its unparalleled event tracking and filter system will give you a look into your business’s analytics like never before. Get Oribi today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, there is no limit to the number of events. Oribi captures every button click and page visit on the linked website.

Absolutely! You can use Oribi together with your whole team and share the experience. To do so, you need to go to the Account Settings and select Setting in the drop menu. Here you can choose to give team members access to specific areas or a full login option. Just simply enter their email addresses and invite them.

Oribi is a sophisticated analytical tool packed with numerous features that can help you make the right decisions for your business. Obtain actionable data by spotting patterns and projecting trends, which will help you accomplish your goals and objectives. It will help you identify what works, what doesn’t work, and how to produce leads. You will be able to locate your weak spots and where you are losing opportunities and determine what prompts conversions.

Yes, tracking specific customers is possible with Oribi. You will learn who they are, the actions they take, how they connect with the data, and so much more.



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