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Okta Pricing Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber based, Per User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

Managing employees’ access to devices and apps is challenging, whether you are a small business or an enterprise. With Okta, adding authorization and authentication services to your apps is quick and straightforward.

You can easily connect any application or device to Okta and choose how users will log in.

The cost of Okta depends on the plan chosen. This article reviews Okta’s current pricing plans, features, and benefits for your business.

Okta Pricing Plans

Below, we look at Okta Customer Identity Cloud (consumer plans) and Okta Workforce Identity Cloud (workforce plans) current prices, the two tools Okta offers businesses.

Okta Customer Identity Cloud Pricing 

Okta Customer Pricing PlansStarting Price Per MonthStarting Price Annual
B2C Plans Essentials$23.00$276.00
B2C Plans Professional$240.00$2,880.00
B2B Plans Essential$130.00$1,560.00
B2B Plans Professional$800.00$9,600.00
EnterpriseContact sales for pricingContact sales for pricing

Okta Workforce Identity Cloud Pricing 

Okta Workforce Pricing PlansStarting Price Per MonthStarting Price Annual
SingleSign-on (SSO)$2.00$24.00
SingleSign-on (Adaptive SSO)$5.00$60.00
Multi-factorAuthentication (MFA)$3.00$36.00
Multi-factorAuthentication (Adaptive MFA)$6.00$72.00
Universal Directory$2.00$24.00
API Access Management$2.00$24.00
Advanced Server Access$15.00$180.00
Access Gateway$3.00$36.00
Workflows Light$4.00$48.00
Workflows Medium$5.00$6.00
Workflows Unlimited$6.00$72.00
Identity Governance Light$9.00$108.00
Identity Governance Medium$10.00$120.00
Identity Governance Unlimited$11.00$132.00

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The Main Features of Okta Pricing Plans

Okta offers various pricing plans for each product – Okta Workforce and& Okta Customer. Each type of plan has specific features, which you can learn more about below.

Okta Workforce Pricing Plans

Okta Workforce requires a minimum of $1,500/year contract, offering great discounts to enterprises with a large number of users. It offers as many as 15 pricing plans, each with specific features.

  • Single Sign-on: Focuses on providing users with a quick and sleek sign-in experience. It comes with features like Multi-Factor Authentication, TreatInsight, Desktop and mobile SSO, RADIUS authentication, Custom org URLs (e.g., company.com/login), and SIEM integration.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: As its name suggests, this Okta pricing plan focuses on adding a secondary security layer to protect users’ data. It has features like Okta ThreatInsight, Security Question, Email as a factor, Okta FastPass, Okta Verify OTP, Okta Verify Push, SMS, biometric factors, and Specified IP zones.
  • Universal Directory: Focuses on features that help businesses manage users’ profiles and access with ease. It comes with six features, including a Cloud directory, Private Workspaces, Unlimited directory integrations (AD/LDAP & apps), Unlimited custom user attributes and fields, Custom mapping and transformation, and Cloud-based LDAP authentication.
  • Lifecycle Management: Automates provisioning with app and directory integrations, IT authorization features, reports, Universal Directory, and HR provisioning apps like Workday, Salesforce, and GSuite. It also offers unlimited OIN apps.
  • Advanced Server Access: Allows users to access apps’ back-end servers without re-signing each time they open their apps using the SSO feature. It has advanced features, such as multiple environment support, Linux and Windows end-to-end lifecycle management, and built-in SSO and MFA authentication on SSH and RDP workflows.

Okta Customer Pricing Plans

  • B2C Plans. Includes two tiers: Essential & Professional. The Essential tier is best for small projects and apps. It features up to 10,000 External MAU, Unlimited Social Connections, Custom Domains, User Role Management, and 5 Actions. The Professional tier is suitable for teams and projects that want enhanced security. It has all features of the Essential tier, with 10 Actions, plus Pro MFA, External Databases, Admin Roles, Consolidated User Stores, and M2M Add-ons.
  • B2B Plans. It has the same tiers as B2C Plans but with increased feature limits. The Essential tier features up to 7,000 External MAU, User Role Management, 5 Actions, Pro MFA, M2M Add-ons, Unlimited Okta Connections, 3 Enterprise Connections, and 50 Organizations. The Professional tier has the same features as the Essential tier, with 10 Actions, plus External Databases, Admin Roles, M2M Add-ons, and 100 Organizations.
  • Enterprise. This plan is aimed at businesses that want to scale. It comprises a custom number of connections and tiers, Unlimited Okta Connections, Unlimited Admin Roles and Actions, Advanced Deployment Options, and 99.99% SLA and Enterprise Support. It also includes add-ons like Attack Protection, Enterprise MFA, Adaptive MFA, Private Cloud, Premier Success Plans, and HIPAA BAA & PCI.
Did you know?
point new Okta was developed to make signing in to apps and devices simpler and faster.

Okta Pricing and Integrations

Looking to meet customer needs and requirements, Okta allows integration with hundreds of other apps. It can be integrated with Salesforce, ServiceNow UD, Workday, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Zendesk, LinkedIn Learning and more.

Users can also install the Okta Browser Plugin enabling automatic sign in for end-users credential applications. Use Okta as an extension to Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge. 

Which Pricing Option Is Right for You?

There isn’t a single correct answer to which Okta pricing plan is best. It all depends on the type of user and its needs. For instance, the B2C Plans Essential Plan is suitable for individuals (developers) with a limited budget who want to add basic identity authentication and security features to their apps. The Workforce Identity product is perfect for large corporations who want to improve the operations within the company and simplify employees’ work.

Okta Pricing PlanBest ForFeatures
B2C Essentials PlanBest for individuals and small businesses working on simple projects or apps on a limited budget.Features: Tiers up to 10,000 External MAUUnlimited Social ConnectionsCustom DomainsUser Role Management5 Actions 
B2C Professional PlanBest for medium-sized and large companies working on larger projects that need extra security.Features: All the features from the B2C Essential plan, plus more Actions, Pro MFA, External Databases, Admin Roles, and M2M Add-ons.
B2B Essentials  PlanBest for medium-sized companies offering SaaS products working with a limited budget.Features: Tiers up to 7,000 External MAU 3 Enterprise Connections Unlimited Okta Connections Pro MFA 5 Actions User Role Management 50 Organizations M2M Add-ons
B2B Professional PlanBest for larger companies offering SaaS products that need an added layer of security.Features: All the features from the B2B Essential plan, plus more Actions and Organizations, External Databases, and Admin Roles.
Enterprise PlanBest for companies offering production applications that need to scale.Features: Custom Connection and User TiersUnlimited Okta Connections Unlimited Admin Roles and Actions99.99% SLA & Enterprise SupportAdvanced Deployment OptionsEnterprise add-ons: Attack Protection, Enterprise MFA, Adaptive MFA, Private Cloud, Premier Success Plans, and HIPAA BAA & PCI 
Workforce Identity PlanBest for large corporations that want a reliable Identity Management tool to simplify and scale their business.Features: This plan offers a multitude of features, including Integrated Access Management, customizable UX, security features, integrations, etc. However, the exact features differ based on the product chosen.

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What Does Okta Cost?

Okta offers various pricing plans for both of its products, including a 30-day free trial with limited features. Okta Customer pricing plans start at $23 per month, whereas Okta Workforce pricing plans require a minimum of $1,500 annual contract, with selective features and volume discounts for companies with over 5,000 users.

  • B2C Plans: Start at $23 per month. No discounts for annual billings.
  • B2B Plans: Start at $130 per month. No discounts for annual billings.
  • Enterprise: Users need to contact the sales team to ask for the price.
  • Okta Workforce: The cost of Okta Workforce plans ranges from $2 to $15 per user per month. No discounts for annual billings.

How to Choose the Right Okta Pricing Plan?

To choose the right Okta pricing plan, consider these factors:

  • Users: Who will use Okta services – your employees or customers? Okta Workforce is for employees, contractors, and business partners, whereas Okta Customer is for customers using your product (app/software).
  • Budget: What sort of budget can you allocate? Businesses with a limited budget should consider the B2C Essentials plan, while large corporations would most benefit from the Enterprise plan as it’s customizable in terms of features and pricing.
  • Team size: Are you a small business or a corporation? The B2C Essentials plan is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Business needs: What do you want from Okta? Do you want to streamline and secure your business or add authentication and authorization to your app?

Customer Support for Okta Pricing Plans

Okta offers 3-tiered customer support to its users. The lowest tier consists of basic features, including community support and 24/5 customer support. Users can contact the agents via live chat, a ticket, phone, or email.

Users can also access the robust Help Center, which contains a plethora of helpful content, a Knowledge Base where they can read other users’ questions, suggestions, and issues being solved, a Community, and a dedicated FAQs page.

Okta Vs Pricing Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)  is a main competitor of Okta. They are both identity management service tools, providing top-notch features that increase users’ security, productivity, and efficiency. However, Okta seems more focused on identity management than Microsoft Azure AD.

Being quite similar, it’s up to you to choose based on your needs and budget.

Pricing Plan FeaturesOktaMicrosoft Azure AD
Monthly costB2C Essentials Plan – $23
B2C Professional Plan – $240
B2B Essentials Plan – $130
B2B Professional Plan – $800
Enterprise – /
Okta Workforce – from $2 to $15 per user based on the plan chosen. 
Azure Active Directory Free – $0
Azure Active Directory Premium P1 – $6 per user per month.
Azure Active Directory Premium P2 – $9 per user per month.
Microsoft Entra ID Governance – $7 per user per month. 
Annual costB2C Essentials Plan – $276
B2C Professional Plan – $2,880
B2B Essentials Plan – $1,560
B2B Professional Plan – $9,600
Enterprise – /
Okta Workforce – from $24 to $180 per user based on the plan chosen. 
Azure Active Directory Free – $0.
Azure Active Directory Premium P1 – $72.
Azure Active Directory Premium P2 – $108.
Microsoft Entra ID Governance – $84. 
Advantages 30 days free trial period.Feature-rich Okta Customer Identity Plans.Customizable Okta Workforce Identity Plans – users can choose which plans they want based on their needs.Cloud-based options for all plans.Feature-rich premium plans.The free plans are free forever.Cloud-based options for all plans.
DisadvantagesOkta Workforce Identity Plans have specific (limited) features based on the plan chosen.No discounts for annual billings.The free plans are very limited.Some of the features included in the Premium 1 plan are partially limited.

Microsoft Azure AD is a similar alternative to Okta, sharing many of its features, such as Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Reporting, Identity Governance, and more. It incorporates two free-forever plans with basic features. According to users, Microsoft Azure AD is easy to use and helpful, offering the features they need. 


Okta has two plan types: Workforce and Customer, with each product offering a variety of pricing plans.

Okta Workforce plans are suitable for businesses that want to improve employees’ efficiency and productivity while ensuring a safe work environment. The Essentials plans are great for smaller businesses, while the Professional plans and the Enterprise plan are suitable for larger companies.

On the other hand, Okta Customer plans are an excellent choice for large businesses that want to secure their products, offering customers a sleek user experience.

When choosing the right plan, consider your business size (except if you’re an individual), needs, budget, and the features of both Okta products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Okta is not free to use. However, Okta offers a free trial for a limited period. Businesses and users can test the platform before committing to a plan.

You can upgrade or downgrade your Okta pricing plan based on your needs. However, specific terms and conditions may apply, so discussing this with Okta's sales or support team is advisable.

For the workforce plan, there is a $1,500 annual minimum contract. You may be eligible for a volume discount if you have a workforce of over 5000+ users.



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