Kajabi Pricing Review


With Kajabi, creating and launching courses online is a breeze with its robust feature set. Its sophisticated features and reliable system enables businesses to create courses, launch products, host and market digital products, and more.
Kajabi Review

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Kajabi: All-In-One Platform for Knowledge Business

In a trending industry like eLearning, you can find all the help you need to create online courses and sell digital products. There are many online course builders on the market, but Kajabi is something completely different.

Kajabi is a popular all-in-one course platform that offers an entirely different perspective on course building. Why all-in-one? Because it provides a full set of features needed to create, host, market, and sell digital products. 

Turning your intellectual property into additional income is made easy with Kajabi’s offer of affordable plans. Turn your knowledge into a product that you will be proud to sell to your clients. With so many offers and discounts, Kajabi offers on the pricing plans, choosing the right one may be challenging. 

Use this encompassing review to find out more about Kajabi pricing plans and decide which is the best option for your business idea. 

Overview of Kajabi’s Pricing Plans 

Kajabi Pricing PlansMonthly Pricing PlansAnnual Pricing PlansSave % Using Annual
point new Basic$149$11920%
point new Growth$199$15920%
point new Pro$399$31920%

Value Metrics

Cost per Products$49.67$13.27$3.99
Cost per Pipelines$49.67$13.27$3.99
Cost per Contacts$14.90$7.96$3.99
Active Members100010.00020.000
Cost per Active Members$0.15$19.90$19.95
Cost per Website$149.00$199.00$133.00
Admin User11025
Cost per Admin User$149.00$19.90$15.96
Features Listed161819
Cost per Features Listed$9.31$11.06$21.00

The Complete Kajabi Pricing Plan Offer

– 3 products
– 3 funnels
– 15 products
– 15 funnels
– 100 products
– 100 funnels
– 10,000 contacts
– 1,000 active customers
– 25,000 contacts
– 10,000 active customers
– 100,000 contacts
– 25,000 active customers
– 1 website
– 1 admin user
– 1 website
– 10 admin users
– 3 website
– 25 admin user
– Unlimited landing pages
– Unlimited marketing emails
– Unlimited landing pages
– Unlimited marketing emails
– Unlimited landing pages
– Unlimited marketing emails
Chat support– 24/7 chat support
– Affiliate program
– Ability to remove Kajabi branding
– 24/7 chat support
– Affiliate program
– Ability to remove Kajabi branding
Automations– Advanced automations– Advanced automations
– Code editor


Sign up for Kajabi’s Growth Plan!

Get Kajabi’s most popular pricing plan and enjoy unlimited landing pages, marketing emails, ready-to-use templates, an affiliate program, and more. Get the Growth plan for $159.00 a month!

Kajabi’s Feature List

point new Course Creation and Engagement

Kajabi offers the creation of online courses the way the user has foreseen them. At the same time, this allows you to offer a great learning experience for students through the use of quizzes and assessments. 

To create a course, you simply upload your content and structure it as per your personal preferences. You can also use one of the many online course templates offered by Kajabi. 

Engagement and learning are the essences of every course, so use the tools to engage your students in the learning process and, at the same time, evaluate them. 

Use all the necessary tools like quizzes, assignments, coaching, and content dripping. The only thing missing is the issuing of certificates, so you’ll have to look for an external solution. 

point new Site Design and Customization

A well-designed website accounts for a prosperous online course business. Kajabi offers pre-designed themes for a clean and contemporary design, or you can import a theme that you prefer. Creating a unique and engaging website is possible through the use of the powerful page builder. 

What makes Kajabi stand out among its competitors is the possibility of creating podcasts and blogs. Use the SEO settings or group blogs by category. 

You can also use the podcast feature to create, host, and distribute audio files to different apps. It’s up to you whether the podcast will be free for everyone or private, which will be sold to members only. 

point new Sales and Marketing

Unlike its competitors, Kajabi offers a selection of tools that allow you to easily handle your marketing and attract your audience. It really is an all-in-one solution for sales and marketing as you can create coupons, free trials, 1-click upsells, subscriptions, and more.

Use the advantage of the sales and marketing tools. The Offer feature allows you to offer the course for free or create pricing or payment that suits you. Other more specific features include email automation and funnel builder tools. 

It is a comprehensive platform and can run the entire business marketing, but the only thing that doesn’t include handling the sales tax.

Did you know? 

Use Kajabi to build sales funnels, take advantage of the CRM and email marketing automation, build check-out pages, include a brand blog on your website, or create a community for your students.

Kajabi Pricing Plan Integration 

Kajabi offers the possibility to integrate your business at all levels and with a diverse set of tools. Some of the most popular integrations are with MailChimp, Drip Aweber, Stripe, Google Tag Manager, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, and the list goes on.

To track site visits and numerous other user actions, you can integrate Kajabi with popular analytics tools like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics. 

  • Kajabi’s Basic plan is suitable for those just starting their own business and looking to create their first online course. So if you are a beginner, this is the plan for you.
  • The Growth plan is the most popular among entrepreneurs who want to grow and expand their business fast. If you are looking to expand the decent-sized email list and have several online courses, this is the plan you are looking for.
  • The highest-tier plan is the Pro plan for advanced businesses looking to achieve the next level. 


Kajabi is one of the rare online course platforms that offers its users full and reliable customer support. Live chat is available for all, but the Growth and Pro plan users can use the live chat support 24/7

Whatever specific technical issue or any simple technicality is bothering you, simply reach out to the Kajabi team through chat. Assistance will be provided immediately. Except for the chat assistance, which differs between plans, all the other support is available to all plans.

Kajabi also offers users numerous how-to tutorials and articles to facilitate the process of learning how the platform works. Simply type a keyword in the Search Assistant bar, and you will get an extensive list of relevant articles or tutorials on that particular topic. 

Other Kajabi support includes Hero University, Kajabi Hero, and the Facebook user community. The Hero University provides access to free training and courses where you can learn at your own pace. The Kajabi Hero is a rewards program designed to motivate and reward course creators that reach certain revenue goals.

Join one of the daily Q&A live webinars or ask for support from the engaged Facebook user community. With over 35,000 members, you can use this community to network and ask for help. 

Details of Kajabi’s Pricing Plans

Kajabi’s three pricing plans include the same basic suite of features, which will scale between plans. So the higher-tier plan doesn’t mean you get new functions that the basic plan doesn’t offer. It just means that purchasing a higher-tier plan will allow you to expand your existing functions.

Basing the pricing on the marketing features, Kajabi allows choosing the right plan depending on what is suitable for your business scope and not on the functions you will need. 

point new Basic Pricing Plan

All Kajabi plans include unlimited bandwidth, video hosting, marketing emails, and landing pages. Use the advantage of real-time analytics, content dripping, sales funnel builder, membership site, webinar funnel, and more. 

What makes the Basic plan different is that it allows for 3 products, 3 pipelines, 1,000 members, 10,000 contacts, and 1 admin user

The Basic plan also includes chat support, but not 24/7. Advanced automation, removal of the Kajabi branding and access to the Affiliate Program are reserved for the higher tier plans.  

point new Growth Pricing Plan

The functions in the Growth Pricing Plan are an extension of those in the Basic plan. This plan offers the use of 15 products, 15 pipelines, 10,000 members, 25,000 contacts, and 10 admin users. However, there is still a possibility for 1 website.

Users of this plan have access to 24/7 live chat support, advanced automation, and the possibility to remove the Kajabi branding. Another perk of this plan is the use of an Affiliate program. 

point new Pro Pricing Plan

The Pro plan is the most suitable for those that have large audiences. It includes 100 products, 100 pipelines, 20,000 members, 100,000 contacts, 25 admin users, and 3 websites.

Kajabi Pricing ModelsBest for 
point new BasicNew businesses or those looking to create their first online course
point new GrowthExisting businesses that are growing expanding, and reaching a wider audience
point new ProAdvanced and highly-developed businesses that have an established customer network and extensive workflow


Become a Pro Kajabi Entrepreneur!

Why limit yourself to the basics when you can expand your ideas and reach out to large audiences? Sign up for Kajabi’s Pro plan today and place all your products on the market. 

How Much Does Kajabi Cost?

Compared to other course creation platforms, Kajabi is a bit on the expensive side. On the other hand, Kajabi offers the use of almost all functions that are offered in the other plans, but with some minor limitations. 

  • The Basic plan comes at $149 per month. This is the price if you choose to pay monthly, while the annual payments will be charged $119.00 per month.
  • The monthly fee for the Growth plan is $199.00 per month, but you can pay only $159.00 per month if you are billed annually
  • The Pro plan will cost $399.00 per month, or $319.00 per month billed annually. This plan includes a maximum expansion of all the included functions plus the use of the Core editor.

There is no free plan available, but Kajabi allows a 14-day trial period to explore the platform and see what is right for you. There are even cases when they offer additional free trial promotions to allow clients the time to learn the platform and see how it will benefit them. 

Additional Information

Which Pricing Option is Right for You?

Since all plans allow access to almost all functions, the only thing you need to consider when deciding between the plans is what are the real needs of your business. 

Start-ups and those just entering the intellectual property market will need some time to adjust and create a good and functional network. The Basic plan is the best place to start working on your expanding strategy. Kajabi offers you all the basic tools necessary to create what you need. 

Those advanced entrepreneurs who wish to use the maximum potential of all functions will most probably go for the Pro plan. This is best for those who target large audiences and have a lot of products to offer. 


Basic Rules!

Unlimited marketing emails and landing pages, 10,000 contacts, and access to all types of customer support for an affordable price. Sign up for Kajabi Basic today!

Additional Costs of Kajabi

Because Kajabi’s plans are so comprehensive, it comes down to two things – which plan you select and whether you pay monthly or annually. There are no hidden or additional costs you need to pay! 

Considering what each plan offers, the prices for every plan are quite reasonable. In fact, Kajabi offers plenty of discounts that businesses can take advantage of. 

If you choose to receive annual billing, Kajabi will give you a 20% discount, so the Basic plan will not cost you $149 per month but $119 per month.

Kajabi also offers Kajabi Access, an add-on that enables doubling the currently used plan quotas and using a custom code editor for website and landing page customization. This add-on will cost an additional $99 per month.

Another perk is that Kajabi doesn’t charge any transaction fee for your sold products, so you only pay the 2.9% + 30 cents of Stripe processing fee per transaction. 

What is Included in Kajabi’s Pro Plan?

The Pro plan is the highest Kajabi plan and is designed for all those 6-figure entrepreneurs who are willing to grow their business beyond. It’s taking your business to the next level. This plan includes 100 products, 100 pipelines, 20,000 members, 100,000 contacts, 25 admin users, and 3 websites.

For those with over 25 products and a blooming business, this plan will save you lots of money over the year. Use the code editor that is available only for this plan, or take advantage of the advanced automation, remove the Kajabi branding from your site, or expand the affiliate program. 

Our Recommendation!

– The Pro plan fits those successful businesses that want to reach their unlimited potential!
– This affordable option will save you lots of money while getting access to the extensive use of all functions and features.

How to Save Money Using Kajabi?

Kajabi’s plans are comprehensive and offer extensive use of functions that can save businesses lots of money. The plans may seem pricey at first, but considering how many discounts are offered, businesses can get a super deal by signing up for one of the offered plans. 

Think of Kajabi as an investment in your future business. You can easily and quickly create beautiful, mobile-friendly websites with just a few clicks. No need to hire designers or use numerous different systems just to make a sale. 

How Do I Pay for My Kajabi Subscription?

To sign up for one of the Kajabi plans, go to their website and choose one of the desired plans by clicking the “Start for free” button. Once you sign-up, you will get a 14-day free trial period, after which you will be charged through various credit cards. 

Be sure that your billing information is always up-to-date, or you may lose access to the Kajabi account.

Can I Use Kajabi for Free?

Kajabi doesn’t offer a free forever plan; however, there is an option of using a 14-day free trial period that allows you to explore the platform and its functions. If this is not enough, Kajabi occasionally offers extended free trial promotions and regular Black Friday sale promotions. 


Create and Launch Your First Online Course!

Use any Kajabi plans to create an online course from meditation to personal financing. Use access to all features offered to sell and market your online course!

Do Kajabi Prices Vary by Location?

Kajabi expresses its prices in US dollars. If clients are outside of the US, price variations may appear due to the estimated current exchange rates. 

Kajabi vs Thinkific: A Comparison

Kajabi and Thinkific are both very popular online course platforms with thousands of customers. Thinkific allows customers to plan, build, publish, and sell online courses with the possibility to integrate numerous external tools. Kajabi on the other hand offers building, creating, and publishing online courses and at the same time offers the crafting of sophisticated websites, funnels, and membership communities.

Customers often make their decisions based on the available budget and the price of a certain platform. One thing that Thinkific offers that Kajabi doesn’t is a free forever plan that provides limited access to features. However, bear in mind that Kajabi is more than a course-building platform, so consider the bigger picture. 

Main FeaturesKajabiThinkific
Monthly PlanBasic: $149 per month
Growth: $199 per month
Pro: $399 per month
Free: $0 per month
Start: $99 per month
Grow: $199 per month
Expand: $499 per month
Annual PlanBasic: $119 per month
Growth: $159 per month
Pro: $319 per month
Free: $0 per month
Start: $74 per month
Grow: $149 per month
Expand: $374 per month
Pros– Powerful website builder
– Ability to build an entire brand in one tool
– Plenty of reporting and analytical tools
– Excellent drip-content features for courses and email sequencing
– Multiple payment options for beginners
– A forever free plan to test and experiment with
– Good engagement tools
Cons– No forever free plan– Use of many features may require upgrade from the free plan
– Limited website page builder
– Limited marketing and promotional features 

Kajabi has gained a reputation for being more than a course-building platform. It is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform and is much better for creating memberships and courses. 

Thinkific is a suitable alternative that offers advanced quizzing tools and supports live lessons for prices that are beginner-friendly. It also offers completion certificates, something that Kajabi is missing. 


Kajabi is a high-ranking and very popular platform that helps you create, sell, manage and grow your business. The offer of excellent features not limited to one plan makes it favorable over platforms that offer free plans with limited use of the features. 

The affordable plans, diverse features, and excellent customer care, Kajabi is definitely worth trying. Why should your business be mediocre when you can be playing in the big league?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kajabi allows its users to switch between plans at any time. All you need to do is upgrade or downgrade and the new features will be available right away.

Yes. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of your first payment, Kajabi can give you a refund. Please contact the support team for details.

Yes, your Kajabi subscription can be canceled at any time from your dashboard.

By choosing any of the Kajabi plans, you’ll be provided with unlimited hosting of the digital content.



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