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HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service and support platform that helps businesses of all sizes provide exceptional customer experiences. With features like ticketing, live chat, knowledge base, and more, Service Hub makes it easy to manage and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.




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HubSpot Service Hub Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo

HubSpot Service Hub Overview

HubSpot Service Hub is there to help bring all customer service data together in one place. This can help with the ever-growing need from customers to have a personalized resolution in minutes. With the ability to help customers thoroughly, every business can now have more time to grow and retain customers.

Additionally, using the Service Hub with HubSpot can leave businesses with well-rounded customer service.

To find out more about HubSpot Service Hub, keep reading the HubSpot Service Hub review.

Pros and Cons 


  • Knowledge Base – Limited styles and templates, but less time in making it look nice.
  • Service Ticketing – Organize how to respond to customers’ requests.
  • Service Reports – Manage and check how services are performing.


  • Help Bubble – The help bubble on the page can go amiss amongst customers due to design.
  • Hard To Adjust – Sometimes finding the right setting can be difficult.


Accessing the Service Hub is easy for most once they complete the sign-up process. Businesses are going to also have access to HubSpot CRM after signing up. However, if a user is using a free account, then there are going to be a lot of disabled menu items. This can be changed if an upgrade is purchased.

The ticket page is the first thing available, and it comes with a lot of detailed information. However, moving around the different sections at the beginning can be strenuous because a lot of the pages do not load the first time they’re being opened.

Also, with the free version available, it allows users who cannot afford the hefty prices to still give it a shot and see if they want it. 


Service Hub gives you many features to use and enjoy, but we have listed the top four features available to you in this HubSpot Service Hub review:

  • Mobile Support – It can be used on multiple mobile devices.
  • Freemium – The free version has a lot to offer.
  • Integrations – Users can integrate Service Hub into many different other platforms for easier access and use.
  • Live Chat – This can be added to any business website, with a ‘Conversations’ inbox for sorting out customers’ questions.

Support Quality

Customer support is important for any business, but those who opt for the free plan need to remember that HubSpot Service Hub does not offer support for you. They provide the user with access to the online knowledge base and community to help with troubleshooting. 

However, the users who have paid for the other packages can rest easy knowing that they do have an option to speak to someone about their problems.

HubSpot Service Hub Pricing – What Does It Cost?

There are four pricing options here, and each one builds upon the last. Additionally, the features from the free package are also found in the other tiers. There is a free version for those to start with, and the pricing scales up to $1,200 a month. Here is a breakdown of all the tiers:

Free PlanFreeTicketing
Custom support form fields
Live chat
Conversational bots
Team email
StarterStarting from: $50 / 2 users/moConversation routing
HubSpot branding removed
Email sequences
Simple ticket automation
ProfessionalStarting from: $400 / 5 users/moPhone support
Customer feedback
Knowledge base
Customer service automation
EnterpriseStarting from: $1,200 / 10 users/moPlaybooks
Calculated properties
Single sign-on


Overall, HubSpot Service Hub is a great software for individuals to use. It has many features that separate it from its competitors. Also, as our HubSpot Service Hub review has shown, the free version is excellent, so many individuals can use it without needing to pay. However, the pricing tiers can become complicated once individuals start adding in their extra features.

Try Out HubSpot Service Hub Now!

With a place for the user to control their customer service, HubSpot Service Hub is a great option to make sure customers are properly taken care of.



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