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Explore Figma’s pricing plans and make an informed choice for your design needs. This comprehensive guide delves into the features and possibilities each plan offers, helping you unlock your creative potential with confidence.
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Figma Pricing Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionLimited version

Figma is a design tool for creating user interfaces (UI) and interactive prototypes designed for use by multiple users simultaneously. It allows designers to work on a cloud-based platform, enabling real-time collaboration and seamless sharing of designs. 

Figma supports vector editing, prototyping, and design system management, making it popular among UI/UX designers. Regarding the price, Figma offers many different pricing options. 

Join us as we explore the pricing plans, features, and benefits of Figma Design + Dev and FigJam for Whiteboarding.

How Much Does Figma Cost? 

Figma offers several pricing plans, including a free plan for individual use. The Professional plan, suitable for teams, starts at $12 per editor per month when billed annually. Enterprise plans are available for larger organizations with custom pricing options.

  • The Professional plan starts at $12 per editor per month when billed yearly.
  • The Professional plan includes additional features for team collaboration.
  • Enterprise plans are available for larger organizations with custom pricing opportunities.
  • The exact pricing can vary depending on the number of editors and the billing frequency.

The FigJam pricing plans for whiteboard come at very affordable prices. There is a free forever plan to begin with and can later be upgraded on one of the following:

  • Professional plan – $3 per editor per month when billed per year ($5 when paid monthly).
  • Organization plan – $5 per editor per month and can only be billed annually.
  • Enterprise plan – $5 per editor per month and can only be billed annually.

Figma Design + Dev Pricing 

Figma Pricing PlansMonthly Plan Cost ($/month)Annual Plan Cost ($)
point new StarterFree/
point new Professional$15 per editor$12 per editor
point new Organization$45 per editor (only billed annually)
point new Enterprise/$75 per editor per month (only billed annually)

FigJam for Whiteboarding Pricing

FigmaJam Pricing PlansMonthly Plan Cost ($/month)Annual Plan Cost ($)
point new StarterFree/
point new Professional$5 per editor$3 per editor (when billed annually)
point new Organization/$5 per editor (only billed annually)
point new Enterprise/$5 per editor (only billed annually)

Figma Pricing Plan Shared Features

Figma StarterFigma Professional Figma for Teams (Organization and Enterprise)
– 3 Figma and 3 FigJam files
– Unlimited number of personal files
– Unlimited collaborators
– Templates, plugins, and widgets
– Mobile app
– Unlimited Figma files
– Unlimited version history
– Sharing permissions
– Shared and private projects
– Team libraries
– Audio conversations
Everything in Professional, plus:
– Organization-wide libraries
– Design system analytics
– Branching and merging
– Centralized file management
– Unified admin and billing
– Private plugins and widgets
– Single sign-on
FigJam StarterFigJam Professional FigJam for Teams (Organization and Enterprise)
– 3 Figma and 3 FigJam files
– Unlimited personal files
– Unlimited collaborators
– Plugins and templates
– Mobile app
– Music player
– Ready-made templates
– Unlimited FigJam files
– Open sessions
– Sharing permissions
– Team libraries
– Audio conversations
– Voting
Everything in Professional, plus:
– Organization-wide libraries
– Centralized content management
– Custom templates
– Custom color palettes
– Unified admin and billing
– Private plugins and widgets
– Single sign-on

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Figma Pricing Plans Overview 

Figma offers different pricing plans with varying features. While the specific features and offerings could become different than what they are now, here are some main features typically associated with Figma’s pricing plans:

  • The Starter (Free) Plan: Figma’s free plan delivers basic functionality and is a great option for individual use. It includes unlimited cloud storage, file versioning, and the ability to create and share design files.
  • The Professional Plan: The professional plan, available for a monthly or annual subscription, offers additional features for teams. It includes everything in the free plan and adds collaborative design features such as editing in real-time, adding comments, and design libraries. The Professional plan also allows advanced project management options and access to design history.
  • The Organization Plan: Figma’s organization plan is designed for teams consisting of more people and offers more advanced collaboration and management features. It includes all the features in the professional plan and adds features like shared fonts, advanced team and user permissions, and single sign-on (SSO) integration. It also has enhanced admin controls for managing the organization’s design assets and projects.

Note that the availability and details of features within each plan may change over time. It’s recommended to refer to Figma’s official website for the most up-to-date information on the specific features offered in the Figma pricing plan.

The FigJam Pricing Plans

The FigJam subscription options come separately from the standard Figma pricing plans. They are super affordable for design enthusiasts looking for simplified networking. Here is what’s encompassed in each of the FigJam subscription models:

  • The FigJam Starter (Free) Plan: FigJam offers a free plan that provides basic functionality for individual use. It includes features like unlimited boards, sticky notes, basic drawing tools, and real-time collaboration.
  • The FigJam Professional Plan: The professional plan, available for a monthly or annual subscription, offers additional features for teams and organizations. It includes everything in the free plan and adds features like voting, timers, access controls, and the ability to add external collaborators.
  • The FigJamEnterprise Plan: The enterprise plan, designed for larger organizations, typically offers advanced features and additional support options. The specific features included in the enterprise plan may vary. Still, they often include features like SSO integration, enhanced security, and compliance measures, dedicated customer support, and tailored onboarding and training options.

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Which is the Best Fit for the Pricing Plan?

In general, it’s safe to say that the best fit for each pricing plan depends on the specific needs and size of the user or organization. The free plan is suitable for individuals or small teams with basic design requirements and limited budgets. The professional plan offers advanced collaboration features, making it ideal for design teams and small to medium-sized businesses. 

The organization plan provides additional controls, permissions, and support options, making it a good fit for larger teams and enterprise-level organizations. It’s important to consider the specific requirements and scale of your business or team when selecting the most suitable pricing plan. 

Starter PlanBest fit for individuals, freelancers, or small teams on a budget.Features: Basic functionality, unlimited cloud storage, and the possibility of creating and sharing design files.
Professional PlanBest fit for design teams and small to medium-sized businesses.Features: All the features of the free plan, plus collaborative design features like real-time editing, commenting, design libraries, and enhanced project management capabilities.
Organizational PlanBest fit for larger teams and enterprise-level organizations.Features: All the features of the professional plan, along with advanced team and user permissions, shared fonts, single sign-on (SSO) integration, enhanced admin controls, and additional support options.

Customer Support for Figma Pricing Plans 

Figma offers customer support but it is limited to lower-tiered plans. There is a community forum to get help from other users, or you can browse the helpful articles and videos in the Help Center. 

The only plan that has 24/7 customer support and onboarding support is the Enterprise Plan. Users of this plan also get a dedicated account manager to help in adapting Figma to the organization’s needs. 

Comparison of Figma Vs InVision Pricing 

In a nutshell, the choice between Figma and InVision depends on your specific needs and preferences. Figma excels in collaborative design and a comprehensive design-to-prototype workflow, while InVision creates interactive and immersive prototypes.

Pricing Plan FeaturesFigma Design + Dev InVision
Monthly cost– Starter llan – $0
– Professional – $15
– Organization – annual billing only
– Enterprise-annual billing only
– InVision Free – $0
– Starter – $15
– Professional – $25
– Team – $99
Annual cost– Starter plan – $0
– Professional – $12
– Organization – $45
– Enterprise – $75 
– Starter – $13
– Professional – $22
– Team – $89
Advantages – A forever-free plan
– Versatile pricing options for different user skills
– Cloud-based options for all plans
– Paying annually for any pricing plan saves 10% of the cost
– Stores up to 10 GB of assets in the account in any price plan
– The InVision Free plan is forever free
Disadvantages– Some pricing plans are only billed annually
– Limited file options in the Starter plan
– Subscriptions will automatically continue unless canceled
– Only 3 prototypes are allowed in the Starter plan

How Do I Pay For My Figma Membership

Figma offers several ways to pay for its pricing plans. This can be done through credit and debit cards directly via Figma your account. The subscription can also be paid through PayPal.

How to Choose the Best Figma Pricing Plan?

To choose the best Figma pricing plan, consider the following:

  • Team size: How many team members would make good use of Figma? Bigger teams might be best off with the perks offered in the Organization Plan. 
  • Collaboration needs: The Professional Plan offers nice collaboration features, while the Organization plan delivers advanced controls for larger teams.
  • Budget: How big is your budget? The Professional Plan offers affordable options for smaller teams, while the Organization Plan may have custom pricing.
  • Specific requirements: Identify any specific needs, such as single sign-on (SSO) integration or shared fonts, which are available in the Organization Plan.


Figma offers many pricing plans to accommodate various user needs. From the free Starter plan for individuals to the Professional one for teams and the Organization plan for bigger organizations, Figma made sure to fit the professional requirements of most businesses. 

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, go for the Starter plan — it’s free and offers enough designer tools to get you going. If you’re part of a team, consider either the Organization or Enterprise plan, depending on how many members are there in your team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A cost of between $0 for the free Starter plan and $12 per editor per month for the Professional plan when paid annually, or $15 per editor per month with a monthly payment option. Unlike the complimentary tier, the Premium plan gives the advantage of working with an unrestricted amount of Figma and FigJam files.

Figma has a free Starter plan for those who want to test out its functionalities. However, this plan comes with limited functionality compared to the paid plans.

Figma has become a favored choice among various businesses, ranging from influential tech companies to emerging startups. Renowned entities such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Dropbox have adopted this design platform for creating striking visuals effortlessly.


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