Box is a cloud-based content management software that can help businesses securely store, manage, and share their files. With features such as customizable access controls and mobile access, Box is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive content management solution.




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Box Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo

Box Overview

Box is a Content Cloud. It is a one-stop place to keep the entire life cycle that you have created secured. Place file creations, sharing, co-editing, classification, signatures, and retention all in Box. There are over 100K+ users who utilize Box and everything it has to offer. It allows individuals to work anywhere in the world because of the 1,500+ apps it provides. 

It was founded in 2005 and the headquarters is now located in Redwood City, CA. There are also offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Canada. For more details, continue reading the Box Review below.

Pros and Cons


  • Sharing – Instantly begin sharing documents and photos through a single link.
  • Constant communication – There is constant communication with external and internal collaborators.
  • Protection – Many files and other forms of company information are protected from loss of access from unauthorized users.


  • More admin – There should be more than one person who can be at admin level.
  • Graphic design – The dashboard could be laid out simpler for users, so it is more tangible to change.


Box prides itself on its simplicity and minimalism across all apps. It allows for users to easily complete and share what they need, but it would be beneficial for Box to bring some more of its options to the forefront and not hide them behind menus. Also, it is easy to use Box throughout the mobile apps as well. 

It can fully integrate into the macOS and Windows operating systems, so it can be used seamlessly on any device. The syncing process is also speedy and responsive, which makes for a smooth service. Also, the web version is useful because it allows users to pull up their most recent files. Third-party plug-ins work well with Box, so it integrates into the background well. 


Box gives you many features to use and enjoy, but these are the top four features available to you:

  • Collaboration – Teams can now collaborate with content no matter where they are. 
  • Box Drive – All files that have been stored in Box can be accessed at any desktop, so productivity is not hindered.
  • Box Relay – Onboarding, approval, and contract review can now all be automated.
  • Box Notes – Have all your meeting notes in one place. Users can organize their reviews and collaborate on their project plans with this feature.

Support Quality

Making sure the support that is given to users is important. Box has a search bar where users can type in their inquiry to see if there is already a post talking about it. Also, to help learn more about Box, there are educational videos.

However, if a user wants to speak with someone, then they must send a request to Box. After signing into their account, they are allowed to fill in a request. There is also a chat option and a phone option. However, the phone option is only available to select plans.

Also, it has been noted that after using the free trial, a Box representative gets in contact to ask if there are any questions about the program. They then continue and clarify everything that comes with the feature that the user is trialing. 

Box Pricing – What Does It Cost?

This Box review shows the six pricing options here, and each one builds upon the last. However, the features from the free package are also found in the other tiers. There is a free version for those to start with and there is a more expensive version that costs $35 a month. Here is a breakdown of all the tiers:

Free PlanFree1 User
Up to 10 GB of storage
250 MB file upload limit
1 filer version
Secure file sharing
Personal ProStarting from: $10 /user/mo1 user
Up to 100GB of storage
5GB file upload
10 file versions
Secure file sharing
2-factor authentication
Business StarterStarting from: $5 /user/mo3+ users
Collaboration with up to 10 users
Up to 100GB of storage
Built-in integrations with Office 365 and Google Workspace
25K API calls per month
Version history – 25
BusinessStarting from: $15 /user/mo3+ users
Collaboration across your entire organization
Unlimited storage
Built-in integrations with Office 365 and Google Workspace
1 additional enterprise app integration
Admin Console access
Business PlusStarting from: $25 /user/moUnlimited external collaborators
Unlimited storage
Built-in integrations with Office 365 and Google Workspace
3 additional enterprise app integrations
Admin Console access
EnterpriseStarting from: $35 /user/moUnlimited external collaborators
Unlimited storage
Unlimited enterprise app integrations
Workflow Automation


Overall, this Box Review has shown that it is useful for all individuals that use it. With high ratings – Box has made a good impression on individuals. Many features are integrated into this software, so it is used for many purposes. The different plans are useful as well because there are options to figure out which one is best suited to you. 

Also, the support quality is thorough and helpful to all users. This is useful because problems and questions can be answered swiftly. 

Try Out Box Now!

With a place to store all of your documents, pictures, and other important information that can also be synchronized to multiple devices – it is a software that many enjoy.



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