Especially created for the digital marketing professionals, SEMRush is used, accepted and admired by both domestic and international businesses. In fact, SEMRush is a part of their daily work regiment. From evaluating how products can be marketed to finding out the best possible means to phrase advertisement text – SEMRush help marketing professional at every aspect of their job. It is the best companion to every well-operated marketing team. SEMRush can be considered as a trusted source to search trend, competitions and amount spent by the competitors for taking proper guesswork out of their clients’ marketing efforts.

SEMRush offerings

SEMRush offers a number of benefits to its clients and those are,

  • Check competitors’ organic rank – SEMRush monitors huge quantity of organic data in Google and Bing so that the clients can see where their competitors are standing in the search engines’ results for more than 105 million organic keywords.
  • Study competitors’ advertising texts – Clients can easily check their competitors’ ad data with SEMRush by means of its in-depth and precise ad data. SEMRush monitors ads through Bing and Google with different types of datasets and metrics including competition score, CPC, traffic, positions and ad text.
  • Find effective keywords – SEMRush is simply the best in finding the most accurate, relevant and abundant keyword information. They monitor top 106 million keywords of various databases for both domestic and international versions of Bing and Google.
  • Compare SEO metrics – SEMRush views and interprets everything in a visual sense to disclose informative trends that evaluating direct figures can never do. SEMRush understands this very well and so they have make their charting functionalities perfect that is can allow the clients to identify enormous metrics on different types of charts. 

Key Features

  • See your competitors’ organic positions
  • Domain specific keyword ranking
  • Study your competitors’ Ads texts
  • Position tracking
  • Find good long-tail keywords
  • Comparison of domains by keywords
  • Compare various SEO metrics
  • Crawl Audit Tool
  • SEMrush line graph and pie chart
  • Organic Research
  • Compare several sites together
  • Advertising Research
  • Track many different keyword metrics
  • AdSense
  • Detailed and pin-point accurate ad data
  • Backlinks
  • Setailed and in-depth look at ad campaign data
  • Keyword Research
  • See where your competitors are ranking
  • Ranking



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