It's easy to become overwhelmed by different terms and marketing jargon. One phrase you might have seen thrown around is "A/B Testing." Though this sounds like a complex and technological process, A/B testing is a fairly simple concept. When you know how to apply A/B testing to your marketing schemes, you'll have better information about how to increase your conversion rates.  A/B Testing Defined A/B testing is known by a few different names, including bucket testing and split
Since 2011, approximately $6 billion in venture capital has been invested in Proptech – with about 70% within the recent years. As the volume of financing in Proptech has steadily increased by 36% per year, it is projected to reach 4 billion by 2019. Whether you’re looking to buy a home or becoming a property agent, searching for listings from your smartphone, getting virtual signatures, and automated bookings are becoming the norm these days – but that’s not the only way technology
Employee productivity is instrumental for your strategies, ideas and portfolio objectives to become a reality. You can have all the resources and budgets you require, but a team of underskilled or unmotivated employees will never be able to help you or your business thrive. And to this effect, one of the first things to address is the fact that they are individuals who have their own ambitions, aspirations, personal lives and temperaments. However, a business functions on the productivity of
Vendor risk management should be an important aspect for all companies whether they are a government department or private company. With the advent of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all companies and agencies should be compliant wherever they are situated, and an important part of that is creating a solid vendor risk management program. Even if you are not resident in an EU country yourself GDPR is mandatory if just one of your customers happens to be, so
The sensitivity of cybersecurity issue has led to various states and countries developing laws that address the immediate needs of their specific location. The variance of these laws has made the compliance process complex giving trouble to enterprise security decision makers. The problem is worse when the regulations are not updated despite rapid technological advancements. When such regulations lag behind, the IT professionals may feel that their systems are unsafe which makes them seek
Managing a startup can be rather challenging, so we applaud to all of you who have decided to take your fate into your own hands in spite of all the risks you may face. And indeed, you will run into a number of challenges on your way to building an admirable business. But luckily, with software development breaking records each year, you will be able to compete not only with small businesses but with some of the big shots too. If you use SaaS for your small business, you can reap
Link building remains a critical part of online success. It is one proven way to achieve better search engine rankings. In fact, you should forget about being top 10 on Google if your website has zero links. What’s more, links are these days a primary part of good SEO and a common characteristic of all top-ranking content on any search engine. They are what give more power to the pages Google ranks as authoritative. On any day, Google will rank a page with more links as authoritative. And
Do You Need Credit Repair Chicago Services? Adulting comes with several responsibilities – both good and bad. You might enjoy buying and maintaining your own home. You might love the idea of living away in another state, pursuing your MBA. And, it always seems like a good idea to start your business, something that you can be passionate about. The bad news is that these liberating and fulfilling events come with debt and your credit score. Unless you grow money in trees, this is the
Getting visitors is very hard nowadays. Competition is increasing every day and it's hard to compete. Yet sometimes you see someone with a relatively new blog stand out from the competition and get traffic to their site. When you check out the post, you see that the ideas contained in it are nothing revolutionary. The only difference is that the writer knows how to write a blog post that attracts traffic. Writing for the internet is completely different than writing an essay for
COBIT and COSO shares more than the alliteration. Both COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) and COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) are instrumental in managing financial reporting controls in various institutions. It is crucial that the users understand the similarities and the differences between the two organizations to create a robust synergy that will boost the internal control objectives of financial data protection. You can apply the gap analysis
It seems that every year there has to be an update for the compliance frameworks. You can find this change to be really annoying especially if you spent so much time implementing your previous framework. The increase of cyber risks brought about the need for compliance frameworks. With the technology advancements in place, you should expect new features to constantly appear in the market every 2 to 3 years. This means that you should always be armed for regular updates. You might be tempted
Companies that process payments need to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) conditions in a bid to safeguard cardholder data.  In fact, it globally applies to all the entities that are involved in processing, storing and transmitting cardholder data. PCI DSS is generally part of the standards that the payment card industry (PCI) Security Standards Council administers. Why you Need to Use PCI DSS Testing  Proper implementation of PCI DSS 
After many years of discussion, the net neutrality repeal has been passed in the Senate. There are still chances of it being restored, either with a vote in the House or one of the many pending lawsuits attempting to bring it back in at a state level, but in the meantime how does it affect government departments? Without net neutrality, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will no longer have to provide a free and equal service. They can discriminate between certain types of data,
What a time to be alive. Modern business is so fruitful for those who know how to handle it, because it offers many opportunities, but also comes with several challenges. An excellent customer service support has always been necessary, but nowadays, it is more important than ever before. That is why you need to provide it to make your business strive. That is why we are giving you the keys, so you can open the door to more sales and better customer loyalty and satisfaction, the main
There are interesting free platforms for bloggers that may seem quite attractive to some people, but the reality is that you need flexibility and as many features as possible in order to make a good move. While you won’t be bothered by intricate technicalities and other problems related to hosting a blog on your own domain, there are some benefits that easily outweigh the hassles. Any more or less serious business that wants to operate mostly online must have a total control over its blog
How much thought have you given to the training your employees and team members receive? Sure, you think about things they need to know to do their job, but often times, this type of training is done at hiring or during early parts of their employment. While very much the common practice, this type of training is not actually investing in your employees or their education. If you wish to learn latest technologies and succeed professionally in your tech career then 'Intellipaat' an renowned
The compliance date for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted by the European Union has now officially passed. This means GDPR is now a reality for your company. You’re expected to make significant changes in the way your company processes personal data and responds to data hacks. The 2016 regulations apply to companies in and outside the EU. This means you are required to create or enhance your company’s data protection practices.  Determine If GDPR Applies to Your Company
The most recent cyber-attacks haven’t come from companies being hacked, but they third-party vendors, partners and suppliers being hacked. In fact, partners, third-party vendors, and suppliers, and partners pose more risks to a company’s bottom line and reputation than in prior years. According to recent studies, 63 percent of company data breaches occurred because of third-party cyber-attacks. This means cyber-attacks aren’t just happening to big corporations, but the third-party partners.
When looking for ERP software for manufacturers, your main concern isn’t about finding possible solutions to make your operations more efficient. There are plenty of vendors for this type of software, so they’re not exactly hard to find.  The challenge is to find a suite of applications that is expressly designed for the manufacturing business you run. So before you get an ERP solution on the basis that each one is pretty much like the other, here are some questions you need to ask (and
For a few months now, since the beginning of the year, the European Union's GDPR mandates covering data privacy has been bandied around the business sphere. The May 25, 2018 deadline just passed a few months ago, and if your company conducts business or processes data of European Union citizens, that it is imperative that you are in compliance. However, if you are not, this is no reason for undue concern, as the CIOs of most companies have recently reported that their respective enterprises
Not too many years ago, the thought of performing an SOC 2 audit was often a good sign for a service organization. It signified growth and status because only big clients would require such an audit for the safety of their company data. However, with most businesses now immersed into an online world, the need for an SOC 2 audit for service companies is now standard. Without such an audit, no clients will trust your company to be capable of safeguarding their data during the course of service
Most companies nowadays rely on an intricate network of third party vendors to facilitate their operations. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly common for a business to outsource core functions such as payroll processing, data storage, and IT services. This has led to concerns from businesses regarding how their sensitive customer and operational data is being handled by vendors. More customers now seek extensive documentation from their vendors regarding the internal controls they have put
Some people have misunderstood conversions for websites, and this could cost them big. Perhaps they view it as unnecessary expenses that don't raise profitability, efficiency, growth and retention. For that reason, they choose to chop it out of their plans. Meanwhile, other business owners see CROs as the silver bullet to every marketing woe. From raising traffic to generating more leads, CROs are seen as the cure-all. Some misconceptions might be harmless, but you have others that will cost
Resource management is the process of planning resources to reach their maximal efficiency. It’s the process that answers the ‘who is doing what and when’ question. But also the 'what is where' question. It’s allocating a task to Mike, it’s booking the meeting room or the piece of equipment or machinery to know where it is and how long it’s going to be there. In a small-sized organization, resource management can be done with Excel spreadsheets, calendar application or a team-centered
Do you know that the name of your business can be a powerful marketing force? YES! Absolutely. It is the reason why many businesses seek a marketing expert's advice when it comes to naming their companies. Some people are even willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for this privilege. So if you have finally decided to start a business, don’t even think of naming your business until you read this. How Will A Bad Business Name Hurt You? According to studies, your business name can
Hey unencrypted websites! You were put on notice! And product/ IT managers you are on the hook to make sure your brand’s websites and landing pages are secured. According to Google’s Security Blog posted February 8, 2018 -  “....Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.” SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures
It all boils down to customer experience. No matter what sector your organization belongs to, your primary aim is to make your customer’s experience delightful. But that’s only possible if you are able to come up with a fruitful strategy. An effective customer experience strategy helps to retain your incoming and existing customers effectively. But what’s even more essential while planning this strategy is to think like a customer. Unless you aren’t thinking from a customer’s point of
If you’ve been thinking about how you can create positive relationships with customers when you begin the process of creating a new business, then you will definitely want to think about whether you have the right contracts in place. When you take the time to develop contracts that are well-written and forward-thinking, you’re likely to save yourself from a number of issues down the road. Here are some ways you can develop contracts that work for both your company and your customers.
Perhaps your boss has decided it is time to start getting serious about data, perhaps they have tasked you with the job of researching different solutions and finding out how to implement a data integration solution. If so - here is the simple break down. What is Data Integration? A data integration solution might sound utterly complex but it’s not really.  Let’s break down the phrase. Data = facts and statistics collected together for analysis Integration = an act or
If you’ve been thinking about ways you can develop customer trust without spending too much and overhauling your marketing campaigns, you might want to consider what changes you want to make. Whether you’re a new company or looking to readjust some of the relationships you have your clients, customer trust can define how successful your business is and the steps you take toward marketing in the future. Here are 4 ways you can use marketing toward developing your client relationships and
Scandinavia is home to some internationally renowned organisations that have reshaped the business landscape around the world. Here are just a few of the most successful Scandinavian businesses and the industries in which they have risen to prominence. Volvo Known for its safety-focused passengers cars, Volvo is valued at over $37 billion today, with annual revenues exceeding $35 billion. Volvo began life all the way back in 1927, when its first passenger car was created.
In today’s competitive business world, keeping up with the latest trend will give you an edge amongst fellow entrepreneurs. With the ever-changing demand of the industry, it’s best to have an idea on what you can do to get your business out there and attract more customers in the most efficient way possible.  Over the years, incorporating technology with business has been proven effective in boosting sales and overall performance. One of the most common strategies is putting up an
Opening a new ecommerce store takes time and effort, and when you want to create one that stands out from the crowd, it can require a little extra work in order to get the results you want. The good thing is that there are some things you can do in order to help your new business stand out from the competition and develop relationships with customers - which can be especially helpful in an oversaturated market. Here are 4 basic tips when you are planning on building and launching a
Anyone in a SaaS business, or any other product or service-based business for that matter, is familiar with the huge deal closing an enterprise sales account. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the company to grow and expand their prospects. It produces an abundance of business to the company but it’s not a cakewalk. Executives, agents, presenter & everyone engaged in the process works vigorously and on an average, it might take up to 6 months before you land an enterprise account.
Big data. We’ve all heard the buzzword. Even more so as of late.  Organizations big and small boast of leveraging data to their advantage, but the reality is most don’t have access to it, know how to appropriately analyze it, or what to do with it once deciphered. It’s true, some SaaS companies are built upon truly game-changing ideas, but more often than not, the most successful SaaS brands become so due to effective execution. Success in today’s fast paced, information rich
What is Preservice Teaching?     Preservice teaching is the process by which a college student aspiring to be a teacher gains experience leading a classroom while being mentored and guided by a professional teacher.  At first, the college student solely observes classroom routines. Over time, the college student is given more responsibilities until he/she feels competent in classroom management and instruction (Virginia Wesleyan University Handbook, n.d.). As
Are you new to the world of internet marketing? For most newcomers to this method of advertising, honing in on the right strategy is a main concern. With all of the different marketing options out there, choosing the best ones for your company can be a bit overwhelming. There are nearly 4 billion internet users around the world, which is why tapping into the power of online marketing is so important. With an appealing SaaS website and a well thought out marketing strategy, you
When it comes to SaaS, there are certain types of programs that virtually every business has heard of, and which most of them use on a regular basis. CRMs, ECMs, and other programs targeted at general project management are common fixtures in most enterprises. In fact, not having these types of programs in a large enterprise can be a major business faux pas that costs your company time and money. But there are other types of SaaS that too few businesses are leveraging. In fact, one type
Social networks have long been a part of our lives. They are used both by ordinary users fοr persοnal purposes, and by many popular organizations to attract the target audience. The more followers a particular channel, blog or page has, the higher its popularity, which, in turn, creates a platform for profit. And where the benefits, there and special tricks, such as services cheat followers. Services for cheating followers. It is for this reason that a variety of programs and services
When you first work on something whether it is household or professional, you will get confused and not be able to act properly. This is a universal truth for every human being and every job that a person’s first. Same goes for trading too, especially the novice one. Because they are not properly trained or educated on this investment business. That is why they fail to go at the right moment when the condition of the market is in their favor and make a good amount of profit. Today we are going