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Featured SaaS Software Review

Tom Gorski's picture
SaaS Genius
3 years 4 months ago 13:35

Brand24 is our go-to tool for social listening

What do you like best?

Brand24 is our tool to deep search the Web. It allows us to keep an eye on what people are saying about our brand and employees. UX is so important for ease of use, and Brand24 has a great eye for it. Adding searches are very simple, getting your social media keywords loaded in and searching are simple and straight forward.

What do you dislike?

Nothing in particular. In the past I had a few bugs but the support team helped me quickly. The team really cares whenever I report something.

What benefits have you realized?

I am able to find news and best publications which are relevant to my business, especially those with a big influence score. This helps me to be always on top of the most relevant news. The mobile app is great for receiving notifications instantly.

Recommendations to others considering Brand24

Start with research and determine what your needs are. There are lots of products out there for this type of service and give it a try with a trial. I went through that process and of the two or three that I was testing Brand24 was the one that I always get back to for most accurate information.

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