NinjaRMM is a comprehensive project management software offering various features to streamline project workflows and maximize productivity. With its user-friendly interface and advanced tools, NinjaRMM is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

78% Genius Score

NinjaRRM Facts

Pricing ModelQuotation based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

Hey there! Just a quick heads up that NinjaRMM has been rebranded as NinjaOne. We’re working on updating our review ASAP, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your patience!

review new │ NinjaRMM Review

Automated IT management is changing the digitalization of business. When using automated IT management software, your technicians can utilize their time more productively to drive efficiency. They can focus on technical activities that add value whilst the software completes remedial tasks.

NinjaRMM is a leading automated IT management software that solves common problems quickly. Your users will receive an effortless service with zero tier-1 task problems arising! Your business as a whole will work quicker and achieve optimal scalability faster!

NinjaRMM is best for remote management and monitoring, providing automated management of your IT services.

Read our entire NinjaRMM review to find out how NinjaRMM software compares with its competitors! Our Genius Score creates a clear ranking of the perfect software products for you to purchase.

Best for remote management and monitoring: Let NinjaRMM automatically fix your IT problems

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of NinjaRMM

What are the key pros and cons of NinjaRMM? Figuring out the main benefits and limitations that a software product offers your business is vital before committing to any purchase. Here are the dominant advantages and disadvantages of using NinjaRMM in your business.

NinjaRMM Pros

tick new Web portal 

NinjaRMM offers access to the portal to track computer health across the company, enabling you to see where issues are arising. The portal will show you the recent automated fixes completed by the software, as well as predict problems that are likely to arise.

tick new Remote monitoring 

You can access the software from any location, suiting the requirements of the remote and hybrid working environments. You never need to be on-site to check on the system again, resulting in faster decisions making and less waiting for solutions to be identified and addressed.

tick new TeamViewer 

Use NinjaRMM to troubleshoot problems on any computer, integrating with additional products such as TeamViewer.

tick new Mobile-friendliness 

Take advantage of the NinjaRMM mobile app to make your life easier! Check-in on the software and your portal from any location, enhancing remote working across your business environment. 

tick new Great support team 

Receive fast replies to solve your queries quickly when accessing the expert NinjaRMM support team services. Support packages are customized and local to your location, being there when you need help and assistance.

tick new Security 

Antivirus updates and scanning procedures are built into the software, providing automated updates and enhanced security when necessary. Your data is secure, allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that NinjaRMM offers the highest possible level of security.

tick new Onboarding 

Complementary onboarding services come as standard so you and your team can gain the most out of NinjaRMM. Discover how to get the most out of this software, utilizing all features to the greatest advantage.

tick new Regular updates 

The NinjaRMM software improves and updates regularly to ensure that your IT system is up to speed! Never face a slow or lagging service again, gaining the highest level of remote management and monitoring from your updated NinjaRMM package.

tick new Alerts 

NinjaRMM alerts problems immediately to reduce potential impact. You will receive notifications when an IT issue has been automatically fixed, and when possible problems are on the horizon.

NinjaRRM Cons

cons new Computer tracking limitations

Unfortunately, you cannot search for devices that are turned off which does add some limitations to the software. It would be great if problems could be fixed when devices are turned off or offline.

cons new Reporting analytics 

The reporting analytics are less detailed than some competitor reports, although it does prevent an overload of information. You receive all of the information that you do need from the analytic reports, however.

cons new Minimum agents 

A 50 device minimum may be difficult for small businesses to reach and should be a feature that the software provider looks at in detail.

cons new Missing features 

Additional features such as file transfer would be an advantage to the high-quality features that NinjaRMM offers.

NinjaRMM AdvantagesNinjaRMM Disadvantages
plus new Web portal for easy accessminus new No tracking for turned-off devices
plus new Remote monitoring from any locationminus new Less detailed reporting analytics
plus new Troubleshoot with TeamViewerminus new Minimum agent number unrealistic
plus new Mobile app for convenienceminus new Some desirable features missing
plus new Excellent support team
plus new Secure and safe software
plus new Onboarding for your team
plus new Software regularly updates
plus new Receive alerts and notifications


Try NinjaRMM Now!

If you are looking for a superb remote management and monitoring tool for your business, look no further than NinjaRMM! Let NinjaRMM automatically fix your IT problems, helping refocus your technicians on other important tasks.

what new │ What Is NinjaRMM?

NinjaRMM is a remote management and monitoring software tool that will increase the efficiency of your business and save you time! NinjaRMM’s automated IT management takes care of many IT fixes, driving your technicians to work on specific value-added tasks. 

Tier-1 tasks are automated, providing easy solutions across your platform. End-users receive expert support, ensuring that IT problems are rectified before they are even aware that there is a problem!

When using NinjaRMM, you will receive multi-platform endpoint management, ensuring that IT issues are fixed and any downtime is minimized. End-users are never interrupted, with all devices supported from Mac, Windows, Linux, VMWare, and SNMP.

All endpoints are secure, with updates maintained regularly and automatically. Your patching preferences are configured to offer you a straightforward granular patch management process. Built-in security systems offered by NinjaRMM provide you with expert endpoint protection, repelling virus and rogue threats.

The use of IT automation from NinjaRMM will reduce fix time and downtime in your business, reducing the impact on your end-users. Productivity is boosted as you can set scheduled automation as and when you desire.

NinjaRMM finds and fixes a problem before your end-users are even aware that a problem is occurring! You can create alerts customized to your needs, receiving notifications and performance data on demand. 

Achieve quick remote access in your business when using NinjaRMM, integrating with a remote access tool in just one click. Tailor your software and use TeamViewer, RDP, Splashtop, or Connectwise Control. Cloud backup comes as a standard to ensure that your files are fully secure.

  • Receive expert multi-platform management
  • Effortless IT automation to reduce IT technician tasks
  • Technicians can focus on value-added tasks
  • Clear monitoring, alerts, and notifications
  • Remote access and cloud backup
  • Endpoint protection to fully secure your system

how new │ How Does NinjaRMM Work?

NinjaRMM works to increase the efficiency of your IT systems and drive your technicians to work on value-added tasks. 

Remedial tasks are taken care of, using automated IT management solutions. You receive a cloud-integrated system that boosts workflow and that will provide alerts, notifications, and analytical reports and data.

Control your system from a central location, supporting all aspects of your business. Additionally, the proactive solutions offered by NinjaRMM ensure that the software is one step ahead of IT problems, fixing an issue before it takes hold of your network.

All users need to check out the NinjaRMM demo and free trial to assess firsthand the benefits and advantages that this software can bring. You will then need to create an account in order to purchase the software package in full, achieving a custom quote for the package you need.

feature new │ Features of NinjaRMM

NinjaRMM is a remote managing and monitoring software that increases efficiency in your business. IT issues are automatically fixed using the software, allowing your technicians to focus on other areas. 

With a substantial array of features, NinjaRMM possesses a prominent Genius Score! What features could this expert software product offer your business?

  • IT Automation. Allowing your NinjaRMM software to complete automated tasks and fix simple remediations, your technicians save time whilst productivity increases.
  • Remote Access. Utilize remote access tools and ensure expert support can be provided where needed, from any location.
  • Cloud Backup. Using cloud backup, your data and your client’s data are safe and secure and are always there when you need access.
  • Monitoring. Monitoring and alerts will ensure problems are resolved before they impact your customer.
  • Endpoint Protection. Manage endpoint protection robustly and keep your network secure.
  • Patch Management. Automated patch management ensures your endpoints are safe, customizing and updating where appropriate.
  • Integration. Integrate with other software applications such as TeamViewer, Liongard, and BrightGauge to get the most out of your software purchase.

Why We Need to Use NinjaRMM

point new Automatically fixes IT problems
point new Increases technician efficiency and boosts productivity
point new Cloud-based integrations
point new Remote monitoring and management from any location
point new Safe and secure software that protects your data


NinjaRMM works for all-sized businesses! 

Get a custom quote today and see how NinjaRMM can help increase efficiency and productivity in your business! Whatever the size of your business, NinjaRMM can help you to streamline your IT services and aid remote management and monitoring.

who new │ Who Should Use NinjaRMM?

Are you an IT beginner, or someone with decades of experience under your belt? Perhaps you consider yourself a mid-range expert? Whatever your level of expertise, NinjaRMM is a great software to use.

Follow our NinjaRMM review for further details on how this software product can help you!

point new Beginners

If you are new to IT and business, NinjaRMM offers complete onboarding so you can get to grips with the software and the tools available. There is a lot to learn, but NinjaRMM ensures that their onboarding offers a great deal of insight into the software and provides you with everything you need to know!

point new Mid-Level

For a medium-sized business and a mid-level experienced team, NinjaRMM is perfect. You should be able to adapt quickly to the onboarding training and requirements, with expert support ready when you need help. 

point new Experienced

If you have experienced team members and a large business enterprise, you should use NinjaRMM so that the simple IT tasks and issues are automatically resolved. Technicians are able to work in different areas and add value to the company.

point new Small Businesses

Whilst the technology itself is great for all businesses, there may be a minimum number of devices required when signing up for a custom package. Therefore, NinjaRMM may not suit a very small business who do not have enough devices available.

point new Large Enterprises

Large enterprises have enough to focus on in their aim to achieve optimal growth. Using NinjaRMM, you can alleviate some of the stress and allow the software to automate IT fixes and aid your remote management and monitoring requirements.

point new Not great for very small businesses due to the minimum device requirement.
point new A good choice for medium-sized businesses with mid-range experience due to excellent onboarding and support facilities.
point new Perfect for enterprises with large networks and many regular IT issues to deal with.


Try NinjaRMM Now!

Increase your software portfolio and enhance your enterprise or medium-sized business today! Use NinjaRMM to automate IT problems and remotely manage and monitor your platform, increasing efficiency and achieving optimum growth faster!

cost and time new │ NinjaRMM Time and Cost

When purchasing NinjaRMM, you will need to obtain a quote that is customized to your business needs and requirements. Typically, a cost of $3 per device per month is the standardized pricing plan. However, a free demo is available so you can check that this software product is for you.

When you first use NinjaRMM, you will need to complete onboarding and it may take some time for you and your team to fully understand the software. However, once up and running, NinjaRMM will save you time and increase efficiency, as our NinjaRMM review has demonstrated!

Reduce your business downtime and allow your technicians to target their skills at value-added tasks, allowing NinjaRMM to automate tier-1 tasks. This software promises you value for money and a boost in your productivity.

usability new │ Usability

NinjaRMM has been successful in reaching an amazing Genius Score! Read our entire NinjaRMM review to discover how this software has met its USP and overall purpose!

NinjaRMM’s purpose is to create an efficient, effective, and supportive service for your business. The multi-platform endpoint management is concise and resolves IT issues succinctly. 

NinjaRMM’s IT automation is straightforward to use. Simple remediations are automatically provided by the software, offering your technicians more time to increase productivity elsewhere.

Furthermore, a cloud-based backup is integrated into the software, protecting your data and securing your documents.

Remote monitoring and management software by NinjaRMM provides you with an effortless installation. Onboarding comes complete with your purchase so your team can get to work straight away!

NinjaRMM provides you with free and unlimited onboarding, with training and support offered to your team throughout the purchase lifetime. Access this game-changing software through the mobile app for even more versatility and usability! 

Use NinjaRMM as part of your IT management system, providing automated remedies for your IT problems and glitches! This software will derive high satisfaction for you and your business.

pricing new │ NinjaRMM Pricing – What Does It Cost?

NinjaRMM offers a transparent pricing plan with no contract. You could pay as little as $3 per month per device on a rolling basis. 

For large businesses, custom quotes are operated to meet your user expectations.

Adopting a pay-as-you-go method, the NinjaRMM pricing plan is attractive and adaptable! Know exactly what you are getting from your remote management and monitoring software without any hidden extra costs.

Simply get in touch with your NinjaRMM software provider and attain a custom quote today!

Free TrialYes!
Pay As You GoStarting from$3/device/month


Discover your custom NinjaRMM quote today!

Find out how much you will pay for NinjaRMM now, obtaining a custom package and a tailored quote to meet the needs and the size of your business!

tools new │ What Tools Are Included With NinjaRMM?

There are many tools included in your NinjaRMM software package, increasing the functionality of the software and boosting your business efficiency.

point new Dashboard

A key NinjaRMM tool is a handy dashboard, offering one central control function for your system. Here, you can view alerts and notifications and see the recently fixed IT problems that the software automatically detected and remedied.


point new Analytics

NinjaRMM provides you with the capability of generating analytic reports and assessing the recent activity related to the software. This tool is key in helping with future decision-making processes and informing future planning techniques.

point new Scheduling Actions

Customize your NinjaRMM platform further and schedule a series of actions. Choose when updates will occur and schedule the monitoring and detection of problems to be picked up by the software.

Scheduling Actions

point new Mobile App Tool

Monitor and manage your IT system on the go with the mobile app from NinjaRMM, the perfect remedy for remote and hybrid working. With authorized credentials, you will be able to access the mobile app from any location at any time of the day or night. Decision-making is instant, increasing efficiency further!

Points to Note
point new NinjaRMM dashboard tools offer one control center, holding all information in one place.
point new Analytic tools ensure that you are up-to-date with reporting and can inform decision-making.
point new Use the scheduling tools to plan updates and regular actions.
point new NinjaRMM’s mobile app tool means that you can access the software on the go from any location, supporting remote and hybrid working.

example new │ NinjaRMM Use Cases

Which companies are currently using NinjaRMM and are loving their services?

point new Boostlingo

The successful all-in-one interpretation platform uses NinjaRMM to fix IT issues automatically. Boostlingo uses technology in full to use video remote interpretation and on-demand virtual interpretation, therefore needing effortless IT. NinjaRMM eliminates IT problems so that Boostlingo can run its operations smoothly and uninterrupted.

point new Interlinc Mortgage

Interlinc Mortgage uses NinjaRMM to ensure that their IT runs smoothly, ensuring that their customers and potential customers can always get in touch. Much of Interlinc Mortgage’s new customers come from online marketing techniques and communication. It is important that new customers can always get in touch and make payments, without IT glitches occurring.

point new Anuvu

Anuvu relies on IT and connectivity, providing a flexible and adaptable approach for passengers whether in the sky, or traveling on the sea. Anuvu uses NinjaRMM to eliminate IT issues and provide end-users with a clear and effortless communication method, ensuring that technology consistently runs smoothly.

support new │ Support Quality

What type of support can you expect from NinjaRMM? Unlimited support is provided as standard, in addition to a mass of training and opportunities. A high Genius Score has been totaled for NinjaRMM due to these user-friendly features!

Support for NinjaRMM is local and customized to your needs! NinjaRMM pricing plans must be tailored via quote in a bespoke package, although flexible per-device pricing is included.

Access NinjaRMM support by contacting the North America office phone number at +1 888 542-8339! You can also complete the online form or contact@NinjaRMM Support.

NinjaRMM Support
point new Unlimited support and help when you need it
point new Onboarding and training opportunities to aid your development
point new Contact the NinjaRMM North America office phone number at +1 888 542-8339
point new Complete the online form or email contact@NinjaRMM Support


Try NinjaRMM Now!

Your NinjaRMM pricing plan is tailored to your specific needs, allowing this software application to be adapted to the scope of your business. Try NinjaRMM today to remotely manage and monitor your IT issues!

conclusion new │ Conclusion

NinjaRMM is a well-respected software application that meets your remote management and monitoring needs!

Access the web portal easily to track the health of computers across your network, whilst monitoring activities remotely. Using the NinjaRMM mobile app makes this software even more convenient!

Your NinjaRMM software application automatically fixes standard IT problems without your help. Your technicians can work on tasks of greater importance whilst the NinjaRMM software takes care of the rest!

NinjaRMM provides a dedicated support team so you are never alone if any issues arise! Contact your local support team and receive immediate advice and guidance so your software and run smoothly once more.

When you sign up for a custom NinjaRMM pricing plan, your team will receive complimentary onboarding! Training and support are unlimited so you can gain the most out of your purchase.

Furthermore, updates and improvements are regular so you can be sure to consistently receive the best software features! Alerts and notifications come as standard so you are aware of any problems that need resolving.

NinjaRMM is perfect for medium businesses to large enterprises, reducing the daily task list for technicians and helping you to monitor and manage operations. Smaller businesses would benefit from this technology also, although there is a minimum device requirement which may out-price small businesses.


Try NinjaRMM Now!

NinjaRMM is the remote management and monitoring software application that you need in your business! Automated IT resolution will make your network run much more smoothly, enabling IT issues to be fixed immediately before making an impact. Try it out today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NinjaRMM software is a remote management and monitoring software that automatically fixes any IT problems lurking in your system. You can monitor your software from any location, whilst NinjaRMM proactively detects possible problems that could arise.

Typically, you will pay $3 per device, per month. However, custom packages are created when you contact NinjaRMM.

Once you have acquired a custom quote from NinjaRMM, you will need to follow the necessary steps and install the software onto your computer. You will need to agree to NinjaRMM policies and terms and conditions.

NinjaRMM is located in Austin, although there are NinjaRMM offices around the world. NinjaRMM currently employs around 200 employees.



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