Nifty is an easy-to-use project management software that enables users to create documents, develop a balanced workflow, establish objectives and timelines, collaborate, and build a knowledge hub. This software also allows users to quickly move their projects from other business tools like Asana, ClickUp, Jira, Trello, etc.




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Nifty Facts

Pricing modelPer Team
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionYes


Nifty is a superb project management tool, perfect for individuals and companies looking for advanced software for managing large-scale projects that include multiple team members. It’s an easy-to-handle tool that helps the entire team go through daily tasks, work schedules, time tracking, document organization, and overview weekly to-dos. 

As a user-friendly workspace, Nifty provides the entire team with handy tools for easier work access and a simple interface that even newbie team members can understand. 

In this Nifty review, you will find all the necessary information in one place without having to scroll for hours. The first thing you need to know about this mind-blowing software is that it has Android and iOS apps, allowing users to enjoy their workflow on the go. 

Pros and Cons


  • Nifty is simple to handle, even for non-technical, first-time users without previous knowledge of PM software. 
  • Small learning curve compared to other software.
  • High collaborative ability thanks to Google integration (docs, sheets)
  • Managing projects with ease and clear visibility of all tasks. 


  • It’s cloud-based software, and it can be slow sometimes. 
  • No PDF annotation.
  • Lacks a native printing feature 


Nifty is not as challenging as other project management software, and it gets constant usability improvement. 

Its interface is easy to handle and offers a variety of drag-and-drop tools that help with the swift organizing of documents, tasks, schedules. 

The tutorials for Nifty usage are short and to the point, and the blog is packed with a tremendous number of articles and guidelines that help users learn all hacks and tricks, all to enhance the efficiency of each team member. 

Nifty is part of numerous top ten lists of project management software because it offers no-brainer solutions for large-scale project managers as well as for the entire work arsenal. 

This PM software is as easy as it gets, providing endless tool resources for improved and on-time task accomplishments. 


Nifty has plenty of irreplaceable features, assisting the project manager every step of the way. Here are the essential tools that make this software one of the top-notch in the industry. 

Milestones for Better Organization 

Every team member has a purpose and different tasks. With Nifty, the project manager can set milestones for each individual and get notified when they are reached. Setting up a start and due dates for each task helps the team to fulfil the individual, and later on, the group goals. 

The Gantt chart is one of the best organization tools where a project manager can set group and individual milestones, adding details such as description, name, start and due dates, and relevant information. It gets even better when you see how the milestones get different colors depending on the due date and the progress of the work. 

Portfolio Management 

Nifty offers an outstanding portfolio organizing tool that divides projects into folders depending on departments, managers, locations, time zones. The project manager has a clear overview of various tasks at the same time, controlling the progress, overdue and finished tasks, timelines, and job statuses. 

Time Tracking and Reporting 

Time tracking and reporting is an excellent tool for project managers to see how long someone is working on a task and when. The widget pops up in the left corner when you start work and disappears when the job is done. This tool increases productivity and improves task times. 

Different User Roles 

Nifty allows the project manager to set different user roles and permissions in the workspace and allow various levels of access depending on each member. 

  1. Owners manage all projects, timelines, and billings. 
  2. Admins are team managers who create and delete tasks, as well as assign tasks to other users. 
  3. Members are people who are working on a specific task assigned by the team manager. 
  4. Guests can’t manage any project or team, but they can view progress and participate in project discussions. 

Support Quality 

Nifty isn’t the most popular PM software for customer support, however, they offer various ways of reaching out to the support team, including via email address, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Nifty Price – What Does it Cost? 

A Nifty review would not be complete without talking about price. Nifty offers four different plans for its users, depending on the budget, needs, the number of people on the team, and the business needs. You can choose between Free, Starter, Pro, and Business plan. While the free plan offers unlimited users, unlimited members, and 100 GB storage, here’s what you can get with the advanced ones:

                StarterPro                              Business
100 GB Storage Space
40 Active Projects
Unlimited Guests & Clients
Time Tracking & Reporting
Custom Fields
Custom Guest Visibility
250 GB Space
Unlimited Projects
Everything in Starter, plus:
Cross-Project Overviews
Google SSO
Priority Support
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Projects
Everything in Pro, plus:
Microsoft SSO
Custom Roles & Permissions


Nifty is an easy-to-use project management software with regular updating of the tool, although many users complain about weak customer support, so in general, you will less likely find a 100% positive Nifty review. 

However, it is affordable, it offers a variety of plans and features that can easily fit the needs of any project manager. 

Try Nifty Now!

There is more than enough information in this Nifty review that will help you incorporate your business tasks in one spot. Organize multiple team members and their tasks effectively, in record time, and boost your team’s productivity.



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