Maya is an award-winning 3D animation software that helps create real characters, scenes, amazing landscapes, and effects like explosions and fabric simulations. Maya also supports quick import and loading of massive data, and it is compatible with Microsoft, Apple, and Linux OS.




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Maya Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30 days
Free VersionYes (students)

Maya Overview

Maya is professional software that enables you to create 3D animation, create realistic characters, and make incredible special effects. It is quite useful for creators of entertainment videos and advertisements, and we’re going to touch on this in our Maya feature review.

Additionally, in this Maya review, we will cover how easy the software is to use, and the type of effects and end products professionals and students can expect. We’re also going to look at the Maya pricing plan to see if it’s worth it.

Read on to understand why Maya is the best in the animation niche. You can compare it to other similar sites to confirm this. In our Maya review, we gave Maya a higher score. We believe you will get to know why when you try it out.

Pros and Cons

+ High-quality — High-quality animation production with a Maya feature for almost every function.

+ Huge range of features — Allows users to create pieces faster thanks to a wide variety of options and presets.

+ Numerous plugins — Maya has a huge range of plugin options available.

+ Interface — A well-designed interactive user interface. The overall high-definition design is attractive and organized.

Pricing — Maya pricing is for professionals, not leisure activity enthusiasts. It is thus on the higher side.

Steep learning curve — this is not software for beginners and can be hard to master as it’s important to understand the theory.


The first thing we looked at in our Maya review was usability. This software is still not entirely straightforward.

For the most part, it’s got an excellent user interface. This is clean and easy to navigate through. Not only that, each Maya feature is clearly laid out practically and attractively.

However, things falter somewhat when it comes to the ability to learn this software. It’s got a very steep learning curve in place, making it hard for casual users to get anywhere with it. But, with the steep Maya pricing plan in place, it’s unlikely anyone other than a professional will take on the challenge.

The UI and interface are excellent for those who know how to use this software.


Maya features an impressive array of options when it comes to animating. Not only does it have a heavy rendering capability, but it also can enhance workflow for greater efficiency. Take a look at some top features:

  • Animation suite. Maya offers a complete suite for modeling, shading, animating, and more. It’s one of the best animation tools out there.
  • Rendering. Maya comes with Mash, an excellent addition to help render heavy scenes. This helps to improve output for studios.
  • Plugins. Offers access to many plugins as well as Python API for creating more.
  • Easy transfers. Due to its status as an industry go-to, projects are easily transferred between organizations improving workflow and efficiency. It also cooperates well with other software.

Support Quality

In this Maya review, we took a look at the different support options that Maya features. There is a range of different options available when it comes to getting in touch with a customer service agent. From email to live chat, the response time is pretty great so that you can get back on track right away. The connection with an expert option is particularly useful.

For many software-related issues, there are also a number of different tutorials available on their website and troubleshooting and forums. With all this in mind, our Maya review put their support up there with the best.

Maya Pricing — What does it cost?

Like some of the other top 3D software out there, Maya pricing is a bit high. But, it does offer an enormous range of top-quality, industry-standard features, so you do get what you pay for. Kicking things off is a 30-day free trial that you can download directly to your computer. But, to continue using these Maya feature options, you will need to get a subscription. Paid per user, the subscription covers every feature you need. Just opt for the annual plan to get a discount on the Maya pricing.

Free trialYes
Free versionYes, for students
MonthlyStarting at $205 per user/month
AnnualStarting at $1700 per use/year


As we conclude this Maya review, it’s fair to say that this is top-of-the-line software. Used in the film and entertainment world regularly, this is all down to the sheer number of Maya features available. This is the perfect software from rigging, simulation, animation, and rigging to remote creation options and the option to accelerate workflows.

Of course, this comes with a price, as the Maya pricing is a little expensive. However, this does give users access to everything. Beginners shouldn’t start using this software unless they are familiar with the features in the free version. For professionals, it’s a must-use.

Try out Maya now!

Maya features an enormous range of different options ensuring your 3D animation and video creation is top of the line. Test out its simulation, animation, and rigging capabilities as an industry favorite.



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