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IPQualityScore Review


IPQualityScore allows teams to perform advanced reputation checks on transaction and user data through Fraud Fusion. This is a networked approach to fight fraud that learns from millions of transactions each day through various industries. It’s easier for people to identify high-risk accounts.

It works by detecting VPN and proxy connections. However, it can also use device fingerprinting techniques and email verification to determine if users are abusive.

We think this is a great product and the Genius score reflects that. Please read through the entire IPQualityScore review before making a final decision. That could help you compare it to other products in a similar niche.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast turnaround – Once you sign up, you can immediately start verifying email addresses and users.
  • More Details – Sometimes, you want to learn more about a user’s account without automatically flagging it. This system allows that to happen. Choose how aggressive you are.
  • Easy to Deploy – There’s little setup time required, so you can get started immediately.
  • Feature-rich – There are tons of features to enjoy, and it is adaptable to almost any industry or niche.
  • Good Support – Many people have issues with new software, but the company’s approach to support is second-to-none.


  • Learning Curve Involved – With so many options and features, it takes time to learn everything.
  • Pricey – Compared to other products on the market, this service is a bit more expensive. Still, it’s the best, so it’s worth every penny.


IPQualitySoftware has a great Genius score, so you know it’s one of the top options on the market. However, you’re focused on how easy it is to use and how well it works.

Generally, its ease of use is decent, though there’s a strong learning curve involved. You must use the API, which means understanding coding language. It’s often best to hire a web developer to get things set up, but then you also have to figure things out as you go.

There’s nothing to download, so that makes it a little easier. When you’re on the website, it looks clean and minimalist. However, there are large chunks of text to read to understand each feature. Generally, cloud-based software offers a good user experience, but prepare to spend extra time learning about it.

While there’s no dedicated app available for download on a smartphone, you can use the cloud-based software from any browser. However, it’s not the best for mobile-friendliness. Expect to zoom in close to add information to check.


With a good genius score, you know IPQualityScore has the latest and greatest features. Here are the top ones:

  • Flag suspicious users – Check new-user quality with detailed scoring that analyzes location, email address, physical address, phone number, and others. 
  • Filter users – You can filter users with fake accounts or invalid data so that you don’t send them information or anything else.
  • Learn from traffic – IPQS learns from the traffic you receive to avoid inaccurate results or false positives. 
  • Monitor fraud – Score all transaction details (card details and billing information). This helps lower lost revenue and chargeback rates from abusive customers.
  • Click fraud – Prevent abusive traffic or clicks with real-time scoring to check IP addresses, devices, and other details. Use a JavaScript tag on all landing pages or a backend API to initiate the service.
  • Whitelist and blacklist system – Easily blacklist names, addresses, and everything else so that you no longer send correspondence to them. Those addresses and profiles can no longer use the website. Likewise, add good email addresses to the whitelist.
  • Customizable – Change the strictness level at any time to meet your specific requirements.

Support Quality

With IPQS having such a steep learning curve, you’re likely to need customer support at some point. It does offer training options to help you understand all the features and how to use them. However, when that’s not enough, you have live support, phone, email, and ticket systems to help you communicate with the staff.

Clearly, this product has a good Genius score, and support quality is part of the reason for that. It doesn’t appear that you only get live chat and phone support on higher-quality tiers, and training is available at all levels, too. 

We’re not sure if the company is available 24/7, but you’re sure to get a response quickly. 

The company phone number is (800) 713-2618. You may visit the official IPQS website to start a live chat. Use the email address [email protected] to send correspondence or use the online form to contact someone.

There are so many ways to talk to a professional!

IPQualityScore Pricing – What Does It Cost?

You’re likely wondering about the IPQualityScore pricing if you’re thinking of using the product. We have got that covered in our IPQualityScore review. Each tier comes with extra features and more monthly lookups and blacklist/whitelist entries.

Therefore, the free version gives you 5,000 monthly lookups and 5 blacklist/whitelist entries. However, the starter pack offers 10,000 monthly lookups and 50 blacklist/whitelist entries.

When you get to the Jumbo pricing tier, you also receive a dedicated account manager. This is the person you contact whenever you have a problem. Therefore, Premium and all of the Enterprise levels come with this feature, though the number of lookups and lists rises, as well.

Free TrialYes
Starter Starting at $20/month
BusinessStarting at $50/month
JumboStarting at $100/month
PremiumStarting at$200/month
Enterprise 1Starting at$500/month
Enterprise 2Starting at$850/month
Enterprise 3Starting at$1,500/month
Enterprise 4Starting at $4,000/month
Enterprise 5Starting at$6,000/month


Almost all businesses can benefit from IPQualityScore. You need it to check the validity of email addresses and phone numbers so that you’re running an efficient business. 

The system is easy to use once you get the hang of it, and you can immediately begin once you sign up. It includes a free trial and free version, allowing you to test things out before you buy.

Plus, you can learn more about users without automatically flagging or deactivating them. Choose the level of aggression you take on fake accounts. 

With so many features, it’s no surprise that this software has a good Genius score. However, the system could be pricier than others. Still, it does more than similar products, so it’s worth the price you pay.

Try  IPQualityScore today!

Overall, IPQS is an anti-fraud service that prevents people from abusing you and your company. With it, you can detect VPNs and proxies, and much more. Are you ready to test it and see how well it works for you? Try out IPQualityScore now!