$399 Logo provides the easiest solution for anyone looking to launch and run a US business. The platform helps you incorporate your company, access actionable growth tools, stay compliant, and manage everything for your business from one place. Read the review to learn more.




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+Easy to create a new company in the US.
+Clear dashboard and professional support.
+Tax consultation and legal advice.
-Only one pricing plan is available.

10-Second Summary

What is is an all-in-one solution that simplifies launching, growing, and managing US businesses.

How much does cost? offers its services for a one-time cost of $399, which includes setting up a US company in either Wyoming or Delaware, providing a US bank account with Mercury, a US address, a US EIN, unlimited support, legal advice, and tax consultation.

review new │ Overview

Do you dream of starting a new company in the United States? Technology is making life easier, so creating your own US business could not be more simple! 

You do not even need to be a US resident to create a company in the US, providing the perfect remote solution for foreign founders. gives you this opportunity! Offering a trusted and secure method to incorporate a company, you can additionally open a business bank account and receive an EIN. is best for forming a company in the US. ensures that you concentrate on your business without the worry of details creeping up on you.

Read our review to find out how this software service can benefit you! Achieving an excellent Genius Score, can help you begin your start-up dream. CTA

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons enables you a quick and easy service to create your own US company. But, what are the pros and cons of using the software service to create your own company? Pros

tick new Start-up success

Use to create your new business start-up in the US, one of the most thriving business environments with a great chance of success!

tick new Clear dashboard

The dashboard contains everything you need to track the progress of your company creation when incorporating your company online. 

tick new US bank account 

When you create your US company, you will also create a US business bank account so you can fully operate your business straight away!

tick new US address 

You will receive a US address when incorporating a company with, making correspondence easier. 

tick new US EIN 

Receive a US Employer Identification Number (EIN) as part of your company creation. 

tick new Professional support 

When you need help, the support team is ready and waiting, whatever your concerns! 

tick new Tax consultation

US tax requirements can be daunting for foreign company founders. You will receive tax consultation as a standard when using the service to incorporate a US company. will also ensure that you receive legal advice to protect your assets and interests.

tick Multilingual supports six languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

tick new Incentives offers customers over $20,000 worth of software incentives to help grow your new business. Cons

cross Single pricing plan

There is only one pricing plan with no movement on different options for different needs.

cons new Incorporate in two states

Unfortunately you can only incorporate in two states at present, a feature that should look to develop.

cons new Zero auxiliary services should look to add annual report notifications to their offer. Disadvantages
plus new Achieve a successful business start-upminus new Only one pricing plan is available
plus new Manage your incorporation on an easy-to-use dashboardminus new You can only incorporate in two states
plus new Obtain a US bank accountminus new There are no auxiliary services available
plus new Receive a US address
plus new Acquire a US EIN
plus new Consistent expert support when you need it
plus new Tax consultations
plus new Legal advice
plus new Multilingual accessibility
plus new A wide range of incentives available Logo

Try Now!
Use to create your new company in the US, even if you have never stepped on US soil before! Simply enter your details into the right forms and will do the rest!

what new │ What Is is a software service that can help you to create a business in the US from any location. In operation for several years, has established thousands of US companies from 120 countries across the globe.

When creating a US company with, you will also receive a US bank account, a US address, and a US EIN. You will receive a complete setup so you can begin trading in your chosen field. In cooperation with online bank Mercury, your US bank account will be opened as soon as you complete your registration.

If that isn’t enough, you will receive thousands of dollars worth of incentives and perks when creating a US company with Software and tools that are key to business success will be at your disposal, all thanks to your package. You could receive thousands of dollars in credits through the Firstbase Network.

You do not need to be a US resident to use and create your own US company. In fact, was created for foreign founders! You can incorporate a company in Wyoming or Delaware, choosing the state that matches your needs closely.

A registered agent will assist your company creation, protecting your data and information at all times. You will also receive unlimited support, tax consultation, and legal advice as and when you desire.

Furthermore, will prepare all legal documents for you so there is nothing else for you to do! We make sure that all aspects of your company creation meet state requirements, taking around a fortnight to complete all paperwork.

point new Create a US company
point new Foreign founders are catered for
point new Proven track record for customers in 120 countries
point new Receive a US bank account with Mercury
point new Receive a US address and US EIN
point new Thousands of dollars in perks and incentives
point new Incorporate a company in Wyoming or Delaware
point new Unlimited support and help
point new Tax consultation so that you are aware of all obligations
point new Legal advice is there when you need it
point new It will take a fortnight for all paperwork to be complete and the company created

how new │ How Does It Work? works to create a company in the United States for foreign founders. You need to complete a straightforward application to put forward details about your business and does the rest!

The first step to take when using is to choose the type of company you want to create. Do you want to create a limited liability company or a corporation? A limited liability company provides a separation between business liabilities and personal liabilities. A corporation will pay corporate taxes and will have shareholders.

Next, decide which state you want to incorporate your company. Do you want to incorporate your company in Wyoming or Delaware? Wyoming is a great state for small companies, offering low costs and high manageability. Delaware is the perfect option for potential Fortune 500 companies.

Complete the relevant forms from and your US bank account, EIN, and address will be automatically created. Paperwork will take around a fortnight to meet fruition, and then your company incorporation will be complete!

You will then be able to begin trading in the US, whilst opening up numerous incentives and perks that your package will provide. offers one package priced at $399. There are no other fees to pay, yet you will receive consistent support in all areas whenever you need it.

feature new │ Features is the one-stop shop for US company creation, particularly if you are a foreign founder in a different country. Effortlessly incorporate a US company and receive a US bank account, US address, and US EIN. You can begin trading in the US almost immediately!

An excellent Genius Score has been attained by because of the wide range of features that this software tool offers.

point new Incorporate a company in the US.

Live your best life and create a company effortlessly in the US! will complete the paperwork in a fortnight so you can begin trading.

point new Choose from two states.

Decide whether you want to create a US company in Delaware or Wyoming, assessing the benefits of each state according to your needs.

point new US business account.

Receive a business bank account in the US with Mercury online bank.

point new US address.

Automatically receive a US address to make correspondence simple.

point new US EIN.

Receive an Employer Identification Number once your registration is complete.

point new Unlimited support.

When you need support, is ready and waiting to assist!

You will receive legal advice as and when you need it from your registration.

point new Tax consultation.

Know exactly where you stand with US tax regulations when using

point new Incentives and perks.

You will receive around $20,000 worth of perks such as credits to spend on tools and software.

Why Do YOU Need to Use

point new Create a company in the USpoint new Obtain support when you need help, or legal and tax advice
point new Incorporate your company in Delaware or Wyomingpoint new Receive superb software incentives and perks
point new Receive a US bank account, a US address, and a US EIN Logo works for everyone! 
Find out how can help you to create a US company, whatever your experience and history! will tailor your company to meet your requirements, working for everyone from any location.

who new │ Who Should Use

Do you already have companies in other countries of the world? Or, are you completely new to the business world? Whatever your experience level, is the [perfect choice for you!

Follow our review to see how you can use to create your dream company!

point new Beginners

Beginners to the world of business should use to take care of all aspects of company incorporation! Creating a new company requires knowledge of the local regulations and requirements, a task which can become confusing for some. takes care of all areas of company creation, ticking the right boxes so you don’t have to! Let guide you through the process of creating a company in the US.

point new Mid-Level

Perhaps you have experience in running a company, but not in the US? In the US, all states determine their own regulations and so you may find it difficult to know what is needed by the state.

Choose to relieve your stress and manage the process for you!

point new Experienced

Even experienced business owners need help from time to time! You know how much paperwork and box tickling is required when creating a new company, so let do this for you. 

You will be free to get on with your business operations whilst sets up your new US company. 

point new is perfect for start-ups and new US companies.
point new Mid-level experts use to ensure they are up-to-date with US state regulations.
point new Experienced business owners need to take care of administrative tasks so they can continue to operate their businesses. Logo

Try Now!
Try and create your US company today! is an effortless service that simply requires you to input your intended business details. will take care of everything else so you can begin to operate in the US now!

cost and time new │ Time and Cost

How much time do you think it takes to incorporate a company? How about a creating a company in a different country than your country of residence? 

It can be a very time-consuming process! It can become further stressful when you try and remember all of the boxes that need to be ticked. Allowing to take the reins and complete the paperwork for you eases your stress levels and saves you time.

You can ensure that all requirements are met thanks to the experts at Making a mistake would result in a longer process so it is best to get everything right the first time! costs a one-off fee of $399. There are no other further costs to pay so this is a very reasonable fee. If you were to set up a US company yourself, several fees would be involved. When using, your single fee covers all bases. You receive a US bank account with Mercury in addition to a US address and US EIN.

usability new │ Usability features highly in the Genius Score rank how does the service measure up against its USP? Read our complete review to find out!

The aim and USP of involve providing a service that creates a company in the US for foreign founders. You don’t need to be a US resident and can reside in any country overseas. You enter your information and potential company details and takes care of the rest!

You will have an incorporated company in either Wyoming or Delaware after two weeks, with completing all paperwork.

The set-up is easy to use and simple to navigate. You only need to enter the necessary information into the appropriate fields, and that is it! takes care of everything else, with a clear dashboard available to check in on your registration.

pricing new │ Pricing – What Does It Cost? offers its services for a one-off cost of $399. There are zero monthly subscription costs or any additional fees or charges. 

For this single price of $399, you will receive a complete service to set up your US company in either Wyoming or Delaware. You will also receive a US bank account with Mercury, a US address, and a US EIN. Unlimited support, as well as legal advice and tax consultation, are also available.

In addition, your one-off cost will provide you with perks and incentives worth up to $20,000! pricing Logo

Discover today!
Find out how can help you today! Once you have entered your details and paid the one-off cost, will do everything else. It really could not be any simpler!

tools new │ What Tools Are Included With

What tools can you expect to use when taking advantage of


As part of your subscription, a vast range of rewards are available from You can check your latest rewards inside your dashboard and see what perks you are entitled to!


US Bank Account

See the banking solutions available to your account and the benefits you can receive! Opening an online US bank account can be tricky, yet’s tools make the process straightforward!

US Bank Account

Choose Your Company Type

Let help you choose the type of business that you want to create in the US. Do you want to create a LLC or a Corporation? The dashboard will help you choose which structure is best for your company, providing yu with all the information you need.

Choose Your Company Type

Online Company Registration

Create your own US company through the website, taking you through every step and making sure all requirements are completed successfully. Simply follow the prompts and create your US company with ease.

Online Company Registration
Points to Note
point new Use the dashboard to assess the rewards and incentives available.
point new Discover the US banking options open to you with
point new Decide which company type to create using the tools.
point new Use to create a company in the US effortlessly.

example new │ Use Cases

Which businesses have used and would recommend their services? 

point new Venture Rock

The digital venture capital platform Venture Rock used from a successful referral and loved how simple the process was. The founder, Marc Wesselink, has subsequently created four companies with!

point new Outfund

Outfund is a financing option that has grown from strength to strength since it’s launch. Outfund love how supportive is and states that its fast, affordable, and reliable service is a credit to the founder.

point new Sendchamp

Offering VC-backed technology, Sendchamp is revolutionizing the African continent. Providing multi-channel APIs and no-code CRM, customer relations are exceeding Sendchamp’s initial expectations! Sendchamp heard about via word of mouth and state their success is down to the foundations that built.

support new │ Support Quality’s support quality features are high on their list of expertise. Login to your account and dashboard to assess the latest information, choosing Firstbase Agent to find compliance documents. offers a vast range of resources and FAQs that may hold the answer to your question. Search the database for extensive knowledge and see whether you can remedy your query fast!

You could access Firstbase Live, a series of webinars that members are able to join for free. Each webinar holds a separate topic to upskill your knowledge and capabilities.

If you require direct help and assistance, submit a request to be sent to You can attach files to the request if desired.

Firstbase Support
point new Use Firstbase Agent to receive your compliance documents.
point new Varying FAQs and resources are consistently available to answer your questions.
point new Click on a free webinar from, featuring a range of topics.
point new Submit a request with attachments to attain a direct answer.

conclusion new │ Conclusion makes it easy to create a new company in the US. You will receive a US bank account as well as a US EIN and US address, ensuring that you can start trading fast! will help you decide whether your company should be a limited liability company or a corporation. The service will also advise whether you should incorporate your company in Delaware or Wyoming.

For a one-off fee, all support and additional services are included. You will receive legal advice and tax consultation as and when you require. There are zero additional fees or costs involved in your purchase of

But, is there a competitor that can match the service offered by BetaList offers a pre-launch startup for businesses, providing expert advice to new business start-ups. Whilst, Monzo offers an online banking service that makes business banking simple. 

However, is the only provider to incorporate a one-stop service for new companies, providing you with a US bank account and creating the US company for you. There really is no competition for! 

Try today and create your US company swiftly for a one-off cost! Logo

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If you want to create a company in the US, use now! Offering a one-off cost and zero monthly fees, you will receive an expert service that incorporates your company effortlessly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) helps you to create a company in the US, incorporating in Wyoming or Delaware. You simply insert your details and the information relating to the company you want to create. takes care of the entire process, ensuring that your company is quickly incorporated so you can begin trading. costs $399 as a one-off fee. This cost will include all support services as well as legal advice and tax consultation. There are no other costs and fees that are applicable to your registration with offers a variety of support options, including live webinars, FAQs and resources. You can also submit a request with attachments to to attain a direct answer.



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