With ExpressVPN, you get a highly reliable VPN, with a network spanning 94 countries, that allows you secure access from anywhere, to anywhere. ExpressVPN is also mobile-friendly meaning you’re protected on every device, so you can keep your private information secure.




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ExpressVPN offers a way for users to securely access the internet all over the world, offering a safe and user-friendly option. Compatible across phones, tablets, and desktops, ExpressVPN is a versatile app.

We think ExpressVPN is a useful and secure app and so we’ve rated it highly. To find out more about this app and why we think it deserves such a high rating, keep reading our ExpressVPN review now.

Pros and Cons

We’ve done some research on the most popular pros and cons of the app for our ExpressVPN review. From both user and expert reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the most common opinions. Check them out below.

The most popular pros of the ExpressVPN app are:

  • Speed – Quick speed with an average speed of 135Mbps
  • Streaming – through the use of ExpressVPN, many streaming platforms are available and easily streamed using the VPN software.
  • Secure – ExpressVPN is reportedly an incredibly secure piece of software, offering security across both servers and apps

The most commonly reported cons of the ExpressVPN app are:

  • Value for money – many other VPN apps have better value for money, with some offering free plans
  • Unsteady connection – there is occasional drop in connection when using ExpressVPN


We’ve rated ExpressVPN highly for its usability for a few reasons. To begin with, ExpressVPN is notably easy to use for novices. Set up is considered easy and instructions are provided across operating systems.

During set up, no network configurations are needed or settings need to be changed, allowing for easy access and eventual use of ExpressVPN. To use it, you simply need to download ExpressVPN and set it up by following the instructions specific to your model.

ExpressVPN works across platforms, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles, meaning you can use it across a range of spaces and for a range of needs.

Overall, ExpressVPN gets good ratings from users and experts on its usability as well as a high rating from us.


ExpressVPN comes with a variety of features which is why we have rated it highly in this category. The features cover a range of security issues as well as usability issues.

ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any identifying logs and does feature a kill switch, adding to the security of this app. ExpressVPN is known for its level of security and offers a way for users to access the internet in a safe way.

ExpressVPN has around 3000 servers and offers five devices per license, meaning you can use ExpressVPN across a range of your and your family’s devices. 

ExpressVPN offers its users 24-hour support seven days a week, meaning that users can find help whenever they need it to deal with issues within the app. This is great for new users and novices to the world of VPNs.

And finally, ExpressVPN allows you to stream from a range of sites and access catalogs from across the world. Users also report that streaming is relatively uninterrupted without any need for buffering.

Support Quality

ExpressVPN rates highly in the support quality category. This is due to the 24 hour a day access to support that ExpressVPN offers its users. This support comes in the form of a live chat feature on the ExpressVPN site.

As well as the live chat feature, ExpressVPN also boasts a troubleshooting page and instructions on the features of ExpressVPN. It also offers a range of video tutorials to help users navigate the app and work out how to solve any issues.

ExpressVPN Pricing – What does it cost?

ExpressVPN pricing plans include all apps, 24-hour support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth. To find out more about the ExpressVPN pricing plans, check out the table below.

PlanPriceBilling schedule
1 month£9.76Billed £9.76 every month
6 months£7.53Billed £45.17 every 6 months
12 months£6.27Billed £75.31 every 12 months


ExpressVPN is considered a safe and secure way to browse the internet. Users report an easy-to-use app with a simple setup plan, perfect for beginners and novices to the world of VPNs.

Major pros of the app include the ability to stream from a range of sites with minimal interruption and buffering and the security of your connection. Users praise the dedication to security features within ExpressVPN’s plans.

Some consider ExpressVPN to be an expensive option but it is considered worth the money for the security. The prices start at £9.76 and are billed from every one month to every twelve months, depending on the plan.

Overall, in research for our ExpressVPN review, we found that the app gets generally favorable reviews with both users and experts commending its range of features, speed, and security. ExpressVPN is the VPN of choice for those wanting safe and secure access to the internet within a user-friendly setup.

Try ExpressVPN now!

For a safe and user-friendly way of accessing the internet, ExpressVPN is the VPN of choice. With high-speed unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and a price plan accessible for most, ExpressVPN is the VPN for everyone.



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