Drip is a multichannel email marketing software that helps business owners engage their customers using automated channels across SMS, email, and on-site pop-ups. This platform offers users the freedom to customise playbooks from scratch with its efficient visual workflow developer. Drip also has powerful segmentation to target customers.




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Drip Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free Trial14-day
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Drip Overview

Drip is a distinct Customer Relationship Management platform tailored explicitly for e-commerce brands worldwide. It helps retailers to turn potential customers into actual, paying customers.

Drip’s main goal is to enable you to take potential customers through the entire buying process by customizing their experience. By doing so, you maximize customer value, repeat purchases, and sales.

Like every other software out there, Drip has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Even so, the former outdo the latter, our detailed Drip review here will help you learn all there is about this amazing software.

Pros and Cons

+Specialist e-commerce CRM: The E-CRM has specific features designed for e-commerce campaigns.

+Solid automation features: Any Drip feature is fully automated to make everything run smoothly.

+Seamless and strong integrations: Drip has multi-market channeling for integration into sales and marketing strategies.

+User-friendly UI: The software’s user interface is easy to get your head around.

-Relatively pricey: Regardless of the Drip pricing plan you choose, you still have to part with a significant amount compared to competitors.

-No email templates: Having email templates would ease up the job.

-The platform is usually buggy: The E-CRM platform is often full of bugs that mess up the overall user experience.


Drip is basically a CRM platform with a long list of standard features (at least for those who have used alternative options before). The only difference with any Drip feature is that they are specifically designed for e-commerce campaigns. This makes it easier for even new users to get the hang of it.

In addition, the platform helps users to gain maximum sales and repeat purchases by employing the marketing strategies that come with different Drip pricing plans.

Notably, with Drip, it’s not a must to have an e-commerce store. The CRM platform will work for any marketing automation geek looking to make emailing easier for them. Moreover, with either your mobile phone or computer, you can get to work with this easy-to-use tool.

Users can take advantage of any Drip feature to give them an idea of how their email marketing campaigns are performing. Simply put, you can automatically allow Drip to send emails based on a website visitor’s actions. We’ll explain this in the features section of our Drip review.


For this Drip review, it is only prudent to examine every proprietary Drip feature. This usually helps us paint the actual picture of what users can expect from it. Below are details for each Drip feature:

  • Marketing Automation: This Drip feature is ideal for your marketing campaigns. It emphasizes and focuses on email marketing, which is where e-commerce brands should concentrate. When it comes to SMS and email automation, Drip is your best bet.
  • Customization: Personalization is yet another crucial function that Drip features aim to fill. Using the tool, you can easily customize emails for each subscriber.
  • Integrations: A notable Drip feature is one that allows integrations with other applications. By doing so, you can easily implement multi-channel marketing.
  • Tracking: Drip has over ten templates to track campaign data that can help you adjust your marketing strategies.

Support Quality

Our Drip review established that the technical support quality is quite top-notch. This is because of the well-trained customer support staff handling all complaints raised. Moreover, Drip staff offer 24/7 email and telephone support for critical customer service tickets. Drip promises to respond to all ticket issues within 24 hours.

The only drawback noted in our Drip review is that the issues raised are not usually dealt with promptly, which can be super frustrating to customers. 

Drip Pricing — What Does it Cost?

Considering the various cutting-edge Drip features, we should expect such advanced services to cost an arm and a leg. Different clients have different needs. This prompted them to come up with Drip pricing plans tailored for everyone. However, Drip pricing plans are volume-based. So, unlimited email sends, 24/7 chat, and email support are always available. After all, there is only one Drip pricing plan.

Free Trial and Free VersionYes
Basic Plan (Email)Starting from $19 per month for 100 contacts
Basic Plan (Email + SMS)Starting from $22 per month for 100 contacts

Above 160,000+ contacts, the price varies.


All said and done, Drip is undoubtedly a great CRM platform for e-commerce brands. Each Drip feature is helpful to online retailers. This, in turn, makes it relatively easy for anyone to use the platform even if they have never used a CRM platform before.

Sadly, the convenience that Drip brings can be short-lived due to an often-buggy user interface. Also, Drip pricing plans tend to increase with the growth of one’s contact list. This can be so disadvantageous. Nonetheless, based on our findings in this Drip review, the tool is an ideal long-term CRM solution.

Try Drip Now!

Drip is a mobile-friendly CRM platform with an exceptional UI that helps users gain maximum sales and productivity. This CRM software is also a valuable tool for any marketing automation geek looking to make emailing easier.



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