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Cognism is a B2B sales intelligence platform designed for sales teams and marketers. With its advanced data enrichment, lead generation, and prospecting features, Cognism helps businesses improve their sales and marketing efforts.




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Cognism Facts

Pricing ModelPackages
Free TrialPer Request
Free VersionNo

Cognism Pros & Cons

+Market-leading customer service.
+Software is extremely easy to use and understand.
+Best contact quality and big international database.
-Demo is not freely available and must be requested.

review new │ Cognism Overview

As one of the most popular global sales intelligence platforms, Cognism has everything you need to connect with ideal consumers. But is it suitable for your requirements?

International sales intelligence helps find, engage, and close their dream business prospects. Moreover, they provide premium company and contact information, including technographic, firmographics, intent data, sales trigger events, verified business emails, and contact numbers.

There’s a lot to learn if you are considering Cognism for generating leads for your B2B sales and marketing. This review will provide you with valuable insights regarding lead generation software. Thus, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Best for: Small business owners, mid-market companies, and even enterprises.

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pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons

Before digging into the elements that make Cognism the leader in international sales intelligence, let’s consider some pros and cons. They should provide you with a general overview of what’s good and bad about the software. Also, it will give you valuable insights and quick ideas regarding the point of focusing your research.

Cognism Pros

tick new Excellent Customer Service

Cognism offers amiable customer service that offers incredible aftercare. Moreover, the Chrome extension is integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This is genuinely marvelous for fishing out the business contact emails of prospects. 

tick new Easy to Use and Understand Software

It is no secret that Cognism is immensely intuitive and easy to use. It is highly integrated with the most popular sales tools, including Outreach, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc. While it offers impeccable customer service, it can resolve all your issues very efficiently within no time.

tick new Highly Proficient in Prospecting

There is no doubt that the lead-generating software Cognism is an excellent tool for prospecting. It significantly helps in leading research and enrichment. In comparison to all the other tools, it offers you the best contact quality with an enormous international database.

tick new Incredibly Useful Software

This software helps in acquiring requisite email addresses and contact numbers very quickly. Also, it helps in launching campaigns and monitoring all activities.

Cognism Cons

cons new Doesn’t Grant Permission for Adding Notes

It is quite difficult or almost impossible to add notes according to specific campaign activities. And at times, this situation can be a little too frustrating. Moreover, building sequences will also not work perfectly.

cons new Every Data Provided is Not 100% Accurate

Each data provided by Cognism is not significantly accurate. A few of the provided data come with specific issues or the other. Also, the competitors don’t necessarily provide any intent feature.

cons new Complex Implementation and Mapping to Fields

There are implementation and mapping to fields within your database. Surprisingly, they are more complex than they were initially thought to be. Nevertheless, once it is completely set up, it has the efficiency of working perfectly.

cons new Demo Feature Visible Only After Requesting One

Primarily, Cognism is meant for small businesses. However, the demo is not freely available and must be requested. Also, the offered bulk export feature within the platform is probably not the best.

Cognism AdvantagesCognism Disadvantages
plus new Provides remarkably efficient customer serviceminus new Permission for adding notes is not granted
plus new The software is immensely easy to use and understandminus new Presence of inaccuracy amongst the provided data
plus new It has incredible proficiency for prospectingminus new The implementation and mapping to fields is quite complex
plus new The extraordinary software is significantly usefulminus new The demo feature is available only when requested

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If you’re a small business owner looking forward to B2B lead generation, then Cognism is an ideal option.

what new │ What is Cognism?

Cognism, the global sales intelligence platform, contains a powerful mixture of innovative technology. Besides, it also has a team of go-to-market consultants who provide unrivaled data coverage. The software efficiently helps marketing and sales teams in finding and connecting with their ideal customers. This is done explicitly via email, phone, and social media.

It probably hosts the most prominent global database of 400 million B2B profiles. Cognism makes extensive use of robust search functionality and a powerful ICP builder for chalking out the ideal accounts. Besides, they are also proficient in correctly identifying the buying team and finding direct consumer contact information.

On the other hand, Cognism is regarded as an enrichment tool for outbound data automation. This Chrome extension provides remarkable support to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn. Also, it consists of a growing suite of integrations, including a native Salesforce app.

Overall, Cognism works as the perfect global sales intelligence platform for a wide range of users. As a leader, it efficiently sets up a new compliance and data quality standard—no wonder why this software is trusted by more than 1000 revenue teams across the globe.

Businesses can connect with their dream prospects with guidance and assistance from Cognism. They distribute firmographics, premium contact, sales trigger events, technographic, verified business emails, mobile numbers, intent data, etc.

It has an entirely new level of compliance with GDPR and CCPA. Thus, it is readily combined with integrations and innovative technology with sales engagement partners and leading CRM. This is what makes Cognism an ideal choice for businesses that wish to create a predictable pipeline.

Leveraging Cognism will efficiently help you find your next best business opportunity. Moreover, you will attain success in overcoming the barriers of global compliance.

point new Overall Rating4.5
point new FunctionalityThis comprehensive software is essentially easy to learn. Moreover, you can access a wide range of prospective contacts for establishing B2B relationships.
point new CoverageIt includes various types of data from all over the world. It also helps in finding and phone-verifying the most valuable contacts on demand.
point new Website PerformanceEasily update stale records and populate any of the missing data points, both on person and account level. Cognism Enhance can efficiently void the common side-effects of bad data.
point new CorrectnessData collected by Cognism helps in increasing reach 5 times. Also, the conversion rate can increase by 7 times.
point new ComplianceThe software is compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and can access business emails only.

how new │ How Does It Work?

The Revenue AI engine of Cognism is a mixture of human integrity and intelligent technology. It efficiently scans the B2B database, thereby seeking out and targeting stale data.

The obsolete or incorrect data is actioned immediately and deliberately checked for accuracy. Also, it remains updated with the latest data. Thus, Cognism is capable of providing the most up-to-date and freshest possible data for its consumers.

Did You Know?
point new Cognism was founded in 2015 in the United Kingdom.
point new The platform offers multiple training options, including – in-person, webinars, live online, documentation, etc.
point new The software offers SaaS, Cloud, and Web-Based deployment.
point new The support options provided by Cognism include knowledge-based, email or help desk, 24*7 live reporting, phone support, chat, etc.
point new Typical customers of Cognism are small businesses, mid-size businesses, and big enterprises.
point new Cognism has expertise in finding verified emails, safe-to-call mobile numbers, and direct dials for decision-makers that match your criteria.
point new Cognism’s Chrome extension helps in powering up your LinkedIn prospecting, which syncs directly with consumers’ CRM.
point new Cognism Prospector can readily identify the ideal-fit accounts. Also, they can find the verified contact information of B2B decision-makers within seconds.
point new Cognism Engage can proficiently schedule and manage your outbound campaigns.

feature new │ Features

There are a plethora of features associated with Cognism. Here is a comprehensive listing of the highest-rated features of Cognism:

point new API

The API of Cognism is used for searching, previewing, and enriching Accounts and Contacts. The database of Cognism efficiently provides data of sales intelligence data and B2B contacts.

point new Data Verification

Cognism adheres to the practice of verifying diamond data by calling each individual mobile number. Further, the dials of these contacts are directed to ensure that the end-user establishes a connection with the right person.

point new Lead Generation

Cognism deliberately identifies the ideal customers for your service or product, thereby attracting them to purchase from you. This way, they are capable of generating B2B leads.

point new Real-Time Data

Cognism efficiently manages its database for providing high-quality real-time B2B data to its consumers.

point new Target Account Identification

The intent data of Cognism significantly helps identify accounts while actively searching for services and products.

Other exceptional features of Cognism include:

  • Pipeline Management
  • Phone Number Extraction
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Data Aggregation and Publishing
  • Address Validation, etc.

Why Do We Need to Use Cognism?

point new It schedules meetings for reviewing progress. Also, it helps in planning the following steps in line according to the goals of your company.point new Has the efficiency of evaluating geographies, unique records, seniority, and more in each generated list.
point new It helps in onboarding and providing ongoing customized training.point new It helps in identifying and maximizing your total addressable market.
point new Cognism helps in acquiring the requisite data whenever you require it.point new The software deliberately provides answers to all your questions with an average turnaround time.

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Cognism Can Work for All Kinds of Businesses!
Check why businesses all over the world trust Cognism.

who new │ Who Should Use It?

Whether you are a small business owner or run a big enterprise, Cognism is a viable platform for both.

Every size of business can make the best use of data extraction software. Moreover, it provides end-to-end solutions exquisitely designed for Web Applications.

Here is a comprehensive listing of all the enterprises that are suitable for Cognism:

point new StartUps

If you have recently established your startup, then leveraging Cognism will be the most ideal choice.

point new SMEs

Since Cognism is the leader in premium sales intelligence, it allows SMEs to set up a new standard for data quality and compliance.

point new Large Enterprises

The Revenue AI technology used by Cognism efficiently helps large enterprises grow by engaging their next business opportunity.

point new Agencies

Leveraging Cognism, digital marketing agencies can obtain extensive control of quality leads and campaign success.

point new It is truly magnificent for small businesses who wish to obtain quality data and compliance. Further, this will help them in generating leads.
point new This platform is highly compatible with all kinds of businesses. So, this data extraction software is exquisitely designed for providing end-to-end solutions to all Web applications.
point new Start-ups and large enterprises can make the best use of Cognism for generating leads for their potential consumers. No wonder it has been trusted by more than 1000 revenue teams across the globe.

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Use Cognism for Generating Leads!
Cognism is the world’s best B2B lead generation solution. It helps you identify the ideal consumers for your services and products.

cost and time new │ Cost and Time

Cognism’s sales cycle has a typical length of 6 to 8 months. In certain instances of direct dials and intent data, the ROI from Cognism came within eight weeks’ time. The software efficiently identifies the leads and allows you to target the leads according to the intent of the prospects.

Further, it allows you to follow up with the sales action. Thus, using intent data can significantly reduce the Time to Engagement.

usability new │ Usability

What makes Cognism highly effective is the easy-to-understand and easy-to-use feature. And that is what has made this platform the global leader.

The software provides both accurate data and an excellent user experience. Moreover, the processes are much more usable, interactive, and reliable. It is because Cognism uses data that is compliant with GDPR, which is immediately usable.

Thus we can rightfully say that Cognism has the efficiency in managing and converting raw data into usable information. Further, you can use this information for analysis.

pricing new │ Cognism Pricing

There is no doubt that pricing plays a crucial factor in the evaluation process. Nowhere will you be able to spot a table that enlists the prices of Cognism. It is because they thoroughly customize their packages according to your desired workflow.

The proficient team of the software is capable of understanding your demands. According to what you desire to achieve, they can draw up a proposal that is compatible with your requirements.

Cognism pricing
Screenshot taken from

Cognism Logo

Get Cognism for your business today!

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tools new │ Tools for Business

Cognism has a wide range of tools that efficiently helps you in generating leads for your online business. Listed here are a few offerings from Cognism:

point new Prospector

The Cognism Prospector is a SaaS platform that is immensely easy to use. This essentially helps in predicting predictability while accessing more than 400 million business profiles.

point new Enhance

The Cognism Enhance significantly helps in completing any missing data points on an account level or a person. It also includes location, job title, finances, and industry. You can use Enhance to update data that might have changed over time, keeping your database up to date.

point new Chrome Extension

The Cognism Chrome Extension helps in identifying multiple entries into target accounts. Thus, your prospect list is prioritized through a combination of company fit. Also, the availability of a mobile number and the seniority and position of your prospects is taken into consideration. The Chrome Extension of Cognism is also compatible with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn.

point new Intent Data

The Cognism Intent Data helps identify those accounts actively searching for your products and services. Further, they efficiently target the key decision-makers when they are ready to make their purchase.

Points to Note
point new Cognism has a robust set of business tools.
point new Most of the offered tools provide efficient solutions for small businesses.

example new │ Use Cases

Cognism has a broad range of use cases because of its extensive versatility. But we have only enlisted a few notable sites that use Cognism only to EXCEED targets. They are:

point new Bombora

They are regarded as the leaders in B2B intent data and are probably on a mission to revolutionize B2B sales. Also, they pledge to revolutionize marketing by using data built on an ecosystem of quality, innovation, and collaboration.

point new Seismic

It is regarded as the topmost global sales enablement platform. They efficiently help organizations engage customers, ignite revenue growth, and enable teams. This is the most potent, unified enablement platform that equips customer-facing teams with proficient skills—more than 2000 organizations across the globe trust Seismic for their enablement requirements.

point new Freshworks

They are the leading provider of modern SaaS solutions, which essentially solves numerous complex business problems of every company size. Businesses from more than 120 countries across the globe use the products of Freshworks. They significantly help in delighting their employees and customers every day.

support new │ Support

Cognism isn’t quite famous for its customer support. However, they do have an efficient support center with a wide range of options. Some of the options offered by Cognism are 24*7 live reporting, knowledge-based support, phone support, email or help desk, chat, etc.

Cognism Support
point new The efficient software provides knowledge-based support
point new It offers 24*7 live reporting
point new Customer support also provides chat option
Alternative Cognism Software – UpLead
UpLead is a B2B data provider and sales intelligence platform which provides instant access to millions of verified businesses. It is ranked as the Lead Intelligence software, offering instant access to millions of B2B contacts through direct email addresses.
Comparing Cognism to UpLead
Both Cognism and UpLead proficiently help in generating new leads. While Cognism conducts offline account management, UpLead offers engagement management with email. The software failure risk of Cognism is considerably lower. On the other hand, Uplead’s software failure risk has a medium probability.
Cognism vs Uplead
Screenshot taken from

conclusion new │ Conclusion

If you’re searching for a promising lead-generating software with a feasible ROI, you can never go wrong with Cognism. Developers have deliberately loaded the software with marvelous tools and features that can generate genuine leads.

This data management solution helps in updating all outdated records, thereby populating all missing data points at an account or person level. Also, it significantly eliminates all the incorrect data and common side effects.

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Cognism ranks first in premium sales intelligence. Over 1800 customers trust this software across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. The sales intelligence and B2B lead generation solution is fully compliant with GDPR.

Cognism offers 98% accurate, phone-verified mobile data, excelling in the US and EMEA regions. With unique collection methods and a focus on quality, it's an optimal choice for telephone-based revenue teams.

Cognism is regarded as the best Lead Generation platform and Outbound Sales software as it uses the most up-to-date market data. It allows companies to accelerate their prospecting process. This is usually done while gaining actionable insights from their existing database with the help of Sales Triggers.

Cognism, a B2B lead generation, helps in outbound sales automation and data-providing services. They maintain an enormous database of 5.6 billion data points. The most exciting part is that it includes 400 million business profiles along with 10 million companies.

Cognism acquires data from multiple high-quality private and public sources. Some of the data acquiring private sources include S&P Global, Mergent, and Crunchbase. Meanwhile, other data sources include consented-in and crowd-sourced private data.



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