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Blackboard Learn is an advanced learning management system that provides exceptional teaching opportunities and outstanding learning experiences. This platform uses a new intuitive, responsive user interface that makes learning faster and more accessible while keeping track of the learners’ progress. Blackboard Learn also helps learners to interact well and also collaborate.




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Blackboard Learn Overview

Blackboard Learn is an interactive learning management system that is used across educational institutions, governments, businesses, and even military training programs. The software is a veteran of the online learning field and, as such, is generally regarded well.

Our Blackboard Learn review will cover a range of aspects of the platform, including the pros and cons of the app, the usability of the platform, and its key features. We have rated Blackboard Learn very highly, to find out why keep reading our review now.

Pros and cons

In research for our Blackboard Learn review, we have been studying other users’ experiences along with expert reviews and our own analysis. We have come up with a list of pros and cons of the platform below through this research.

The pros of the Blackboard Learn app are as follows:

  • Free trial – This option that comes with Blackboard Learn allows users a chance to experience the software without commitment
  • Smartphone apps – Impressive smartphone apps
  • Student/teacher interaction – The app’s main purpose is to ensure smooth interaction between students and teachers and the app allows this

The cons of the Blackboard Learn app are as follows:

  • Expensive – Expensive in comparison to other apps of its kind, though pricing is not made clear on the site
  • Integration – Issues with the platform’s ability to integrate with other software


As part of our Blackboard Learn review, we have scored the app in three categories, these include usability, key features, and support quality. Blackboard Learn scores good in the usability category.

Blackboard Learn offers easy navigation that allows for ease of use across institutions. Many users and experts have commented on the user-friendly interface and regard Blackboard Learn to have easy maintenance too.

Users consider Blackboard Learn a good solution for distance learning and it offers easy-to-use smartphone apps that allow students to take their learning with them. There have been some reports of issues with the Android app but IOS comments are generally favorable.

Though many users find Blackboard Learn easy to use, some users report issues as they begin using the platform, finding it difficult to get the hang of. In addition, when we consider the integration features within the platform, they’re not as good as other platforms of the like.


Blackboard Learn has been awarded a good score in the features category as part of our review of the app. This is because of the extensive features offered by the learning service that allows it to create an online hub of learning.

Blackboard Learn offers a whole host of features that allow students to communicate, discuss, submit work, and learn while on the platform, creating a digital classroom for remote learners or institutions running a hybrid style model of learning.

A key feature that teachers and users of Blackboard Learn commend is the anti-plagiarism software that is available as part of the submission space on the Blackboard Learn. This feature allows teachers to certify the authenticity of student submissions.

Blackboard Learn also features a way to track the progress of students learning which can help teachers out if they do not have many face-to-face contact hours with their learners.

Communication is also praised on the Blackboard Learn app, with users enjoying the different methods of communication it offers, like video chatting.

Support quality

Blackboard Learn rates well in the support quality section with lots of means of contact when issues arise with this platform.

The Blackboard Learn site offers a contact page where users are given more streamlined support suggestions, including space for educators and space for admin. This means that support is specific to issues that are reported.

Blackboard Learn also offers a community page that can help users find solutions quickly for common problems with the platform.

We think that it is important that they should have offered more support due to the higher price of this platform.

Blackboard Learn Pricing – what does it cost?

Blackboard Learn offers a 30-day free trial option which is much longer than most other interactive learning platforms offer. Users and experts have praised this offering that allows prospective users to test out the features of the platform before purchase.

The pricing options for Blackboard Learn are a little less clear than with other app software and it appears that prospective users would need to submit some information before being given a quote for this software.

This may be off-putting to some clients who would like to review different pricing systems first.


Our Blackboard Learn review has covered the basics of this interactive learning platform, looking at its usability, key features, and support quality. We have scored Blackboard Learn very highly and as a veteran of the interactive learning space, users and experts agree that Blackboard Learn is a great system.

Blackboard Learn is considered easy to use and offers prospective clients a free trial to allow them to test the features of the app before purchasing. This feature helps users to navigate the system and ensure it meets their requirements.

Though some faults have been found, many users of the Blackboard Learn mobile app enjoy the ability to take their learning software with them and access it remotely. The software provides learners and teachers with a range of useful features, allowing remote and hybrid learning to be carried out successfully.

Overall, users of Blackboard Learn find it easy to use and maintain and consider it a good solution for online learning.

Try Blackboard Learn now!

Try Blackboard Learn today and find an easy to use and easy to maintain system of interactive learning, perfect for taking your learning online. Test it today with a free 30-day trial.



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