Animaker is a cloud-based animation software that helps businesses create professional-quality animated videos and presentations without any prior design or animation experience. With its advanced features and customizable interface, Animaker simplifies the animation process, improves engagement, and enhances storytelling.




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Animaker Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30 day
Free VersionNo

Animaker Overview

Animaker is a video creation platform where you can make Live-Action or Animation videos. This Animaker review will cover the features that make it easy to create videos in minutes and why customers keep using Animaker.

Animaker is easy to use, has a library of resources, and has quality support. Customers agree, notably, that Animaker is the best video creation software on the market. Let’s see why.

Pros and Cons

+Quality videos — You can make a high-quality video in minutes with the tools and resources Animaker provides.

+ Good support — Knowledgeable trained professionals solve your problem with a quick response time.

+ Easy templates — An Animaker feature of drag and drop software allows you to edit the many templates in their resource library.

+ No outsourcing — Real-time collaboration saves the money you would have to spend to outsource video content creation.

— Lag time — Your internet speed may slow down the use of Animaker.

— Limited use — Certain features, like custom fonts or priority support, are only available on the higher-priced plans.


The main function of Animaker is to allow you to create a video without downloading any software to your computer. Animaker accomplishes this by providing a platform that will walk you through all the steps in creating a video.

Professional and non-professional customers alike say the drag and drop Animaker feature saves them time and money. All with the use of pictures, sounds, templates, and an animated character builder that Animaker provides. Being an online platform means you can access Animaker from any device. The specially designed software, an Animaker feature, makes it works seamlessly on internet browsers.

An all-in-one creation tool for professionals and beginners alike makes the user interface and experience of Animaker the best on the market. The Animaker feature of real-time collaboration or resizing your video will allow you to provide a high-quality business video and share to your social media in minutes.


The following are the features Animaker review researched:

  • Resource Library. Over 100 million assets for you to use, over 100 music tracks, and thousands of sound effects in their audio library.
  • Professionally Made Templates. Drag and drop provided resources or your own branded resources into professional templates seamlessly.
  • Animated Character Builder. Make complex animation videos simple with the character builder Animaker feature. You have extensive facial expressions to use, and your voice-overs will sync to your animation.
  • Feature-rich video-editing suite. Allows live video editing in 4K quality, subtitle videos to use on multiple platforms, create an interactive video with text overlays, and stores your brand essentials.
  • Multi-user collaboration. This Animaker feature makes real-time editing easy. Animaker uses specialized software for seamless performance on internet browsers for your team or group of friends to make videos.

Support Quality

Customers say response times are fast and support is available at all times of day. The Contact Us form allows you to fill in your concern with screenshots to make the process faster.

Additionally, Animaker provides options for various levels of use. There is increased support provided in the different Animaker pricing plans. Animaker has also done the work to save you the time to contact support. Video tutorials can help you before you need to contact support.

Animaker Pricing — What does it cost?

Animaker pricing, billed annually, offers 4 plans and a free trial. All the plans allow the use of templates, music, photos, animated character features, real-time collaborations, downloads, and uploads. Each plan has additional features and support, coupled with increased price. If you have the money for the custom Enterprise plan it will come with the most features, support, and training.

Free TrialYes
BasicStarting at $10/month
StarterStarting at $19/month
ProStarting at $49/month
EnterpriseCustom Pricing


In conclusion, this Animaker review shows there are only two cons in the many positives of Animaker. The Animaker review of lag times online or the higher cost of more features is still not enough to overshadow the value of this software.

Video content creation requires design ability, technical editing skill, software to edit, and resources to use in your video. Assuming you have all that, can you still put everything together in one place? Other video content creation software doesn’t allow for this many features in one product.

Animaker provides an easy-to-use platform that will let you pick and choose from many options for a video in minutes. There is a knowledgeable support team and video tutorials to guide you through the software. 

Try out Animaker now!

Make videos easily with your family or colleagues and share with Animaker’s help. Quality support, extensive resources, custom templates, and drag and drop Animaker feature helps create your video in minutes.



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