21 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Their To-Do List Grow

It’s normal to place high expectations on yourself and your employees regarding productivity. After all, productivity translates to more job completion and more profit. 

But what happens when distractions and exhaustion kick in because of task repetition. Even the brightest talents can become forgetful and begin to skip tasks because of physical and mental burnout. 

Productivity Tools

It’s up to you to find a way to motivate employees and keep them focused on the goal as you pursue perfection. But how can you do this? 

Most business executives like you turn to the many productivity tools available to help them organize their to-do list from the most important tasks to the least important ones. This way, they’re able to avoid errors and task omissions. 

You too can hop on this train to stay as organized as possible and not see your to-do list overwhelm you. 

Wondering how? 

Read this complete article to find it out.

Top productivity tools for entrepreneurs

Here’s a list of 21 top productivity tools for entrepreneurs and business executives who hate to see their to-do list overwhelm them.

1. Monday.com 

Monday.com offers you and your team everything you’ll need to organize and keep track of your work. It is not exactly a project management app, although you may be tempted to call it that because of its assorted features. 

It is more like a collection of highly customized spreadsheets that allows every team member to log their tasks and update them with status reports and other relevant information as work continues. 

The setup of Monday.com enables every team member to see active tasks and their progress. This way, it’s easier to pass work from one team member to another or jump in if a member is unavailable. 

Pricing and plans: 14 days free trial available. 

Monday.com has prices for groups and not individuals. So, a team of 5 or fewer will pay $49/ month. A team of up to 20 will pay $199/per month.


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2. Trello

If you’re a fan of simplicity but still want to adequately manage your team by assigning tasks to them and monitoring their progress with the task, Trello is an excellent tool for you. 

It is one of the most user-friendly project management tools on the internet. It has an intuitive and familiar drag-and-drop Kanban-style task management interface that allows every team member to visualize task progress. Its most significant selling point is simplicity. 

A 2021 redesign moved it beyond tracking individual projects and towards becoming a central hub for workplace task management. 


Trello is one of the popular collaboration tools. Learn about its usability, features, and pricing in our Trello review.

3. Google Tasks

This is the right tool for you if you’re looking for a coherent to-do list app that breaks off tasks into full, standalone milestones. Google Tasks is like an advanced alternative to the long-neglected Tasks built-in to Gmail. 

However, it comes with a crisp, cleaner UI and aspirations and is a central hub for managing your to-do list. Its intuitive interface and extensive features make it a top-notch service for creating and managing to-do lists for yourself and your team members. 

4. Teamwork

The extensive set of features and intuitive interface offered by Teamwork makes it one of the best services for managing projects. The excellent online project management platform eases many of the troubles of managing projects. 

Its clear interface allows team members to track their tasks and milestones while accessing all the necessary tools. 

It also includes billing and invoicing features, making it ideal for teams and business owners handling clients’ work. It allows business owners and project managers to keep an eye on the project time and workload of members so they can know when deadlines are in danger of slipping. 

5. Evernote

Evernote has become so popular in the business circle that almost every business owner seeks to have it. Although a note-taking app, Evernote offers different features to allow you to organize your digital life. 

It makes for quick abs easier creation of text-based notes on the go. You can use Evernote to take notes, organize files, and take snippets and clippings from anywhere on the web.

6. Expensify

Whether yours is an organization of 5 or 100 people, you need to be able to track and manage expenses. Expensify is a fantastic, fully automated expense-tracking tool that allows individuals, small businesses, and large corporations to track and manage expenses. 

It is affordable, comprehensive, and suits organizations where multiple employees submit expenses. Its popular features include tracking employee reimbursements, corporate card management, invoicing, and bill management. 

7. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management software that allows small and large teams to organize and track project statuses. Like the many other project management software listed on Saas Genius, ProofHub allows for efficient collaboration to handle projects. 

The popularity of ProofHub is largely driven by the availability of tools to help your team discuss visual materials. It is an excellent software for you if your team’s projects include design works, advertisements, or other visuals. 

ProofHub doesn’t have budgeting and financial tools, but it can be integrated with other tools that offer these services. It is simple to learn, and its interface is Intuitive, allowing team members to get on board easily. 

8. Slack

Slack is a powerful and efficient team messaging app with a rich collection of features and settings to help team members collaborate better toward project execution. The business messaging app allows people to punt on internal emails and communicate more concisely with other team members. 

team messaging

Its streamlined and powerful interface appeals to larger companies that want to assign, manage, and track the execution of projects from one place. Team members can also communicate within themselves for efficient collaboration when handling group projects.

9. Chanty

Chanty is a messaging app designed to use AI bots to improve collaboration and communication among team members. The messaging platform has tools that cause team members to send messages that focus on tasks instead of chats. 

It is a powerful way to streamline a team’s operations so that each team member knows the goal of each project and focuses on work rather than chat.

10. Zoom

Having cemented its position in the video calling market, it’s not surprising to see companies effectively moving their meetings to zoom. Zoom is a top-level video conferencing tool suitable for use by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. 

It comes with video conferencing features that allow for easier communication among team members, meeting scheduling, and collaborative project management. 

Zoom is secure and has so many features and functionalities that make it easy to use. Some of the robust features that allow for more streamlined collaboration include breakout rooms, webinars, a whiteboard, and an up to 1,000 participants hosting capacity. 

The platform’s clean user interface, ease of download, and affordable premium features make it a top choice for most corporate organizations.

11. Litmus

Litmus is an email creation, testing, analytics, and collaborative tool designed to enable marketing teams to engage with prospects while maintaining brand consistency and a steady ROI. It is best referred to as an email development tool created specifically for marketing teams. 

Its extensive features allow marketers of all sizes to develop, test, preview, and track email campaigns. It also enables marketers to markup, resell, and add value to client engagements. Therefore, effectively breaking out from bad email habits


Email marketing software is a powerful tool to engage your customers and to promote your brand. Check out the review of listed email marketing tools here.  

12. Asana

Asana is a task management and collaboration tool incredibly adaptable to different team sizes and organizational structures. Although classified as a project management software suite, Asana functions more as a productivity and collaboration tool. 

Asana easily outperforms most other project management tools for its simplicity, usage ease, and Kanban-style user interface. It has many features to help your team easily track and manage projects. Asana’s large number of app integrations also expands the overall experience users can expect from the software.

13. Calendly

scheduling app

Calendly is a fantastic scheduling app for businesses that want to eliminate the back-and-forth email hassles that come with appointment scheduling, consultation bookings, and quick chats with prospects. 

Calendly syncs with your calendar to know when you’re free to take appointments. From here, it communicates your free time to potential visitors, so you’ll never need to worry about double-booking. 

Calendly also harnesses the power of automation to send follow-up notifications reminding you and your invitees about upcoming meetings. This way, you can continue with other tasks and ensure that all you need before your meeting is adequately covered. 

14. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services. The platform is a leader in the cloud storage space because of the strong selection of expensive, feature-rich personal and business management backup solutions it features. 

Individuals and businesses of all sizes can enjoy the advanced backup and storage solutions that Dropbox offers. The popularity of Dropbox is driven by its security, usage ease, and ability to integrate with many other popular suites. 

However, all these features come at a slightly more expensive cost than some alternative platforms.

15. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social scheduling tool that allows organizations to schedule posts and campaigns across all social media platforms. 

After using this tool to plan and schedule posts, it also allows you to view the posts in a single comprehensive calendar, which is very helpful for aligning your campaigns and organizing your social media channels to suit your goals. 

Besides planning and publishing social media content, Hootsuite also helps users engage with their audience and connect with potential customers. Business owners can use the tool to monitor post performances, boost positive comments, and respond to questions where necessary.

16. Engross

This time management app helps business executives focus better and avoid distractions. One of the app’s most popular features is the availability of a Pomodoro technique timer that breaks down tasks into smaller milestones, typically in the range of 20-30 minutes. 

Business executives and team members can use the mini-breaks between milestones to rest, refresh, and prepare for the next milestones. A distraction tracker calculates and notifies you of when you’re most distracted during the day.

17. Toggle Track 


Toggle Track is an intuitive and easy-to-use time-tracking and management app that gives you the exact tools you’ll need to track time spent on tasks. Depending on your goal, you can choose the free or premium version and tailor it to your needs.

Organizations with multiple team members can also use the app to apportion time for completing each task or project. It allows the team lead to monitor each task and know how long each team member uses to complete their task. 

However, it doesn’t offer other services like invoicing, expense, and employee monitoring, although it can be incorporated with other tools that provide such services. 

18. Todoist 

Todoist is a to-do list creator and task management tool for professionals and small businesses. The software was created to help combine tasks, projects, attachments, notifications, comments, and more. 

Therefore, streamlining team members’ personal and team productivity levels. Users can manage personal projects and collaborate with other team members on projects. The main draw to this software is its ability to allow individuals total control of their work productivity by combining filters and labels for a more efficient workflow.

19. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the slickest, most gorgeous, and fullest-featured cloud storage and syncing solutions on the internet. Its excellent productivity suite allows for efficient collaboration among team members. 

Google Drive is useful for storing documents online, backing up files, and sharing stored documents among team members. 

Google Drive has several impressive features that help you store, create, back up, and edit files on the go. It has a free version, but the premium version allows you and your team members to enjoy unlimited features and functionalities.

20. Doodle 

Doodle is a top-level online scheduling tool that allows business executives to schedule and keep track of meeting times. 

It boosts your productivity by cutting down on needless emails and schedule juggling, allowing you to only keep track of meetings that are important to the growth of your business. 

Doodle ranks high among modern productivity apps thanks to its simplicity and utility. It is also free to use, although you’ll have to switch to the premium package to enjoy bonus features.

21. LastPass 

LastPass is a feature-rich and user-friendly password manager that allows you to manage all your passwords from one platform. 

Individuals and business executives often need to create multiple passwords when subscribing to different online platforms. 

To avoid forgetting or mixing up passwords, you can save your passwords on LastPass and refer to them when you need to log into any platform.


Congratulations if you’ve read up to this point. You now have a list of productivity tools to help you organize every aspect of your business. Our category page contains several other helpful software reviews to help you make informed decisions when looking for the right software and apps for different aspects of business management.