Best Free Software to Help You Create High-Converting Lead Magnets

Lead generation involves more than just getting people to visit your website. It is also important to get their contact information to stay in touch with them and convert one-time visitors into repeat clients.

Conversely, lead generation is a demanding task, and it requires the correct tools, just like any other difficult task, even for specialists, which is where the lead generating tools come in.

Lead generating tools and software make it simple to get people interested in your company’s product or service to provide you with their contact information. These are known as “leads,” and they typically come from your website or other internet sources.

The most significant aspect of lead generation software is that it requires no work to generate leads. 

Essentially, these solutions automate the process so you can focus on other parts of your organization. Most of the time, this is accomplished by exchanging lead magnets for information such as an email address.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an efficient way of generating high-quality leads. You exchange a piece of content for contact information from prospects, most commonly an email address or phone number. Lead magnets can take the form of a guide, ebook, checklist, free trial, video, free consultation, course access, and so on.

In their most basic form, lead magnets draw people to your content. An excellent lead magnet will be well-written and thoroughly researched, and the material should provide the recipient with helpful information.

You never give things away for free in marketing, just as customers would never voluntarily provide their information for free. Therefore, this is a win situation for both parties. 

Customers must provide their contact information to obtain a lead magnet, which allows you to draw them further into your sales funnel. A lead magnet is an essential marketing strategy, as 50% of marketers who begin using them report higher conversion rates.

However, there are thousands of methods for making lead magnets and hundreds of tools for making this type of material from scratch. As a result, many marketers are unsure which software to use to create lead magnets.

This article leps marketers solve this challenge as we outline the best free tools for creating lead magnets that convert more leads into paying customers.

Benefits of a Lead Magnet

Build Up Your Database

An email database is an excellent strategy for communicating with your internet audience. Email marketing strategies are statistically more effective than social media campaigns and have higher click-through rates. 

Small businesses, coaches, consultants, and health and social services organizations are all excellent candidates for this customized approach. A lead magnet is a highly successful and efficient method of growing your email list. 

When someone enters their email address to sign up for your lead magnet, it shows that they are interested in what you offer and value your services. From there, you can develop a relationship with them and win their loyalty as a customer.

Increased Brand Awareness

By constantly emailing your audience, you increase brand awareness by becoming the first person or company your audience considers when considering a particular product.

Because this is an evergreen lead magnet, you will keep your audience interested by telling them of the most recent news and specials.

If the bulk of your leads begins following you on various social media sites or visiting your landing page, there is a chance that they find your lead magnets and emails useful. Lead magnets keep you in the minds of clients who might be interested in your product at any given time.

Freebies Are Appealing

A simple explanation for lead magnets’ effectiveness is that people enjoy receiving free goods.

Customers will try out what you’re offering without risk because it’s free, and they will see you as doing them a favor. These elements will increase your chances of turning new leads into loyal clients.

Build Authority

Creating niche-specific content and being current on industry developments are critical components of establishing your online authority.

Having the most followers or blog articles on your website is not enough to establish authority. It is also essential to have an engaged, dedicated audience who supports your business.

Most clients are prepared to put their personal information at risk because they desire the solutions you provide to a problem they are experiencing.

All you have to do is show your talent and abilities. You will become more appreciated online when you post a valuable lead magnet that sticks out from the crowd and has something worth giving.

Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Whether you follow the traditional sales funnel or the more recent lifecycle marketing approach, the end goal is the same: you want an actual client.

A lead magnet is an opportunity to help visitors move from uncertainty about you and your products to increased confidence that you can solve their problems and are worth their investment. If you think about magnets in these terms, you should be able to determine which type of magnet will be most effective in achieving your goal.

Creating a lead magnet can be time-consuming and costly. However, if done correctly, it will be well worth the cost.

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

Solve Your Prospects’ Problems

To entice people to use your lead magnet, make it useful. This is only possible if you understand your prospective customer’s pain points and know how to help them.

Deliver in Real-Time

Deliver in Real-Time

For a lead magnet to be effective, clients must have instant access to the content upon clicking the download button.

If that isn’t possible or a good fit for your overall strategy, the next best option is to immediately send a follow-up email containing the necessary lead magnet.

However, even the smallest amount of friction can result in the loss of some leads. Scrutinize your options in this regard. Avoid keeping leads waiting at all costs. They want the promised content as soon as possible.

Keep It Clear and Simple

While it may be tempting to use your most recent case study or ebook as a lead magnet, the most effective lead magnets are simple to consume, even for those with a basic understanding of your product or service.

People have short attention spans, so make your lead magnets concise and engaging. Avoid using too much industrial jargon.

Consider avoiding the traditional ebook/white paper format. Despite their wealth of material and depth of understanding, both forms are frequently lengthy and require a significant time investment from the reader. This may turn off your audience, especially those who prefer concise, immediately actionable information.

Consider breaking down lengthy information into bite-sized chunks, such as simple infographics or videos that are still useful.

Best Free Software to Help You Create High-Converting Lead Magnets

Beacon is an all-in-one lead magnet solution that helps professionals, marketers, bloggers, and business owners get more leads and grow their businesses.

Even though they get traffic on the internet, many businesses fail to turn that traffic into leads. This could be because they have nothing to offer or because their designs are unattractive and often overlooked. Beacon solves this problem by giving users the tools they need to find the appropriate leads.

The software can help you make visually appealing lead magnets for your website’s visitors and give you lead capture forms that increase your conversion rate.

Beacon doesn’t just design your documents; it also hosts and sends them to visitors. Since it works with major sales funnel platforms, it’s the best way to add exciting content to your website. Features

  • Activity Display
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Retention
  • Lead Management
  • Multi-Campaign
  • Documentation & Statistics
  • Integrations with Third-Party
  • Completely customizable forms.
  • A Resource Library that compiles documents, videos, links, and audio files in one location, allowing your audience to locate what they need quickly.


  • You can produce excellent lead magnets without the need for design expertise.
  • Make lead magnets that are appealing and personalized to attract leads.
  • You can create lead magnets for your blog, website, or email list with just a few clicks.
  • It’s easy to integrate your website.
  • You don’t have to hire a designer to produce a beautiful lead magnet; the platform makes it easy for you to do it yourself.
  • The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create lead magnets that turn readers into leads.


  • The free version offers minimal options.
  • The premium version may be too expensive for small business owners.
  • It can be overwhelming for new users.


With over 100 million monthly users, Canva is an app for graphic design that enables you to create visual materials without requiring extensive graphic design knowledge. 

Graphic design tools assist graphic designers in completing their tasks. The tools enable designers to generate ideas effectively and develop, revise, and distribute designs to clients.

Typically, you can use canva to create social media graphics, simple videos, presentations, slides, posters, and other visual assets. Users can accomplish this easily by utilizing various customizable templates and royalty-free images.

Key Features

  • There are over 50,000 templates from which to pick.
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Add text to video function
  • Free online MP4 video converter
  • Generate AI-generated graphics using text cues.
  • Animate text to enhance its appeal.
  • Easily toggle between your PC and mobile device
  • Create presentations using predesigned templates.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Provides accurately sized templates for online platforms.
  • Customizable templates
  • Canva Pro has a team collaboration feature.
  • Integrates with social media
  • The tool automatically saves all of your designs.


  • Export possibilities are limited.
  • You cannot create unique elements.
  • Photos and templates appear to be generic.
  • On small screens, it is difficult to use.
  • The free version is limited.


PowerPoint is a well-known presentation software program. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is suitable for personal, commercial, and educational use.

The software allows anyone, from novice speakers to professionals, to create their own presentations using text, images, video, audio, and data tables. You can use a variety of animations and transitions to customize your presentation.

You can quickly get your point across and tell stories to your audience with PowerPoint. Instead of telling people what your product is, you can show them a picture of it.

People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And with PowerPoint, you can say a lot with just a few slides in your slideshow instead of thousands of words.

PowerPoint is a powerful presentation program, but you can also use it for many different things. You can use it to make posters, infographics, videos, PDFs, and many other kinds of files.

Key Features

  • Built-in themes for quick presentation creation
  • Powerpoint comes with premade templates that you can easily customize to suit your requirements
  • PowerPoint allows you to include vectors, pictures, and shapes in your presentations.
  • PowerPoint also has a feature that lets you look over your slides before you show them to an audience.
  • Powerpoint allows you to embed Smart Art into your slides to add extra visual interest to your presentation.


  • Super easy to use
  • Integration between different devices.
  • It is straightforward to download and use almost everywhere.
  • Each slide is easily adaptable to specific requirements.
  • Creating follow-along handouts is straightforward.
  • Multiple templates with sophisticated designs are available.
  • It is open to all types of users.


  • Technical issues due to compatibility problems.
  • Slideshow presentations are too rigid.
  • You’ll need an annual subscription to use all of Microsoft’s desktop and mobile apps and their features.


Piktochart is a cloud-based, user-friendly tool for creating infographics, presentations, posters, flyers, and visual reports. It is designed to assist users, marketing teams, storytellers, and other professionals in conveying their message and telling their stories in an engaging, visually appealing, and impactful manner to their target audience.

Even though the tool is designed to be simple, it still has a wide range of functions and features. Users do not need extensive training or experience to create professional-looking presentations and infographics with the software.

Piktochart is excellent for improving your design skills and creating full-length documents (such as ebooks and white papers) or presentations.

Key Features

  • Ability to share the project on social media.
  • Team template customization
  • Annotated commenting
  • PDF exports
  • charts and maps
  • Watermark removal
  • Password protection for published visuals
  • Custom color schemes and brand colors
  • High-quality Downloads
  • Ready-to-use images


  • Team accounts allow students to work together on projects to learn to work collaboratively but also as a way to work remotely as a team.
  • Team members can use Pictochart to make graphs in various styles and colors.
  • The software lets the user make infographics in different sections to make designing them easier.
  • You can quickly and easily make visual timelines.


  • Many sophisticated infographic templates are only accessible in Piktochart’s paid versions.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation application with Google’s free online Google Docs Editors suite.

Google Slides functions similarly to PowerPoint, but in the cloud, where all changes you make are saved. The application is a free lead magnet platform that enables users to create and edit files online while working in real time with others. A user can track edits using a revision history that displays changes.

The primary goal of Google Slides is to provide tools for generating high-quality presentations. It allows users to add many graphic components to each slide to clarify the content. 

In addition, Google Slides provides tools for collaboration so that many people may work simultaneously on presentations, as well as online editing capabilities so that you can continue working on your presentation even when you’re away from your computer. Finally, you can use it to display presentations in a slideshow for the audience.

Key Features

  • Management of Audio Files
  • Collaboration Resources
  • Flexible Templates
  • In-App Editing
  • Online Presentation
  • Screen sharing
  • Search/Filter functionality
  • Video Support


  • Simple to setup and administer
  • Intuitive and straightforward to use
  • Sync slides across various decks
  • Automatically saving slides to prevent data loss
  • Allows Real-time Collaboration
  • Sharing a Presentation is Very straightforward.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Google Slides requires a Google account to use.
  • Restricted themes and visual appearance.
  • The free option does not include all types of export file formats, which is confining.

In Conclusion

There are many ways for businesses to get more leads and capture leads that come to them.

Using lead magnets is one of the best ways to turn leads into subscribers and grow your list. 

You can entice your audience with the help of the list of the best lead magnet software we’ve compiled and give them what they want.

To increase the number of customers who purchase from you, start gathering email addresses from website visitors interested in your services or goods.


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