Top gamification software as a services platforms

Companies around the world have always searched for ways to boost their employees’ motivation, engagement, and performance – key factors for better productivity. There has been a myriad of such ways throughout recent decades, but in the past few years, gamification has proven to be a very successful one.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying game elements into a non-game environment, such as the workplace. Game elements such as competition, leaderboards, rewards, and points have helped transform businesses around the world when applied correctly into any work environment.

There are several ways in which you can gamify your business, but the one which has given the best results so far are gamification software solutions.

In this post, we bring you the top gamification SAAS platforms, hoping you’ll find the one which will meet your needs.


Centrical Gamification SAAS Platform (formerly GamEffective) is one of the top-rated gamification software solutions nowadays. Its clients are some of the world’s most successful businesses, including Singtel, Yahoo, and Citi.

This solution’s feature not only boost employees’ motivation and performance, but it also provides a learning feature so they are able to improve their skills which are necessary for better productivity.

Its advanced gamification, real-time performance management, and personalized micro-learning help business provide excellent customer service and increase revenue.

Some of Centrical’s features include collaboration tools, feedback management, performance metrics, and contest management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification

This software enables workers to take part in team-based and individual competitions. Workers get motivated to achieve their pre-defined KPIs and once they meet their goals, they receive rewards, privileges and are recognized by their peers and superiors.  

Activities that this software offers are fun and drive competition and collaboration which results in increased participation and performance. Workers’ KPIs are displayed on a big screen so everyone in the company can see them. These KPIs are based on all activities that this software tracks, including deals closed, leads created, specific products sold, and others.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works best in field service, customer service, and sales.

Evoq Engage

Evoq Engage software solution empowers managers with a complete set of tools all managers need to do their job best way possible. It allows them to maximize workers’ engagement. This software provides activities that are rewarding, interesting, and fun.

Some of the features of this software include in-context analytics, gamification dashboards, leaderboards, badges, reputation points, and real-time rewards.

Users of this software are able to share their content on their social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, and also LinkedIn.

 Freshdesk Arcade

This software solution is used to boost customer service and sales performance. Freshdesk Arcade’s focus in on customers and customer service, unlike other solutions that strive to be one-size-fits-all.

This software gives points based on the success-failure rate of resolution, time spent to resolve issues, and customer service. IT’s flexible as it enables using metrics to improve individual and team performance. Same as many other solutions, it also offers a leaderboard for easier tracking of progress.



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