Vidyard is a powerful video hosting and analytics platform that helps businesses to create, manage, and analyze video content. With features like video hosting, customization, and engagement tracking, Vidyard makes it easy to create impactful video content that drives results.




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Vidyard Review


Vidyard is one of the most diverse and flexible video software programs out there today. It is an advanced marketing platform with impressive features for sales teams and brand promoters of  large and small businesses. 

By reading this Vidyard review, you can find out the program highlights and who it suits best, helping you weigh it up against the competition. Is Vidyard the optimal solution for your brand? Let’s find out. 

Pros and Cons of Vidyard


  • Vidyard offers comprehensive programs for sales and marketing on every level.
  • It has a mobile version for use on the go.
  • You can create and share a video from start to finish, including tracking and reporting the statistics afterward. 
  • Link sharing through Vidyard is highly effective.
  • There is a lot of training material available, including webinars, regular live sessions, and in-person site visits for businesses.


  • It is one of the more expensive programs.
  • Some users report slow upload speeds.
  • There are mixed reviews on customer service.


Compared to some platforms, Vidyard may seem a little complicated at first, but only because there is so much on offer. You can use this software to do just about anything related to creating a video (depending on what subscription you have). 

Once you figure out what does what, it is actually a very intuitive system. It has centralized control panels for editing, data management, reporting, and content creation so that each user can easily find their way around the interface. 

The various integrations are easy to set up, and the exporting process is straightforward. It is also quick and easy to save work and switch between features without losing progress or track of what is going on. 

Vidyard Key Features

  • Smart marketing integrations

Integrations are key with this type of software. Vidyard has some great partners that can help get the most out of your creation. One of the best uses is the integration with Outlook, which is ideal for email marketing.

  • Excellent link sharing

Link sharing is the highest-rated feature at Vidyard, probably because of how efficient the system is. Whether it is for sales, marketing, promotion, or just to get your work out there, links are how to do it. 

  • Analysis dashboard

If you choose one of the top two payment tiers, you gain access to a comprehensive analytics dashboard that helps to track and report the interactions and interests in your videos. 

  • Video hosting and sharing

The Vidyard platform doubles as a hosting platform for users to create their work and a place for the community to share. You can make genuinely valuable connections this way that may serve you well.

  • SEO for videos

Video SEO is a big deal, and Vidyard can help you optimize it (only on the higher tiers).

Support Quality

There are mixed Vidyard review comments regarding customer support. On the one hand, the training and development support is second to none, particularly in the higher-tiered subscriptions. On the other hand, some people say the service was lacking when they reached out for assistance with other issues. 

Vidyard advertises 24/7 live support via chat, email, and phone. It also has numerous forums and FAQ pages with detailed answers regarding common issues. Where the doubt lies for some is how efficiently problems are handled, although our experience was very positive during every interaction. 

Vidyard Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

There are three paid tiers plus a limited free version available with Vidyard. The cost-free option is only really suitable on a trial basis and cannot provide much long-term assistance for anyone looking for real results. 

Vidyard’s budget option (Pro: $15 per month) lets people customize videos to their own brand and gives them access to limited reporting. 

The Teams package ($300) allows multiple users to access the program. It also opens up the full analysis dashboard and various other helpful features. It is the best choice for small businesses.

Lastly, Vidyard’s premium package for business, which costs $1250 per month, is the whole deal. Full integration, complete customization, and access to all the training and support you need. 


Our Vidyard review showed us that this powerful platform deserves the reputation it has and is one of the best in the business. It may cost a bit more than most, but it does ten jobs in one. 

Capture and create a video, edit them to suit your brand, integrate them with a marketing strategy, generate leads and sales, and track valuable data – all-in-one place! If you are looking for a way to level up your video marketing strategy as a team or individual, Vidyard is a great way to go. 

Overall, it is hard to find another platform that can offer as many features, but it is definitely not the most beginner-friendly option. If you are already experienced and want to invest in advanced software, you should consider Vidyard. 

Try Vidyard Now!

The one-stop-shop for all your video capture and creation needs: try out the Vidyard free trial today to see what it is all about. 



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