Showcase Workshop 


Showcase Workshop 

Showcase Workshop 

Showcase Workshop turns any device into a powerful toolkit for presentations, sales, and reporting. Sales representatives can share presentations and other documents with prospects with only a few clicks.




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Showcase Workshop  Facts

Pricing ModelPer user
Free Trial2-week
Free VersionNo

Showcase Workshop  Pros & Cons

+Users get free training.
+In-depth analytics.
+Lead generation and data capture forms.
+24/7 email support.
+Dedicated account manager.
-It does not have a live chat feature.
-There is no free version, just a free trial.

Showcase Workshop Overview

Showcase Workshop converts any device into a useful tool for presentations, sales, and reporting. Create dynamic presentations on the web app and easily share them with your sales team. 

Showcase enhances sales performance and facilitates targeted follow-ups by organizing marketing materials, providing real-time updates, and monitoring prospect engagement.

What is Showcase Workshop?

Showcase Workshop is a mobile digital presentation toolkit. It helps to create engaging presentations that can be shared with your sales team, allowing them to view, present, and share it from their phone, tablet, or computer. 

Showcase Workshop Features

Here are the key features of Showcase Workshop:

  • Multimedia presentations,
  • Mobile and desktop apps,
  • Full customization and templates,
  • Lead generation forms and data capture,
  • Easy sharing,
  • In-depth analytics.

Multimedia presentation

The user can effortlessly integrate slides, images, videos, PDFs, documents, and more into the presentation for maximum input. You can even import your existing presentations from PowerPoint.

Mobile and desktop apps

You can access your presentation anytime, anywhere with Showcase’s mobile or desktop apps. When a presentation gets updated, your whole team gets notified, no matter what device they’re on.

Full customization and templates

You can customize your presentation with full customization options. Additionally, with a range of predefined templates available, there’s no requirement for design skills, making it accessible to all users.

Lead generation forms and data capture

You can create simple or advanced forms according to your requirements. You can also store data offline.

Easy Sharing

Sales reps can share presentations and other documents with prospects with only a few clicks. Showcase’s powerful reporting features then track when they see it and the exact slides and documents they look at. You’ll gain valuable insight into what your prospects are engaging with, so you can get really specific when you follow up.

In-depth Analytics

Showcase Workshop’s real-time analytics show how prospects are interacting with the content to keep your team well informed. Track metrics such as file opens, views per slide, and even time spent on each slide. Use this information to follow up with prospects or improve staff training, content creation, and sales tactics.

Pros and Cons of Showcase Workshop


1. Users get free training.

2. Advanced file management system.

3. In-depth analytics.

4. Lead generation and data capture forms.

5. Ability to present offline, with any device.

6. Automated messaging and notifications.

7. The app includes an in-built template, thus you don’t need design skills.

8. Kiosk mode for tradeshows.

9. 24/7 email support.

10. Dedicated account manager.


1. It does not have a live chat feature.

2. There is no free version, just a free trial.

Showcase Workshop Pricing 

Showcase workshop has three different plans: simple business, medium business, and enterprise.

Small business1-50$29
Medium business51+$19
A 2-week free trial is available, no credit card is needed.

Showcase Workshop Integrations

Showcase Workshop can be integrated with Hubspot, SalesForce, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

Showcase Workshop Compatibility

Showcase Workshop is Apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad supported), Android (Phone & Tablet supported), Mac, and PC + all current browsers are supported (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). 



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