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Restream is a live streaming platform that allows you to stream your content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Restream simplifies the live streaming process and helps you reach a wider audience.

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review new │ Restream Overview

Live streaming has a broader user audience now than ever; individual social media influencers, small businesses, and large enterprises can all use live streaming to engage their audience and market new products and ideas. 

However, it can be challenging to live stream across multiple social media channels; that’s where Restream comes in. However, how good is Restream?

Read on for a full restream review, including the main features, prices, and more.

Restream – Best platform for broadcasting live content
Find the best tools for setting up and delivering an excellent live stream across multiple social media channels with Restream.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Restream

Before we go into our detailed review of the significant features and tools on Restream, we will give an overview of the general pros and cons of the service. Specifically, we will detail the best elements of Restream and the features that need more development.

The Pros of Restream

First, we will describe the significant pros of Restream; these are the main elements that set it apart from the live streaming competition.

tick new It Has A Fantastic User Interface

One of the best elements about Restream is that it is accessible to many users. It’s easily accessible because it has an excellent user interface. 

It is easy to find all the tools on the system you need to start a live stream, and there are clear menus so you can monitor the performance of the stream across multiple platforms. They designed it so that beginners will find it intuitive and easy to learn.

tick new It Has Excellent Analytics For Users To Improve Live Streams

As well as assisting businesses and individual users to deliver a high-quality live stream, Restream can help by including excellent analytics to improve your streams.

For example, you can access statistics on the percentage of followers who watch on a particular social media platform; it will give you a breakdown (via a table) of the platforms you stream on and a percentage for each.

It can also show you what time is the most popular for your live streams; it will present these figures on a graph and specifically show you the peak time for high viewing figures.

tick new You Can Record Very Long Live Streams With It 

One of Restream’s standout features is that it allows you to make your live stream as long as you want. 

Users can live stream for up to 20 hours on Restream; this is useful if they are live streaming an event (a charity stream, for example).

The Cons of Restream

Now, we need to look at the cons of Restream; these aren’t necessarily elements that fail but features that need slightly more development.

cons new Some Features Are Only The More Expensive Tiers

Although this isn’t uncommon for a software product, Restream is a standout because some of the features you would expect to be in a basic payment tier are in a higher tier.

For example, full HD streaming (a feature that many live streamers or businesses want) is only on the professional payment tier. Additionally, you can only upload large files on the professional tier (2GB).

cons new It Doesn’t Allow You To Do Two Separate Streams At Once

Although not everyone would use this feature, it can benefit larger businesses because they could use it to get multiple pieces of information across.

Unfortunately, Restream doesn’t offer this feature on any payment tiers.

cons new A Lack Of Video Editing Tools

Although many social media influencers and businesses will stream live, many companies like to pre-record content before uploading it into a live stream format. These businesses would find video-editing tools useful if they need to apply finishing touches to content before streaming.

Unfortunately, Restream doesn’t have editing tools for businesses to use on pre-recorded content.

Advantages Of RestreamDisadvantages Of Restream
plus new It has a fantastic user interface that is easy for beginners to use.minus new Some features are only in the more expensive tiers.
plus new It has excellent analytics for users to improve live streams.minus new It doesn’t allow you to do two separate streams at once.
plus new You can record 20 hour live streams with it if you need a more extended stream.minus new It lacks video editing tools.

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Try Out Restream Now!
If you want an excellent live streaming tool to help you deliver superb-quality live streams across multiple social media platforms (Instagram live, youtube, etc.), use Restream!

what new │ What is Restream?

Before going into great detail on the features of Restream, you need to know precisely what it is.

Restream is a brilliant software platform with multiple features to help businesses and creators make compelling live stream content. It has tools so they can stream content on various platforms and excellent software that ensures the content will stream without performance problems.

It’s also great at providing detailed analytics to help users work out the parts of their live stream that resonate with their audience and the factors that don’t work. Additionally, analytics can help them see if any social media platforms are worth focusing on more than others (gives viewership figures for each platform).

Restream has a massive platform of over 5 million streamers; these include social media influencers, small businesses, and large enterprises. The content delivered through Restream reaches over 60 million people. Additionally, they can stream to over thirty social media platforms.

Here are Restream’s most critical elements.

  • Their massive reach of over thirty social media sites is more than most other competitors.
  • Their multistream feature is critical because it sets them apart and makes them perfect for a person or company with a significant social media presence. The professional tier allows users to multistream on eight platforms.
  • The analytics are important because they allow users to see viewing analytics to determine what is working in their live streams.

how new │ How Does Restream Work?

Restream works by making users as visible to their audiences as possible. Here is what the individual features do to achieve this goal.

Restream’s multistream feature is easy to navigate. You can upload a pre-recorded stream or prepare the software for a live recording. When you confirm this detail, you can choose the social media platforms you want to stream on by selecting them on a menu. 

Before doing this, you must link all your social media platforms. To do this, you must head onto the settings and type in your login details for the platforms you use.

Another significant feature of Restream is analytics. The software will start creating these when you deliver live streams. After you provide your first stream, you can head to the analytics section and look at the charts and figures. These will all be clear and only focus on the information that can help you improve the live streams.

You can also set up a multi-chat system during streams. Before the stream, you can edit the chat function by creating limits and filtering certain content like offensive language. You can also set up the Restream multi-chat app if users watch the stream on a desktop.

Restream also has a scheduling system. You can upload videos directly to the schedule and create tabs that show precisely where you are streaming. You select a date on the software’s calendar function and add text or upload a pre-recorded stream.

feature new │ What Are The Key Features Of Restream?

Now you know what Restream is and how it works, you need to know some of its features that set it apart from the competition. All these features add to Restream being the top competitor in the live stream software industry.

Here are the five best features of Restream.

point new The Multistreaming Function

The primary feature of Restream that places it as a top competitor is the multistreaming function. The primary purpose of the feature is to provide a system that will deliver live stream content across multiple channels simultaneously.

One of the best parts about the multistreaming function is that users can deliver their live streams across 30 social media platforms, including Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and more.

Additionally, you can stream on several channels on the same platform. For example, you can place a live stream on Facebook on your profile and on a story.

point new The Chat System

The chat system is something that many streamers will appreciate because it allows their audience to connect and discuss the content in the live stream, which generates future interest if the live stream is excellent.

The chat system is straightforward to set up and allows users to restrict certain content, such as chat members sending offensive language; this is important because users will want their live stream chats to be a safe space for their audience.

Additionally, the chat system is available for those who want to watch a live stream on a desktop; there is a separate Restream app where they can view the chat while the stream is playing.

point new The Analytics Feature

The analytics feature is one of the most critical features for helping Restream users improve their live streams.

Specifically, the analytics on the software will help users measure their success by showing them the engagement level during the stream (usually displayed on a graph). Specifically, the analytics will show them the point of peak engagement and the section with the lowest viewing figures.

Analytics can also give a detailed breakdown of the viewing figures on specific social media platforms. In particular, it will show you the exact breakdown of the social media sites you streamed on and which ones had the highest viewership. The feature is helpful because it assists users in determining if any platforms aren’t worth streaming on (the ones with the least viewers).

point new The Scheduling System

Another valuable feature of Restream is the scheduling system; it’s a fantastic feature for businesses because it allows them to create a detailed calendar of their upcoming streams.

Users can add text for upcoming stream details, add all the streaming platforms they intend to stream on and even upload pre-recorded streams.

The scheduling system’s main benefit is that it takes away the stress of organizing multiple live streams; it has a straightforward layout, making it easy to use for beginners.

point new The Pre-recorded Stream Feature

The final feature on our Restream feature list is the pre-recorded stream feature, which is incredibly handy for small or large businesses. While not everyone will need to pre-record streams, it can be excellent for things like announcements and large information dumps.

Users can upload pre-recorded streams to the scheduling tool to make life easier.

Why Do You Need To Use Restream?

point new It lets users stream to multiple platforms at once.
point new It allows users (on pricing tiers above the basic one) to upload pre-recorded streams.
point new It has an easy-to-use scheduling tool.
point new It has detailed analytics with information on the performance of live streams.
point new It has a chat system for viewers to talk and engage with the content.

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Why Not Start Using Restream To Schedule And Deliver Streams For Your Business?
Restream has an excellent scheduling tool for creating a complete monthly plan of streams for your business. You can also upload pre-recorded streams to make scheduling more manageable.

who new │ Who Should Use Restream?

Now we will look at who should take advantage of the excellent features on Restream.

Here are some examples of who should use Restream.

point new Beginner Social Media Influencers And Streamers

Restream is a brilliant service for those who want to get a brilliant start at streaming on social media or streaming platforms because all the features on the software are suitable for beginners.

For example, the UI on the platform is easy to use; all the menus for every tool on the site are accessible to any user. Additionally, the layout for all the tools is simple (they have no clutter), making the software easy for beginners.

point new Advanced Social Media Influencers And Streamers

Although Restream is fully accessible for beginners, most features are for professional streamers familiar with streaming technology.

For example, Restream allows streamers to stream on ten different channels simultaneously (if they buy the professional tier). Additionally, they can fully customize the chat function on Restream to block any offensive language to ensure it is a safe space for their audience.

point new Small Businesses

Restream has many features for small businesses, including analytics to see how their audience receives their streams; they can use the data to determine what parts of the stream are most engaging and improve future streams.

They can also use the multistream feature if they have multiple social media and streaming platforms.

point new Large Enterprises

Finally, large enterprises can use many features on Restream, including analytics, the scheduling feature (they can upload pre-recorded marketing streams), the multistream function, and much more.

Who Should Use Restream?
point new Beginner social media influencers and streamers – use the accessible UI to learn the streaming functions of the software.
point new Advanced social media influencers and streamers – use Restream to stream to your audience on multiple platforms and create a chat function for your audience to communicate.
point new Small businesses – use Restream’s analytics to improve future streams for your business. Additionally, use the multistream tool to stream on numerous channels.
point new Large enterprises – use Restream’s advanced features to deliver high-quality marketing streams to your customer base (analytics, pre-recorded uploads, etc.).

Restream Logo

Use Restream Now To Deliver Excellent Streams For Your Business!
Small businesses can use Restream to deliver live streams across multiple channels and improve those streams with detailed data from the analytics tool (the peak viewing point, etc.).

cost and time new │ How Much Money And Time Must You Have To Use Restream?

The time and money you must have to use Restream will depend on your purchase package and how much you stream.

For example, if you are an experienced streamer, you might want to acquire the professional package, which will cost you $49 a month. However, using the software is easy and doesn’t require much time.

For example, you can create a full schedule of streams on the scheduling tool quickly.

usability new │ How Easy Is It For Someone To Use Restream?

The next stage of our Restream review is to take a detailed look at the platform’s usability.

The primary design philosophy of Restream is to design a simple UI for beginners to learn and presents complex features for professionals in a way that makes them as accessible as possible.

The UI for the platform is simple and easy to read; they want every menu section to be completely free of clutter so users can see every tool. 

Additionally, every tool on Restream is simple for anyone to understand; even the analytics section (containing complex data) has easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Restream’s clear and straightforward UI provides satisfaction for every type of customer. For example, beginners will appreciate that every tool on the platform is intuitive and easy to understand. Additionally, it will also satisfy professionals and large enterprises with impressive tools that are easy to implement (the scheduling tool, analytics, etc.).

pricing new │ What Is The Pricing Structure For Restream?

We will now discuss the pricing structure for Restream. The platform has three packages costing different amounts.

  • The Basic Tier

The first pricing tier is the basic tier, which is free. However, because it’s free, it only comes with the basic features, including two-channel multistreaming, screen sharing, the chat system, screen sharing, green screen backgrounds, and more.

  • The Standard Tier 

The middle option is the standard tier; it costs $19 a month. For the extra cost, standard tier users get everything in the basic tier, five-channel multistreaming, a lack of Restream branding within the streams, custom branding options, six-hour recordings, and more.

  • The Professional Tier

The last tier is the professional tier, which costs a significantly higher price of $49 a month. It contains all the features of the previous two tiers. Additionally, professional tier users get eight-channel multistreaming, full HD streaming, large file uploads, ten-hour recordings, and more.

point new Basic TierFree
point new Standard Tier$19 a month
point new Professional Tier$49 a month

Restream Logo

Try Restream For Free Or Pay A Reasonable Price For The Best Features!
One of the best things you can do if you want to try Restream is to go with the basic tier to test the entry-level functions. Then, upgrade to the standard or professional tiers to get the best live streaming features available.

tools new │ What Are Some Specific Tools And Features On Restream?

To give you the best impression of what the software product can deliver, we need to go into detail about some of the helpful tools.

Here are some of the tools on Restream that make it an excellent system.

point new The Peak Viewing Chart Tool

Restream has an excellent tool that allows users to look at a detailed breakdown of the total viewership for their live stream. 

It can specifically show them what the peak point of interest was so they can improve future streams.

point new The Stream Recording Tool

The stream recording tool can be handy to businesses and large companies that want to save live streams and use them for different purposes, like turning them into podcasts. Users can record streams if they have the standard or professional tiers (6 hours for standard and 10 hours for professional).

point new Full HD Streaming

The full HD feature is excellent if you want the best quality for your live streams.

To get the feature, you need the professional tier.

point new Use charts to improve live streams and create more engaging content.
point new Record streams to create new content like podcasts.
point new Use full HD streaming to deliver a premium live stream experience.

example new │ What Are Some Real Examples Of Businesses Using Restream?

To give you an idea of how Restream helps real businesses, here are examples of companies using it and why they love it.

  • Chris Wilson, a game marketing specialist at Future Play, said that they use Restream to broadcast on three platforms, bringing the company much closer to its target audience.
  • Kyle Johnstone, the interactive media director at ZBrush Live, said Restream greatly simplifies the live stream process. Additionally, he said that the most significant success was that it gave them a larger outreach.
  • Nicholas Chapart, the head of digital at FIBA, said that Restream is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use.
  • Eileen Marable, the senior site producer for social and digital at Discovery, said that Restream makes it effortless to expand the company’s reach by displaying its streams on multiple platforms.
  • Dan Scarcelli, the head of live programming at Monstercat, said that Restream made it far easier for them to stream live globally.

support new │ What Are The Customer Support Options On Restream?

One of the key elements we haven’t covered in our Restream review is the customer support options. So, what are the customer support options on Restream, and how good are they?

The customer support options for Restream are surprisingly limited. The main point of contact on Restream is their live chat function. Users can find this at the bottom of the website; they can press it to talk to a customer support advisor. The Restream customer support team answers any questions via chat (they can do it all day because the chat is available 24/7).

Aside from the chat, there is also an FAQ section where users can find answers to basic questions.

Unfortunately, Restream lacks some important customer support options. For example, they lack an email function; however, the 24/7 chat tool is a worthy replacement. However, they also don’t have a contact number, which many prefer because it means they can talk to a real person directly.

Customer Support OptionWhat Does It Do?
point new Live chat functionIt lets you ask questions to the customer support team.
point new FAQ sectionIt gives you a page of the most frequently asked Restream questions.

What Is The Next Best Software For Live Streaming After Restream?
The closest competitor to Restram is StreamYard. It is a live-streaming software that allows users to live stream to multiple platforms at once, including youtube, twitch, and more.

It also has features like a chat system and a guest interviewing tool, which can be helpful for businesses and professional streamers.
A Comparison Between Restream And StreamYard
By comparing Restream and StreamYard, we determine that Restream has an overall better package because they meet the needs of more clients.

Restream has excellent tools like analytics and their excellent scheduling tool that set them apart from the features on StreamYard.

Is Restream The Best Live Streaming Software For Businesses?

Restream is one of, if not the top competitor in the live streaming software industry. It holds this position because of its excellent features, including intelligent analytics that give users critical data to improve streams, a scheduling tool to make organization more effortless, and a multistream function to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

It is excellent for entry-level and professional streamers; it has a simple UI for beginners and high-level features for professionals (HD streaming, for example). Although it is excellent for businesses that live stream often, the professional tier isn’t worth it for a business that won’t get enough use out of the product. However, there is a free version for these businesses.

The features on Restream provide a lot of value to the users; they mainly give them a much more extensive viewer outreach and make live streaming simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As well as delivering excellent video live streams, Restream also supports streams that are audio-only.

Although most prefer video streaming, some streamers and businesses often do an audio-only stream on Youtube or Facebook.

To set up the audio stream, ensure your video is off before you begin; it’s that simple.

If you have the professional Restream package, you can stream for over 20 hours if you want to (it can be helpful for an extensive charity stream).

Additionally, you can record a ten-hour stream with the professional tier (six hours with the standard tier).

Restream will automatically record streams when you start one. They do this so you can use the streams for other content like a podcast.

The recording time will depend on the Restream pricing tier you have. For example, you can’t record streams if you have the basic tier. However, you can with the standard and professional tiers (six hours for standard and ten for professional).

Restream has multiple options for virtual backgrounds and a green screen. These can make the stream more visually engaging and hide a background if you don’t want to show it on the stream.

To set up a virtual background, you can head to the set-up section of streaming and choose the virtual background you want.


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