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Notion is a flexible online workspace for business and personal use. Create the ideal workspace for your business. With a drag-and-drop system, you can easily design and customize any workflow imaginable.
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review new │ Notion Overview

If you often fall victim to procrastination, you need a functional space to prioritize jobs and encourage productivity. Notion is a flexible online workspace where you can note down your thoughts, manage new projects, and organize assignments to stay productive throughout your work and personal life! 

Everyone works differently. That’s why Notion’s versatile software offers a range of useful templates that can be modified to suit your individual needs! Whether you want to set goals and see your progress, or note down and organize vast research for your next project, you can get it done with Notion!

Continue reading our full Notion review to discover the extent of Notion features and how you can use them to encourage productivity and efficiency within your business! 

Notion – Best for writing, planning, and organizing workloadsNotion can help you stay on track with challenging tasks and manage projects easily. 

pros and cons new│Pros & Cons Of Notion

Before purchasing Notion, browse through these pros and cons to determine whether Notion can benefit your business.

Notion Pros

tick new Easy-To-Use

Notion is an easy platform to use after familiarizing yourself with its functions. Anyone can use Notion from professionals to students, to those just wanting to organize their everyday life!

tick new Works Across Devices

Access Notion across a range of devices so you never lose important information. You can use Notion anywhere while on the go!

tick new Flexible

You are free to work flexibly with Notion. Find the perfect tool for any project management need. 

tick new Clean Interface

Notion has a clean and streamlined interface where users can quickly create and organize documents.

tick new Collaborative

Collaborate with teams on centralized documents to better share thoughts and create new innovative ideas.

tick new Templates

Notion comes with a wide range of project management templates that can be easily modified to suit any occasion!

Notion Cons

cons new No Offline Mode

You can only use Notion when connected to the internet.

Notion AdvantagesNotion Disadvantages
plus new Anyone can enjoy Notion’s easy-to-use platformminus new Can only work from Notion when online
plus new Access Notion on any browser or mobile device
plus new Work on a project of any nature with Notion’s flexible tools
plus new Design your workspace from a clean interface
plus new Collaborate with teams on any document
plus new Streamline workflow with a range of Notion templates

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Try Notion Now!

Notion is a flexible platform that can aid businesses in their various project management needs. Try Notion today and discover how it can help motivate team members and boost productivity!

what new│What Is Notion? 

Notion is an online workspace that grants users access to a wide range of functional work tools that can help speed up and streamline workflows. Connect teams to various projects and collaborate seamlessly. Contextualize documents with a clear view of daily work activities and data-rich wikis!

Craft the ideal workspace that caters to your business’s needs. With a drag-and-drop system, you can design and customize your own workflow easily! Notion also has a rich community of creators who can offer expert support and create unique templates for specific uses. 

Notion is highly flexible and has a range of uses for both your professional and personal life! With thousands of free, pre-built templates available, you can design a personalized workspace to increase productivity and drive results. 

Access Notion online for free! With varying plans available, Notion offers productivity solutions for every occasion, whether it be in your personal life or work life, offering plans and pricing that are suited to each. 

Once you understand how to build onto pages and familiarize yourself with the platform, Notion is very simple to use. Notion is also accessible through any browser and across mobile devices. Edit pages while on the go with Notion’s mobile app!

Here is what you can look forward to when using Notion! 

point new Collaborate on projects with teams
point new Use daily updated wikis to contextualize data
point new Craft your own workspace easily with drag-and-drop features
point new Become part of a hustling community of creators and gain access to endless support and resources
point new Enjoy thousands of free pre-built templates that can be modified to suit you
point new Access your data anywhere with the Notion mobile app

how new │ How Does Notion Work? 

Notion is an easy-to-use project management platform with endless tools to help you navigate all areas of your business. Anyone can learn how to use Notion, as the platform does not require much technical knowledge to run. Here’s the general rundown of how Notion works!

The tools in Notion can be seen as building blocks, used to structure every page and database throughout your workspace. You can customize blocks to create unique pages in your workspace. Essentially, Notion is your project management and productivity playground to use as you please!

Creating a page is how you begin developing your workspace. Pages are a grand blank canvas with endless possibilities! You can organize content into separate subpages on your page to stay efficient, with links embedded on your page to each subpage. 

Creating pages within pages can quickly get confusing. Create databases to organize pages into cohesive collections. Gain a clear overview of your pages and add properties to databases to find what you’re looking for quickly! Databases are also pages, so you can move them anywhere in your workspace.

Tackle almost any challenge with Notion’s pre-built templates. They are easy to incorporate into your pages and can be modified simply by changing details to your liking. Many templates provide instructions on how to use the tool effectively, so you don’t need to worry about researching any features. 

feature new │Features of Notion

Notion is an all-in-one project management platform for both business and personal use to organize tasks and plan projects. With Notion you can create spreadsheets, share documents, take meeting notes, and collaborate with teams on one platform!

Notion has an abundance of work tools to help you take control of your productivity and better structure your workflows. Never lose important information and develop creative new ideas with your team. These are just a few of Notion’s advanced features! 

point new Databases

Structure vast information to your liking with Notion’s database feature. Control how content is displayed with 6 database views so you can stay organized and reduce time searching for data by keeping it all in one place! Switch between views on your database easily to see your data from different perspectives and to quickly grab the information you need. View databases by timeline, list, table, gallery, and more!

point new Import, Export, and Integrate

Gather data from multiple sources and store it securely on your Notion workspace. If you are looking to use Notion to clean up your scattered documents, notes, and data, centralize your work processes by importing this information onto the platform. You can organize this data further using the Notion database. Export pages and databases into PDF, CSV, or HTML format to share at any time! Embed important files into your Notion pages from native apps to convey any relevant information.

point new Sharing and Collaboration

Notion is a great task management platform for businesses due to its superb collaboration features, allowing teams to work seamlessly on one document and to share ideas. Set permissions to certain pages so you can safely share information with others. Add members to your page or workspace to work collaboratively on projects together. Members can view and edit information on a page together without limitations. Gain access from any device and add comments to pages or databases to improve efficiency. 

Notion has thousands of templates available to users that span a wide range of different uses! Find the perfect template for your organizational needs and modify it to suit you. Notion also allows you to create your own templates to share with others to use in the Notion community. Duplicate public Notion pages that you find useful and add them to your workspace!

point new Wikis

Create an archive of company information with Notion Wikis. Centralize essential company documents in one place to improve efficiency and develop solid knowledge bases. Building your wiki does not need to be an arduous task! Notion’s design feature makes crafting wikis for your business enjoyable and engaging.

point new Text Editor

While Notion has several advanced features available, the platform’s basic functions, such as its text editor, are also expertly made for a brilliant user experience! Find core text elements such as lists, links, headers, and quotes. Change the color of your text and highlight important areas to convey important information.

Why Do You Need to Use Notion?
point new Store content in cohesive databases that can be embedded anywhere in your workspace
point new Import and export information and integrate native apps onto the Notion platform
point new Collaborate on documents with your teams in real-time
point new Browse through Notions template gallery to find specific work tools
point new Create engaging wikis for your company to improve workflow efficiency
point new Notion’s text editor allows users to take notes and incorporate core text elements

Notion Logo

Notion works for all business sizes!

While Notion is an excellent tool for personal use, it is also an impressive platform for businesses of all sizes to enhance their project management processes. Try out Notion for free today to discover how its tools can boost productivity across teams in your business! 

who new │Who Should Use Notion? 

Notion is a highly flexible project management platform that can be adapted to meet almost any need. For this reason, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the platform. From startups to enterprises, here’s how Notion can impact your business. 

point new Small Businesses

Notion is a superb tool for small businesses to stay on track with multiple ongoing projects and organize tasks through checklists and kanban setups. Eliminate the risk of inconsistencies in documents by centralizing data to one place. Keep your teams aligned with tasks and stay informed with advanced visibility of projects. Teams can save time relaying information by email and instead upload it to specific Notion databases for all to see. 

point new Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-sized businesses can create engaging company wikis using Notion’s wiki feature. Notion has a clean interface that promotes a pleasurable and painless experience when crafting your internal knowledge base. With solutions fit for any project, your business can create customizable workflows for your teams with ease using Notion’s flexible templates.

point new Large Enterprises

Notion has a specific plan designed for large businesses and enterprises. Manage projects on a platform that can scale alongside your growing business. Contextualize everyday work with your knowledge base so your teams can better access the information they need without constantly relaying the details. Built-in collaboration tools ensure transparency and consistency across all documents, allowing your teams to work together. 

point new Small businesses can stay in control of multiple projects and centralize data to one platform.
point new Medium-sized businesses can create compelling company wikis to store essential data.
point new Growing enterprises can enjoy the benefits of a scalable platform with in-built collaboration features.

Notion Logo

Try Notion Now!

Notion is a great platform to manage business projects of any type and size! Notion offers a free plan that is available to all customers. Try out Notion today to streamline your team’s work processes and centralize all project data to one platform!

cost and time new│Notion Time and Cost 

Notion helps you stay organized and boosts productivity amongst your teams through enhanced workflows. Managing tasks through Notion allows you to save time by centralizing heaps of data onto one platform where it can be sorted and navigated through. 

As a highly affordable platform, using Notion for your business offers many benefits and is great value for money. Notion is amazingly flexible, and any tool can be modified to suit an abundance of specific needs. 

usability new │Usability 

Notion has a wide range of building block tools that are incredibly powerful once you understand how to use them. This understanding can come easily and naturally by simply spending time exploring the platform fully. Notion is a blank canvas for you to customize and modify to create the perfect workspace to enhance your productivity. 

Construct content on your Notion page using blocks. These blocks can be dragged and dropped onto the page and customized to enable flexibility. Simply embed files into blocks to centralize information for each project. You can also create a separate page from a specific block to add and organize further details.

Notion has a wide community of users and a rich ecosystem of creators who are eager to share workspace designs and innovative templates that can transform your work processes. You will never be short on resources with Notion! 

pricing new│Notion Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Notion has affordable pricing options available to its varied customer base. Notion is flexible and is used for both personal projects and enterprise-level team management. The platform’s pricing plans ensure to please everyone!

Notion’s personal plan is entirely free to use and is intended to help people organize aspects of their daily life. This plan has unlimited pages and blocks to be used and customized however you like! File uploads are limited to 5MB, and this plan does not include priority support. 

Personal Pro allows individuals to work harder on those personal projects and has a monthly fee of $4. This plan has all the features of the previous plan, plus unlimited file uploads so you can extend your workspace to meet your needs!

The Team plan allows for the usage of Notion’s collaboration features. This plan is $8/month and grants users access to collaborative workspaces, admin tools, permission groups, and advanced permissions.

The final plan is for large businesses that foresee large expansions within their business. The Enterprise plan has additional features, such as advanced security controls and private teamspaces. To discover pricing for this plan, contact the Notion sales team. 

Personal Free!
Personal Pro$4/month

Notion Logo

Discover your Notion quote today!

Whether you are trying to encourage productivity in your personal life or throughout your growing enterprise, Notion has a unique pricing plan for you. Explore the pricing plans that align with your business needs by trying out Notion today!

tools new │What Tools Are Included With Notion?

Notion has several powerful work tools to help you plan and organize projects to the best of your ability. Let’s dig deeper into the tools included with the Notion platform and how they can impact your business! 

point new Auto-Expiring Public Pages

If you want to share your page publicly for a limited time, this feature can help you do this. Those on a paid plan can toggle publishing settings and set a specific amount of time before the page expires and stops being visible to the public. 

point new API Integrations

API capabilities have made the Notion platform even more flexible, allowing companies to tailor custom solutions to fit their requirements. Use Notion API with various integrations to automate workflows and improve efficiency. 

point new Teamspaces

Teamspaces is an efficient way to organize teams within your company and give them their own space to carry out tasks and work collaboratively. Allow seamless access to relevant information and customize the sidebar for easy navigation. 

point new Page Icons And Covers

Spice up your Notion workspace with identifiable page icons and cover images! Add fun visual queues in the form of emojis to find pages easier. Cover images make your text more digestible and inviting to read! 

Points to Note
point new With Notion, you can create auto-expiring public pages so you don’t need to worry about manually taking them down.
point new API integrations add a further element of flexibility to the platform.
point new Create a teamspace dedicated to every team in your company.
point new Page icons and covers brighten up your pages and make them easily identifiable.

example new │Notion Use Cases

Thousands of companies use Notion to better manage and organize their projects and teams. Here are some examples of Notion in action!

point new Figma

The team at Figma used Notion to centralize company data to one platform as a single source of truth to keep their information accurate and consistent. HR can easily edit and collaborate on the Figma wiki page, which is a valuable resource for those in the company.

point new Headspace

Headspace’s product design team can focus on creating the best user experience for customers using Notion. Through advanced permission features, teams can collaborate in real-time on engineering pages and respond seamlessly to feedback.

point new Buffer

The team at Buffer revitalized their internal document system by migrating to Notion! By building a solid knowledge library on Notion, employees can easily find information and search for documents. By removing this speed bump in employer workflows, the teams at Buffer can work more efficiently and productively. 

support new │Support Quality

Notion offers a broad range of support to its users to help individuals, teams, and entire companies learn how to use the platform and benefit from it!

To get a quick response to questions, you can use Notion’s live chat feature where you can send a live message to customer support about your inquiry. They will then work with you to get any problems resolved.

Alternatively, for longer or more complex issues, you can email Notion’s customer support team at [email protected] and they will get back to you.

Those on paid plans will also receive priority support, with the addition of a dedicated success manager for Enterprise users. 

If you are searching for a complete guide on Notion and its features, you’re in luck! The Notion website contains a complete set of guides, tutorials, blog pages, and a help center to get new customers on their feet quickly! 

Notion Support
point new Use Notion’s live chat feature for quick responses.
point new If you have a more complex inquiry, contact customer support at [email protected].
point new Paid plans can receive priority support, and enterprise plans can get help from a dedicated success manager.
point new There is an abundance of guides and tutorials on the Notion website.
Notion Alternative – Evernote

So, who is Notion’s main competitors, and how does Notion fare up against them? Evernote is a platform that offers similar solutions to Notion, such as project management, note-taking, and organizing documents. Evernote allows users to store and sync documents across all devices for easy access to information. 

Comparing Notion And Evernote

While Evernote offers functional organizational tools, Notion is best for collaboration with features such as teamspaces, kanban systems, content calendars, and assigned tasks. Notion allows users to track projects and design their own unique workflow for project management. Notion is also the more affordable option, with a free plan that includes generous features, and their lowest plan starting at just $4 per month. 

conclusion new│Conclusion

Notion is an advanced note-taking app that has the power to help users organize aspects of their personal life and revitalize the organization system within large businesses! The flexibility of the Notion platform means you can create unique workspaces for yourself and teams within your company to manage workflows. 

Choose from several collaborative tools to better communicate with teams and enhance productivity. Develop compelling databases and knowledge libraries with the Notion wiki feature, and never lose track of important documents. Structure your workspace as you please by editing the sidebar and moving pages into databases. 

Notion has a brilliant customer support team that you can contact to resolve any potential problems you have. The Notion website contains a goldmine of resources in the form of informative blogs, guides, and tutorials so you can hit the ground running when setting up your Notion workspace! Notion has a free plan that comes with many of its core features so you can test out the platform for free! 

Notion Logo

Try Notion Now!

Notion is a brilliant all-in-one task management platform that can transform organizational systems in your company. Try out Notion’s features for free and explore the many great tools and features available to aid your business in collaborating and centralizing your documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Notion is a leading project management and note-taking platform that allows for seamless collaboration. Notion has advanced features that make organizing teams and data simple.

Yes! You can use Notion for free by simply making an account. The free version of Notion has generous features that allow you to plan and organize tasks using helpful free templates.

Notion is fast, flexible, and easy to use. The Notion platform is an excellent tool for project management and can help companies create captivating internal wikis to centralize essential data.

A database is a collection of pages. You can add pages and subpages to a database to organize them and make information easier to navigate.



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