MobiLock Pro is a cloud-based mobile device management software that helps businesses manage their mobile devices and improve mobile security. MobiLock Pro streamlines device management, enhances security, and improves productivity.

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MobiLock Facts

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Hey there! Just a quick heads up that MobiLock has been rebranded as Scalefusion. We’re working on updating our review ASAP, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your patience!

MobiLock Review


MobiLock is a cloud-based enterprise mobility solution that allows users to manage Android and iOS devices for their businesses. Devices are locked into kiosk mode, which replaces the standard device start menu with customization options. This includes a display that restricts which applications and websites users can access.

Employees will be unable to change device settings or install unapproved and non-essential apps if Android OS settings are made inaccessible. Individual websites can be blacklisted or approved. Furthermore, the web browser address bar can be hidden to prevent access to unauthorized sites.

The device management dashboard from MobiLock allows users to manage, monitor, and update all devices from a single interface. To restrict the access granted to new admins, customized roles and authorizations can be created. In addition, users can create device profiles with custom-designed branding and a pre-selected catalog of accessible apps and websites. They can then apply these to single or multiple devices.

Files and documents can be remotely sent to other devices from the dashboard. Furthermore, the corporate application allows users to share customized APK files that are automatically downloaded to gadgets. The device operator is notified to finish the installation. Users can turn location settings on and off from within the dashboard, and any data breach incidents.

MobiLock Review: Pros and Cons


  • The dashboard allows administrators to track device locations and turn services on and off remotely.
  • Using the device management dashboard, admins are able to remotely send files or folders to registered devices.
  • The organization’s trademarks, as well as custom wallpapers, can be added to the device’s home screen.
  • Users can control access to certain websites by blocking and whitelisting others. They can as well as hide the browser address bar, using the built-in browser.
  • Customized apps can be uploaded as APK files to the enterprise app store and uploaded to registered devices automatically.
  • Manages 100+ devices in an easy and straightforward manner.
  • The ability to shut the device down to a kiosk mode is a fantastic feature.
  • It’s made to give you quite as much or little control as you want over your kiosk devices.


  • Inadequate options and features for the Android system via MobiLock. For instance, ringtones and themes change.
  • There is a delay when remotely locking or unlocking. Once the dashboard is unavailable, there is no messaging.
  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to publish workarounds to individual websites without enabling or disabling them, and as a result, access to any websites that are not specifically whitelisted is blocked.


MobiLock application is extremely user-friendly. The API is simple to use, well-documented, and can be tested from the dashboard back office; and the support responds to questions in minutes.

Areas of application:

  • For logistic support in hospitals, restaurants, and more.
  • Retail interactive kiosks for Android-based tablets.
  • Android tablets and smartphones for use in the field
  • Computers in schools and universities
  • Corporate Personalized Kiosk and Lockdown Solutions.
  • Mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) and digital signage.


Mobilock makes it easier to manage diversified gadgets of Android, iOS, Windows 10, and macOS devices. The platform supports a wide range of system configurations, including dedicated devices, Corporate-owned, Personally Enabled, and BYOD.

The key features include:

  • Content repository: Manage all content from the MobiLock Pro dashboard and distribute it to devices or groups of devices remotely.
  • Content distribution: Users are able to access content on MobiLock Pro-managed devices that are in Kiosk Mode.
  • Management applications: Update or unpublish apps from devices remotely, as well as delete APKs uploaded to the MobiLock Enterprise Store.
  • Traditional MDM: Has an alternative at a cost lower than a traditional Android MDM solution, managing and controlling Android devices.
  • Securing mobile point-of-sale systems based on Android: Users should not be able to access your Android-based MPOS data or device settings.
  • App store for business: MobiLock Enterprise app store is a centralized platform for managing in-house and third-party applications used by the company.
  • Distribution of applications: MobiLock Pro manages Android devices, so you can remotely publish apps to them.


The support online portal’s user-friendliness endears. The portal gives you complete control over how you customize your devices and manage your device profiles. Customer service is excellent, and the tech support is excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable about their software and are extremely helpful.

MobiLock openness to feedback on software upgrades, functionality additions, and general improvements that could make the software even more customizable is captivating. Mobilock’s customer service is available 24/7 and the teamwork works quickly.

When in a hurry and needing to resolve something fast, the support team from Mobilock not only answers all questions right away but also goes above and beyond. Moreover, customer care can develop new functionalities and upload things from their end within a short time frame.

Notifications have a feature that notifies you LIVE in the dashboard when devices become active, inactive, locked, or unlocked.

FAQs, Online Support, Knowledge Base, and Phone Support are all available customer support options. Supported languages include English, French, and German.

MobiLock Pricing

There is a 14-day free trial period with no credit card required.

Starter Plan: $24 per device, per year

Business Plan: $36 per device per year

Enterprise Plan: $48 per device per year

Personalized plans are also available.

MobiLock Review: Conclusion

This software provider is trusted by ambitious businesses all over the world to secure and manage endpoints such as cellphones, tablet devices, computers, digital signage, and more. Our focus is on making Device Management simple and easy while also providing world-class customer service.

MobiLock’s primary objective is to assist businesses in achieving complete Enterprise Mobility. Moreover, with its remote control application, users are able to not only effectively monitor their devices but also troubleshoot issues with them in real-time. This feature improves user support and is extremely simple to use.

Try MobiLock Today!

MobiLock saves time and money by reducing many logistical costs. If you have an inquiry regarding functionalities, trials, prices, need a demo, a partnership, or anything at all, contact us now. Our team is here to help, so why not try MobiLock today?



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