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Find out how you can start using GoDaddy Airo™ and how much will it cost you. We break down different pricing options and packages.
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GoDaddy Airo™ is an AI-powered solution that makes it easier for small business owners to establish an online presence. With GoDaddy Airo™, users can quickly name a business, launch a website, and manage day-to-day operations. 

Read our GoDaddy Airo™ pricing review to understand its features and pricing that best fits your requirements and budget.

How Much Does GoDaddy Airo™ Cost?

As part of a bundle pricing plan, GoDaddy Airo™ costs are included with GoDaddy products such as point-of-sale features, domain name registration, websites and marketing users.

The following are different price of GoDaddy products:

.co Domain SSL securityProfessional emailMicrosoft Domain
$11.99/1st year$69.99/year$2.99 per user/mo$7.99/mo$59.99/1st year, 2-year term.
VPSWeb HostingWordPressWebsite builder
$8.99/mo$6.99/mo$10.99/moFree Trial

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GoDaddy Airo™ Pricing Plan Overview

With GoDaddy Airo™, you experience the exciting journey from concept to online presence in a matter of minutes. When you buy a domain from GoDaddy, you can use a range of AI-powered features to give your brand life. 

All features are included with the GoDaddy Airo™ product with no extra cost, with the exception of professional email and premium features like online stores, appointment scheduling, and marketplace selling, which require additional payment. 

The following features are included in GoDaddy Airo™:

  • Unique, customizable logo designs tailored to the business,
  • A pre-built website to engage and retain customers,
  • A professional email account,
  • Easy online store setup with auto-generated product descriptions from uploaded photos,
  • LLC registration services (in partnership with ZenBusiness).

In addition to the above features, you also get the following:

  • Detailed recommendations for email campaigns, complete with images and content,
  • Social media calendar for optimal posting times,
  • Effective social media and search engine ads to drive website traffic.

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How Do I Pay for the GoDaddy Airo™ Service?

You can pay for your GoDaddy Airo™ service by choosing your preferred plan of GoDaddy products and checking out. GoDaddy Airo™ is integrated with GoDaddy products, such as websites and marketing, point-of-sale features, and domain name registration. You pay for the subscription and get access to the whole list of GoDaddy Airo™ features; there are no additional costs.

GoDaddy Airo™ Support

Apart from its extensive range of pricing plans, GoDaddy sets itself apart with its strong customer support. GoDaddy’s phone and chat support options are available around the clock, 365 days a year, so help is never far away.

In addition to this, they also offer help center, with support documentation tailored to each point-of-sale option they offer

This commitment to support guarantees that users can navigate and optimize their GoDaddy Airo™ experience with ease.

How to Save Money Using GoDaddy Airo™?

It is quite easy to save money using GoDaddy Airo™. There are no extra charges; simply pay for your domain name registration and unlock the entire package of AI-powered features. 

Here’s how to make the most of this cost-effective solution:

Select your domain wisely: Select a domain name that is memorable to customers and aligns with your brand. This one-time registration fee gives you access to the full suite of GoDaddy Airo™ tools.

Customize your logo: Create a unique and professional logo for your business at no extra cost by using the AI-powered logo maker.

Build your website: Take advantage of AI-generated website templates and content to quickly set up your online presence without hiring expensive designers or developers.

Create your online store: Easily upload product photos and let GoDaddy Airo™ generate custom product descriptions, helping you save time and money on content creation.

Professional email: Establish credibility with a professional email address that matches your domain, included in your registration fee.


Users can easily name a company, create a website, and oversee daily operations with GoDaddy Airo™. Features like professional email, SEO wizard, website building tools, logo maker, and more are included in the pricing plans and are all easily integrated into different GoDaddy products.

With GoDaddy Airo™, saving money is simple. Simply pay for domain name registration to gain access to all of the AI-powered features. Give it a try now, and in a few minutes, you’ll have your idea online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GoDaddy's prices change based on the features and services you select. The monthly cost of a basic domain registration is $2.99, while hosting and website-building packages with extensive features can cost anywhere between $9.50 and $14.50. For extra features like professional email and SEO tools, there might be extra costs.

Yes, GoDaddy offers an AI-powered website builder called GoDaddy Airo™. Even if you have no prior design or coding experience, this advanced tool uses artificial intelligence to make it simple and quick for you to create a website that looks professional.



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