Easy Projects

Easy Projects

Easy projects is an award-winning project management software that enhances easy collaboration, data centralization, workflow tracking, and project planning in an Enterprise. This software also helps to increase productivity and generate revenue within a shorter period. You can also integrate with over 2,000 work tools like Slack, Zendesk, Excel, and Gmail.




84% Genius Score

Easy Projects Facts

Pricing modelPer Team
Free Trial15 day
Free VersionNo

Hey there! Just a quick heads up that Easy Projects has been rebranded as Birdview PSA. We’re working on updating our review ASAP, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your patience!


Easy Projects specializes in large-scale project management. It offers a few tools designed for firms that need to manage multiple projects at once and have a large team of personnel. The app’s reasonable price tag also appeals to larger corporations rather than small firms. 

Even if it isn’t the fastest web software you’ve ever seen, Easy Projects is a competent project management tool. It’s similar to Editors’ Choice LiquidPlanner in terms of scheduling and reporting, although it’s not quite as advanced.

Smaller businesses may prefer apps that they can try out thoroughly before purchasing, as well as pricing that is more suitable for smaller and expanding teams. Read this Easy Projects review to find out if this is the app for you!

Pros and Cons


  • Effortless project management software
  • Additional features for large-scale enterprises
  • Great customer service
  • Pre-built software


  • It can be sluggish
  • Lacks a free option
  • No cloud storage integration options


Easy Projects isn’t a simple tool, but it’s well-designed enough to make its large feature set usable. The app isn’t visually appealing, yet it consistently gets things right in terms of usability.

It’s easy to sign up, though the form includes a few extra fields after you’ve given it your basic information. 

The app provides a 10-minute introductory video that walks you through the essentials, but it feels like it was made with PowerPoint. When you first open the app after receiving your confirmation email, you’ll see a list of tutorials organized by category.

There are loads of them, and while the pop-ups for them are small and tedious, they’re accurate and to the point. You can get to them whenever you want by pressing a button in the top right corner of your screen.


Easy Project provides project managers with all the essential tools that they require. When one task’s deadline slips, the program offers task dependencies, Gantt charts, and automated rescheduling for dependent tasks.

You may create and preserve project templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch with each new project. In addition to that, Easy Projects offers a lot more features as listed below: 

Activity Center: In order to avoid running over budget or missing deadlines, use interactive Gantt charts and Kanban board views in the activity center to review up-to-date data on projects and activities.

Request Forms: With this module, you can smooth out project request details and ensure that all of the necessary information is accessible before submitting it for approval. Every request has an audit trail, a standardized template, and it can be simply stored in one place. Users can use these request forms to manage and find project requests.

Recurring Project Templates: In order to save time and avoid unnecessary data entry, use simple project templates for similar or repeating tasks.

Support Quality

Easy Projects provides support in a variety of ways. You may contact it via email, phone, or instant chat, and you can also grant it remote access to your projects, so those who like a more personal touch have plenty of options.

A weekly onboarding session is available, though it always begins at the same time, making it difficult to attend depending on your location and office hours.

There is also a community forum, but it appears that very few questions are answered, so it is not something you can rely on.

Easy Projects Price – What Does It Cost?

Easy Projects has two account types: Pro and Enterprise. Both accounts are better suited to middle and large corporations than to small and micro-enterprises. Although Easy Projects does not provide a completely free account, you can request a free trial by entering some personal information, consenting to receive product emails, and signing up for a demo. 

While you don’t need a credit card to sign up, you may have to jump through a lot more hoops than you do for other project management applications’ free trials. Easy Projects has a somewhat strict access policy. In fact, a training and installation session is required for any Pro account with more than 10 users.

$24/month/userContact support for the price


Overall, Easy Projects offers a comprehensive set of project management features that consumers found to be simple to use and navigate. Its collaborative features keep teams up to date on project status while also improving team communication. 

Most users felt that the interface was outdated, cluttered, and difficult to use at first. Support, on the other hand, was generally helpful and responsive to issues. We hope that this Easy Projects review has helped you decide on a platform.

Find Out More about Easy Projects Now!

Easy Projects is a cloud-based professional services platform that allows teams to set up automatic workflows across all departments in order to plan and implement projects quickly and effortlessly. 



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