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CallRail is a call tracking and analytics platform designed for businesses of all sizes. With its real-time call tracking, and reporting features, CallRail helps businesses optimize their marketing campaigns and improve their customer experience.

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CallRail Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

review new │ CallRail Overview – What You Need to Know

CallRail offers call-tracking software, which includes conversion and marketing analytics. Therefore, businesses make better choices and can update budgets. 

Initially, it sounds like a great product, but it might not work for everyone. Therefore, this CallRail review focuses on what it is, how it works, what features it offers, and the pros and cons. We promise that you will get the details you require to determine if this software is suitable for you.

CallRail – Best for subscription-based call tracking and free phone numbers

The call-tracking platform helps companies qualify leads, track phone calls, and analyze how effective their marketing campaigns are.

pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons of CallRail

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of what CallRail does, it’s important to understand its benefits and drawbacks. Every company has great and not-so-great things about it. Comparing the excellent with the bad can help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

CallRail Pros

tick new Various Integrations

You can integrate CallRail with Slack, Hubspot, Facebook, and many other apps. Plus, you don’t require a high-tier plan. It works with entry-level packages.

tick new Easy Setup

Onboarding with this system is quite simple. Plus, you can get started without having to watch countless videos or call support every five seconds.

tick new Customizable

The call-routing flows are customizable. Plus, you get many options to consider. Make it fit your branding and company needs perfectly.

tick new Great Customer Support

You’re unlikely to have a problem, but customer support is ready to assist if it happens. There are many contact methods available, and you get quick responses.

CallRail Cons

cons new Fewer Features at Low-tier Levels

Many companies require form tracking and call transcripts, but they must request the most expensive pricing package to get them. There’s no way to add it on to a current plan.

cons new Limited Numbers

The phone numbers are only listed to Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US.

cons new No Live Chat

Many people prefer live chat communication to get answers to their questions quickly. However, this service isn’t available. You must call or email to get assistance.

Advantages of CallRailDisadvantages of CallRail
plus new Integrate CallRail with your current CRM and other systems.minus new You will likely have to spend more for a high-tier package to get all the features you need.
plus new It’s easy to set up the system and use it right out of the gate.minus new You’re limited to getting customer support assistance through phone or email only.
plus new You can customize the dashboard to meet your needs.minus new The company only offers phone numbers for certain countries.
plus new Anytime you have a question or issue, the customer support team is there to help.

CallRail Logo

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Do you need a marketing platform to track phone calls and qualify leads while keeping track of your campaigns? CallRail could be the answer, so try it today!

what new │ What Is CallRail?

Kevin Mann and Andy Powell first launched CallRail in 2011. Currently, it has over 200 leaders and contributors working to make it better. It was designed for marketers who focus on data. With the features offered, such as keyword call tracking, call recording, email notifications, call follow-ups, real-time reporting, and more, teams are more productive and efficient.

The software serves SMBs across various industries, including financial services, real estate, and legal brands. Plus, it matches your incoming leads to the marketing campaigns and channels they came from. That means customers understand what’s driving traffic the most and producing better prospects for the company.

CallRail initially started with the Call Tracking product. It generates many phone numbers that forward to the main phone line of the brand. Therefore, you can attach different contact information to marketing campaigns to track the leads and prospective clients who came from those sources.

Overall, it is extremely valuable for brands with many marketing campaigns. If you don’t spend much on marketing campaigns, the cost of this product should be highly beneficial. Regardless, it works well and does what it promises, so it is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Currently, CallRail serves over 200,000 companies worldwide. Since competition is fierce in all industries, it could be the best choice for you.

point new CallRail is the top marketing platform out there. Companies can track calls, qualify leads, and ensure that ads are effective.
point new Create various phone numbers, forwarding them to your main line to track how well advertisements do.
point new SMBs often find CallRail to be a great resource, and it works in many industries.

how new │ How Does It Work?

CallRail uses call tracking, which creates as many unique phone numbers as you want. As you get them, you can put them on your marketing communications. Each ad, campaign, and channel can have its own. Those numbers are forwarded to your company’s main number. 

Why is that important?

Generally, your company has phones that the employees use every day. Therefore, they’re used to them and don’t have to learn about new hardware or methods. They can answer the calls quickly and can even see details about each caller, such as the source of the advert and much more. That information helps employees provide appropriate information.

As you continue using CallRail, you can generate reports and run analytics to determine which marketing campaigns worked for you. Those that didn’t can be changed or removed from the lineup. In a sense, you save money because you’re not throwing away the budget on options that don’t produce results.

Some companies have different departments. Instead of the calls being routed to the sales receptionist, they can go directly to the person who can assist the potential customer. While you must set up the call flows, it’s easy to do so.

There’s no need to move all of your information from other software to this platform. CallRail integrates with over 700 marketing tools. That means you get deeper insights from its call and conversion information automatically.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Setup – Setting up CallRail is easy because it’s a SaaS tool. Therefore, analytics and functionality are accessed through an app or browser. You’re immediately prompted to set up the call flows, set your notifications, and integrate with Google Analytics. Port numbers you want with no hardware.
  • Add Tracking Numbers – Open the wizard and answer five questions to add tracking numbers. In fact, CallRail has many wizards for easy setup.
  • Use the Phone Number – When you’re finished setting things up, you’ve got a new phone number to use. 
  • Test – Make a test call to ensure that everything works well.

feature new │ Features of CallRail

Throughout our CallRail review, we talk about its usability, features, and customer service. It’s important to learn what it offers so that you can decide if it’s suitable for your company.

point new Call Flows

Call flows are created to route the customers through the sales funnel on the phone. You can easily build and customize them. Once a customer calls the company, you may:

  • Send the caller to voicemail
  • Hang up
  • Tag the number
  • Dial another number
  • Put them in the queue
  • Play a greeting

Therefore, you know that the customers go where they need to be. This section is highly useful because your scenarios can’t go live until there are no errors. You’re notified of any issues and can fix them easily.

Call Flows

point new Analytics 

CallRail features an excellent analytics section that gives you an overview of the leads and pertinent details about them. You can see the calls that came to the company, the number they called, their contact information, how long the call was, and more. Sort the data as necessary and export it to other programs if needed.

point new Call Attribution 

CallRail lets its users measure the ROI for any marketing campaign in just a few clicks. It ties the trackable numbers to data from any source (keyword, session, or campaign) and displays the caller’s purpose. Plus, users can decide if the callers discovered an offer on a marketing channel, such as a website or flyer.

There are two types available. Source-level tracking offers information about which campaigns inspire more conversions to the business, including calls, texts, and channels.

Visitor-level tracking shows how effective the campaign is by tracking a customer’s path to purchase.

CallRail lets you decide the moment for leads to become customers with multi-level lead distribution.

point new Call Recording 

CallRail helps you improve lead communications. The call-recording functionality automatically captures the conversions and provides real-time alerts and notifications when leads call you. This enables you to track missed calls from the dashboard to return them quickly.

Whisper messages are part of that. You can prepare the team before they answer calls by providing helpful data. 

Call Recording 

point new Keypad Scoring

This lets you sort callers based on their information. Mark them as qualified leads, add a tag to the data as needed, and record values once the call ends. That helps to create an automated score. CallRail utilizes a sophisticated mixture of rules and machine learning to classify leads, and it’s very effective.

Why We Need to Use CallRail

point new You get call-tracking capabilities to know which keywords, campaigns, and ads generate the most calls.
point new Use automation rules to define and classify calls when specific criteria are met.
point new Automatically transcribe and record calls to make analytics and insights easier.
point new Use multichannel lead attribution to see the interactions every caller has with the company.

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Are you tired of coming up with marketing campaigns that don’t seem to convert? Try CallRail to get more insights into who calls and from where!

who new │ Who Should Use CallRail?

CallRail gives you crucial information on the marketing channels and strategies that work best for your brand. It’s ideal for companies that don’t mind paying for a service with the essentials, such as usage credits for texts and calls and trackable phone numbers.

Who needs CallRail?

  • Companies requiring a subscription-based call-tracking system with free phone numbers – CallRail has packages that feature usage credits for texts and calls and trackable phone numbers. If you exceed your credits, you pay-per-minute, so you’re only spending money on what you consume.
  • Suitable for healthcare businesses – CallRail is HIPAA-compliant, so you can protect your customer’s sensitive data and keep it secure.
  • Companies relying on various marketing channels to drive sales and conversions – If you need a platform to track how effective your marketing and communication efforts are, CallRail is suitable. It offers comprehensive insights, including the source they used to get to you and their purchase journey.

Knowing when to use CallRail is important, but so is understanding when it might not be the best fit. CallRail might not be ideal for:

  • Growing companies that need scalable tracking software
  • Smaller teams that don’t require text messaging capabilities and want cheaper call-tracking products
  • Businesses that require a pay-as-they-go plan with more advanced routing options
  • Individuals who only want to track calls that come to one person

Overall, CallRail is better for medium and large companies that have multiple marketing campaigns and want to track phone numbers to see which ones do well. If you own a start-up or need something that scales with your brand, it might not be the best solution.

What Do the Experts Say?

point new Do you need free phone numbers and tracking solutions?CallRail has packages for those situations.
point new Do you deal with HIPAA?CallRail is compliant and can protect sensitive information.
point new Do you want to drive conversions and sales while using different marketing strategies?CallRail tracks all marketing efforts and communications so that you can determine their effectiveness.

CallRail Logo

Test CallRail Now
CallRail works well for many business models. Use the 14-day free trial to see if it’s the best choice for your company and marketing team.

cost and time new │ Cost & Time

While it doesn’t take long to set things up, you do require the information to complete workflows and all the rest. Therefore, you should expect it to take anywhere from one to five days, depending on how many departments you plan to use with this system. 

CallRail does offer value for money if you’re not focused solely on price. It provides options that the competitors don’t. For example, WhatConvert doesn’t include 100 text messages, while CallRail does.

If you use multiple marketing campaigns and want to qualify various leads, this could be the best solution.

usability new │ CallRail Usability

The setup is quite simple. Once you select the free-trial option, enter your information and get access to the tool. Immediately, you see a “get started” box that welcomes you and prompts you to create call flows, choose notifications, and integrate with Google Analytics.

There are no contracts, hardware to install, or setup fees required. Plus, you can port any numbers into CallRail.

The wizards make it easy to set up and use. They’re intuitive, so you can go backward and make changes. Plus, the questions are easy to understand.

Create phone numbers that match the area code or pay a little more for toll-free numbers. They’re all SMS-capable, so you can also track text conversations.

Once everything is ready, you can create your marketing campaigns, adding phone numbers easily. Stay organized so that you know where callers should go. The dynamic number insertion feature lets you display the number on the website based on where the visitor was beforehand. Just add a small JavaScript snippet!

pricing new │ CallRail Pricing

Here is the pricing structure for CallRail:

  • Call Tracking – This includes five local phone numbers, call recording/routing, 250 local minutes, and call/text attribution/tracking.
  • Call Tracking + Intelligence – This package includes everything in the Call Tracking Plan, plus keyword analysis and call transcripts.
  • Call Tracking + Form Tracking – This package includes everything in Call Tracking, but you also get a custom form builder and form tracking.
  • Call Tracking Complete – You get everything from Call Tracking, but there are also call transcripts, a custom form builder, form tracking, and keyword analysis.

The lists of available features might not be complete. You should visit the website to determine if it has everything you require.

point new Free TrialYes
point new Call Tracking$45/mo.
point new Call Tracking + Intelligence$95/mo.
point new Call Tracking + Form Tracking$95/mo.
point new Call Tracking Complete$145/mo.

CallRail Logo

Try CallRail Immediately Today!
Test out CallRail by choosing a plan. Get a 14-day free trial to see if it works for you, upgrade to a different package, and much more! 

tools new │ CallRail: Tools/Business Needs

CallRail has many excellent tools to handle all of your business needs. Here are a few of the top ones:

Keywords Spotted

This is an innovative feature that looks through the transcription text of your recorded calls for the words you track. Log anything with a specific phrase and tag them to analyze later.

Keywords Spotted


This is automated lead classification. Making notes and updating the pipeline are time-consuming, but this feature makes it easier to handle.



CallScribe transcribes the calls to get a full transcript, but there’s more. You also receive a visual map, jumping back and forth to remind you what the customer said.


Lead Center

This section is the live dashboard that showcases recent calls. It’s almost like caller ID or a mini CRM, storing contacts that you’ve talked to before.

Lead Center
point new CallRail helps you match incoming texts and calls to your marketing channels through dynamic number insertion that tracks keywords and more.
point new Quickly take notes and make sure that everything is right for your calls. Get a “score” based on what the customer did when you’re done.
point new Transcribe every call if you turn on “recordings” to quickly go back and see what a customer said.

example new │ Examples

point new Wit Digital

This company saved about $4,000 per month using CallRail. Ryan Cook is the director of Client Strategies and says that it helped the brand improve its client retention rates and marketing campaigns. In a sense, the tools are invaluable, and the team needs them. CallRail assisted Wit Digital by offering automation rules, call tracking, and conversation intelligence.

point new Open House Group

This company utilizes Lead Center from CallRail to manage the 11,000+ calls they get each month. The call flow system differentiates between the regional offices and departments within. Prospects call in, select their location, and get paired with someone who can assist. Round Robin helped the team distribute calls coming into the team.

point new Centeno-Schultz Clinic

This company used call data to bring in patients that fit with its services. Russel Cordova is the customer experience manager and said that Conversation Intelligence helped him look for keywords in call transcripts, see how many people mention that word, and market to similar patients.

support new │ CallRail Support

Generally, CallRail has limited methods to contact customer service. You can create a support ticket or call a representative. However, it does offer a knowledge base to get answers without having to contact someone.

Overall, the customer support representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. Plus, live chat is available, but it’s a bot. Therefore, it can’t answer sales-specific or troubleshooting questions. 

point new Phone(866) 556-2570Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST
point new TicketVisit to create a ticket.
point new Live ChatClick the bubble at the bottom of any CallRail webpage to get assistance.
Alternative Software
CallTrackingMetrics is a conversation analytics tool that helps marketers make better strategic decisions. It offers a unique combination of call tracking tools but comes with everything a business owner needs to operate their call centers. You can track phone calls and attribute leads with ease.
Compare Software
Both CallTrackingMetrics and CallRail have tons of features and do similar things. However, CTM uses more chaotic formats that require more time to decipher. Plus, it costs more. You also get extra things with CallRail, such as spam detection, a call log, and its lead center.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

CallRail is a suitable option for companies that want call-tracking software in a subscription-based and all-inclusive package. It’s different than other providers because it gives you various phone numbers, text credits, and call minutes to use as you see fit.

Does your business require a straightforward platform to analyze calls, marketing efforts, and conversations? If so, CallRail is one of the top options.

The well-designed platform is easy to navigate, but there might be overages. Still, you can check out the many packages and find one that meets your needs.

CallRail Logo

Try CallRail Now to Experience the Best
Do you want to track phone calls to your brand based on the advertising method used? If so, CallRail is an excellent tool, and you can try it today for free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CallRail’s customers often include SMBs, large enterprises, public administrations, and non-profit companies.

Currently, CallRail only supports the English language.

Right now, CallRail integrates with:
  • VWO Testing
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Google Data Studio
  • Kissmetrics
  • Mixpanel
  • Meta for Business
  • Optimizely
  • Slack
  • Acquisio
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Pipeline
  • Unbounce
  • Kenshoo Infinity Suite
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Marin Software
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub
  • Wix

Yes. CallRail works with Android and Apple products of all kinds.


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