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BombBomb helps businesses increase sales production with video messaging. Add a human touch with BombBomb video email and video messages to grow your client list and get better referrals.

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review new │ BombBomb Overview

Communicating through text alone might make it difficult to build real relationships. BombBomb is a video messaging platform that helps you go beyond texts. It is one of the quickest and easiest methods to record and sends video messages to important people in your business. 

Whether it’s clients or employees, BombBomb video messaging is useful for everyone. The video messages succeed at conveying your tone and emotion. It increases the clarity of your messages more than any other medium. 

Sales teams can close more deals with BombBomb. Customer service teams succeed at improving customer satisfaction scores with BombBomb. It will reduce the customer churn rate of your business. 

Internal teams will also be able to communicate better with BombBomb. It will increase the efficiency of your teams. Scroll down till the end to discover the different aspects of the BombBomb software.

Get Video Messaging Coaching with BombBomb!BombBomb also comes with a personal coach to help you explore the ultimate potential of video messaging. Personal training will ensure that you are able to meet all your business needs with the software.

pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons of BombBomb

Pros and Cons of BombBomb


tick new Send Video Text Messages

The major benefit of the platform is that it lets you text video messages. You don’t have to email the videos repeatedly. 

tick new Gmail Integration

The full integration with Gmail is a huge advantage of BombBomb. A single click on the record button will turn on the camera and mic. The speed and efficiency of the Gmail integration will ensure that that workflow doesn’t get disrupted when you have to use a third-party app. 

tick new Effective Candidate Outreach

BombBomb is an effective tool for candidate outreach. It will ensure that you are able to target the right candidates with a personal touch. 

tick new Valuable Insights

The software will also help you track the analytics of your video messages. You will also be able to check whether viewers are looking at the entire video. 

tick new Ease of Use

BombBomb is an extremely easy platform for making videos. You will also be able to download the videos without much hassle. 


cons new Customizing Emails Can Be a Little Difficult

If you include videos in your emails, customizing those emails can be a little difficult. The software has specific email templates where you can add your videos.

cons new Limited Editing Features

The video editing features with BombBomb are quite limited. The guides available for the editing features are also pretty old. 

BombBomb ProsBombBomb Cons
plus new Send video texts without emailsminus new Email customization is difficult
plus new Supports integration with Gmailminus new Limited features for video editing
plus new Effective for candidate outreach
plus new Gain valuable insights
plus new Easy to make and download videos

Bombbomb Logo

BombBomb won’t disappoint you!

Users won’t be disappointed with the video messaging feature of BombBomb. You will also be able to track whether you are doing it the right way. 

Visit BombBomb!

what new │ What Is BombBomb?

BombBomb enables you to send video messages as an alternative to typed-out text. The software lets you send video messages to anyone from your computer or smartphone. It works with both Android and iOS smartphones. 

You will be able to record your screen and face at the same time. It is also useful for building robust employee relationships. BombBomb remains a leader in video messaging with a human-centric communication approach. 

Users have sent more than 500,000 video messages using BombBomb. Irrespective of the size of your team, BombBomb will be beneficial for you. Small businesses and large corporations depend on BombBomb to add a human element to their communication.  

With BombBomb, users can also get one-on-one coaching about video messaging. It ensures that your team can succeed with video messaging and track opportunities. The platform supports multiple integrations, including Gmail, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. 

point new Overall Rating 4/5
point new Platforms SupportedWeb, Android, iOS
point new Languages SupportedEnglish
point new Training OptionsDocumentation, Webinars
point new IntegrationsGmail, Zendesk, Salesforce, Outreach, Google Chrome, and more 

how new │ How Does BombBomb Work?

BombBomb helps you record and send video messages. The powerful tool will also help you secure your videos and change your privacy. You can send videos to team members without any hassle. 

BombBomb also aids content distribution on behalf of team members. You can create and send unlimited video emails to anyone in your database. The platform has access to advanced integrations like contact syncing, in-app video recording, and more. 

Remember that you will also be able to collect valuable insights about your video emails. The team analytics will help you measure the effectiveness of your team’s video messages. The reports can be read easily with real-time alerts. 

Did You Know?
point new BombBomb was founded by Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey in 2006. Conor sent a video email to his clients and received an overwhelming response. It led to the birth of BombBomb. 
point new BombBomb is used in 42 countries, and 126 million minutes of videos are sent from BombBomb each year. 
point new Customers of BombBomb offer an average satisfaction score of 98%. 

feature new │ Features of BombBomb

Some popular features of BombBomb are as follows:

point new Team Management

A team manager is equipped with a lot of responsibilities. Whether it’s tracking team analytics, setting goals, or maintaining communication with leadership, BombBomb can help you. The team management feature from BombBomb has become more dynamic than ever. 

point new Make Password-Protected Videos

Users can make password-protected videos using BombBomb. The platform ensures that you can change the privacy settings of all your videos. 

point new Add Captions to Videos

Videos are effective for building more meaningful relationships. The video captioning feature ensures that your recipients can read what you are saying. The captioning feature can increase the video playing rate. 

point new Unlimited Video Hosting 

The tool ensures that you can record and upload countless videos.

point new Instant Video Encoding

BombBomb’s patent-pending technology helps you send videos instantly. You won’t have to worry about files, downloads, or attachments. It also guarantees that your users don’t face slow loading times. 

point new Actionable Insights

BombBomb guarantees that you’ll get actionable insights about your videos. You’ll learn when and how long your videos are viewed.

point new Branded Video Pages

You will be able to keep your brand logo at the center of your video pages. You will also be able to add the page link at the top of all videos you are sending. 

Why Should You Use BombBomb?
point new BombBomb is the perfect application to build a strong reputation in front of clients. 
point new The software will help you increase your customer retention rate. 
point new BombBomb is exceptional for ensuring smooth internal communication among teams. 

Bombbomb Logo

Build Your Reputation with BombBomb!

BombBomb software will help you make more sales. The video messaging feature allows for higher sales and also makes for efficient teamwork.

Try BombBomb today!

who new │Who Should Use the BombBomb Software

BombBomb is an effective tool for the following companies and departments:

point new Sales Department

The sales department of any company will benefit from using BombBomb. The application will enable the sales department to increase sales with effective video messaging. 

point new Mortgage Companies

In the mortgage industry, success comes from building strong relationships. However, mortgage firms often struggle with finding time for personal outreach. With BombBomb, you will be able to communicate through video messages and create a high impact within less time. BombBomb will enable mortgage companies to stay connected with clients, real estate agents, and other professionals in the network. 

point new Insurance Companies

Insurance firms are able to find success through trust and relationships. BombBomb ensures that you can improve customer experience through video messaging. 

point new Customer Service Teams

Customer service teams of companies can benefit from using BombBomb. It will help companies increase their customer retention rate with video messaging. They will also be able to acquire new customers.

point new All Teams

All teams can improve internal communication with video messaging from BombBomb. It will increase productivity among teams and also help save time. All team members will be able to stay connected through improved communication. 

point new Sales departments of companies will be able to close more sales and increase their revenue with BombBomb video messaging. 
point new Mortgage companies will be able to succeed by building strong relationships with companies through video messaging. 
point new Insurance firms can use the video messaging feature of BombBomb to win the trust of customers. 
point new Customer service departments of companies will be able to increase customer retention and acquisition rate with the video messaging feature of BombBomb. 
point new BombBomb can enable all organizations to improve their internal communication among teams through video messaging. 

Bombbomb Logo

BommBomb Is Great for All Organizations!

BombBomb video messaging is useful for enhancing internal communication among teams of an organization. The application is especially useful for teams with more than 20 members. 

Try BombBomb Now!

cost and time new │Time and Cost

The time required to set up the BombBomb application is minimal. If you are wondering whether the platform is expensive, you can learn in detail about the different subscription plans. 

Besides the specific charges of the plan you choose, you don’t have to pay any other fee.

Time and Cost

usability new │Usability

The BombBomb platform is easy to use, and users don’t have difficulty understanding different features. Technical knowledge isn’t a necessity to use the application. But if you face issues with the application, don’t hesitate to seek help from the FAQ section. 

pricing new │Pricing

BombBomb offers you a free trial of 14 days to explore different features. After that, users are allowed to choose an appropriate plan from the following:

point new Essentials

The features available with the plan are as follows:

  • Fast one-to-one video messaging
  • Unlimited screen recording
  • Unlimited video recording
  • Video analytics and tracking

The Essentials plan won’t offer OKTA/ SCIM provisioning, assigned personal video coach, and quarterly business reviews. 

point new Plus

The Plus plan includes everything from the Essentials plan along with the following:

  • Mass sending
  • Front-line customer service
  • Team management tools
  • Advanced integrations like Salesforce

The Plus plan won’t offer OKTA/ SCIM provisioning, assigned personal video coach, and quarterly business reviews.

point new Enterprise

The Enterprise includes everything from the Plus plan along with the following:

  • SCIM/ OKTA provisioning
  • Superior team education and onboarding
  • Business reviews per quarter
  • Personal video success coach

The Enterprise plan will offer you customized solutions for teams with 20 or more members. 

Plan Annual BillMonthly Bill
Essentials$33/ mo/ seat$39/ month
Plus$49/ mo/ seat$69/ month
EnterpriseCustom Custom

Bombbomb Logo

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, video messaging has the power to improve communication among teams and departments. 

Install BombBomb today to fulfill all your messaging needs.

tools new │Tools

BombBomb offers a wide variety of tools to improve your video experience. Some unmissable tools from BombBomb are as follows:

point new Snippets

The Snippet feature allows you to copy and paste the content of one email. You don’t have to retype the same thing more than once. The feature enables you to save subject lines and videos to compose emails only once. Snippets can also be used to save time for other things like calendar links, FAQs, appointment confirmations, and more. 

point new Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome Extensions

The extensions guarantee maximum flexibility for users. Both extensions work with your existing systems and make your life easier. It will ensure that you can connect with people where they engage the most. As a result, you will be able to increase your video outreach. 

point new Screen Recorder

Some complex topics can only be explained face to face. But it’s not always possible to arrange face-to-face meetings, especially when you have a remote team. The BombBomb screen recorder enables you to record yourself and the screen at the same time.

You will be able to seamlessly transition between screen recording and camera. The feature facilitates crystal-clear communication among teams. The Screen Recorder tool is located on the BombBomb video recorder in your account. 

point new Video Replies

The BombBomb Reply with Video tool offers a space for ongoing discussions. Recipients can reply with a video even when they don’t have a BombBomb account. The video replies get saved in your BombBomb account for you to access them at any time. 

point new CTAs in Videos

The in-video CTA tool from BombBomb ensures that you tell people what to do next while watching your videos. Your CTAs can be 30 characters each to grab viewers’ attention. You can also copy-paste links in the CTA banner. 

CTAs in Videos
point new The Snippet tool saves you from retyping emails repeatedly.
point new The Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome extensions increase the flexibility of use. 
point new The Screen Recorder tool lets you record yourself and the screen at the same time. 
point new The Video Reply tool allows recipients without a BomBomb account to send video replies.  
point new The in-video CTA tool tells viewers what you want them to do. 

example new │Real-Life Use Cases of BombBomb

point new Long & Foster Real Estate

The software enables the company to reveal its original self in front of customers. The company appreciated the personal assistant that comes with BombBomb. The real estate company has been able to appeal to clients and build effective relationships with them via video messaging.

point new HootSuite Media Inc.

The Canadian company has been able to improve its internal communication with BombBomb. They succeeded in generating more leads and winning the trust of customers through effective video messages via BombBomb. 

support new │Customer Support

You can reach the customer support team of BombBomb for all your concerns. You will be able to get in touch with the support team through the following:

Email [email protected] 
SocialFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
Address90 S Cascade AveSuite #700Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Alternative Solutions to BombBomb

SnapComms serves as an end-to-end critical event management and employee communication platform. The software is useful for different types of workplaces. It will bypass email to engage and inform all the employees in your firm.

The dynamic and visual tool can increase message readership by up to 100%. Users will be able to view your messages from their desktops, mobile, digital displays, and others. Whether you are managing remote teams or in-office employees, the tool is extremely beneficial. 

The customizable features ensure that your employees are able to view your messages at the right time. The solution is useful for organizations with more than 100 members. The platform also helps with content management and campaign segmentation. 

Comparison Between BombBomb and SnapComms

Best forSales teams, customer support teams, insurance firms, mortgage companies, internal communicationCompliance teams, IT teams, HR teams, internal marketing teams, corporate communication teams
AccessibilityWeb, Mobile, DesktopWeb, Mobile, Desktop
PricingPlan-wiseBased on the number of employees

conclusion new │Conclusion

The BombBomb software is an innovative tool that increases the comfort of its users. The platform is constantly working to improve its features. The software is much more than just a video messaging platform.

You will be able to leverage the CRM-like capabilities of BombBomb as well. The email tracker is another useful feature for sales and customer support teams. Insurance and mortgage companies can use BombBomb to build effective relationships with clients. 

Freelancers might not benefit from using BombBomb. But any other team will be able to improve their internal communication using BombBomb. The customer support of the platform is extremely efficient. 

You will be impressed with the usability of the software. The plans are relatively affordable, and you will be able to opt for a customized plan as per your requirements. We urge you to use BombBomb and explore its features today. 

Bombbomb Logo

Do you want to leverage the power of video to improve the effectiveness of your messages? 

Start using BombBomb today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your subscription plan will determine how many contacts you can send your video messages or emails to. You should check out the detailed features of all the BombBomb subscription plans to understand how many contacts you can send video messages or emails to. Select the plan that meets all your requirements.

You might already have a subscription plan but need to send videos to more contacts. In that case, BombBomb has “buckets” for you. They are add-ons that let you send videos to more contacts.

Each bucket enables you to send videos to 500 more contacts. The annual price of each bucket is $85. Proceed to the “Add-ons” section of your account and select “Add More Contacts” to purchase a bucket.

Sending reputation is a significant criterion in the email marketing world. The sending reputation reveals whether your emails are landing in the inbox of your recipients. If you have a positive sending reputation, your business has good inbox placement.

A bad sending reputation is synonymous with poor inbox placement. All businesses should focus on maintaining a positive sending reputation. It enables businesses to increase their sales and revenue.

If you want to keep your sending reputation clean, you should send videos only to contacts who have agreed to become your recipients. Otherwise, your emails will end up in the spam folder of your recipients. Therefore, your email marketing efforts won’t be able to deliver positive outcomes.

Your BombBomb account might go on hold for a variety of reasons. Usually, the Deliverability team of BombBomb will put your account on hold due to damaging statistics from your sends in the recent past. During the time your account is on hold, the team will figure out what happened.

The team will work with you to ensure that the same issue doesn’t arise again. High bounce rates or too much spam can be the primary reasons. You need to keep these numbers on the lower side to maintain your reputation.

There’s nothing to worry about when you see oversubscribed on your BombBomb account. It only means that you have exceeded the contact limit that comes with your subscription. You can upgrade your subscription plan to send your videos to more users.



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