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BlueJeans is video conferencing software that helps conduct online meetings and video calls easily and effectively. Its cloud-based features are made for modern digital workplaces.

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review new │ BlueJeans Overview

Due to the recent need for remote services in companies, video conferencing software is more popular now than ever. 

BlueJeans is an example of a top competitor in the video conferencing software industry, but how good are its features, and can it benefit a business in 2022?

Read our BlueJeans review to learn the pros and cons of BlueJeans, its primary features, and more.

BlueJeans – Best software for setting up and delivering video conferences.
video conference
Use the various features on BlueJeans to create and run high-quality video conferences.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of BlueJeans

Before going into great detail on the specific tools of BlueJeans, it is a brilliant idea to show you the best and worst points of the software package.

These features put BlueJeans in its position as a top competitor, and the features that need minor or significant improvements.

Here are BlueJeans’ pros and cons.

The Pros of BlueJeans

First, we will look at the best elements of BlueJeans that help to cement it as the best video conference software.

tick new It Can Provide Analytics So You Can Improve Video Conferences

Streaming quality can often be a problem for even the best video conferencing software. Thankfully, BlueJeans has analytics to help improve the quality of streaming conferences for future occasions.

BlueJeans uses the M-score tool; it tracks the quality of a video conference during a call by monitoring multiple variables. These variables include IP addresses, location, individual users and clients, and more. 

By constantly monitoring these aspects, the M-score tool can find patterns and improve the quality of future conferences.

tick new It Has Complete Video Conference Transcripts

A brilliant feature of BlueJeans is that it provides full transcripts for its video conferences. 

These transcripts will detail who is speaking and timestamps for each part of the video conference.

Transcripts are an excellent tool for anyone who misses the conference but needs to know the information.

tick new It Fully Supports Multiple Platforms

All video conference products should have full accessibility for as many employees and clients as possible; BlueJeans understands the need for this element, so it makes its platform accessible on many devices.

The platforms you can use BlueJeans on include desktop, browser, and mobile. There are dedicated apps for each, so the software is easy to use and will run video conferences smoothly.

The Cons of BlueJeans

Second, we will look at some critical aspects of BlueJeans that should receive improvements to make the software even better.

cons new It Doesn’t Provide A Free Version, Unlike Some Competitors

One of the most widely known features of other video conference software (like Zoom) is having a free version so users can experience the basic features of the content.

Unfortunately, BlueJeans doesn’t have one of these options because they believe many people would use the limited free version instead of upgrading to a higher tier. Thankfully, they have reasonable prices for their subscription tiers (although it would be beneficial to offer a free trial).

cons new You Have To Install The BlueJeans App To Use Every Feature

Although Bluejeans provides access to users on many different platforms, you need to download a dedicated app to use it. 

Many video conference software products offer an accessible browser version for those who prefer to use the platform that way; BlueJeans doesn’t have that feature and only relies on downloadable apps.

Advantages Of BlueJeansDisadvantages Of BlueJeans
plus new It can provide analytics so you can improve video conferences; the analytics tool monitors several aspects, including locations, IP addresses, users, and more.minus new It doesn’t provide a free version, unlike some competitors like Zoom. 
plus new It has complete video conference transcripts so users who missed the conference can catch up with the information.minus new You must install the BlueJeans app to use every feature; there is no browser version.
plus new It fully supports multiple platforms, such as browsers, desktops, and mobile.

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Try BlueJeans Now To Use The Excellent Features!

If you want the best video conferencing software with the highest quality features, try using BlueJeans. It has intelligent monitoring, accessibility, transcripts, and much more!

what new │ What is BlueJeans?

An important step we need to cover before examining BlueJeans’ significant features and tools is explaining what it is.

BlueJeans is a video conferencing platform that rivals and improves on the competition. Additionally, it is a product from Verizon, which gives it an edge over the competition because Vorizion adds extra security to ensure that video conferences are safe and secure. 

Verizon also adds a level of reliability by providing high-quality video conference streams. For example, it has monitoring to look for security threats and ways to improve the conferences’ quality.

The main aim of BlueJeans is to focus on excellent quality video conferences with features that are mainly beneficial for companies and businesses. In addition, they include multiple pricing tiers for businesses that want to scale up and need advanced features.

BlueJeans already has a massive audience, including some of the biggest companies worldwide, including National Geographic, Facebook, and more.

Here are the best elements of BlueJeans.

point new It has excellent monitoring to find problems in a video conference and fix them for future dates.
point new It has complete transcripts for those who miss the video conferences.
point new It has breakout session rooms for when you need to split a workforce into smaller tasking groups.
point new It includes Dolby Voice and HD video for the highest quality video conference possible.
point new It can support larger meetings; up to 25 users can enter the conference, and you can view it in an accessible gallery view.

how new │ How Does BlueJeans Work?

Now that you know what BlueJeans is and what they aim to do for a company, we need to inform you how it all works.

BlueJeans works by using its features to deliver video conferences that are high in quality and reliability.  For example, when you use the platform and start a video conference, its monitoring tool will always be actively looking for patterns if something isn’t working, ensuring that the quality of the video conferences remains exceptionally high.

Additionally, setting up a BlueJeans video conference and using it is relatively straightforward. You can edit several settings for the conference before starting, such as adding a full transcript or turning on HD video. For transcripts, you can automatically set BlueJeans to provide transcripts for all video conferences, so you have complete references for each one.

Because of its high-quality sound and video capabilities, some conferences may run slower if you have many users or the users are in far-away locations (this is why BlueJeans has an excellent monitoring feature).

To start using the software, you first need to choose a payment tier (they have standard, pro, and enterprise tiers for various business sizes). After this, you can set yourself up as the host and task your workforce with downloading the app on their desktop, browser, or mobile device. Once they have the BlueJeans app, you can start creating and delivering video conferences.

feature new │ What Are BlueJeans’ Key Features?

We detailed what BlueJeans is and how it works, so now we can further explain the best features on the platform. 

All of the below features are excellent for providing top-quality streams to an audience; they all focus on delivering and maintaining high quality and accessibility for BlueJeans streams.

Here are BlueJeans’ best features.

point new HD Video And Dolby Voice

If a video conferencing platform doesn’t have the best quality for sound and video, it will fall behind the competitors. BlueJeans understand this, so they have Dolby Voice for excellent audio and HD video for a clear picture.

HD video will be the automatic setting for a video conference on BlueJeans; ideally, you can run it at the top resolution and receive the best quality available for video conferences. However, if your conference is slower, BlueJeans will automatically lower the resolution so it can run smoothly.

Additionally, Dolby Voice adds a high level of sound for user microphones. It suppresses unnecessary background noise, increases speaker volume, and enhances the pronunciation of words to make speakers easy to understand.

point new Automatic Transcript Writing

With many video conferencing platforms, you don’t get transcripts alongside the conference. If you’re always in the conferences, this may not be a problem, but if you miss one or are someone who needs access to the information in one, a lack of transcripts could disrupt your business.

Thankfully, BlueJeans has full transcripts for their conferences with timestamps and speaker names.

You can manually turn these on for specific conferences or set them to start automatically, so you have written records of every video conference.

point new Breakout Session Conferences

Features that help a company structure a video conference can be beneficial for keeping them engaging. One such feature that BlueJeans has for this is breakout sessions.

Breakout sessions are invaluable if a company needs a conference to follow with specific group tasks. You can set up breakout sessions so that particular users exit the conference and enter a smaller video call to begin a group task. 

Additionally, moderators of the conference can move users between breakout groups if they need them in various teams.

point new Accessibility Features

Accessibility is essential for a modern video conferencing platform; BlueJeans has multiple features that make it an accessible platform for as many employees as possible.

If users find it challenging to understand everything said in a video conference, they can use closed captions to understand everything easier. Additionally, transcripts are there for those that find it easier to read the information.

If employees have visual impairments, there are multiple visual enabling tools so they can use the features the same way as other employees.

point new Security And Encryption For Video Conferences

One of the best elements of BlueJeans is its security. Verizon adds a level of security and reliability that puts BlueJeans above its competition. 

Some security features on BlueJeans include:

  • Meeting IDs to keep user credentials hidden.
  • Password authentication ensures that cyber attackers can’t get into video conferences.
  • High-level encryptions in video meetings protect any critical data or information.
  • Locks for meetings for an added level of security.

Why Do You Need To Use BlueJeans?

point new BlueJeans can provide excellent sound and video for video conferences, making them easier to run.
point new It can make video conferences accessible for everyone with features like transcripts, closed captions, and more.
point new It includes breakout sessions that make managing smaller teams within a video conference easy.
point new It has excellent security features to make the platform as safe as possible.

BlueJeans Logo

Why Not Use BlueJeans To Provide Highly-secure Video Conferences To Your Workforce?

If you have poor experiences with security when you set up and deliver a video conference, you should highly consider BlueJeans because it has excellent encryptions to prevent cyber attackers from accessing data.

who new │Who Should Use BlueJeans?

Although you may want to start looking into purchasing BlueJeans based on the features alone, you should know the types of company that can get the most out of it.

We will cover various types and sizes of businesses and show you the ones that will benefit from BlueJeans the most and the features they can use.

Here are the companies that should use BlueJeans.

point new Freelancers

Although it is a less common use for a video conferencing platform, freelancers can get a lot out of BlueJeans.

Specifically, they can use it to talk to clients. 

They can benefit from the security features, accessibility features, and transcripts if they need to keep a record of the information given to them by a client.

point new Large Enterprises With Multiple Smaller Teams

The primary audience for BlueJeans is large enterprises because they can get the most out of the extensive features.

For example, a large company will likely have a massive range of employees, so the accessibility options on BlueJeans can be incredibly beneficial.

Additionally, they can get extensive use out of the breakout sessions if they have multiple small teams that need to hear the same information; employers can host a video conference and then break up the teams using breakout sessions.

point new Companies That Need Creative Brainstorming Sessions

Many companies design products; these companies can use BlueJeans for brainstorming conferences. 

Companies that need to brainstorm products can use all the features on the platform; specifically, they can massively benefit from the security and encryption features to protect any new ideas they have.

Who Should Use BlueJeans?
point new Freelancers can use the features of BlueJeans to communicate with clients; they can use the transcript as a reference for a client brief.
point new Large enterprises can make excellent use of the breakout sessions feature if they have multiple teams who need to hear the same information.
point new Companies that create products can benefit from the encryption features on BlueJeans because they may have data and new concepts they need to keep a secret.

cost and time new │How Much Money And Time Do You Need For BlueJeans?

The next stage of our BlueJeans review is to detail how much money and time you will need for it.

The amount of money you need for BlueJeans will depend on the pricing tier you choose; there is the standard tier ($9.99 per host per month or $119.88 per host per year) for smaller businesses, the pro tier ($13.99 per host per month or $167.88 per host per year), and the enterprise tier for large companies ($16.66 per host per month or $199.92 per host per year).

You don’t need much time to use BlueJeans because it is easy to set up and has multiple automated features (automatic transcripts, for example).

usability new │How Easy Is It To Use BlueJeans?

Because of the high number of features on BlueJeans, an excellent user interface is essential so users can navigate and use the features easily.

For hosts, BlueJeans is incredibly easy to set up. When you create a new conference, it will provide you with a conference ID and show you an accessible menu with all the available settings and features. When you select the features for the conference call, you can send an email alert to all necessary employees.

For employees, it is straightforward to use BlueJeans. You can accept and confirm that you will attend the video conference via email, and then click the link in the email when you need to join the call. Aou can select a virtual background in the conference if you don’t want to show your location.

Overall, BlueJeans has a simple and high-quality UI that is easy for hosts and users to understand.

pricing new │What Is The Pricing Structure For BlueJeans?

The pricing structure for BlueJeans accommodates multiple business sizes. 

Unfortunately, BlueJeans has no free version, which puts it a step behind some competitors like Zoom. However, the prices for BlueJeans’ pricing tiers are fair.

Here are the pricing tiers on BlueJeans.

point new The Standard Tier

The standard tier contains all the platform’s basic features and is excellent for smaller companies. 

It costs $9.99 per host per month or $119.88 per host per year.

It has unlimited group meetings, up to 100 users, five hours of recording time, unlimited license purchases, and more.

point new The Pro Tier

The pro tier adds some competitive features to the standard offering, making it a popular option for most companies. 

It costs $13.99 per host per month or $167.88 per host per year.

The extra features include an additional 50 users (on top of the 100 from the standard tier), 25 hours of recording time, analytics in the command center, Integrations (Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.), and more.

point new The Enterprise Tier

The enterprise tier has the best BlueJeans features and is best for large enterprises. 

It costs $16.66 per host per month or $199.92 per host per year.

The features on the enterprise tier include 200 users, unlimited recording time, transcripts, closed captions, a live command center, and more.

Additionally, you can get even more features on the enterprise plus tier; the features are optional, and the tier requires a quote before you purchase it.

The BlueJeans Standard Tier$9.99 per host per month or $119.88 per host per year.
The BlueJeans Pro Tier$13.99 per host per month or $167.88 per host per year.
The BlueJeans Enterprise Tier$16.66 per host per month or $199.92 per host per year.
The BlueJeans Enterprise Plus TierYou need a quote to get the features on this BlueJeans tier.

BlueJeans Logo

Try BlueJeans For A Reasonable Price For The Best Features, Or Pay A Quoted Price For Even More!

The highest price for BlueJeans is for the enterprise tier, which is $16.66 per host per month or $199.92 per host per year; this is a reasonable price for the best features. You can also get a quote for even more options.

tools new │What Are Some Specific Tools For Businesses On BlueJeans?

We detailed the best overall features on BlueJeans, but we haven’t gone into detail on some of the specific tools that can help businesses use the platform.

Here are some of the best tools on BlueJeans and their uses.

Gallery view tools are perfect for a video conference with many people in them.

Essentially, you can create a larger display with up to 25 users on the screen simultaneously; this helps make a BlueJeans video conference feel more inclusive.

point new Smart Tools

These tools can help bring a virtual meeting to the next level. Some of them include:

  • Pinning critical moments in the conference that you want employees to see.
  • Assigning tasks mid-conference.
  • Creating highlight reels of conferences for those who missed them.

point new Background Tools

These tools are excellent if your staff doesn’t want to show their background.

Some examples of these tools are virtual backgrounds and background blurring.

point new Use gallery views to display as many meeting members as possible and make the meeting more inclusive.
point new Use smart tools to streamline video conferences and deliver them to employees who missed them (in the form of highlights).
point new Use background tools to hide backgrounds and make your employees comfortable using BlueJeans.

example new │Real-life Examples Of Businesses And Companies Using BlueJeans

Before deciding on BlueJeans and looking into its pricing options, you should look at some of the companies that use it and how it benefits them.

Here are some real examples of massive companies that use BlueJeans.

  • National Geographic wanted a modern solution for internal cooperation in the company. They used BlueJeans (the enterprise tier), which heavily improved collaboration, reached a larger audience for massive events, and more.
  • Facebook wanted to improve its culture across its worldwide offices and improve accessibility for mobile users. They found that BlueJeans connected their global offices effectively and enhanced accessibility with their excellent mobile app.
  • Adobe wanted a wholly immersive and engaging experience for their employees when displaying information via a video conference. They wanted BlueJeans because they heard about the various immersive features; they love using it because of the excellent and immersive sound and video quality and other inclusive features like transcripts.

support new │What Are The Customer Support Options For BlueJeans?

The next stage of our BlueJeans review is to look at the customer support options available on the platform and how you can use them.

BlueJeans innovate in many ways with their support options; there are support options that you are not likely to find in other competitors.
For example, they not only have a Q&A section but also host daily live Q&As for anyone who wants to ask a question that isn’t in the Q&A section.

There are also live training sessions available if you are having trouble setting up BlueJeans; these are excellent if you want to ensure that you set up the platform correctly.

Additionally, if you want advice on any of the specific features on BlueJeans, there are video tutorials that teach you to use particular functions.

You can use one of the many global contact numbers you want to talk to a customer support team member directly.

BlueJeans Customer Support OptionWhat Does It Do?
point new Live Q&AsLive Q&As allow you to ask new questions that aren’t already on the website’s Q&A section.
point new Live Training SessionsLive training sessions train hosts and users on how to set up the BlueJeans platform and use its essential functions.
point new Online TutorialsTutorials are similar to training sessions but focus more on specific features. They are great if hosts don’t know how to set up a more complex function like breakout sessions.
point new Global Contact NumbersThese global contact numbers are perfect if you prefer to talk to someone directly to solve an issue.
What Is The Next Best Software For Tracking Computer Users?
The biggest competitor for BlueJEans is the well-known and popular platform, Zoom, which became incredibly successful after the gradual move to remote working in the last two years.

Zoom is another video conference platform with virtual background, multiple viewing options, breakout sessions, and more. They also have a free version (BlueJeans doesn’t have this).
A Comparison Between BlueJeans And Zoom
Because of the free version, Zoom is a solid option for those who only need to use video conference software minimally. They are also a good option for freelancers.

Alternatively, BlueJeans’ features and excellent security options make it a better choice for larger enterprises; most companies will find it more satisfying and secure.

conclusion new │Is BlueJeans The Best Software Product For Delivering Top Quality Video Conferences?

In summary, BlueJeans is one of the best video conferencing platforms due to its excellent value and intelligent features.

Some of the best features on BlueJeans include the transcript feature (great for those who miss a video conference), breakout sessions to create compelling group tasking sessions within one video conference, brilliant encryption tech, and much more.

BlueJeans is a brilliant option for many different companies, but especially for large enterprises. It is best for larger companies because most of the excellent features (breakout sessions, transcripts, closed captions, etc.) are on the enterprise pricing tier.

Additionally, BlueJeans has high-level encryptions for its video conferences, making it perfect for a larger company with more security needs.

Although BlueJeans is fantastic for many company types, it’s not the best option for small businesses. Even though small businesses can use the platform and get good use out of it, the most competitive features are on the enterprise tier.

If you want a video conferencing platform with the most competitive features, BlueJeans is a fantastic option.

BlueJeans Logo

Use BlueJeans Now To Deliver Excellent Video Conferences In Your Enterprise!

You can use BlueJeans to provide video conferences with brilliant video and audio to your workforce. Additionally, use the breakout sessions to manage smaller teams within one video conference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BlueJeans is one of the safest options in the video conference platform industry.

It makes a company’s video conferences more secure by introducing high-level encryption software. Encryptions will secure video conferences and prevent cyber attackers from accessing crucial data.

You can record video conferences on BlueJeans to show them to employees who don’t watch them live.

Depending on the pricing tier you choose for BlueJeans, you will get a different number of recording hours.

You get 5 hours for the standard tier, 25 for the pro, and unlimited hours for the enterprise tier.

Although there is no free tier on BlueJeans, it does mean that every video conference has an unlimited time limit.

Unlimited time limits put BlueScreen above the competition; even though some competitors have a free version, there is always a strict time limit.

You can easily share your screen on BlueJeans to show other video conference members critical information or data.

There is a clear ‘share screen’ icon to allow you to do this; you can also select the tab you want to share at the conference.


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