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Apollo.io helps you discover new leads and grow your business. You can use Apollo.io to find the right leads from its database. Search over 220 contacts to find potential clients for your business.

91% Genius Score

Apollo.io Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber based, Per User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

review new │ Apollo.io Overview

Do you value the contacts you make across your business? Enhance the quality and quantity of those contacts by using Apollo.io! Apollo.io offers you a comprehensive, global database to make networking easy and sustainable.

Apollo.io provides a reliable method for your business to reach potential sales, ensuring each lead is a quality lead. You will access an accurate B2B database of sales data with millions of sales data synced and verified.

Apollo.io is best for accessing verified database contacts to help your sales potential grow. Use Apollo.io to enable your business to reach optimum growth and generate a high volume of sales.

Read our complete Apollo.io review to discover more about how you can expand your networking skills and access verified leads! Our Genius Score ensures that you receive a clear and accurate picture of how Apollo.io can help your business!

Apollo.io – Best for accessing verified database contacts to boost your salesApollo.io will help you boost your sales and reach the optimum potential of your business.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Apollo.io

Can Apollo.io help you to find leads and boost your customer sales? Here are the various benefits that using Apollo.io can provide to your business.

Apollo.io Pros

tick new Easy to use

A simple interface means that Apollo.io is easy to use, operating an intuitive platform that all users will quickly begin to navigate.

tick new Tech stack

See the data relating to the company’s tech stack to gain a full view of the contacts available.

tick new Department growth

See which department is growing more than others, ensuring that the best contacts are made and maintained.

tick new Pricing options 

Choose from a range of pricing options to gain the perfect Apollo.io opportunities.

tick new Accessibility

A clear layout and a transparent interface ensure that Apollo.io is accessible to all.

tick new Accuracy  

The Apollo.io database is updated regularly so you know the information you are receiving is accurate and high-quality.

tick new Reliability

All information on the database is reliable and accurate, with refunds issued for bounce-back emails.

tick new Great customer service

Users report fast resolutions when a problem arises, receiving excellent customer service from Apollo.io.

tick new Lead generation

Verified email addresses and phone numbers are contained in the database to provide lead generation opportunities for you.

Apollo.io Cons

cons new Bouncebacks

Whilst most leads are accurate, some users do experience bounce-back emails at times.

cons new Duplication

On occasion, users report experiencing duplicated account records which hinders their search and lead generation.

cons new Speed 

Some users experience a slow system and occasional ‘crashes’.

cons new Precision

To receive accurate search results, precise spellings are required or inaccuracies will be felt.

Apollo.io AdvantagesApollo.io Disadvantages
plus new Easy to use interfaceminus new Some users experience bounce-back emails
plus new Company tech stack data is visibleminus new Database duplication
plus new See realistic department growthminus new System may slow down from time to time
plus new Various pricing optionsminus new Precise spellings needed in searches
plus new Highly accessible
plus new Accurate database searches
plus new Expert reliability for your business
plus new Superb customer service
plus new Specialist lead generation

Apollo.io logo

Try Apollo.io Now!

Apollo.io helps you generate leads and grow your own business! Spend less time networking and cold calling, instead of targeting realistic and accurate leads!

what new │ What Is Apollo.io?

Apollo.io helps you to discover new leads and grow your business! Using this sales intelligence tool saves your business time and money. Discover realistic leads that will establish sales and growth for you.

You can connect with new customers and connect with new contacts from the specialist Apollo.io database. A go-to-market strategy is formed, forming links globally.

Over 30 million companies feature on the Apollo.io database from all corners of the globe. You can connect with 220 million contacts to discover and generate as many leads as possible.

Generate an advanced search and identify new and exciting leads for your company. Furthermore, integration with LinkedIn and Data.com enhance your search findings and the success of your leads.

point new Discover new leads
point new Save time with focused searches
point new Connect with connections across the world
point new Over 220 million contacts and 30 million companies on the database
point new Advanced search capabilities
point new LinkedIn and Data.com integration

how new │ How Does Apollo.io Work?

Apollo.io is a sales intelligence tool that offers an all-in-one platform to increase your connections and generate leads.

When you use Apollo.io, you can search for a vast range of connections and companies. Try the advanced search feature to find the precise lead you are looking for!

Find out just how effective Apollo.io can be and try the demo today! You simply need to enter your details to book your free 30-minute demo. Accessing the demo will help you to determine how effective Apollo.io will be for your business.

feature new │ Features of Apollo.io

Apollo.io is a sales intelligence software tool with a difference! You can target potential customers using reliable information, generating high-quality sales leads!

Apollo.io has achieved a high Genius Score due to the mass of features presented within the product! What features can you expect to find when using Apollo.io?

  • Advanced Search. Find the contact that you need immediately with the advanced search feature of Apollo.io. Enable new leads to be identified quickly to make fast connections internationally.
  • List Downloads. Download your list quickly and easily from the platform to move your lead generation onto the next level.
  • List Uploads. Upload your contact lists to the Apollo.io platform for fast searches.
  • Market Information. Accurate and important information regarding the markets is available at all times.
  • Append Records. Append records at the contact or lead level, as well as account level.
  • Tracking. Track audience engagement to assess the quality of the connections made.
  • LinkedIn Integration. Contacts can be searched from LinkedIn connections.
Why Do YOU Need to Use Apollo.io?
point new Generate leads worldwide
point new Make networking work for you!
point new Effortlessly multiple your revenue
point new Access over 120 million phone numbers
point new Connect with over 250 million contacts and 60 million companies

Apollo.io logo

Apollo.io works for all business sizes! 

Connect with Apollo.io today, whatever your business size! All businesses will benefit from increased networking and lead generation, whatever your business sector!

who new │Who Should Use Apollo.io?

Apollo.io offers lead generation that is loved by sales and marketing professionals internationally. But, which businesses would particularly benefit from using Apollo.io?

Progress to read our Apollo.io review and discover the benefits that your business can enjoy when using Apollo.io.

point new Beginners

Beginners will be able to use Apollo.io easily due to the interface and the experience the software offers. Apollo.io simply identifies relevant targets and enables you to choose the best time to connect.

point new Experienced

Apollo.io will save experienced businesses time and effort whilst ensuring that untapped leads are accessible, whatever sector you are in.

point new Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses will love the versatility that Apollo.io offers, helping you to network and generate leads from all corners of the world.

point new Large Enterprises

Large enterprises will benefit from using Apollo.io, increasing the total meetings arranged and dramatically improving the call-to-meeting conversion times.

point new Small businesses need Apollo.io to generate new leads and reach new clientele. 
point new Medium businesses need Apollo.io to save time and reduce the effort in generating leads.
point new Enterprises need Apollo.io to increase their call-to-meeting conversion times.

Apollo.io logo

Try Apollo.io Now!

The Apollo.io tool offers fantastic features for all businesses, whatever size and in whatever industry. Your business could be small, medium, or large; Apollo.io will help you to generate leads and multiply your revenue and return on investment immediately!

cost and time new │Apollo.io Time and Cost

Apollo.io is a leader in sales intelligence, lead intelligence, marketing account intelligence, and sales engagement. You save time using credible leads and can connect with those who are ready to scale up!

There are several different pricing options that you can consider for Apollo.io. You can access a free subscription with all minimum features included, perfect if you want to assess what Apollo.io is really about. 

Alternatively, you could choose the Basic option for $49 per user per month, the Professional option for $99 per user per month, or a custom package for $6,000 for one user per year. You can also access a free trial for the Basic and Professional packages to try before you buy!

usability new │Usability

Apollo.io has achieved a fantastic Genius Score! But, has Apollo.io achieved its own aims and USP? Read the full Apollo.io review to discover more!

The purpose of Apollo.io is to utilize crowdsourcing data that is accurate and that can help your business generate leads. The conversations arising from leads are materialized into revenue and further opportunities for your business.

Using the Apollo.io database, you have access to over 250 million contacts and over 60 million companies internationally. The database consists of over 120 million mobile numbers, ensuring you can find the data you need.

Furthermore, the clear interface offered by Apollo.io is user-friendly! You can use the software immediately and start to generate new and improved leads for your business!

pricing new │Apollo.io Pricing – What Does It Cost?

A free Apollo.io package is available for one-person start-ups, offering 50 email credits per month. You are able to send 250 emails per day and can enjoy Zapier integration, email reply and meeting tracking as some of your included features.

The Basic package from Apollo.io is available at only $49 per user per month, providing 200 email credits per month and uncapped sending limits. This is the perfect Apollo.io subscription for small to medium-sized businesses.

For larger businesses, the Professional package from Apollo.io can be purchased for only $99 per user per month. You will receive unlimited email credits, 50 mobile numbers per month, call recordings, and A/B testing.

For significant enterprises, Apollo.io offer a custom package, starting at $6,000 per year for one user. Additional users can be added for $150 per month, billed annually. On top of unlimited email credits and custom mobile numbers, you can select 10,000 records at a time, in addition to customizable reports and call transcriptions. 

TrialYes! With the Basic and Professional packages.
FreeStarting from $0/user/month
BasicStarting from$49/user/month
ProfessionalStarting from$99/user/month
CustomStarting from$6,000 for one user per year

Apollo.io logo

Discover your Apollo.io quote today!

Connect with an expert from Apollo.io today and find out which package will benefit you and your business!

tools new │What Tools Are Included With Apollo.io?

Your Apollo.io purchase will include a selection of tools that will help you to grow and scale your business further.

point new Strategic Sequencing

Let the data work for you! Arrange automated tasks and sequence your emails and calls in the way you prefer. You save time whilst increasing the number of leads and sales achieved.

point new A/B Testing

Assess the best way that you can increase engagement by utilizing concurrent split tests.

A/B Testing

point new Safeguard Detections

Your data is safe with Apollo.io’s safeguard detections, preventing duplicate emails and spamming!

Safeguard Detections

point new CRM Integration

Save even more time and effort with Apollo.io, allowing Apollo.io’s CRM integration to log calls and emails as well as update activity details.

CRM Integration
Points to Note
point new Automate your calls, emails and tasks.
point new Use split tests to drive engagement further.
point new Protect your data from negative actions.
point new Use CRM integration to save you time and effort.

example new │Apollo.io Use Cases

Which companies are using Apollo.io to generate leads and increase their sales?

point new Kickfurther

Kickfurther loves the 17% increase in click rates that they have achieved since using Apollo.io! The business enjoys the interface, the experience, and the 25% positive reply rate, heightening their productivity substantially.

point new Optimove

Optimove describe Apollo.io as a game changer, allowing relevant targets to be identified effortlessly! The business loves the 4.5x increase in Ad clicks that Apollo.io provides, as well as the 6x increase in impressions.

point new SaaSOptics

SaaSOptics enjoys the easy-to-use feel of Apollo.io, providing the business with a superb immediate return on investment! Their call-to-meeting conversion times rose by 43%, ensuring a 39% increase in contact accuracy with Apollo in comparison with competitors.

support new │Support Quality

The support offered by Apollo.io is superb, providing a high Genius Score as a result! You can contact the Apollo.io team with a general enquiry at [email protected], or at [email protected] for a specific support enquiry.

The Apollo.io website also offers a blog that features numerous resources as well as a knowledge base for the latest information! You can access customer stories and view a comparison with other similar products and businesses. 

Furthermore, Apollo.io offers a series of webinars and a free demo so you are always kept up to date with the latest Apollo.io information!

Apollo.io Support
Support is available via email at [email protected]
General enquiries can be reached at [email protected]
The Apollo.io website contains a blog and a knowledge centre for guidance
Access Apollo.io webinars, and a free demo

conclusion new │Conclusion

Apollo.io is one of the best lead generation tools around, helping you to grow your business exponentially! 

Why waste time contacting random businesses and individuals? Allow the Apollo.io database to provide you with targeted data and information, increasing the likelihood of a call turning into a meeting.

When compared with Apollo.io’s greatest competitors, Apollo.io was ranked the highest on the g2 crowd. Apollo.io was described as having the most accurate database, the best end-to-end sales engine, and an affordable and flexible pricing plan.

There is a range of pricing options available from Apollo.io, from a free subscription to the custom package. You can seek help, guidance, and support from Apollo.io in a range of methods that meets your needs!

Apollo.io logo

Try Apollo.io Now!

Apollo.io is a must-have tool for businesses who need to access credible leads fast! Never waste time searching for leads again; develop your business quickly with the help of Apollo.io’s easy-to-use database.

Opt for an Apollo.io pricing plan that suits your needs, saving you time and money, whichever plan you choose!

Try Apollo.io today and access the reliable B2B database that you have searched long and hard for!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Apollo.io offers a B2B database, full of relevant and credible leads to help your business develop and grow.

Yes, there is a free subscription available from Apollo.io. Alternatively, you can access a free 14-day trial of the paid-for Basic and Professional subscriptions.

As well as a free subscription to Apollo.io, you can purchase the Basic package for $49 per user per month, the Professional package for $99 per user per month, or the custom package for $6,000 for one user per year.

Yes, Apollo.io is perfect for all businesses, whatever the size! Contact an expert at Apollo.io today and find out which package will suit your needs.



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