Newsmeter is an online global news tracker service. It provides a robust online news media monitoring SaaS with an award-winning technology. Our platform traces the global news sources around the world continuously. We have gathered over 510 million news (to which we add more every 5 mins) to date from tens of thousands of sources.

Users of Newsmeter have access to the following features:
- Online user interface, which can be accessed online without the need for installation
- Search news articles by topic(s) and filter them according to their main features such as domain, keyword, news source website, geographical information
- We index an average of 1 million news articles on a daily basis.
- Our indexing platform allows for competitor, geographical and trend analysis.
- Instantly generated customized reports based on the topic, source domain and location information of the news articles.
- Real-time email alerts after a news story about your pre-determined topics is published.
- Daily, weekly and monthly executive intelligent reports.

Newsmeter allows its users to internalize external information and make informed strategic business decisions about their brand. Our team of 26 which is made up of an R&D department of 18 developers works on continuously improving technological algorithms and procedures in order to provide world-class software to our users.

The seeds of Newsmeter were first planted in 2009 when we identified that news agencies were facing copyright infringement issues with the news stories they had come up with first. By that time online news websites had surpassed traditional media as the source of information.

PR professionals were facing the challenge of keeping track of the vast amount of information that was spreading instantaneously on the world wide web. In 2010, we had a basic tool established which tracked news websites so that our users were able to identify the daily news agenda of the city, country, region, industry.

By 2012, Newsmeter became the leading software service provider in online news monitoring in Turkey. In 2014, Newsmeter software was granted with endowment funding by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) for the exceptional software service provided in its field.

Key Features

  • online media monitoring
  • online news monitoring
  • social media monitoring
  • advanced reporting
  • competitor analysis
  • intelligence reporting
  • brand management
  • public relations



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