Top 10 Secrets of Digital Marketing Success

Online or Digital marketing has the greatest potential for business growth, and according to 49% of businesses, it provides the best return on investment.

Since marketing aims to reach your audience in the right places and at the right time, it only makes sense to use the internet as that is where most people work and spend most of their time. 

However, the competition in the online marketplace is stronger than ever, as each day, new businesses are created. 

In addition to that, due to the times we’re in, each business must strive for its own share of the digital space, a fact that is becoming increasingly difficult as even customers no longer stay with clients that struggle to keep up. 

To combat this, businesses and individuals must find creative ways to effectively compete in the online marketplace.

When used effectively, digital marketing will enable your business to identify and target potential clients, categorize current ones, boost sales, and achieve long-term growth. 

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In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at ten ways through which you can achieve digital marketing success. 

However, before we continue, let’s take a brief look at digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that involves marketing your products or services through the use of the internet and electronic devices. 

Digital marketing uses the internet and electronic tools like computers, tablets, and phones to reach potential clients instead of the conventional brick-and-mortar model.

Through digital marketing, you can identify potential customers, engage with them, and develop brand loyalty.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not only important because it connects you and your business to your ideal customers, but it is also effective in all industries. 

It is a very flexible form of marketing that promotes your business digitally. 

Here are some of the benefits of using digital marketing to promote your business:

  • Digital marketing gives you access to your ideal customers through their mobile phones.
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It grants you a wide range of flexibility to market your business creatively.
  • You boost your sales by gaining access to customers who shop online.
  • Digital marketing allows you to use multiple media types to promote your business.
  • With digital marketing, you can monitor your campaigns easily.
  • You can follow trends in your industry with digital marketing.
  • With digital marketing tools, you gain access to consumers across the world.

Since digital marketing is a valuable tool in promoting your business and increasing sales, it is vital to ensure that you do it successfully. You need to understand digital marketing and its secrets to maximize its tools to grow and promote your business.

Top 10 Secrets of Digital Marketing

Mobile-Optimized Websites

Since your customers mostly use their tablets and mobile phones to access the web, you must build a mobile responsive website. 

Building your website with a responsive design helps your web pages detect your customers’ screen resolution and adjust smoothly. 

Don’t you just hate when you visit a website on your phone, and the texts are so tiny that you have to zoom in to read them? And after zooming in, each line of text gets cut in half, leaving you to scroll back and forth horizontally for every line you have to read. 

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An unresponsive website can frustrate your visitors and cost you potential customers.

Optimizing your website’s responsiveness helps you avoid resizing, zooming, and distortion of content when customers visit your website on their mobile devices. 

With responsive design, your website automatically scales its content to fit the screen resolution of your customers. A responsive layout ensures that all your customers have a great experience while using your website, irrespective of screen resolution.

Here are some benefits of having a responsive website for digital marketing:

  • Your website is more likely to be recommended to prospective customers since Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites
  • When prospective customers visit your page, they are more likely to stick around if your website is fast and easy to navigate.
  • It helps you create more positive customer experiences, which gets your website to the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
  • A responsive website loads faster on mobile devices and increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective form of digital marketing that helps you reach your customers and promote your products or services through emails.

An email list consists of email addresses, names, gender, and location collected from visitors to your website, events, or social media accounts. 

Your email list usually consists of the subscribers that have permitted you to send them emails. 

You can send personalized messages to your target customers based on different criteria using email lists. You can also use Email Marketing Software to create, send, and monitor the emails sent to your subscribers. 

For instance, EmailOctopus divides your list into target audiences, personalizes your emails, and automates campaigns using insights and data.

Although buying an email list is easier than going through the trouble of building one, buying one is not a good idea. When you buy an email list, you send emails to non-subscribers, and your email engagement will be low. Your recipients might also get upset and mark your emails as spam.

How to Build Your Email List

  • Create sign-up forms for visitors to fill in their email addresses and other required data.
  • You can use pop-ups on their screens as they browse, asking them to subscribe to gain access to a promo or discount.
  • Simply ask your visitors for their emails and other data as they browse through your website.
  • Create bonus content that your visitors have to subscribe to access.

Benefits of using email lists for digital marketing include:

  • Email marketing increases your brand awareness.
  • It is not expensive, with a good Return On Investment (ROI).
  • It is easy to use with email marketing software monitoring your emails’ performance.
  • You get to build a relationship and trust with your subscribers.
  • You can share your landing page in an email campaign.
  • You can divide your subscribers into groups based on shared traits like interests, age, or gender, allowing you to create and send them messages they can relate to.

Social Media Promotions

An excellent online presence is vital for every business’s success in today’s world. Social media marketing allows you to use social media platforms to promote your business.

Social media helps you connect with your customers and interact with them. It also gives you access to essential customer data such as location, demographics, preferences, and personal information. 

Since most companies have gone digital, it is hard to stand out and reach your target customers. Hence, you must know the social media networks relevant to your business and how to use them.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three most important platforms for Social Media Marketing. These platforms can help you promote your products or services to their users by using value-added content, infographics, or animated content.

In addition, Facebook has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that help you easily connect with prospective customers. 

To run an Ad on Facebook or Instagram, you get to choose your target audience and your objective for running the ad. The platform uses this information to reach your target audience and fulfill your goal.

These social media platforms also provide engagement metrics that help you understand your customers better and know what they want.

The following are benefits associated with social media promotions for digital marketing:

  • It helps you to understand your target customers and know their preferences.
  • You generate traffic for your website from new visitors gained through social media promotions.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • You can reach your target customers easily.
  • With social media promotions, you access tools that help you keep up with the trends.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have enough power to affect the purchase decisions of your prospective customers. 

An influencer has a good following and is known well in an industry or niche, giving you access to your brand’s target customers.

With influencer marketing, you collaborate with people that have the power to influence the decisions of potential buyers and pay them to promote your products. This type of digital marketing allows you to gain exposure for your brand by working with influencers.

To successfully implement your marketing, you must choose an influencer marketing strategy. You must know your budget and the platform your target customers frequent to select an effective influencer strategy.

Since influencers are considered experts in their niche, their followers will likely listen to them when they recommend your brand. Using an influencer for your brand automatically builds trust for your brand.

To choose an influencer, you must ensure that they are authentic and match your brand’s values. You must select an influencer whose niche and followers are relevant to your brand.

You should know that it is not the number of followers influencers have that makes them compelling but the power they have over the purchase decisions of their audience.

With influencer marketing:

  • You get to reach your potential customers effectively.
  • You achieve improved brand awareness.
  • It is cost-effective with a high ROI.
  • You get to build trust with your influencer’s followers.

Analytics Tools

Analytics Tool

Data is essential to every digital marketer. Without data, you can’t know what works for you or how effective your marketing campaigns are. 

Analytics tools provide data essential for you to understand what your customers need. You can also measure how effective your digital campaigns are with marketing analytical tools. Some marketing analytics tools are free, while you have to pay to access some.

With analytic tools, you gather data from all your marketing channels, compare them, and identify the most effective one. They also make it easy for you to monitor the performance of your paid digital promotions.

Marketing analytics tools help you track your product sales and the sources that generate them. You also get to know your customers’ locations and their preferred devices.

Marketing analytics software like Google Analytics, MixPanel, Heap Analytics, and Cyfe has tools that allow you to maximize the effect of your digital marketing. 

Some customer engagement software also helps you to analyze your customers’ journey and give them better service. 

Here are some benefits of using analytics tools:

  • Most analytical software has a high return on income
  • You get access to information that helps you understand your customers and their decisions.
  • You can prioritize your resources by investing in sources that generate more sales.
  • These tools help you get to know your users.
  • It helps you predict future problems by following trends and customer behavior patterns.

Landing Pages

In digital marketing, a landing page is the web page your potential customers land on when they click from links sent through different digital locations.  

A good landing page convinces potential customers to fill in their personal information in exchange for what you offer them. Your landing page could provide visitors with a free trial, bonus, or promo in exchange for their subscription to receive your emails.

Landing pages have high leads and conversion rates when made correctly. It reels in your visitors and leads to more conversions for your brand.

Your landing page must have one solid Call To Action (CTA) that tells your visitors what you want them to do. It may be tempting to include more than one CTA, but this defeats its purpose as it dilutes the impact and urgency of your message. Remember you’re trying to draw your visitors in without overwhelming them.

You must not ask your visitors for too much information in the forms on your landing page, as this might scare them away. A good landing page should give potential customers an excellent impression of your brand.

There are different landing pages, such as Click-through, Viral, Splash, and Infomercial, for you to choose from based on their purpose, your target audience, and what appeals to them.

Landing page builder software like Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages, and Swipe pages create landing pages with images and forms for your visitors to fill for you.

  • Some benefits of a landing page for digital marketing include:
  • High conversions and leads for your business.
  • Excellent first impression.
  • You can test different designs on landing pages and stick to the ones your visitors react best to.
  • Landing pages help you grow your email list with the information collected from visitors.
  • Brand awareness.

Video Marketing

You can captivate and connect with your audience relatively quickly with digital videos, as most people spend a lot of their time online watching videos.

Video marketing uses videos to promote your products and services. It engages and entertains your consumers and can also build customer rapport. 

Video content helps potential customers understand your products and services as video encourages information retention since they are easy to digest.

To create video content, you must have a video marketing strategy. With a video marketing strategy, you choose your goal, video platforms, and length of your videos. Your videos should end with a CTA.

Your video must engage your target audience and also fulfill your marketing goals. You have to plan, test, and tweak your videos until it gives you your desired results.

Your video could be on your website, landing page, or an Ad on a website, which increases product sales, brand awareness, website traffic, and sales reasonably. 

Benefits of videos for digital marketing:

  • It increases your potential customers’ understanding of your brand.
  • You rank higher in search engine optimization (SEO).
  • You get to engage with your customers.
  • Your potential customers get a good impression of your brand. 
  • It promotes sales.
  • Video content promotes brand awareness.
  • Your brand will stand out more with unique video content.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid searches ensure that your ads reach your target audience. With paid searches, you do not need an organic SEO for your ads or website to be on the first search engine result page.

With paid search, you can display your ads higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) by paying search engines.

You get to choose your target audience by using keyword phrases. And you are more likely to reach potential customers when they search for these phrases.

It is essential that the ads you place for paid searches have a good copy. Your ads should be good enough to yield a high conversion rate from people that click on them. A good landing page also helps you to collect visitors’ information and keep in contact with them.

Pay-per-click is a paid search advertising model you only have to pay for when your ads get clicked. It allows you to buy visitors to your website instead of having to earn it organically. It is cost-effective as you only have to pay when you get actual visitors.

Benefits of using Paid searches to promote your brand:

  • It is cost effective
  • You can measure the results you get from paid searches.
  • It creates more awareness for your brand.
  • Your website gets more traffic from the ads you place with paid searches.
  • You can connect with potential customers locally.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

To generate more traffic for your website, you must ensure that it is placed very high on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website to rank high in the SERP. It helps your website to be found easily by potential customers. A higher SEO gives your business more visibility.

It is vital to rank high in search engine result pages as most people only review the first two pages. Ranking high also makes people trust your brand as they believe more people must use it.

Your content must be relevant and clear with related keywords,  titles, and URLs and be a reasonable length to be ranked high in SERPs.

Since Google is the dominant SEO software, you must rank high on its search engine result page to gain visibility.

You must have high-quality content to rank high on Google’s SERPs. Your website must also be mobile-friendly and responsive with good speed as google puts mobile first. Google also ranks your website higher when it has links, positive reviews, and good ratings.

Here are some benefits of using Search Engine Optimization to grow your business:

  • People trust your brand and website when it is ranked high in SERPs.
  • It generates high traffic for your website
  • It has a high return on investment
  • SEO promotes your business for you
  • You get to reach your target audience
  • It makes your paid search more successful.

Content Marketing

You can attract customers by creating valuable content. When you create videos or articles people find entertaining or educating, you build a strong relationship with them.

Content marketing helps you generate website traffic by creating valuable content and engaging people. Your content could be podcasts, emails, newsletters, articles, or videos

To create valuable content, you must know and understand your target audience. It is also beneficial to create content that educates your target audience and possibly solves a problem. 

You need different content for every step of the sales cycle as it helps you walk your customers through the process. You must have content that creates awareness for your customers, addresses their needs, and educates them about your business offers and your product’s features.

You can use solutions like Content management software to create, store, and manage your content for effective digital marketing. The software is simple to use and stores your content for you, allowing you to access it from any location.

Here are some of the things content marketing does for your business:

  • It drives more sales for your business
  • You build traffic for your website.
  • It creates brand awareness.
  • Good content boosts your SEO.
  • It helps you rank higher in SERPs
  • You build trust with your customers.
  • It is cost-.effective.
  • Good content grows your social media following.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is an effective way of growing your business and generating sales as it helps you reach a wider audience relatively easily. It is also more cost-effective than other types of marketing. 

This type of marketing connects your business to your target audience irrespective of their location by using the internet. You can promote your business organically or pay for it with digital marketing.

Since digital marketing gives you so many tools, it is easy to get confused and use them the wrong way. Many business owners invest so much money in digital marketing just to generate low sales because they are doing it wrongly. You must know your target customers and what they need to promote your business with digital marketing effectively.

You have to choose the digital marketing strategy that is most effective for your business to optimize this type of marketing. You need to understand your customers and know what they need to choose the best digital marketing strategy for your business. 

An effective digital marketing strategy helps you generate sales and conversions without wasting your time and resources.