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1Password Review

List of the Best Alternatives for 1Password

When choosing your password manager, there are many factors you should consider, including security level, ease of use, pricing, and unique features they offer. After doing our research, we’ve come up with these great alternatives. Which one you go for will depend on your needs and preferences, but whatever your choice is, you’ll get a quality solution.

Zoho Vault
1. Zoho Vault

— Zoho Vault offers powerful security dashboards, secure password management, and organized access with folders, all in one… Zoho Vault Review

Starting price$1/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial15 days (Business)
Free VersionYes
2. Dashlane

— If you need a safe password manager software tool to protect your data, Dashlane can provide you…

Starting price$3.99/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
Keeper Password Manager
3. Keeper Password Manager

— Safeguard your passwords with a secure and convenient password manager. Keeper Password Manager provides a safe place…

Starting price$3.75/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day (Business) and 30-day (personal)
Free VersionNo
4. LastPass

— LastPass is simple and secure password manager software that helps individuals and businesses secure all passwords and…

Starting price$3/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day
Free VersionYes
5. RoboForm

— RoboForm is a password manager software tool that will remove the burden of remembering your passwords. It… RoboForm Review

Starting price$39.95/yr
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes


Passwords have always been a point of concern for the security of a company and its information. While hacking and phishing methods haveAbout 62% of users developed over the years (and continue to do so), people’s habits haven’t.

About 62% of users use the same password variation for all their accounts, with over 23 million accounts having “123456” as a password. 

Since 51% of people use the same password for their personal and business accounts, this should be a concern for business owners.

If your employees use the same password all the time, it takes one breach to undermine your security efforts entirely. That’s where password manager software solutions come in.

1Password is a password manager that allows you to generate, use, and store robust passwords that don’t use simple phrases and information such as someone’s birth date.

The software is renowned for the following:

  • Using a 256-bit AES encryption key
  • Auto filling your login credentials while requiring a two-factor authentication
  • Notifying if there was an attempted breach
  • Storing payment information

Still, 1Password is not the only solution in the space, and you have various options to choose from. We’ve gone on a mission to compare alternatives to 1Password thoroughly and give you a complete overview of other solutions so that you can make the best choice for you and your company.

Alternatives Ranking—How We Got the Results

It’s easy to google what tool to use to avoid password breaches and select the first name that pops up. Being lackluster in your research can result in major issues for your company. After all, passwords are there to protect the security of your whole business, this is not a decision to take on a whim.

The good news is, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve gone through dozens of software ranking platforms to compile a list of 50–100 password managers with the best rankings. After that, we’ve read hundreds of reviews coming from both regular users and industry experts. Our goal was to make a list of each product’s top features and key metadata.

After several obvious dropouts, we’ve scheduled demos with all password managers that offered them. Our security and IT experts played around with each solution to see how well each feature performed and what the general opinion about the UI/UX was.

The final step is to learn about search intent data by checking Google trends and website traffic, as well as using several Social Listening tools.

We’ve scored password managers positively or negatively on each factor, allowing us to come up with a final score and ranking. The result of the process is the list of the top five 1Password alternatives.

How Does a Password Manager Work?

Cyber attacks are on a constant rise. System intrusion, phishing, ransomware—if you can think of it, it exists (cybersecurity has its own rule 34). If your grandma uses “qwerty” as her Facebook password, that’s fine. 

Still, your company shouldn’t be dependent on an employee that uses a simple phrase that’s easy to remember and, more importantly, easy to breach.

According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, 80% of all global data breaches come from flimsy password security.

The only way to combat that is to use complicated, strong passwords that would take so much time to breach that it’s not worth it for the hackers. 

Obviously, password generators are not human memory-friendly, and you need to have secure software for storing passwords.

A password manager like 1Password is a solution that helps you store and access passwords with ease. Most managers provide features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and password sharing to offer an extra layer of security while being more convenient.

While there’s no such thing as an impenetrable system, it’s highly unlikely your system is safer than a password manager that exists to provide maximum security.

While the level of security a password manager provides should be non-negotiable, solutions come with different additional features and varying pricing models. This allows you to choose the best fit for you and your company.

Zoho Vault: Best 1Password Alternative for Businesses

Zoho Vault is a password manager that encrypts login credentials in the cloud, meaning that even hardware theft can’t affect the safety of your passwords. 

While 1Password has features aimed at businesses, Zoho Vault reigns superior in this section. The software lets people share passwords and is user-friendly even for less tech-savvy employees.

The standout feature is the fact that admins can manage user permissions. They also have an insight into the strength of individual passwords, with Zoho Vault notifying admins of any weak passwords or the reuse of old variations.


You get a 15-day free trial to check out the software before committing to a subscription plan. It starts with a free plan for a single user. 

If you’re a business that wants several users to use the software, you’ll need to opt for one of the following:

  • Standard—€1 per user per month
  • Professional—€5 per user per month (minimum five users)
  • Enterprise—€8 per user per month (minimum five users)

Note that you get 10% off if you choose annual billing.

tick-n Free PlanIt offers a free plan with unlimited storageFor single users only
tick-n SharingEasy to share passwords among team members
tick-n SupportAvailable 24 hours during business days, you can ask for a custom quoteLacks live chat. Phone support available in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and India only
tick-n PricingCompetitive pricing plans with four tiers available

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Protect your company and enable employees to store and share passwords safely with Zoho Vault.

RoboForm: Best 1Password Alternative for Budget-Conscious Users

RoboForm is a password manager that does more than storing and generating strong passwords. You can use it to store payment information and share password-protected files  and contact information. 

The RoboForm Identities feature allows you to add general information about yourself (or someone else) and fill out online forms automatically.

It uses the same military-grade encryption key (256-bit AES) as 1Password.

RoboForm has a flexible pricing model, with separate plans for individuals and businesses. Depending on how many features you want to unlock, you can get a comprehensive password manager for a price that beats other competitors.


The company has two different pricing models for:

  1. Individuals
  2. Businesses


While the platform doesn’t have a free trial, you can create a free account with unlimited logins, military-grade encryption, and multi-platform support.

Aside from the free option, you can pick RoboForm Everywhere, which costs $19 per account yearly. The paid plan has two-factor authentication, customer support, and several other features.


Business accounts can try a fully-functional 14-day trial. After that, they need to pick between four pricing options that depend on the number of users they have:

  1. 1 to 10—$39.95 per user
  2. 11 to 25—$35.95 per user
  3. 25 to 100—$34.95 per user
  4. 101 to 1,000—$29.95 per user

The prices above are for a yearly subscription. You can get a discount if you commit to a 3- or 5-year billing period.

tick-n Free PlanHas a free plan with no time restrictionsLimited features
tick-n SharingOffers secure sharing of passwords and filesSharing folders available in business plans only
tick-n Support24/7 supportUnavailable in the free plan
tick-n PricingOne of the most affordable solutions


Try RoboForm for Free

Keep your personal and business data safe with RoboForm. The platform makes sharing of confidential files easy and secure.

LastPass: Most Accessible Alternative to 1Password

LastPass has achieved comfort and user-friendliness other password managers can be envious of—without compromising security. It uses the same-level encryption key as 1Password, but it comes with more advanced sharing features.

For example, you can share your password with someone and set up limitations to what information they can access. LastPass also comes with an autofill feature. With this, you only need to know your master password, and LastPass will fill out other passwords automatically. 

It has a mobile app, meaning that you can access your passwords (and accounts) on the go.

LastPass offers two-factor authentication via a fingerprint or an SMS code.


You can choose pricing models for single users and businesses. Single users have a free plan that comes with a 30-day premium trial and has only one accessible device. Other single-user plans are Premium (€2.90 per month) and Families (€3.90 per month). 

When it comes to business packages, they come with a 14-day trial. After that, you need to select one of the following:

  • Teams—€3.90 per user per month
  • Business—€5.70 per user per month
tick-n Free PlanIt offers a free plan with unlimited storageFor single users only
tick-n SharingPassword sharing available in all plans
tick-n SupportEmail supportLacks live chat and phone support
tick-n PricingFree plan is enough for most usersAnnual billing only


Try LastPass Today

LastPass allows you to protect your business and family in the online space. Try out its user-friendly UI and access your passwords on the go.

Dashlane: Best 1Password Alternative for Maximum Security

Dashlane is one of the best-known password managers out there, with over 15 million users to its name.

Like with every password manager, you can use Dashlane to generate strong passwords and store them safely. Still, the platform goes one step further and offers end-to-end encryption, bulk password changes, team management, and single sign-on.

If you plan on visiting the dark web for whatever reason, Dashlane will monitor if any of your data is being leaked. The platform also has a built-in VPN to protect your data on a shared WiFi network. 


Dashlane offers a free plan for individuals, limited to a single device. Single users can also choose between Advanced ($2.75 per month), Premium ($3.33 per month), and Friends & Family ($2.75 per month) plans.

As for business accounts, you can choose from the following:

  1. Starter—$2 per seat per month
  2. Team—$5 per seat per month
  3. Business—$8 per seat per month

Note that the Starter plan unlocks 10 seats (i.e., the minimum pricing is $20 per month), and each plan is billed annually.

tick-n Free PlanOffers a free plan for individual usersLimited to one device
tick-n SharingGreat password-sharing functionalitiesLacks folder sharing
tick-n SupportLive chat and email supportPriority support for premium users only
tick-n PricingAffordable pricesNo monthly billing for businesses


Try Dashlane Now

Make sure your accounts are safe with Dashlane’s top-notch security system. Try it out for free to get an idea of how the software works.

Keeper Password Manager: Best 1Password Alternative for Flexible Pricing

Keeper Password Manager uses a 256-bit encryption key with a “Zero Knowledge” policy. This means that Keeper doesn’t store any data or logs of your passwords or how you use them. It comes with the common features of auto filling forms, generating passwords, and sharing with other users.

Using the KeeperChat feature, you can communicate with other users in your team and exchange files safely without worrying about any information breaches. The platform comes with 10 GB of storage for your files, which most alternative options lack.

There are also team management features for admins to keep track of each user, which is especially useful for growing teams.

One of the advantages of Keeper is that it has a flexible pricing model, with multiple plans to choose from, so you don’t end up paying for features you won’t use.


We’ve all come across platforms that offer a handful of features but bundle them into two or three subscription plans. If you want to unlock a single premium feature, you have to unlock them all and, of course, pay for them all.

Keeper Password Manager has a comprehensive pricing model, with separate plans for:

  1. Business use
  2. Personal use
  3. Military and medical staff

Business Pricing

Business accounts can choose three pricing plans:

  1. Starter—$2 per user per month ($24 when billed annually)
  2. Business—$3.75 per user per month ($45 when billed annually)
  3. Enterprise—Price available upon contact

Regardless of the plan, you get the Family plan for free for each user.

Personal Pricing

Keeper Password Manager has two pricing plans for personal use:

  1. Personal—$2.92 per month ($35 when billed annually)
  2. Family—$6.25 per month ($75 when billed annually)

If you’re a student, you qualify for a 50% discount.

Pricing for Military and Medical Staff

Keeper is dedicated to showing support to the military, first responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital employees. As a result, users from these groups can get 30% off the annual billing of personal-use plans. In other words, instead of paying $35 for the Personal and $75 for the Family plan, they will get billed $24.49 and $52.49, respectively.

tick-n Free PlanNo free plan
tick-n SharingSharing sensitive data is secure
tick-n SupportThey offer 24/7 support and have an extensive knowledge base
tick-n PricingComprehensive pricing models with several plans to choose fromNo free trials

Keeper Password Manager

Check Out Keeper Password Manager Now

Keep your accounts safe with Keeper Password Manager. Find the best pricing model for your needs and don’t overpay for unnecessary features.

How To Choose a 1Password Alternative

When all is said and done, password managers are pretty similar to one another. They all offer a secure way of storing passwords, come with a password generator, and have more or less advanced sharing features.

Among the solutions mentioned in this article, you won’t be wrong with any of them—including 1Password. The choice depends on your personal needs and nuances, i.e., which features you want to prioritize. You can focus on:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Pricing
  3. Additional features


You should be able to use your password manager on every device. There’s no use having a secure password stored on your phone if you can’t access your account from your PC.

If it’s important to you to be able to access passwords from different accounts, consider that some solutions lack that option. For example, Dashlane’s free plan is limited to a single device, while LastPass is not compatible with Linux devices.


It’s costlier to use a password manager than to enter “Password123” every time. The thing is, that’s a wrong way to go about it. When choosing how much you’re willing to pay, think about how much money you’re saving on a potential data breach.

Depending on your business’s type (and size), you may need to opt for a more secure pricing plan. Still, make sure to compare different solutions to get the best value for your money.

Additional Features

If your only goal is to store a password securely, any well-built password manager will do. However, if you want to get more out of it, you need to check out its additional features. Do you need a built-in VPN? Do you want to be able to share files with your team members? Maybe you want to get notified when there is a password change?

Try to list your priority needs and decide on the best solution based on how many boxes it ticks.

What Are the Best Password Managers Platforms for You?

We’ve gone through a meticulous process of ranking around 100 different password managers to get to the best ones. You can rest assured whichever you choose from our list, you’ll be getting a great deal.

Still, each solution has something unique about it which should attract or deter you.

  • Zoho Vault—Comes with a user-friendly UI and advanced features aimed at businesses that want to manage their teams’ security
  • RoboForm—If you want to get great security without it having a great effect on your budget, RoboForm’s affordable pricing plan will be attractive to you
  • LastPass—This solution is excellent for on-the-go users that want to share their passwords with other users but still remain in control of how much access other users get
  • Dashlane—The platform goes the extra mile to keep you safe, with a built-in VPN and end-to-end encryption
  • Keeper—You can maximize your expenditure by choosing one of several pricing plans that best fits your needs


1Password is a comprehensive, well-built password manager solution that most users are satisfied with. Still, if you find you lack some features, you don’t have to settle for 1Password. With plenty of alternatives on offer, you can focus on various factors to make the best solution.

One thing is for certain, you won’t make a mistake if you choose any of the alternatives we’ve reviewed and approved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Password offers high-quality security that is hard to surpass. Dashlane offers more advanced security features, while other solutions, such as Keeper, have greater storage.

Arguably the most popular password manager is Dashlane, with over 15 million users. Apart from Dashlane, popular solutions among security experts are 1Password, LastPass, and Keeper.

Yes! Your personal and your business’s security is one breach away from being compromised. Password-hacking methods have improved over time, and most people use simple passwords that are easily crackable. A password manager protects you from phishing, hacking, and ransomware attacks.

The reason a lot of people don’t use password managers is not the lack of trust, but the lack of realization that password managers are necessary. While it’s impossible to say that any system is completely hack-proof, cybersecurity experts agree that password managers are the most secure way of storing your passwords.

Dashlane and Zoho Vault offer a free plan, however, they are available for individual use only. If you’re a company, you will need to get a paid account.



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