1password is a password manager software that offers a simple and easy way to store and use strong passwords. This software helps keep your family safe online, and it also enables you to secure, organize, and manage your company’s private infrastructure with secret automation.
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review new │1Password Overview

To keep your data secure, you need to ensure that your employees are setting strong and unique passwords. If your employees struggle to remember complex passwords, they must note them down in a secure location. 

1Password is a password manager. Your employees can use 1Password to store all of their passwords, software licenses, and sensitive data. All of this information is locked by one master key password.

If 1Password sounds like just the ticket, read on. Our 1Password review will tell you everything you need to know about the best software for password management, and our Genius Score will help you evaluate whether this software is suitable for your business!

1Password – Best for password management!
Keep your passwords and personal information secure with 1Password for all accounts.

pros and cons new │ Pros And Cons

Below are some of the top pros and cons of 1Password. Use these pros and cons to understand whether this is the right password management system for you!


tick new 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

1Password requires two authentication methods for you to enter your account. One authentication method is a secret key stored on your device, and the other is the master password you create yourself. The 2FA feature ensures that only authorized users can access your passwords and sensitive information.

tick new Password Strength Monitoring

You need to set strong and unique passwords across your accounts to keep your data secure. 1Password provides password strength monitoring to ensure all your passwords are unique and cannot be guessed easily.

tick new Virtual Payment Cards

You can easily access your payment information using 1Password. Rather than storing your payment information on separate accounts, you can keep it in one secure location to avoid falling victim to bank fraud.

tick new Watchtower

1Password has a feature called watchtower. Watchtower alerts you if your information is breached or someone has attempted to access your sensitive data. With watchtower, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

tick new No Auto-Login Feature

If an unauthorized user gains access to your device, they won’t be able to automatically log in to your 1Password account and gain access to your personal information. 1Password has no auto-login feature.

tick new Update Alerts

Watchtower will alert you when you need to install an update, ensuring you eliminate any vulnerabilities in older software versions.

tick new Travel mode 

When you travel, you must ensure that only the information you need is readily available. By turning on ‘travel mode,’ you can ensure that only the information you have marked as travel-friendly will be available.


Here are some of the 1Password cons you need to know before investing in this password management tool.

cons new Limited Sharing

You can only share information from your 1Password account with people that use the tool.

cons new No Free Plan

There is no free tier for 1Password. Payment plans begin at the personal tier for $2.99/month.

cons new No One-Click Password Updates

You cannot update your passwords automatically; instead, you must manually enter new passwords.

1Password Advantages1Password Disadvantages
plus new Two-factor authentication minus new No free plan
plus new Password strength monitoring minus new Limited sharing capacity
plus new Web browser extension minus new Limited customer support 
plus new Travel mode minus new No one-click password updates
plus new Virtual payment cards 
plus new Watchtower 
plus new Monitor card expiration dates 
plus new No auto-login feature
plus new Update Alerts


Why Wait? Try 1Password Today!
You must keep your payment information, passwords, and sensitive data secure. This password management software keeps track of your passwords and stores sensitive information.
Why take the risk? Secure your passwords with 1Password!

what new │What Is 1Password?

1Password is a password management tool. Businesses and individuals need to establish strong passwords to protect their accounts and use unique passwords to ensure that the third party does not gain access to all of their accounts if one account is compromised.

Keeping track of your unique passwords can be tricky, which is why many users reuse old ones. But, with 1Password, you can ensure that all your passwords are unique and keep all of your passwords stored away safely.

1Password secures all of your passwords under one master password and a secret key. You can use 1Password to store your passwords, or you can use it to store more information. You can store your bank card details on the software and private and personal documents and information on the software.

And, if you need a little guidance when it comes to setting strong passwords, 1Password provides password strength monitoring.

The software will automatically alert you when someone tries to access your information or if you fall victim to a data breach. When you travel, you can ensure that only a partial amount of the information is accessible on your device by turning on ‘travel mode’ and selecting your travel-friendly information.

point new Keep track of your passwords in one place.
point new Store passwords, bank card details, and sensitive information.
point new Receive alerts when your account is compromised.
point new Use travel mode to keep data safe across borders.
point new Use password strength monitoring to set stronger passwords.

how new │How Does 1Password Work?

1Password is the vault in which you store your passwords for all accounts, allowing you to set unique passwords for all accounts and store them away to refresh your memory. 

When you invest in 1Password, and it comes time to create your account, you will receive an email. In this email, you will receive your login details, along with the following information:

point new Your secret key
The secret key is a 32-digit key that you can use to log into your account. The key is stored only on your device. 1Password has no record of this key under their zero-knowledge policy
point new Your master password
In the link, you must set a master password, granting you access to your other passwords.

Once you set up your account, you can use 1Password to store your passwords and other relevant information. You might choose to upload your card details and other sensitive information such as PINs for different accounts.

If you’re setting up an account for a family or business, you will need to add people to the account. These people will then receive their secret key and master password link. You may also wish to set up administration permission controls for your business. You can create shared vaults across accounts in your family or business plan.

Once you have set up 1Password for yourself and other members who wish to use your plan, you can simply use the software whenever you need to retrieve personal information, bank details, or passwords.

feature new │The Main Features Of 1Password

Now that we are familiar with what 1Password is, how it works, and the pros and cons of the software, let’s dive in and discuss some of the main features of 1Password, along with how they work and what they do.

point new Two-Factor Authentication

Since your 1Password account will contain the passwords to all your other accounts, you need to know that the information is only accessible to you from your device. To ensure this, 1Password has two-factor authentication (2FA). 

You log in using a 32-digit secret key stored on your device only and a password of your own making. Since you can only access the 32-digit secret key on your device, this prevents others from entering your account on an unknown device.

 Two-Factor Authentication

point new Password Strength Monitoring

Your passwords must be strong and unique to withstand security breaches. 1Password helps you create and maintain strong passwords using the following methods:

  • Notifying you when you have reused an old password.
  • Notifying you when your password is weak.
  • Notifying you when your password has been exposed in a data breach.
  • Notifying you if your password poses a security risk.

Password strength monitoring and security breach alerts are stapled features in many password management tools. You can instantly access a list of your weak or compromised passwords to make corrections and update your passwords.

sword Strength Monitoring

point new Watchtower

Watchtower is the element of the tool that spots weak passwords and security breaches. However, this feature performs other functions, too! Watchtower notifies you when your bank cards expire, so you can head over to your banking app and order yourself a new card. 

point new Travel Mode

Travel mode is designed to help you keep your data secure while jetting off to unfamiliar territory. Along your travels, you will be accessing your personal information on public and untrusted networks. For this reason, you should ensure that you can only access the data you need on your 1Password account.

1Password’s travel mode feature allows you to select the information you deem necessary for your travels and the information you need to keep secure during your trip. When you switch travel mode on, you can only access the travel-friendly information using your account.

point new 1PasswordX

The 1PasswordX feature of 1Password makes it only accessible via the web browser. So, whether you’re using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Bing, or Firefox, you can use 1PasswordX with the browser.

1PasswordX is designed to increase the convenience of the user experience. Whenever you log in to an account or create an account, your details will automatically be saved to your 1Password account for later retrieval. There is no auto-login feature with 1PasswordX, as this would put your accounts at risk. If an unauthorized user stole your device.

1Password Main Features
point new 2FA – Double protection for your most sensitive assets. Password strength monitoring – fortification for all of your accounts.
point new Watchtower – See if any of your accounts are compromised.
point new Travel mode – Set varying access levels based on your location.
point new 1PasswordX – Automatically save passwords through your browser.


Don’t Miss Out! Give 1Password A Go!
Is your data secure? If you’re reusing passwords, you need to use 1Password. 1Password allows you to keep your unique passwords locked away in a secure digital location for retrieval. Never forget a password again.

who new │Can Anyone Use 1Password?

We have rated 1Password highly using our Genius Score analysis. To understand why to read our full 1Password review!

1Password is designed to provide a quick, simple, and straightforward way for users to remember their passwords and provides a secure online ‘vault’ for storing sensitive data in a cloud-based location. 

Who can use 1Password? Here are the people that would benefit most from 1Password:

point new Businesses

An astounding number of data breaches are caused by weak passwords. You can use 1Password to ensure your employees can set efficient passwords and retrieve them from a secure location if they lose track.

point new Families

You, your partner, and your children have accounts you must secure. Your whole family can keep their passwords secure in your 1Password vault, ensuring your children aren’t vulnerable when surfing the web.

features point Personal

Your passwords and bank details should not be vulnerable to interception by a third party. 1Password reduces your risk of bank fraud and allows you to secure your accounts conveniently.

1Password is suitable for any user and can be used on a personal, family, or business basis. 1Password is easy to use and set up, and you can rest easy knowing your data is secure. You can use a business account to make the product more scalable and accessible to all your employees. Or, you can simply use it to protect your and your family’s payment information and passwords on your home devices.

Since 1Password is a cloud-based solution, users can access their passwords and sensitive data on their devices from anywhere, which is preferable to writing passwords down on paper (and inevitably losing them). 

point new Personal You can use 1Password to secure your own accounts, bank details, and data.
point new Business You can use 1Password to encourage password health across your business.
point new Family Keeps your family’s accounts secure for safer browsing with 1Password.


1Password – Try It Today!
1Password is the best tool for password management. Our Genius Score rates 1Password highly. Invest in 1Password to ensure your accounts are sealed and retrieve your passwords instantly.

cost and time new │How Long Does It Take To Use 1Password?

If you have 1Password in your browser, you can use it instantly. When you create a new password or log into a new account, the password management software will automatically save these passwords for later retrieval.

So, when setting up your account, you don’t need to sweat manually entering your passwords – the software does all the work for you.

When retrieving your passwords, you must enter the secret key (which is stored on your device) along with your master password (which you created). Once this information has been entered, you can use the software to retrieve the password for your account! 

usability new │How Easy Is It To Use 1Password?

1Password is easy and simple to use. Once you have downloaded the tool, it requires very little maintenance. You do not have to spend time updating your passwords and adding new passwords to your account with 1PasswordX, as the software saves your passwords for you automatically.

Setting up your account is the most challenging part of using 1Password. You simply download the software and set your new master password, keeping your 32-digit secret key stored safely on your device for 2FA.

If you need to add bank cards or check your passwords, simply open 1Password and use the user-friendly interface.

pricing new │How Much Does 1Password Cost?

1Password is priced competitively with other password managers on the market, which is why we have ranked it highly using our Genius Score. If you’re considering using 1Password, you must consider your needs. 1Password is suitable for personal, family, and business use, and the payment plans are priced accordingly:

Personal tier – the personal tier comes with only 1 license. You can use it on multiple devices and store unlimited passwords and documents. You can access 2FA, travel mode, and email customer support 24/7.

Family tier – the family tier is structured like the personal tier. You can also create guest accounts, account recovery, and share vaults.

Teams tier – with this tier, you gain all the features of the personal and family tiers, along with duo integration and admin permission controls.

point new Free VersionNo
point new Personal Tier$2.99/month
point new Family Tier$4.99/month
point new Teams Tier7.99/month per user


Don’t Miss Out – You Need 1Password!
1Password is easy-to-use password management software – never forget your password again! Use this helpful tool to store your passwords and create stronger passwords.
Try 1Password today to store your passwords in a safe space.

tools new │1Password Tools For Businesses

The 1Password teams tier is ideal for businesses. Your company needs to keep its data security to avoid breaches that could be fatal for your business’s success. A significant part of securing your data is ensuring that your staff knows the best practices for setting passwords. You can use 1Password to enforce strong password creation across your business.

The tool will automatically alert your staff when they reuse old passwords or when their passwords aren’t up to scratch. You can store your staff’s login details, secure documents, SSH keys, and notes on 1Password for increased protection.

Password Tools For Businesses

With 1Password for business, you will not have to worry about the quality of your employees’ passwords, and you can minimize your vulnerability to security breaches.

1Password Tools For Businesses!
tick new Password transfer from email and spreadsheets.
tick new Dashboards to show your business’ security health.
tick new Assistance in setting solid and unique passwords.
tick new Travel mode for hybrid and remote work models.

example new │1Password In Action – Best Examples

Let’s dive in and look at some of the best use-cases of this password-monitoring software. Here are some companies that have benefitted from 1Password:

point new Geckoboard

As their business grew, Geckoboard struggled to manage the vast number of credentials across many different platforms. By implementing 1Password, they could use multiple vaults for shared teams and streamline the management of their passwords and credentials.

point new Netguru

Netguru works all across the globe and has been a longstanding customer of 1Password, which has allowed them to secure their data with ease and convenience.

point new Care Clinic

Care Clinic is a healthcare software provider. They benefitted from implementing 1Password to assist in onboarding new employees, allowing them to set stronger passwords and keep a log of all their unique login details.

point new Dribbble

This company chose 1Password because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface and trustworthy and robust security. Drrrible found that 1Password solved many of their password compromisation issues.

support new │1Password Customer Support

Let’s discuss customer support – What do you do if you have a question about using 1Password? 

On their website, 1Password offers a plethora of FAQs and answers to help answer the common queries people might have when using the tool. When setting up your 1Password account, many how-to guides are available to help get you started.

If you have any more complex questions, there is a 24/7 email helpdesk at 1Password to help you troubleshoot any issues with the software or help you use the software. Unfortunately, there are no live chats or phone lines for 1Password customer support. However, the email helpdesk has fast response times to ensure your queries are resolved quickly.

1Password Customer Support
point new FAQs
point new How-tos
point new 24/7 email helpdesk with fast response times
Alternative To 1Password – Rippling
Rippling is another password management tool you might consider using if you’re evaluating password management software for your business. Rippling allows you to store payroll information, HR information, and passwords in a digital vault for better cybersecurity.
Rippling Compared With 1Password
Compared with 1Password, Rippling comes out favorably in terms of the user experience. It meets the user’s requirements with a usable and intuitive interface. However, it can be slower to reach ROI with Rippling than 1Password.

conclusion new │Conclusion

If you’re looking for an affordable, usable, and secure password management system – you should opt for 1Password. This password management system has every feature you need at a competitive price.

1Password is equipped to meet all your password management requirements and allows you to establish strong passwords and ensure passwords are unique across your business. Cybersecurity begins with eliminating the potential for human error and ensuring your employees create strong passwords.

1Password offers many features to lockdown your passwords conveniently and easily – their watchtower feature alerts you if any of your passwords are compromised, allowing you to act quickly and minimize risk. Travel mode allows you to establish varied access permissions depending on your networks, making this an extremely adaptable software! 

Consider investing in 1Password for quick ROI and healthier password creation practices across your business.


Try 1Password Now!
Your search for affordable and adaptable password management software is over – 1Password has password strength monitoring, travel mode, and automated threat detection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Password is a password management tool. You can store your passwords, bank details, and sensitive data in this secure vault - accessible only to you with a secret key and master password.

You can use 1Password for any purpose. You can use it to help create unique and strong passwords for all of your accounts, and you can use it for your family’s passwords. Or, you can use it to establish healthy passwords in your business.

1Password is priced in 3 tiers - a personal plan, a family plan, and a team plan. The individual plan is priced at $2.99/month, the family plan is priced at $4.99/month, and the team's plan is priced at $7.99/month per person.

Password management software helps you to create unique passwords - if you reuse old passwords, one password breach could give someone access to all of your accounts. To keep track of all your passwords, password manager software stores them in a secure location only accessible to you.



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