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1password is a password manager software that offers a simple and easy way to store and use strong passwords. This software helps keep your family safe online, and it also enables you to secure, organize, and manage your company’s private infrastructure with secret automation.


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Starting price$2.99/mo
Pricing modelPer Seat
Free trial14-day
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1Password Review


1Password is a password management software, which offers convenient features you might want to take advantage of. Compared to other options, it’s very affordable and it gives you unique alternatives, for example, the ‘safe travel’ mode. 

Read the full 1Password review and get to know everything that this app offers you. After evaluating all its features, our Genius Score for this software is at the higher end, so it’s a fantastic alternative! 

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient features – it offers travel mode, a password generator, and more
  • It’s very secure – it’s one of the safest options 
  • Affordable plans – the plans are not expensive


  • No free plan available – it only offers a free trial
  • The mobile version still needs improvement – both the Android and the iOS apps need to be fixed


1Password works by offering you different features, such as excellent security, multiple vaults to store your passwords, a password generator, and a Watchtower mode to tell you if your passwords are not strong enough. 

Overall, this password management software is very safe according to the experts, and its features make it a convenient option. Additionally, it is easy to use, which means it is ideal for all people since it doesn’t take long for each person to find out how it works.

However, even though it offers mobile apps, the Android one is not as functional as the iOS one according to clients, and syncing the iOS one might be complicated. Therefore, the Genius Score is not at the high end, as several people have experienced issues.

Key Features

As it was briefly mentioned before, 1Password has several convenient features for many clients. The most important ones are listed in this 1Password Review: 

  • Password Generator

Although many people try to think about long, hard-to-guess passwords, it takes time, and you don’t have to go through that if you use 1Password’s generator. With a couple of clicks, it generates long and unique options.

  • Multiple Vaults

With 1Password, you get different vaults to cover all your security needs. In other words, you can avoid confusion by storing your passwords in different places, which also allows you to save time. 

  • Watchtower

This feature is very convenient because it alerts you of possible security threats. If your passwords are weak, vulnerable to hackers, or need to be changed, 1Password’s Watchtower can let you know, so you can change them. 

  • Travel Mode

With this mode on, only the passwords marked ‘safe for travel’ can appear on all your devices, while the others stay hidden in the vaults. It’s a wonderful option to stay safe everywhere you go.

The app offers amazing and innovative features, so the Genius Score in this category is at the higher end. 

Support Quality

Users have mentioned that 1Password offers incredible customer support, and you can contact them via Twitter, email, or by posting your questions on the forums. 

1Password prides itself in its customer support, as experts answer people’s questions on the forums in mere minutes. Furthermore, the software’s knowledge base includes information on everything, even outstanding YouTube videos.

Customers can enjoy 1Password’s support regardless of the plan they go for. Thus, although prices vary, you can still post questions in the forum or talk to an expert via email.

Considering all the previously mentioned aspects, 1Password’s Genius Score regarding the support quality is at the higher end.

1Password Pricing – What Does it Cost?

1Password pricing options offer different plans, and there is no free version, but there is a free trial period. You can enjoy using this software for free for 30 days before you decide if it’s the right choice for you. Here are the different alternatives it offers: 

  • Free trial: Yes
  • 1Password basic plan: $2.99 a month, and it offers 1GB of document storage
  • Family plan: $4.99 a month, and it’s available for five users plus five additional guests 
  • Business plan: $7.99 per user a month, and it includes 5GB of storage per user, 20 guest accounts, and free family accounts
  • Enterprise: Customized quote


When you’re looking for easy-to-use software to manage your passwords and offer you different convenient features, you should look into 1Password’s characteristics and pricing plans. 

According to this 1Password review, the software is user-friendly, and although its apps need improvement, it’s still one of the safest options on the market. Moreover, it offers incredible customer support via email, Twitter, and forums.

The pricing plans of 1Password are affordable, and you get a free 30-day trial if you want to try out the software before using it.

Try Out 1Password Now!

1Password is a secure password management software. It offers convenient features and affordable pricing plans. Try it out today and keep your passwords safe!

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