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Tundra is a wholesale business marketplace where users can access thousands of brands and countless products from a single account. It also enables brands to sell their own products in wholesale quantities.

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review new │ Tundra Review

Buying and selling wholesale goods is a great way for business owners to find the products they need at fair prices, as well as for other companies to make large sales and expand their network of business customers. But it’s not always easy to find a wholesale platform you can trust.

That’s where Tundra comes in. Tundra is a wholesale business marketplace where users can access thousands of brands and countless products from a single account, as well as selling their own products in wholesale quantities without subscription fees. But is Tundra right for you? Read our Tundra review for all you need to know.

Tundra – Best for wholesaleTundra is one of the world’s leading wholesale marketplaces, allowing businesses to buy and sell a huge range of products among themselves, with minimal restrictions and seamless purchasing processes.

pros and cons new │ Tundra Pros and Cons

Later on in our Tundra review, we’ll look at some of the key features and functions of this platform, as well as examining which kinds of businesses should consider using it. But before we get to that, let’s first take a look at some of the main pros and cons of Tundra to help you understand if it’s right for you.

Tundra Pros

tick new Thousands of brands and products in one place 

Tundra is a huge wholesale marketplace, featuring literally thousands of brands and a huge array of products for you to buy. It can become your one-stop-shop for all your wholesale needs, saving businesses tons of time.

tick new Easy-to-use search tool 

With so many products for sale on Tundra, finding the right one might seem like a challenge. Fortunately, this marketplace comes with a really smart search tool that lets you search by category, theme, or even by tags to find the products you want in seconds.

tick new Simple store set-up

If you’re planning to sell some products on Tundra, you won’t have to worry about wasting hours setting up your account or creating a storefront. Setup is completely effortless, and you can add new products and manage your orders without any fuss.

tick new No commissions or fees for sellers 

Another big advantage for sellers on Tundra is that the company doesn’t actually take any cut or percentage of your sales prices. You get to keep 100% of your revenue, with no commissions to worry about.

tick new Built-in promotional tools

Tundra also comes with its own promotional system built-in. You can set up your own PPC campaigns on the platform to make your products more visible and boost sales numbers, and you only pay when users actually click on your ads.

Tundra Cons

cons new Not available to all buyers 

One of the downsides of Tundra for some people is that not everyone can make an account and start shopping here. The site limits access to approved businesses only, and it screens buyers to block the likes of Amazon resellers.

cons new Lots of competition for sellers

Setting up a seller account on Tundra is a great way to potentially get some extra business and sales, but you’ll need to cope with the high levels of competition and you may have to invest in promotion and marketing just to get your first few sales.

cons new Mobile support could be better

Tundra works really well in a browser on a desktop or laptop, but its mobile app is a little lacking. The user experience isn’t as pleasant on mobile, and there are some issues with finding and searching for products that could be improved.

Tundra AdvantagesTundra Disadvantages
plus new A huge marketplace, filled with productsminus new Some barriers to entry
plus new Search and find products easilyminus new Marketing is essential to get noticed
plus new Create your own store in minutesminus new Apps could be improved
plus new Keep all of your revenue
plus new Promote your products

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Try Tundra now!

If you’re looking for an easy way to find great value wholesale products or share your own wholesale goods with the world, Tundra is a great platform to choose, and it’s completely free to make your account.

what new │ What Is Tundra?

The story of Tundra begins in 2017, when it was founded by the husband-and-wife duo of Arnold and Katie Engel. As small business owners, Arnold and Katie had witnessed firsthand how hard it could be for businesses to find and buy the products they needed.

The pair had experienced a lot of challenges in the past when trying to find products, having to deal with multiple sites and sources, hidden fees and charges, and long waiting times for their products to arrive. They knew that there had to be a better way, so they decided to make Tundra.

Their mission was to create a B2B wholesale marketplace where buyers could easily find all the products they need in one place and sellers could quickly and conveniently reach a huge potential audience without worrying about fees and commission rates.

Thus, Tundra was born and has quickly grown into one of the dominant wholesale marketplace platforms in the world, with more than 10,000 brands already signed up, over 2 million products ready to ship, and over 30,000 retailers using the site to buy products on a regular basis.

For buyers, Tundra is a place to find everything you could need to help in running your business. This includes food and beverages, office supplies, health and beauty products, baby items, toys, entertainment products, outdoor goods, and so much more.

And for sellers, Tundra provides a platform for you to set up your own digital storefront and reach thousands of potential customers, without any subscription fees to worry about. You get to keep all of your revenue, and you can choose from Tundra’s range of extra features and services to enhance your offerings or promote your products.

point new Overall Rating4.5/5
point new BuyersTundra is a super platform for buyers to find great products from trusted brands
point new SellersFor sellers, too, Tundra is an ideal marketplace to promote goods and make sales
point new StraightforwardTundra is really easy to use, with useful search tools, categories, and simple set-up processes for both buyer and seller accounts
point new Low-CostSellers on Tundra don’t have to worry about any commissions, and buyers get the best wholesale prices

how new │ How Does Tundra Work?

So, how does Tundra actually work? Well, this will depend on whether or not you want to buy or sell. Let’s start off by looking at how Tundra works for buyers, as it’s very simple and operates a lot like most other online marketplaces and stores you might be used to.

If you want to buy something on Tundra, you’ll first need to make an account and undergo a quick screening process to ensure that you’re running a legitimate business. Tundra only approves real business users in order to preserve the integrity of its platform.

Once your account has been approved, you can start searching for the products you need. There are thousands of brands and millions of products to choose from, with handy category tabs that let you search for different kinds of items, a search bar for specific searches, and featured items on the home page that you can browse through.

So, what about if you want to sell on Tundra? Well, that’s a pretty simple process, too. Again, you’ll need to go through the account set-up process, which is all very quick and easy, and you can upload products directly to your storefront and manage your items for sale with ease, as well as tracking and managing orders as they come in.

Tundra also gives you a range of extra options you can choose to make your products more appealing, like free shipping, along with PPC promotional campaigns to get extra exposure. You can even use Tundra to arrange email marketing, letting your favorite customers know about new releases or re-order reminders.

feature new │ Tundra Features

Tundra is quite a simple online marketplace for wholesale buying and selling, but it still has an impressive array of features that can appeal to both buyers and sellers. Here are some of the key features of this platform to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

point new Powerful Search Tool for Buyers 

One of the best things about using Tundra from a buyer’s perspective is the search tool. Search tools are really important on sites like this, and some can be very effective, while others fail to provide the results you’re looking for. Luckily, Tundra has a super search function that lets you find the products you want in no time and even supports tag searches.

point new Create Your Own Promotional Campaigns 

If you’re a seller on Tundra, you’ll want to get as many eyes on your products as possible in order to make more sales and strengthen your brand’s position in the marketplace. Tundra allows you to do this by creating your own PPC campaigns, giving you total control over your budget and the amount you want to spend on marketing.

point new Analytics Dashboard 

When you’re running any kind of online business, it’s important to have metrics that you can look at to measure your success and see where you need to improve. Tundra comes with its own analytics and reports system, allowing users to see which products are selling well and how effective their ad campaigns are.

point new Email Marketing 

Email marketing can be a powerful force for reaching new customers or reconnecting with older ones, and Tundra has its own built-in email marketing system that you can use. This is a great way to let people know about new product launches or issue reminders to previous buyers, letting them know that it’s time to place another order.

point new Real-Time Delivery Tracking

When you buy wholesale goods, it can be frustrating to wait and not know where those products are and when they’re going to be delivered. That’s why Tundra offers a real-time delivery tracking system. This system lets buyers see the progress of their orders and know exactly where their items are at any given moment.

Why We Need to Use Tundra

point new A great marketplace for buyers and sellerspoint new Easy to use for all
point new Connect with thousands of brands and businessespoint new No fees or commissions for sellers to worry about

Tundra Logo

Use Tundra as your go-to wholesale marketplace

Whether you’re looking for products to buy to boost your brand or a great place to make more sales of the products you create, Tundra is a marketplace that your business can benefit from being a part of.

who new │Who Should Use Tundra?

There are many different businesses that are using Tundra on a daily basis across a whole range of different industries, from food and drink companies to new retail startups. Here are some examples of the main groups and types of businesses that can give Tundra a try.

point new Retail Businesses 

Those in the retail trade can benefit greatly from creating an account on Tundra. This marketplace gives you the chance to find lots of wholesale products at affordable prices to stock up your retail shop or boutique.

point new Fashion Brands

The Fashion category is one of the most-visited tabs on Tundra, and lots of fashion brands are choosing to make their products available on this site as a way to spread the word about their business and make more sales.

point new Food and Drink Businesses

Whether you’re running a coffee shop that sells its own beans or setting up your own hot sauce company and looking for a way to make sales, the Tundra marketplace is a super spot for those in the world of food and drink.

point new Makers

Tundra is also an amazing platform for makers and creators. If you create anything, from jewelry to kids’ toys, you can use Tundra to make sales and show your products and ideas to the world at large.

point new Useful across many industries
point new Brings buyers and sellers together
point newReally easy to set up an account

Tundra Logo

Give Tundra a try today

Tundra is a great marketplace for all sorts of businesses, and it’s so easy to use! In a matter of minutes, you can make your account and start buying and selling among thousands of other brands like yours.

cost and time new │Tundra Cost and Time

Cost really isn’t an issue when it comes to Tundra, as the platform is totally free to use. Buyers can freely set up their accounts and enjoy amazing wholesale prices on their favorite products. Meanwhile, sellers can also create their own storefronts for free and keep 100% of the revenue they earn on each purchase.

And when it comes to time, Tundra won’t cause you to spend hours setting up an account or delving into deep and complicated menus just to make your first few sales. It’s really quick and easy to get up and running on this site, and it can save you tons of time that you would usually spend searching for different products or trying to make sales.

usability new │Tundra Usability

Ease of use is one of the standout features of the Tundra platform. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, this site is wonderfully easy to work with and shouldn’t cause you any frustration, even if you don’t have much digital experience.

For buyers, the marketplace is a breeze to browse, with a really intuitive and effective search tool that lets you look for specific products, along with various tabs and categories you can use to browse through brands.

And for sellers, setting up a storefront and managing products and orders couldn’t be any easier. The whole process is quick and simple, and even if you want to make use of the advanced features, like PPC marketing, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting started.

pricing new │Tundra Pricing

So, how much does Tundra cost? Well, one of the best things about this platform is that it actually costs nothing to make your account, no matter whether you’re a buyer or a seller. You can set up an account for free and start buying or selling products without having to worry about hidden fees or subscription charges.

Obviously, buyers will still need to pay the actual prices of any products they purchase, along with shipping fees (unless you buy with free shipping), but sellers won’t have to worry about any commissions, additional fees, or other charges.

This might sound too good to be true, but Tundra does have other ways of making money, rather than imposing subscription fees or taking a cut of every sale. So, how does the platform earn cash? Well, it does this through its range of optional services and features.

Tundra offers extra benefits that buyers can opt to purchase, like expedited shipping, insurance on their products, prepaid duties and taxes on international deliveries, and so on. There are also optional extras for sellers, such as promotional campaigns to get more exposure.

point new BuyersFree (with optional fees)
point new SellersFree (with optional fees)

tools new │Tundra Tools for Business

Tundra is a great marketplace for businesses to buy and sell products, with a range of handy tools that are catered specifically for business users. Here are some of the main business-oriented tools of the Tundra platform.

point new Built-in Marketing Tools 

Tundra understands that sellers may want to promote their products in order to get ahead of the competition and make more sales. That’s why the platform features its own built-in marketing tools, including email marketing and PPC campaigns.

point new Store Management 

Another great feature of Tundra for sellers and wholesale suppliers is the ability to easily manage your store. You can add and remove products for sale as needed, provide photos and descriptions, track orders, and so on.

point new Global Shipping

With Tundra, you can access a true global audience. The company handles shipping of products to over 200 different countries, so setting up a Tundra store is a super way to reach a bigger audience than you may have ever imagined.

Points to Note
point new Set up a store in minutes
point new Access a global marketplace of suppliers
point new Market your products to make more sales

example new │Tundra Use Cases

Thousands of brands are already using Tundra to sell their products and experiencing major success through the platform. Here are some examples of some of Tundra’s most successful brands.

point new Green Toys

Green Toys is a toy manufacturer that focuses on sustainable materials and methods to make safe, fun toys for children. The company decided to partner with Tundra in order to reach a wide audience and has become one of the top emerging brands on the site with a flawless 5-star rating.

point new MoonPie

MoonPie is one of the most historic brands in the food industry, with history dating all the way back to 1917. Adapting and evolving to suit the changing world, the brand decided to start selling its products on Tundra and has enjoyed great levels of success.

point new The Little Soap Store

The Little Soap Store proves that small, artisan brands can also prosper on Tundra. This company makes handmade bath and beauty products like soap bars and bath bombs and has developed a strong following through Tundra.

support new │Tundra Support

So, what can you do if an order arrives damaged or you need some help setting up your Tundra account? Well, if you have any issues with the platform or need some help with anything, you can contact the Tundra team via a live chat system or email.

In our experience, Tundra is able to offer very quick and professional responses. They can answer most questions very quickly and will help you deal with problems you encounter, like damaged goods or issues with your account.

There’s also an extensive FAQ section on the Tundra site to find answers to some common questions you might have, and the whole platform is so easy to use, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to contact the customer support very often.

point new Email and live chat support
point new A helpful FAQ guide
point new Rapid and professional assistance
Alternative to Tundra – Faire
Faire is one of the biggest wholesale marketplaces in the world. It aims to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers, allowing suppliers to create their own shop pages and sell their goods to a global audience.
Comparing Tundra to Faire
Faire and Tundra have a lot in common in terms of their basic layout and the main services they have to offer. However, a key area in which they differ is payment. Tundra is free to work with, with optional fees for extra services, while Faire has payment plans and commission rates.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for a wholesale platform to either buy products or sell them, and you don’t want to deal with hidden fees, confusing processes, or long wait times, then Tundra is definitely worth considering.

Among a whole host of wholesale marketplaces, Tundra stands out from the crowd for it ease-of-use and simplicity. Clearly, this is a platform built by people who understand the troubles and challenges that many business owners face.

Tundra can help you overcome those challenges with minimal fuss, getting the products you want or reaching the audience you always hoped to reach, and it’s completely free to get started, so there’s no reason not to try it.

Tundra Logo

Try Tundra Now!

Tundra is one of the best wholesale marketplace platforms available right now, and it’s growing bigger and better all the time. If you want to access a world of brands and buy and sell with thousands of other businesses, set up your account and give Tundra a try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tundra is aimed at businesses and organizations such as schools, non-profits, and government agencies, rather than individual consumers.

Tundra serves as a marketplace where businesses and wholesalers can connect to buy and sell goods.

Tundra doesn't charge any fees or take any cuts of sales. Instead, it makes money through purchases of optional services like faster shipping or promotional campaigns.

Yes, Tundra has a screening process for its suppliers and only approves official, legitimate businesses.


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