Todoist is a feature-rich task management app that helps you stay organized and productive. With features like task prioritization, collaboration tools, and seamless synchronization across devices, Todoist makes it easy to manage your tasks and projects.




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Todoist Review


As the name implies, Todoist is a task management app that allows you to create intuitive to-do lists. Equally loved by individuals and teams, Todoist brings order to your schedule by helping you better organize your time, plan projects, and track goals.

Our extensive Todoist review dives into the app’s usability, key features, support quality, and pricing. Combining their own insights with hundreds of user reviews, our experts have graded Todoist a stellar Genius Score that measures up well against its rivals. Let’s find out why!

Pros and Cons

Todoist’s pros are:

  • User-friendly design – Todoist’s user interface is simplistic but ever so effective; it’s all you could ask for from a task management app
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Todoist is available on mobile and desktop, allowing you to access your to-do lists at any time and from any place
  • Customization – Todoist’s extensive customization tools for themes, fonts, and layouts are a firm favorite among users

Its cons include:

  • Lack of real-time collaboration – Todoist isn’t going to replace your standard work collaboration tool any time soon
  • Limited free plan – for the best features, you’ll have to pay for the premium subscription


Arguably its biggest strength, Todoist’s clear and accessible design has landed it an impressive usability score that compares favorably with many of the app’s competitors.

Once the app is downloaded, it doesn’t take long for users to feel at home using Todoist’s excellent interface. It’s easy to create new tasks, make updates, assign priority levels, and allocate tasks to different areas. 

A range of view options with different filter levels helps users stay on top of their workload while productivity visualizations illustrate progress on specific goals. You can also color-code tasks to create a to-do list that’s unique to you. 

Crucially, the Todoist app is compatible across all platforms. This means users can quickly add a new task to their to-do list on their phone and immediately be able to view the updated list from their desktop or tablet device.

Todoist’s design is everything you need; it’s rare to find an app where so few users run into trouble with the interface.


Todoist’s wide range of tools is one of its biggest strengths, as reflected in the app’s high features score in our Todoist review.

What separates Todoist from many of its competitors is the depth of detail offered to users when creating and modifying tasks. You can add comments, apply filters, use colors, and switch on notifications in just a few simple clicks.

One of the app’s more advanced features is its email functionality, where tasks received via email can be forwarded straight into the Todoist dashboard. It’s also possible to customize tasks with creative themes and activate notifications, though only with a premium plan.

Todoist has several useful collaboration tools, including the ability to share files and assign responsibility to specific team members. However, many users note communication is fairly limited; Todoist certainly isn’t a replacement for Teams or Slack.

The app caters to virtually all user needs with its features, but you’ll need to pay for the subscription service to access its full suite of tools. 

Support Quality

Problems are uncommon with Todoist, but when they do arise users have a number of options available for a quick resolution. For this reason, the app scores well for support quality in our Todoist review.

Free users are pointed towards the resources section on the Todoist website, which provides useful information on how to get started on the app and make the best of its features. More technical offerings explain how to integrate Todoist with other apps and tools.

It’s worth noting that Todoist’s priority support is exclusive to its paid members, with customer service only available via chat.

Todoist Pricing – What does it cost?

Todoist offers three membership plans: Free, Pro, and Business. The details for each plan are outlined below. You’ll notice Pro and Business customers make a marginal saving when paying annually rather than monthly.

TierPriceWho is it best for?Features
Free$0Starters5 active projects5 MB file uploads3 filtersBasic features
Pro$3 per month billed annually,$4 per month billed monthlyPower users300 active projects100 MB file uploads150 filtersAdvanced features
Business$5 per user per month billed annually,$6 per user per month billed monthlyTeams500 active projects100 MB file uploads150 filtersAdvanced featuresCollaboration tools


Todoist is an excellent task management app equally fit for personal and professional life. Given its extensive filtering tools, it’s perfectly conceivable to use Todosit for both at the same time!

The beauty of Todoist is its simplicity. It’s easy to record new tasks as they come into your head and quickly fit them in with the rest of their plans. Once created, tasks can be assigned a priority level and equipped with an alert, helping you stay on top of everything on your plate.

The app’s Business membership plan offers a nice selection of collaboration tools, allowing small teams to centralize their admin and keep track of ongoing projects. For this season, Todoist serves as a decent supplement to collaboration platforms like Slack or Teams.

If you’re looking to improve your organizational skills, users and experts agree that Todoist stands up to the challenge—just make sure to pay for the premium service to get the most out of the app.

Try out Todoist now! 

With a free version available, there’s no reason not to try Todoist. If our Todoist review has piqued your interest, download the app today and reap the rewards of an organized lifestyle!



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