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SmartSuite is a smart platform that helps you effectively manage projects, teams, and workflows. It enables better productivity and efficiency for businesses of any size.

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review new │ SmartSuite Overview

Are you juggling multiple projects at once and disorganized workflows are hindering your progress? SmartSuite offers empowering project management solutions that can get you back on track! Manage everyday workflows and work collaboratively across teams with Smart Suite.

Centralize data to one platform to simplify work processes and provide easy access to information for those that need it. With SmartSuite’s easy-to-use platform, you can have improved organizational systems up and running in no time! Continue reading our SmartSuite review to discover how SmartSuite can be applied to your business. 

SmartSuite – Best for managing all areas of work in one placeSmartSuite can help you build an efficient workflow for your teams and company

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons Of SmartSuite

SmartSuite is an intuitive platform that offers a range of solutions to streamline workflows and improve productivity. 

SmartSuite Pros

tick new Automation

SmartSuite can help you save time and boost efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

tick new Easy-To-Use

SmartSuite is easy to learn and can be picked up within minutes!

tick new Advanced Permissions

Collaborate with others on a secure platform that allows administrators to edit access to files using advanced permission features.

tick new Available Across Devices

Access SmartSuite from home, at the office, or on the go! Work freely on mobile and tablet with the SmartSuite app, as well as on your browser. 

tick new Collaborative

With SmartSuite, you can stop juggling between apps and emails to send updates out to your teams. Send @mentions directly to team members on the document you’re working on for real-time collaboration.

tick new Smart Insights

Create unified views on data through graphs and tables to gain clear insights into performances and project progress. 

SmartSuite Cons

cons new Some Solutions Must Be Built

If you’re looking for a specific work management solution that isn’t on a SmartSuite template, you will need to take time and construct it yourself. 

SmartSuite AdvantagesSmartSuite Disadvantages
plus new Automate tasks to save timeminus new You may need to build your own solutions
plus new SmartSuite is easy to use and learn
plus new Edit permissions on documents to collaborate safely
plus new Access SmartSuite anywhere on any device
plus new Use @mentions to collaborate with colleagues easily
plus new Smart insights give you an overview of performance and project progress

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Try SmartSuite Now!

SmartSuite is an intuitive platform that offers advanced work management solutions to centralize work processes to one platform. Discover how SmartSuite can improve the effectiveness of your workflows today!

what new │ What Is SmartSuite? 

SmartSuite is a platform where you can effectively manage projects, teams, and workflows to boost productivity and enhance efficiency within your business. Manage any task with flexible solutions that can track progress, set deadlines, and create visual reports. Get an overview of your project with an intuitive dashboard, so that you are always in the loop. 

Manage a multitude of processes throughout your organization on a single platform. SmartSuite provides solutions for marketing, HR, sales, legal, and much more! Bring together teams across your company into one unified space. Define a clearly structured routine for everyday work and automate repetitive tasks to optimize efficiency. 

SmartSuite gives you the power to manage tasks of any size with an assortment of templates available to tackle simple to complex projects. Organize one-time projects or set your sights on long-term milestone-based work with SmartSuite! Set priorities and assign tasks to team members so work gets out on time. 

SmartSuite can deliver in-depth progress reports so you can track progress and ensure you are on the right path. Analyze performance metrics and gain valuable insights to measure progress and assess risks. With a clear view of available resources, you can manage staff and organize collaboration across channels. 

SmartSuite has a functional mobile app that allows users to stay connected across all devices, no matter where they are. Access essential project data and upload critical updates while on the go. This type of accessibility can be highly beneficial for teams that are frequently on the move, such as construction workers, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs.  

Here is an overview of what you can look forward to when purchasing SmartSuite:

point new Flexible solutions can help you manage any task
point new Centralize processes across your organization into one unified platform
point new Define a structured routine for everyday work processes
point new Automate time-consuming tasks to boost productivity
point new Work from a multitude of pre-built templates
point new Track project progress with comprehensive reports
point new Stay connected wherever you are with an accessible mobile app

how new│How Does SmartSuite Work? 

SmartSuite gathers all the essential work systems into one streamlined platform for maximum efficiency in project management. Users can set up workflows and link the different everyday tools they want to use. SmartSuite provides a wide selection of principal work tools used to view project performance, organize teams, and gather data. 

Gain a flexible view of your project and its status with kanban setups, map views, dashboards, and calendar views. SmartSuite provides users with helpful solutions for any organizational need! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, SmartSuite also has the option to build your own workflow, so you are in control of how you work. 

Creating a solution is how you start building your workflow. Choose from over 200 pre-built, industry-based solution templates to get started! Apps are how SmartSuite stores your data. You can have up to 15 apps in a solution, giving you plenty of flexibility in how you choose to organize your data. You can link apps to tie together any related information and never lose important context. 

Fields are how you define the data you store in an app. Select the correct field for the type of data you wish to store. With over 40 field types, you can store almost any kind of information, from simple text to lengthy documents. Customize fields to add an extra layer of organization to your solution. Change the display and color of your fields, and set default values to save time in the future.

feature new │Features of SmartSuite

SmartSuite offers a broad selection of project management solutions that can help businesses in any industry. Whether you work in marketing, sales, or real estate, SmartSuite has the perfect productivity solution for you! 

With incredible features that make working easier, SmartSuite is quickly becoming a leader in the project management market. Improve your team’s efficiency by getting work done in the same place you store it. Collaborate seamlessly on well-organized documents, and view data from multiple perspectives. Here are just a few of the superb features you can use with SmartSuite!

point new Automations

You can eliminate time-consuming tasks by setting up SmartSuite automations! Small routine tasks can take up a lot of time when performed manually each day. With SmartSuite’s automation feature, you can run complex automations based on set triggers. 

Edit automation recipes to achieve anything from sending emails upon project completion to changing deadlines! While setting up automations may seem like an advanced feature, with SmartSuite’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create complex automations within minutes- no code required!

Have you ever struggled to find that one line of information amongst a disconnected cluster of documents? With SmartSuite, you can search for anything across the platform, so you never have to spend hours scrolling through endless data to find what you need! Power search can help you uncover conversations, records, or files across thousands of items in a heartbeat. 

point new Conversations

You can start conversations about projects in the same place where information lives. Ask questions, share ideas, and clarify facts without reaching out to other platforms for the relevant context. Pull in team members to the conversation quickly with mentions to keep the work flowing. Hand out updates or request assistance by sending out a notification to those involved. 

Convey everything you need to say clearly with various text options like emojis, and send out images and videos when needed. Attach assignments to comments so they appear in the recipients’ notifications until marked as complete.  

point new Page Designer

Got a specific workflow in mind? You can create unique pages easily with SmartSuite’s page designer! With this intuitive feature, you can create visually stunning pages that motivate teams and inspire new ideas. Add and arrange fields to your liking with simple drag-and-drop capabilities to manage your display. Choose from several layouts to get an ideal view of your solution! 

point new Permissions

Edit permissions to stay in control of who can access what in your workflow. Structure your collaboration efforts and ensure the security of sensitive information. Assign view, edit, or create data permissions for team members. Easily edit permissions to make sure the right people are accessing the right data. You can also edit permissions for teams as a whole, rather than editing settings for each individual separately. 

point new Data Import

When using a data management tool, safely importing data to the platform is crucial. SmartSuite allows users to import any data across multiple sources quickly. If you need to update existing data on SmartSuite, you can automatically import new spreadsheets to your records. 

Why Do You Need to Use SmartSuite?
point new Automate daily repetitive tasks with just a few clicks
point new Search for specific data across thousands of files, records, and databases
point new Chat with teams about projects where you store information to never lose context
point new Easily create visually pleasing pages of your own design
point new Edit permissions to manage collaboration
point new Quickly import data from multiple outside sources

Smartsuite Logo

SmartSuite works for all business sizes!

SmartSuite can help any business better manage its workload. Teams of any size can be sorted and assigned tasks, with easy collaboration on projects. Try out SmartSuite today with a 14-day free trial! 

who new │Who Should Use SmartSuite? 

SmartSuite offers leading management solutions for businesses of any size! Any business can benefit from the efficient and time-saving features provided by the platform. Run your business from SmartSuite, and develop better workflows, increased collaboration, and better views of your projects. Here’s how SmartSuite can make an impact on your business!

point new Startups

Startups can hit the ground running with a modern and professional project management tool! Encourage rapid growth and long-term success by focusing on innovative ideas instead of their management systems. Bring together the tools you need to get work done and move between them seamlessly. Set company goals and reach targets. Get a clear view of your performance and change priorities based on market changes.

point new Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

Businesses, both small and large, can run all their business processes from a single platform and streamline their workflows. Pre-built templates allow users to get their next project running quickly. Tailor-made solutions eliminate the need for IT resources. Customize your workflow to fit any requirements. Collaborate on work in real-time and within the context of what you’re working on. 

point new Large Enterprises

If the way you work is feeling sluggish and outdated, it’s time to upgrade! Large enterprises can revitalize their workflows and enable teams to better connect to their work. Use SmartSuite’s modern work management operating system (WorkOS) to enable teams and departments to utilize custom-built workflows on a simple user interface. Stay in control with permission settings, and assign the right data to the right teams. 

point new Startups can stay ahead by using an effective management tool to jumpstart their business.
point new Small and medium-sized businesses can run all their work processes from one platform.
point new Large enterprises can modernize their workflows and empower their departments to work more efficiently. 

Smartsuite Logo

Try SmartSuite Now!

SmartSuite can help your business reach new heights through clever project management and custom workflows. Empower your teams to work smarter, with efficient tools and centralized data. Try out SmartSuite for your business today!

cost and time new │SmartSuite Time And Cost 

Saving your team’s precious time is one of SmartSuite’s primary functions! By centralizing data, streamlining workflows, and automating tasks, you can save hours throughout each day with SmartSuite. You can spend less time managing projects, and more time implementing ideas! 

SmartSuite is an affordable platform and a terrific investment for companies! By transforming your management system, SmartSuite offers greater insights, higher goals, and productive collaboration.

usability new │Usability 

SmartSuite has a friendly user interface that is easy to learn! Chances are you already know your way around a spreadsheet or a database. SmartSuite simply gathers the tools you use every day into one place so you spend less time jumping across the software. 

Building pages in SmartSuite couldn’t be easier! With an intuitive page design system and drag-and-drop features, you can develop unique workflows for your team quickly. Make custom pages that support the way you work! 

Many of SmartSuite’s features are straightforward to use, even when setting up complex work processes! You can automate tasks easily by setting clearly defined triggers from a drop box. You can make automations as simple or as complex as you like with no coding required!

If you ever find yourself unsure about how to run any areas of the platform, SmartSuite has an excellent support network for users so you can get back to work quickly! 

pricing new │SmartSuite Pricing – What Does It Cost?

SmartSuite is a highly accessible platform for any business size and budget! There are several pricing options available depending on which features you need access to. 

SmartSuite generously offers users an entirely free plan for those getting started with the platform. Explore SmartSuite features with your team and get a feel for how you can implement them further with paid plans!

The Team plan is ideal for teams that need a more efficient way of managing projects and communicating. Priced at $10 per user/month, the Team plan offers users unlimited solutions, 10GB of storage, 5,000 automations per month, and much more!

The Professional plan suits medium-sized businesses and is an ideal way of centralizing all areas of project management to one platform. This plan includes additional features, such as application permissions and 50,000 automations per month, and is priced at $25 per user/month.

Finally, the Enterprise plan sits at $35 per user/month and is ideal for large organizations that are managing large teams and departments who require advanced features and priority support. 

Free ForeverFree!
Team$10 per user/month 
Professional$25 per user/month
Enterprise$35 per user/month

Smartsuite Logo

Discover your SmartSuite quote today!

Learn the SmartSuite basics alongside your team members for free! With the SmartSuite free plan, you can get to grips with the platform’s core features and decide whether to move forward with purchasing at your own pace.

tools new│What Tools Are Included With SmartSuite?

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the incredible tools included with the SmartSuite platform so you can make an informed purchasing decision! 

point new Reporting

Receiving insightful feedback through reports is a crucial part of delivering successful projects. SmartSuite’s flexible reporting tool can keep teams organized and constantly working towards set goals. Creative powerful reports by inputting data into an array of view types, including calendar, dashboard, timeline, and kanban.

point new My Work

Allow team members to view and manage all assigned work across all processes. View tasks by due date and priority to plan what needs to be done and when. Tasks can come in a range of forms from checklists to records, but they will always appear in the My Work feature.  

point new Time Tracking

Create sleek timesheets to capture project duration and set realistic estimates based on accurate data. You can track time from wherever you are using the mobile and tablet SmartSuite app. Create reports from your team’s time entries to get clear insights. 

point new Recycle Bin

Accidentally deleted a crucial document for your next project? No need to worry. SmartSuite automatically saves your deleted items to the recycle bin where you can restore them with a few clicks! 

Points to Note
point new Transform data into powerful reports that you can customize into any view style
point new Manage your workload with the My Work feature and check off tasks as they get done
point new Create insightful timesheets with SmartSuite’s time-tracking tool
point new Restore deleted data through the recycle bin 

example new │SmartSuite Use Cases

Join the many businesses in finding success through SmartSuite. Here are just a few examples of those that have benefited from the platform! 

point new Marketing And Advertising

Patrick works in the marketing industry and has found much to love about SmartSuite! Patrick was looking for the right platform to manage various client processes. SmartSuite got Patrick onboarded swiftly, and he was able to build a scalable workflow for everyday processes! 

point new Information Technology

Anna found everyday uses for SmartSuite while working in the IT industry. She can create valuable reports with accurate data and visually see a project’s progress through dashboard views and charts. Being able to share these reports with anyone, even those who don’t use SmartSuite is something Anna loves about the platform. 

point new Software Development

Greg found integrating his team onto the SmartSuite platform easy, even for more complex workflows! With an intuitive interface and everything needed for work management at his fingertips, Greg has implemented more efficient workflows for everyday work processes.

support new │Support Quality

SmartSuite offers world-class support to its users to help with onboarding, using features, and any issues you have! 

You can get in contact with customer support quickly through the live chat button on the SmartSuite website. Simple click on the blue chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the page to get started! Simply type your request into the text box and hit send. 

If you want to contact support directly, you can send them an email with your inquiry through their website. SmartSuite experts will get back to you swiftly with information on your request! 

Detailed information about SmartSuite can be found in the Help Center, where you can find searchable guides and help articles. Learn the basics of the platform through video tutorials and detailed webinars. 

point new Start a chat with customer support in real-time to get fast answers
point new Send a quick email to customer support through the SmartSuite website
point new Visit the SmartSuite help center to access in-depth video tutorials and full-length guides to get you started with the platform
SmartSuite Alternative – is another leading work operating system on the market and is one of SmartSuite’s major competitors. can centralize work processes, bring teams together, and maximize productivity. Like SmartSuite, allows users to build their own custom workflow simply using building blocks. 

Comparing SmartSuite and

So what makes SmartSuite different? SmartSuite offers an intuitive automation feature that can improve the flow of everyday work processes. The SmartSuite platform provides several advanced features to aid project management, collaboration, and work management efforts. It is a powerful platform to run all areas of work.  

conclusion new │Conclusion

SmartSuite is an all-in-one work management platform where teams can create unique workflows that promote efficient processes and support the way you work. To get started with SmartSuite, you must choose from over 200 solution templates that can be modified to suit your preferences. SmartSuite’s intuitive interface makes navigating the platform simple, so onboarding new members to the platform is easier than ever!

SmartSuite offers a vast selection of features to make your work processes more effective. Create accurate visual reports, collaborate with teams, work on assigned tasks, and manage projects- all from one platform!

You can look forward to receiving top-class support when purchasing SmartSuite. Have a SmartSuite expert join you in every step of the onboarding process and receive quick solutions to your requests. 

You can start using SmartSuite for free! Test the platform’s core features with your team to assess whether they are right for your business.

Smartsuite Logo

Try SmartSuite Now!

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Head over to the SmartSuite website and start your free trial today! Find the perfect solutions for your project management needs with SmartSuite. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SmartSuite is a work operating system intended to aid project management through several advanced solutions. Create unique workflows fit for your team in minutes!

SmartSuite provides a free plan for teams who are new to the platform. You can also test the features in paid plans with a 14-day free trial.

You can get to grips with the SmartSuite platform easily! Create compelling pages for your teams to work on and automate time-consuming tasks without coding. SmartSuite keeps everything you need in one place for more efficient work.

Solution templates include industry-wide best practices and provide an easy way to get your workflow running. With over 100 templates to choose from, you can transform the way your team works.



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