SharpSpring is a multi-purpose CRM and revenue growth platform that promotes business and agency growth with end-to-end sales and marketing automation. This platform helps you optimize marketing and sales funnels, generate leads, and increase revenue and sales. With SharpSpring, you can see every lead with Visitor ID and design landing pages that convert.




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SharpSpring Facts

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SharpSpring Review


SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that helps businesses improve conversions to sales by generating leads. This helps to drive higher returns for businesses that have implemented SharpSpring CRM. Thanks to SharpSpring features, open architecture, and flexible contracts, the SharpSpring CRM drives real results for growing businesses. In this SharpSpring review, we are going to highlight SharpSpring features, SharpSpring pricing plans, and other info to help you compare it with other products. Read on for more on SharpSpring explained.

Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly — It has an easy-to-use interface and the user can get additional information on how to use complex features easily.
  • Reliable support — Support is available both using live chat and phone calls, which makes it reliable.
  • Integration — As SharpSpring explains, the platform allows the integration of different tools for better functionality.
  • Cost-effective — Compared to other products with similar features, SharpSpring is less expensive.


  • Bugs and slowdowns — SharpSpring explained that it sometimes faces occasional bugs that slow down its performance. However, this is usually dealt with quickly.


SharpSpring CRM went for simplicity in terms of its design and interface. Our SharpSpring review of promised features in the design was very positive, with everything a business needs. During its design, SharpSpring CRM had to implement a simple and user-friendly UX/UI to allow agencies to easily onboard their clients. The key feature of SharpSpring CRM is the ‘New’ button, which quickly takes you to the building process, including managing your contacts and creating forms.

If you are new to SharpSpring CRM, there is plenty of information to help you out. The website has a SharpSpring explained section with information and videos on how to start up and use the platform. SharpSpring CRM is compatible with mobile devices, with a unique mobile application that works for both iOS and Android devices. Our SharpSpring review of this application shows that you have the option to carry out different activities at your fingertips, including marketing, following leads in a user-friendly mobile environment.


Our SharpSpring review of its features shows that the platform has everything a business needs to grow. It provides an all-in-one solution by including different SharpSpring features to help businesses attract and keep new leads. Here are the main SharpSpring features available.

  • Integration — Businesses use different tools in addition to CRM software. SharpSpring features allow the integration of different tools, including email integration and connector apps like Zapier.
  • Automation — Most tasks in businesses that involve marketing and sales are repetitive and time-consuming. This is one of the SharpSpring features that allow automation, thus saving time.
  • Analytics and reporting — Decision-making in business depends mostly on data. SharpSpring features such as analytics and reporting tools are capable of giving you crucial information that helps in decision-making.
  • ROI Tracking — Within SharpSpring features, there is an ROI tracking feature that allows you to measure the campaigns and marketing channels. This helps to generate more leads and customer opportunities.

Support Quality

SharpSpring CRM offers different support options for users. First, you can submit tickets through SharpSpring CRM and get replies from the support team. If you want to talk directly to a client, there is a live chat feature that provides instant replies to queries. You can also use their phone line support at 1-888-428-9605. Support is available from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Time. Support is available for all SharpSpring Pricing plans with no limitations.

SharpSpring Pricing — What does it cost?

Let’s now discuss pricing in this section of SharpSpring review. Pricing is based on the number of users. For each plan, SharpSpring features differ. The three SharpSpring pricing plans are enterprise, agency, and small businesses. The SharpSpring pricing plan for small businesses starts from 1000 users up to 20,000 users. The agency and enterprise SharpSpring pricing plans are customized especially for businesses with more than 20,000 contacts. Before buying, you get a demo version to test the platform out.

Free demoYes
Small businessesStarting from $399 for 1000 users monthly


We will conclude this SharpSpring review by stating that it is found to be the best marketing automation tool in the market for small businesses and agencies. SharpSpring has been implemented by thousands of businesses since they excel in providing a great product to their clients. It offers a lot of features, including automation and analytics, and also allows integrations with other tools. This gives you the opportunity to manage multiple clients on a single platform. Furthermore, with ROI tracking tools, you can easily identify and convert leads.

In terms of payment plans, SharpSpring pricing is one of the most affordable in the market compared with others on the same level. Support quality is also top-notch, with different options to reach the support team. This ensures that bugs don’t slow down your business. Our SharpSpring review of its interface was also very positive, considering that it has a user-friendly design. Moreover, it provides tons of information on how to use a platform that is mobile compatible.

Try SharpSpring Now!

SharpSpring offers the best marketing automation services for both small and well-established businesses. Click here to try out the product demo and get ready to improve your business marketing strategies.



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