Nextiva helps businesses manage all their conversations and engage with customers and teams with one powerful easy-to-use solution. It simplifies business operations, improves collaboration, and helps work teams accomplish more.

80% Genius Score

review new │ Nextiva Review

As the best business phone system in the US, Nextiva has a lot to offer, but is it the right VoIP application for your business? 

Nextiva offers an extensive selection of integrated audio, video, and messaging options. It is best for businesses of all sizes and adapts well as your company expands.

If you’re looking for a top-notch business communications solution, you’ll need to take a closer look at Nextiva’s extensive list of call management and productivity-enhancing capabilities. 

In this Nextiva review, we will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether Nextiva is suitable for your company.

Nextiva – Best for all-size businesses
Nextiva is a VoIP application that helps businesses grow more quickly and it enables people to work more efficiently.

pros and cons new │ The Pros and Cons of Nextiva

Let’s first discuss some of the software’s major benefits and drawbacks before delving deeper into all the factors that make Nextiva one of the best VoIP business phone systems. These should give you a comprehensive summary of the product’s advantages and disadvantages and recommendations on where to start your research.


tick new Unlimited Video and Voice Calling

Work calls can sometimes last long, leaving you with hefty phone bills at the end of the month. However, with Nextiva, you’ll never have to worry about talk time!

tick new Excellent Customer Service

Choosing a service provider committed to ensuring that your problem is solved quickly is essential. This is what you can expect from Nextiva.

tick new Mobile and Desktop Applications

You and your employees can enjoy the features of this communication software from virtually any device since it has intuitive desktop and mobile applications.

tick new Call Pop Feature

When a current client contacts your company, Nextiva’s CRM Call Pop feature displays important account contact details like the last conversation, account value, and most recent survey result.

tick new Seamless Integration

The most popular CRMs and business tools, such as Google Contacts, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more, are all effortlessly integrated with Nextiva’s advanced packages.


cons new It Isn’t as Affordable as Other VoIP Systems

Unfortunately, Nextiva’s high-tier packages can be pretty pricey. However, considering all the features you get with these plans, it may just be worth the extra spend.

cons new Poor Internet Connection Could Cause Dropped Calls

Since Nextiva is an internet-based system, a poor connection could lead to dropped calls and not being able to use many of the software’s features. If you have poor internet service in your area, Nextiva (or any other VoIP system) may not be the right solution to your business communication needs.

cons new CRM Integrations Only Available on Advanced Plans

Suppose you need a system that integrates well with business tools and CRMs. In that case, you’ll have to invest in a top-tier package, which may not be feasible for small businesses.

Nextiva AdvantagesNextiva Disadvantages
plus new No limitations on voice and video callsminus new Pricier than competitors
plus new Outstanding customer supportminus new Poor internet connectivity could lead to poor functionality
plus new It can be used on desktop and mobile devicesminus new CRM and business tool integrations are only available on top-tier plans
plus new Convenient call pop feature
plus new Can be integrated with CRMs


Try Nextiva Today!

Whatever may be your business size, Nextiva allows you to work smartly using its business VoIP phone service.

what new│ What Is Nextiva?

This software is one of the best-integrated video, voice, and message business communications solutions on the market. The award-winning software is listed among the top business VoIP systems for 2022 by Forbes Advisor.

Nextiva provides many comprehensive packages, which include Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. If you take an annual subscription, you can expect to pay $18.95 to $57.95 each month for every user.

According to the Nextiva website, over 100,000 businesses in the US rely on this communication system. This is likely because of the many features and benefits you would not receive with a traditional communication solution.

Among these features is call pop, an intuitive function that can make dealing with customers a breeze. You’ll also get collaboration tools, CRM integration, SIP trunking, and more!

point new Overall Rating5/5
point new FunctionalityDesktop and mobile apps make it very easy to use. 
point new Features for BusinessesNextiva offers many functions, including collaboration tools, call pop, and more.
point new PerformanceReliable service – Nextiva has reported a 99.999% uptime

how new │ How Does It Work?

Nextiva is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) application. Instead of using a physical telephone, a virtual phone system provides a communication platform that enables call making and receiving over the internet. 

Using a single corporate phone number, users can place and receive phone calls on a desktop application, a mobile device, or a desk telephone.

This means all you’ll need to get started with Nextiva are communication devices that connect to the internet, a stable and reliable connection, and a subscription!

feature new │ Features of Nextiva

This Nextiva review wouldn’t be complete without a closer look at the features that this VoIP software has to offer. 

Nextiva has a host of helpful and relevant features to help businesses big and small thrive.

If you’re concerned about call volumes, there’s no need to worry. Nextiva allows you to handle as many calls as your business needs, so you won’t experience downtime, dropped calls, or disrupted services if your business typically receives many calls. 

The company also offers a comprehensive solution for customer support requirements, with various automated features like self-service options. 

Plus, with excellent CRM integration capabilities and other useful things like call pop and collaboration tools, you’ll find that Nextiva is the ultimate solution to your communication demands.

Here are some of the features you can expect with a Nextiva plan:

point new Collaboration Tools

Nextiva Cospace, a collaborative tool, is one of the best features of this virtual phone system. If you’ve ever used applications like Zoom to communicate with your teams, you probably know how important collaboration is for any business.

Cospace combines all the task management, screen-sharing, video-calling, and messaging features that you have come to expect from popular tools like Microsoft Teams. It also offers scheduling and sharing capabilities.

Why is this important when you’re already using a collaboration tool? Well, you can centralize your communication with Nextiva.

point new SIP Trunking

Companies can transfer their infrastructure-based operations thanks to the use of cloud technology with Nextiva, which results in cost reductions and a switch from CAPEX to OPEX for financial reporting purposes. 

The removal of the conventional PBX eliminates phone lines and facilitates internet-based capabilities, such as voicemail to email transfer.

point new Mobile and Desktop Applications

Many of Nextiva’s rivals provide standard IP phone features. Even though this isn’t a problem, it restricts who can use the service.

Naturally, it becomes much easier to extend functionality to remote or hybrid workers that may choose to work using their smartphones and computers, thanks to applications like Zoiper and InfinityOne. This arrangement is possible with Nextiva without using a third-party program or license.

point new CRM Integration

One area where Nextiva stands out from its rivals significantly is in the realm of CRM integration. AI components such as customer satisfaction evaluation and keyword search evaluation form the basis of the sales pipeline CRM. 

This is done to customize the company’s strategy to manage each client’s specific intended customer journey effectively.

Every pipeline need you can think of is covered by Nextiva’s CRM feature, from qualifying prospects to driving revenue. This naturally means that there are alternatives for phone, chat, surveys, and email among the interaction choices.

CRM is a crucial component of any customer-facing firm, which explains why it is being implemented more frequently globally. Remember that Nextiva offers the required integration if you already have a CRM system.

point new Call Pop

Suppose you’re interested in Nextiva for a call center or customer support department. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that Nextiva has an innovative feature called Call Pop that allows users to view essential customer details while on a call.

If a customer calls in to inquire about their account balance, Nextiva will display the relevant information on the screen so the agent can provide the client with this information.

Why We Need to Use Nextiva

point new It can help you integrate your CRMs seamlessly.point new The software incorporates innovative collaboration tools.
point new Call Pop feature ensures that your employees have access to the information they needpoint new It provides world-class service.
point new Nextiva allows users to enjoy its features on virtually any device. point new Switch your business operations over to this system quickly and easily.

who new │ Who Should Use Nextiva?

Whether you have a small or large business, Nextiva can provide an intuitive solution to your business communication needs. 

point new Small Businesses

If you own a small business, you may not realize how important it is to have a professional business communication system. Many small businesses rely on telephone calls and emails as their form of communication.

However, a VoIP communication solution can ensure proper business growth through collaboration, and Nextiva has a host of tools for this purpose. 

Moreover, if you’re trying to grow your company, you’ll need to ensure that you’re providing outstanding customer service to boost your reputation.

All of this can be possible with Nextiva.

point new Large Businesses

If you run a large business, you probably understand the importance of having all your communication tools on one system. One missed customer query could have grave consequences for the company. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this Nextiva review, the system can handle high call volumes, making it the perfect communication tool for large businesses and call centers. It also offers a host of tools that allows your teams to collaborate and work together for the company’s benefit.

point new Small businesses can use Nextiva to grow their customer base by providing exceptional customer service.
point new This tool is easy to use, making it suitable for employees who aren’t very tech-savvy.
point new Larger corporations can also benefit from Nextiva’s innovative tools and integrate all their communication mechanisms onto one intuitive platform.

cost and time new │ Nextiva Cost and Time

The truth is that for businesses, time is money, so saving time on mundane tasks like installing or integrating a new communication system is important. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend hours, days, or weeks trying to get your business communication software set up.

Because it is an internet-based system, you won’t need to have any infrastructure installed before it is up and running. You can set up your Nextiva communication solution in just a few minutes!

Is Nextiva expensive? The company offers a number of packages for businesses of different sizes, so pricing will vary. Considering the number of features you get, it is worth the spend.

usability new │ Usability of Nextiva

One of the primary reasons why Nextiva is so successful and well-loved is because it is so easy to set up and use. 

This is important because you’ll have different types of employees using the system, and the last thing you need is to have to schedule regular training sessions on how to make a phone call.

To make things easier for users, Nextiva has included innovative applications for mobile and desktop devices. These apps allow users to access the system’s functionalities easily and have user-friendly UIs that make them very easy to navigate.

pricing new │ Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva offers a range of pricing tiers that cater to businesses small and large. Keep in mind that pricing is calculated based on the number of users, so for more accurate pricing, you’ll need to get in touch with the company.

Business Communication

The company offers three solutions for businesses:

  • Essential
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

If you’re interested in the Essential package for a small business, you can expect to pay $18.95 per user per month. The Professional plan will cost you $22.95 per user per month, and the Enterprise option for large corporations costs $32.95 per user per month.

You can request a free trial to try the system out for free.

Contact Center

There are four contact center options:

  • Core
  • Premium
  • Optimum
  • Ultimate

Nextiva also offers an intelligent cloud-based contact center. You’ll need to speak to a company representative to find out what you can expect to pay for these plans.

Business Communication Plans
point new Free trial availableYes
point new Essential$18.95
point new Professional $22.95
point new Enterprise$32.95
Contact Center Plans
point new CoreTalk with an expert
point new PremiumTalk with an expert
point new OptimumTalk with an expert
point new UltimateTalk with an expert

tools new │ Nextiva Tools

In the section below, we’ll take a closer look at some useful tools that Nextiva provides.

Sales Tools

Sales Tools

Nextiva allows you to manage and monitor the entire sales process on one intuitive platform. You can see deadlines, progress, deals, and more at a glance. It also allows you to track leads and conversions and customize each stage of the sales process to suit your objectives.

Service Tools

Service Tools

When you sign up with Nextiva, you’ll also have access to several service tools, which are essential for providing high-quality customer service. If your customer service employees work from home, Nextiva enables them to reach customers and provide customer support wherever they are.

Smart Automation

Smart Automation

You can also automate mundane tasks like sending welcome emails with Nextiva’s innovative smart automation tools.

Points to Note
point new You can have a dependable network and premium services, including call pop, real-time data, unlimited calling, a customer survey builder, and much more with Nextiva. 
point new The capability of CRM and VoIP systems is combined in Nextiva’s Communication Suite.
point new It has packages that make it suitable for small businesses.

example new │ Customer Account

Phat Scooters, a manufacturer and distributor of high-end scooters, uses Nextiva to drive sales through efficient customer service. It has also used this communication software to enhance its overall business decision-making since Nextiva allows you to see the entire sales process in one intuitive platform.

According to Ashley Fairchild from Phat Scooters, this intuitive system took their business to the next level.

support new │ Nextiva Support

Nextiva is renowned for its outstanding customer service. It has a support center where users can find more information to help them set up their device to make and receive calls with Nextiva.

The company also offers support in the form of live chat and a web-ticket-based system where you can include all the relevant details, and a company representative will be in touch to help you with your issue.

You can also get in touch with the sales department by dialing +1-800-799-0600 or human resources at +1-844-202-5598.

point new 24/7 customer support is offered.
point new The support center offers many resources to help you set up your VoIP system.
point new Live chat is available to direct you to the right resources.
Alternative to Nextiva
If you’re looking for an alternative to Nextiva, you can consider RingCentral. It has many of the features that Nextiva does. 
Comparing Nextiva with RingCentral
While RingCentral may have similar functionality, some features are limited on the lower tiers, so you’ll have to invest in a costlier plan if you want to use them. What’s more, RingCentral’s high-paying plans are more expensive than Nextiva’s. However, it does offer a longer free trial period.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

If you are a business owner, you can benefit from implementing a VoIP business service from Nextiva. 

While other VoIP services allow you to simply make and receive calls, Nextiva takes it one step further, providing a host of features and tools to help you manage your sales process, monitor leads, and up your customer service game to drive sales and increase revenue. 

If you aren’t sure whether this software application is right for your business, why not try it out for free?


Try Nextiva Now!

If you’re a business owner looking for the ultimate communication system, Nextiva is a fantastic choice. Sign up for a free trial to experience this incredible VoIP service for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you’re ready to try Nextiva, you can head over to the Nextiva website and sign up for a free trial. Keep in mind that this free trial applies only to the Essential plan, so your usage will be somewhat limited. If you're happy, you can talk to a representative to find out which plan would be best for your business.

The following VoIP services are some of the company’s most prominent competitors: RingCentral 8x8 Grasshopper Dialpad Google Voice

Not at all. You can go for a monthly plan if you prefer.

Yes, you can rent IP phones from the company to use with your Nextiva subscription.



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