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Pricing modelPer Seat
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes Pricing Overview has a unique pricing plan, as its roundup cost is eventually based on the number of seats required for the plan you choose. Irrespective, it offers a free plan that’s referred to as the Individual Plan and four subscription levels – Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise Plans.

Below is a chart of each subscription plan and its accruing benefits. Pricing PlansMonthly Pricing PlansAnnual Pricing PlanSave % on annual plan
point new Basic$10 per seat$96 per seat20%
point new Standard$12 per seat$120 per seat17%
point new Pro$20 per seat$192 per seat20%
point new EnterpriseContact Monday.comContact Monday.comContact pricing explained in video

Value Metrics

Storage Space (GB)0.55201001000
Cost per GB storage space$0.00$2.00$0.60$0.20 
Activity log (weeks)112448240
Cost per Activity log$0.00$10.00$0.50$0.42 
Integrations (actions/month) 25025000250000
Cost per Monthly Integration action $0.05$0.00 
Automations (actions/month) 25025000250000
Cost per Monthly Automation action $0.05$0.00 
Dashboard (boards per dashboard)1151050
Cost per Dashboard$0.00$10.00$2.40$2.00 
Features Listed2526364159
Cost per Feature$0.00$0.38$0.33$0.49 Pricing Plan

2 usersUnlimited usersUnlimited usersUnlimited usersUnlimited users
1000 items limitUnlimited items limitUnlimited items limitUnlimited items limitUnlimited items limit
0.5GB storage space5GB storage space20GB storage space100GB storage space1000GB storage space
1 week activity log1 week activity log24 weeks activity log48 weeks activity log240 weeks activity log
Unlimited boardsUnlimited boards and docsUnlimited boards and docsUnlimited boards and docsUnlimited boards and docs
Over 20 column typesOver 20 column typesOver 20 column typesOver 20 column typesOver 20 column types
200+ templates200+ templates200+ templates200+ templates200+ templates
iOS and Android appsiOS and Android appsiOS and Android appsiOS and Android appsiOS and Android apps
Unlimited free viewersUnlimited free viewersUnlimited free viewersUnlimited free viewers
Embedded documentsEmbedded documentsEmbedded documentsEmbedded documentsEmbedded documents
Whiteboard collaborationWhiteboard collaborationWhiteboard collaborationWhiteboard collaborationWhiteboard collaboration
Updates sectionUpdates sectionUpdates sectionUpdates sectionUpdates section
Zoom integrationZoom integrationZoom integration
4 guest access billed at 1 setUnlimited guest accessUnlimited guest access
Enterprise reporting & analytics
    Full administration & control
Shareable formsShareable formsShareable formsShareable formsShareable forms
Customizable notificationsCustomizable notificationsCustomizable notificationsCustomizable notificationsCustomizable notifications
250 integrations (actions/month)25000 integrations (actions/month)250000 integrations (actions/month)
Time trackingTime trackingTime tracking
Formula columnFormula columnFormula column
Dependency columnDependency columnDependency column
    Premium integrations
1 board per dashboard1 board per dashboard5 boards per dashboard10 boards per dashboard50 boards per dashboard
Kanban viewKanban viewKanban viewKanban viewKanban view
Timeline viewTimeline viewTimeline view
Calendar viewCalendar viewCalendar view
Map viewMap viewMap view
Chart viewChart view
Self-serve knowledge baseSelf-serve knowledge baseSelf-serve knowledge baseSelf-serve knowledge baseSelf-serve knowledge base
24/7 customer support24/7 customer support24/7 customer support24/7 customer support24/7 customer support
Daily live webinarsDaily live webinarsDaily live webinarsDaily live webinarsDaily live webinars
Dedicated customer success manager
99.9% uptime SLA
SOC 2 Type II ComplianceSOC 2 Type II ComplianceSOC 2 Type II ComplianceSOC 2 Type II ComplianceSOC 2 Type II Compliance
Two-factor authenticationTwo-factor authenticationTwo-factor authenticationTwo-factor authenticationTwo-factor authentication
Google authenticationGoogle authentication
Single Sign On (Okta, One login, Azure AD, Custom SAML)
 HIPAA Compliance
 Integration Permissions
IP restrictions

Try out the Standard Plan Now!

Of the four subscription plans that offers, the Standard Plan is the most popular. If you are looking for the right plan that combines some of the best collaborative features of the platform without having to pay for the top-tier plans, this is the right choice. Try it out now! Feature List

Reporting and Analytics

One of the most prominent features of is its CRM feature. Divided into several categories like lead management, contact management, deal management, development tools and reporting and analytics, the CRM feature works towards helping businesses track their leads and customers, while managing the sales pipeline in order to close more deals.

Reporting and analytics in particular has some specific tools that give your business the visibility it needs into the sales pipeline with the end goal of identifying trends or opportunities.

However, the most comprehensive features only belong in the Enterprise Plan level. It includes enterprise reporting & analysis, dashboard email notifications, work performance insights and pivot analysis and reports. 

Upgrading to the Enterprise Plan level requires you to get in touch with the company’s sales team for a quote that will fit your company needs.


Creating a account for your business allows for collaboration amongst team members, ensuring that there’s a boost of productivity, and all deadlines are met.

From customized sharable boards that keep all team members on track, to over 20 column types that help to plan and track work, there’s almost no limit to the possibilities of collaboration with

No matter your plan type, you’ll have access to whiteboard collaborations, embedded documents, and updates sections. It’s worth pointing out that features like unlimited guest access and Zoom integration are exclusive to the top two plans – Pro and Enterprise plans.

Project Management

The management capabilities of is one of the reasons why it’s become a top-rated solution. From team management and contact management, to deal and general project management, can be used across different processes.

It includes several tools that can be used to close gaps between sales and marketing teams. Activity logs record the different interactions with customers and teams, while the different shared board views help in storing and organizing real-time data within one central location.

There are several management features, particularly views and reporting tools, that exist within the framework. The free and Basic Plans only provide one week of activity log and one board per dashboard for users, while the other plans go as far as 24, 48, and 240 weeks respectively for activity log, and 5, 10, and 50 boards per dashboards respectively.

Also, only the Pro and Enterprise Plans provide all the range of views – Kanban, Timeline, Calendar, Map, Chart and Workload views.

Facts about plans has a forever free plan as much as it provides for subscription plans that fit businesses of different sizes. All the paid plans offer a 14-day free trial, after which the pricing is charged per team, with a minimum of three seats (users).’s Integration Technique entails a feature-rich platform that ensures the integration of various applications and systems. As a work management platform, it’s only right that it allows for a connective layer between users and the work that they do, to ensure increased operational efficiency. 

The idea behind the different features and capabilities is to ensure optimal support, particularly for cross-functional teams. allows for integration with a number of other applications and they include Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar, Zendesk, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Gmail, GitHub, MailChimp, Slack, and Facebook Ads. integrations are only available from the Standard Plan upward. While the Standard Plan provides for 250 integration actions each month, the Pro Plan goes as far as 25,000 actions, and the Enterprise Plan provides an unlimited amount of integration actions. 

It is suggested that to get the optimum level of integration from that you subscribe to at least the Standard Plan.’s Support Technique offers an acceptable level of customer support. The support page directs users to self-serve articles that help to provide necessary knowledge-based answers. For more advanced needs, 24/7 customer support via web forms are available where you can submit your questions. Daily live webinars are also available to know more about the features.

The highest level of customer support is available to those within the Enterprise Plan subscription. You get a dedicated customer success manager that takes you through the process at 99.9% uptime SLA, and when you pay for 25 users and above on the yearly plans, you get access to tailored onboarding. Pricing Plans Explanation offers a free plan, and four subscription plans which unlock several new features as you ascent. Here are the plans concisely explained. Free Plan – Individual Plan

Officially referred to as the Individual Plan, the free plan is a great choice for independent professionals that are looking to keep track of their tasks and work at the most basic level. It’s also a great choice if you’re new to the platform and want to understand the simple features presented. 

This forever free plan only allows two seats with 20 column types, support over iOS and Android devices, 200+ templates to choose from, and an unlimited number of documents and boards. Basic Plan

Cost: $10/per seat month or $96/per seat annually, 5GB storage space and unlimited number of users


  • All the features of the Individual Plan
  • Unlimited free viewers and items
  • 5GB file storage space
  • 1 week activity log
  •  Prioritized customer support
  • The ability to create a dashboard based on one board

The Basic plan is the first of’s paid plans. It allows users to manage all the team’s work from one place, while providing some essential features that aren’t available in the Individual plan.

The Basic plan starts at $10 per month, and $96 when billed annually for each user. The monthly billing comes at a higher rate, but irrespective of the route taken, there has to be at least 3 users. This plan offers 5GB of file storage space, prioritized customer support and a dashboard based on just one single board.

Although the plan may seemingly be limiting, it’s a good choice for a team with a small number that’s still unsure of the specific features that will be needed for its work management or where exactly the platform comes in for them. Standard Plan

Cost: $12/per seat month or $120/per seat annually, 20GB storage space and unlimited number of users


  • All the features of the Basic Plan
  • Timeline and Gantt views
  • Calendar view
  • Guest access
  • Automations for up to 250 actions a month
  • Integrations for up to 250 actions a month
  • The ability to create a dashboard that combines up to five boards

The Standard Plan provides much more features than the Basic plan and it happens to be’s most popular plan. It starts at $12 per month, and $120 when billed annually for each user.

Perhaps, the reason why it is popular is because it provides a higher level of potential, which include the Timeline and Gantt chart view, calendar view, automations and integrations, guest access for 4 external users to collaborate with the team, and a dashboard that combines up to 5 different boards. It also increases the storage space by 300% to 20GB.

If you have a small business with a good level of collaboration needs, then the Standard Plan may just be right for you. It offers most of the project management features that a small business could wish for at a reasonable price. Pro Plan

Cost: $20/per seat month or $192/per seat annually, 1000GB storage space and unlimited number of users


  • All the features of the Standard Plan
  • Private boards and documents
  • Chart view
  • Time tracking
  • Formula column
  •  Dependency column
  • The ability to create a dashboard that combines up to 10 boards

The Pro plan is the first of’s top tier plans. It starts at $20 per month and $192 when billed annually for each user. 

At this level, you get private documents and boards, formula columns, chart views, dependency columns, more integrations and automations, and a dashboard that combines up to 10 separate boards.

The Pro Plan is targeted towards larger businesses, or small businesses that have outgrown the features of the lower tiers. The plan offers a high level of extra security options and user control.

The Pro plan’s biggest attraction will be that it has extra views, which provide better oversight for larger teams. The workload view shows who is doing what and who could do more, while charts can help give you a bird’s-eye view of how tasks are coming along. Enterprise Plan

Cost: Price quote will be determined by the sales team and the specific requirements of the business, 1000GB storage space and unlimited number of users


  • Enterprise-scale automations and integrations
  • Enterprise-grade security and governance
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Multi-level permissions
  • Tailored onboarding
  • Premium customer support
  • The ability to create a dashboard that combines up to 50 boards

This final top-tier plan is meant for those organizations that need enterprise-level features. Just like most similar software platforms,’s highest plan adopts custom pricing for all the features available on You’ll have to contact’s sales team directly for a quote.

The plan includes enterprise-scale integration and automation, enterprise-scale security and governance, premium customer support, advanced reporting and analytics, personalized onboarding, multilevel permissions and a dashboard that combines up to 50 boards. It also includes a 99.9% uptime in its Service-Level Agreement.

Try out the Enterprise Plan Now!

As the top tier website plan, the Enterprise plan offers every possible feature that you can need for a work management platform. If you do enterprise-scale integrations and automations, you’ll love the Enterprise plan. Reach out to the Sales team for your quote today!

Overview of Website Pricing Model

point new Individual Plan – Best for independent professionals
point new Basic Plan – Best for a small business team
point new Standard Plan – Best for small business with a range of project management needs
point new Pro Plan – Best for larger teams or small businesses that plan to expand
point new Enterprise Plan – Best for large organizations that need enterprise-level features

How much does cost? is one of the highly rated work management tools today and compared to the pricing plans of the other alternatives, it is much more reasonable. 

Generally, it costs less when compared to other top-tier platforms like Asana, and Project Insights, but costs more than Jira. Subscription ranges from $10 to $20 per user per month, and $96 to $192 per user annually, excluding the Enterprise Plan that is based on a quote. Which Pricing Plan is Right for You? provides a wide range of pricing plans for its customers. In the end, the pricing plan for may not be all that complicated – it gets easier when you subscribe to the annual payment method, rather than the monthly ones. With this you can save up to an average of 18% on each plan.

The free version is a great choice if you’re an independent professional that needs a good work management tool without the complexities, or you’re a small business that’s new to the platform and want to understand the simple features presented.

The Basic plan may also seem like a steal for a small business team. You get access to a dashboard with a Kanban board with a larger storage space.

The Standard is a customer favorite because it offers all the right project management tools for small businesses. It’s good for organizations that have task planning as a major priority for business success.

The Pro plan is ideal for larger businesses or small businesses that have expansion plans for the future. Larger businesses require a higher level of security and user control, and that’s what the Pro plan offers.

Last on the subscription list is the Enterprise Plan, and it’s ideal for large organizations that have a wide enterprise scope. Contacting the Sales team of allows them to provide you with features that fit into your organization’s big picture.

Try out the Basic Plan Now!

Like the name suggests, the Basic plan provides you with the basic work management features that all small-sized teams will require. You can access just enough storage space and view boards to manage your workflows.

Added Information about

Additional or Hidden Costs

With, the Enterprise plan is the only route to any form of hidden costs. The reason for this is that your eventual cost will depend on the particular features and requirements that your business needs.

However, the basic features of the Enterprise Plan are covered on the pricing page of the’s website.

How to Save Money Using

First, you can try the Individual Plan for free for as long as you need to get a hang of how the platform works.

Each of the plans have a 14-day free trial period, so you can try that to ensure that you understand the intricacies of the plan provisions.

Ensure that you use the size and needs of your business to gauge the plan tier that works best for you. If your business consists of just a small team, then you may not need the Pro or Enterprise.

Also, you can visit’s Help Center to get the necessary answers on your upgrading or downgrading questions.

How Do I Pay for My Membership/Subscription? accepts the following payment methods: All the major credit cards (excluding debit cards) – Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Bleue, Union Pay. 

You can also purchase your subscription with PayPal. Invoices are accepted for Enterprise orders that meet a minimum fee.

Can I Use Monday.coms for Free?

Yes! Our Individual Plan is for independent professionals looking to keep track of their tasks and work. If you are interested in using only the most essential features of, this is the plan for you.

Location-based pricing offers pricing originally in US Dollars, but the same prices converted to the currency of your specific region. For instance, Canada may have a slightly different pricing because of the change in the rates of the currencies. Pricing vs. Competitors definitely stands strong against its competitors particularly when you consider its pricing and the features provided. Most users choose this because it’s simple to use, customizable, and easy to scale when compared to other options like Asana, Trello or Zoho Projects.

Compared to similar platforms, here’s how does;

Zoho Projects

This is a cost-efficient alternative that offers more advanced features at a more affordable plan price. Users can also gain access to Gantt charts, automation, project budget, time tracking and sub-tasks features easily. The downside is that you may have to trade some customization functionality and get them at higher priced plans.


Asana offers a free plan that gives access to several work views like board, lists and calendar views. The free plan gives a wider scope compared to’s and is ideal for small teams because of its unlimited file storage, activity log, and free time tracking integrations.

Main FeatureMonday.comZoho ProjectsAsana
Monthly Plan$10 – $20 per user, per month$5 – $10 per user, per month$13.49– $30.49 per month
Annual Plan$8 – $16 per user, per month$4 – $9 per user, per month$10.99– $24.99 per month
Prosplus new Forever free plan available for up to 2 seats.
plus new Modern, intuitive and visual dashboard.
plus new Highly customizable.
plus new 200+ templates for creating boards and automations
plus new Free plan available.
plus new Affordable pricing plans.
plus new Automation on all plans.
plus newMultiple integrations
plus new Great user experience.
plus new Tons of integrations.
plus new A free and inclusive plan
Consminus new Minimum team size of three for paid plans.
minus new 14-day trial for paid plans
minus new AI features only on top tiers.
minus new Limited custom fields.
minus new No third-party integrations for free plan
minus new Not very friendly to new users.
minus new No multi-factor authentication.
minus new Limited exporting and importing functionality

Summary is a great choice for organizations of all sizes and functions even across different industries.’s visually appealing, intuitive interface and customization abilities empower users to manage work competently.

Try out the Pro Plan Now!

Have you tried out the Standard plan, but seem to need more features for your expanding team and organization, then it’s time to go Pro! Check out the Pro plan now.