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LogMeIn Pro is a reliable and secure remote desktop software that improves productive and efficient customer support services. LogMeIn Pro enables users to easily access their data, favorite websites or applications, and devices from anywhere in the world. More features include password management, screen sharing, and multi-monitor display.




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LogMeIn Pro is a remote access tool for a variety of companies, from small startups to entrepreneurs. This product is specially designed to allow workers to be productive from anywhere, safely. As long as you have an internet connection, LogMeIn Pro provides access to a computer through reliable, remote desktop software.

Read on for more information on our LogMeIn Pro review, including usability, features, support services, and more. For our review, we have given LogMeIn Pro a higher genius score. So, to find out why, keep on reading.

Pros and Cons 

Our LogMeIn Pro review uncovered several pros with this product, including:

  • Easily View And Manage Files— Host computer document transfer, viewing, and management easily available.
  • Multiple Computer Registration— Easy to register, administer, and use multiple computers in a single account.
  • User Activity Monitoring— Administrators view which users are logged into computer accesses, and monitor and audit activity.

We found some cons during our LogMeIn Pro review, like:

  • Apple Performance Lacking— Mac users find the connection to drop easier than with Windows computers.
  • Multi-Step Logout— Instead of a one-click disconnect and logout, there are multiple steps to securely end the connection.


LogMeIn Pro scores highly in terms of usability, which also influences our LogMeIn Pro review rating in a positive manner.

Because LogMeIn Pro lets users remotely access and control computer systems at any time from another location, this product supports greater productivity and an improved opportunity to balance work tasks and users’ personal lives. And it works well to fulfill that promise, considering the easy access to host computers and the ability to monitor and manage operations remotely.

LogMeIn Pro is also great in terms of ease of use. With clear and simple interfaces for users to navigate smoothly, you can quickly transfer information, share files, and monitor changes from a secure connection.

Additionally, LogMeIn Pro does offer mobile application support, and mobile users can download iOS and Android applications or use device browsers to access its services. 

This product is also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows-based computer operating systems and requires browser access or downloading the Windows LogMe Pro client desktop application to connect. 


LogMeIn Pro has a high rating for features, as well. And this is no surprise, as the product offers a variety of user capabilities all centered around remote access and how to easily manage documents from afar. Other aspects of LogMeIn Pro’s features include the following:

  • Easy To Navigate UI— Completely user-friendly, LogMeIn Pro offers easy interfaces that include file transfer, session recording, user access audits, screenshot capture, and much more.
  • Fast & Reliable Server Access— Because of the remote server access login, users can expect little to no downtime, with a simple and buffer-less login process.
  • Great Security Features— Administrators can easily set up LogMeIn Pro’s security features that allow for login notifications, credential checks, and user access authentication.
  • Password Storage— LogMeIn Pro offers LastPass as a password storage center for a yearly license, which includes storage, syncing, and secure password generation.
  • Remote Printing— Users can both access remote files and print documents at their current location, simply by connecting LogMeIn Pro to the local printing system and transferring files.

Support Quality

LogMeIn Pro also scores well in support quality, including the availability of support and service access options. 

Users who run into problems with their LogMeIn Pro product can access assistance via business-hours phone service, email support, or logging an IT ticket via the LogMeIn Pro support access portal. This product also features daily incident and update reports for users to view, including records of routine maintenance and what clients can expect.

For out-of-hours assistance, users can browse the comprehensive FAQ support page available online for LogMeIn Pro subscribers and free trial members alike or ask a question in the community portal. 

LogMeIn Pro Pricing – What Does It Cost?

LogMeIn Pro package prices scale for annual billing, depending on business size and the number of computers, including:

PlanPriceAvailable Features
TrialFreeUnlimited remote users and multi-monitor display.
Individuals$349.99 per year2-computer access and 1 LastPass Premium license.
Power Users$839.99 per year5-computer access and 3 LastPass Premium licenses.
Small Businesses$1,539.99 per year10-computer access and 5 LastPass Premium licenses. 
Pro 25 $3,499.99 per year25-computer access and 10 LastPass Premium licenses.
Pro 50 $6,999.99 per year50-computer access and 25 LastPass Premium licenses.
Enterprise Contact LogMeIn Pro for a quotePremium access features plus enhanced services.


LogMeIn Pro is a remote desktop service that allows users to be in two places at once, no matter their location or time zone. This product offers easy control of documents and desktops from another computer over a secure internet connection, allowing for full file access, transfer interfaces, and even easy-share options to connect with other users.

Users can also access great features like local printing from remote desktops, enhanced security and administration tools, and password storage software licenses, depending on the package tier you subscribe to.

Synchronize files, transfer documents, and share with fellow remote desktop users on the business end, or use the administrative features to get login authentication notifications, set user credential checks, and even monitor and audit the flow of information between users. 

LogMeIn Pro also includes seamless screen sharing that can be secured at the touch of a button, and internet remote session control, enhancing the overall security of the product’s host computer connection.

Try Out LogMeIn Pro Now!

LogMeIn Pro is a remote access product, allowing users to view and transfer files from any location that has a secure internet connection and better manage their time and tasks.



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