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LastPass, a leading password manager, offers a range of plans to cater to various needs. From the Free Plan for individual users to the all-inclusive Business Plan for large enterprises, LastPass provides a secure solution for password management. Dive in to understand the features and pricing of each plan to determine the best fit for you or your organization.
LastPass Review




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Overview of LastPass Pricing

LastPass is one of the most affordable and effective password managers that comes with various plans suitable for all kinds of businesses and sizes. The Free Plan allows you to use the features but limits the sharing to only one member, whereas the Team or Business Plans are suitable for up to 50 users.

In this article, we will review all LastPass pricing plans, what’s in the offer, and who they are for. So, let’s find out why LastPass is among today’s best password management solutions.

How Much Does LastPass Cost?

LastPass offers comprehensive pricing plans for businesses of different sizes. Below we break down each plan so you can see the general overview and cost of LastPass.

Name of PlanFreePremium Family Teams Business
point new Starting Price per Month$0$3$4$4$7
point new Starting Price per Month Annual$0$3$4$4$7
point new Starting Price Annual $0$36$48$48$84

Value Metrics

User limit11650Unlimited
Cost per Number of users$0.00$3.00$0.67$0.08
Number of passwordsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Save and autofill passwords
Password generator
Features Listed1520211537
Cost per Features Listed$0.00$0.15$0.19$0.27$0.16

LastPass Pricing Model Shared Features

Each of the LastPass personal plans comes with a particular set of features as enlisted below:

Free PlanPremium PlanFamily Plan
1 user accountAll features of the Free Plan are includedAll features of the Premium Plan are included
Access on only 1 device (you can choose a computed device, desktop or laptop, or mobile devices such as tablets, phones, or smart watches)Premium account6 Premium Accounts
Passwordless loginAccess on all devicesFamily manager dashboards with independent encrypted password vaults
One-to-one-sharing allows you to share your data with only one LastPass user1GB encrypted file storageGroup and share items in folders
Security dashboardAdvanced multifactor options
Password generatorEmergency access
Dark Web monitoringOne-to-many sharing allows you to share your data with other LastPass users
Unlimited passwordsPersonal customer support

The LastPass Business plans are tailored to simplify the workload for cloud-based businesses by offering the following set of features:

Teams PlanBusiness Plan
Capacity of up to 50 users with premium accountsAll features from the Teams Plan are included
Passwordless loginUnlimited amount of users
Zero-knowledge security modelAdvanced SSO and MFA add-ons are available
Security dashboardLastPass premium accounts for employee’s families
Multifactor Authentication (MFA)1,200 + pre-integrated SSO applications
Shared foldersCustomizable user management
Dark web monitoring


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Get access to all devices, personal customer support, and 1GB of encrypted file storage $36 annual fee.

LastPass Integration and Extension

To ensure seamless identity management, you can integrate LastPass with your pre-existing applications. Integrate it with all major identity providers like Google Workspace, Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta, Custom API, and PingFederate.

You can also add a LastPass extension for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. 

Did you know?

LastPass uses 256-bit AES encryption – a high-end security encryption which is used by militaries and banks.

LastPass Pricing Plan Overview

LastPass has convenient plans that can satisfy individual needs, freelancing, family, and businesses of all sizes. Currently, over 33 million users secure their passwords with LastPass, and over 100,000 businesses subscribe to the different plans.

The Premium Plan is considered the cheapest password management plan suitable for a single user. The feature worth mentioning is the one-to-many sharing option allowing you to give access to other LastPass users to enter your security vault in case of emergency. The Family Plan is created for bigger teams of up to 6 people and has a family manager dashboard to manage users and security, among other fantastic features.

The Team’s Plan is intended for a larger group and allows access to 50 users plus private vaults for every user. The zero-knowledge security model, multi factor authentication (MFA), and security folders are relevant features for a medium-sized team. 

The Business Plan is also known as the all-inclusive, therefore, the most expensive of all the plans. It offers a plethora of features, including unlimited apps through the “Advanced SSO” add-on and the “Advanced MFA” add-on, allowing you to extend passwordless authentication. 

LastPass Free Plan: Single Users and Freelancers

This plan suits a single user or a family needing better password management. This plan is ideal for freelancers on a tight budget because users can save and store an unlimited number of passwords while only having access to one user account.

Freelancers and independent users can also benefit most from this plan because LastPass offers access to two device types:

  • Mobile: includes mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets,
  • Computer: includes all browsers running on laptops or desktops.

Freelancers can rest assured by storing data with LastPass, as the Free Plan provides full security and Dark Web Monitoring. Users of this plan can save their passwords and other sensitive data for free, but when it comes to emergency access, they are allowed to share their data with only one LastPass user.

LastPass Premium Plan: Freelancers or Smaller Teams

The Premium Plan offers bigger memory allowing 1 GB of encrypted storage and one-to-many sharing. This means you get to share your info with more than one LastPass trusted user and get access through multiple devices. We recommend this plan for freelancers or individuals who work with multiple clients.

The personal customer support and advanced multifactor options come in handy when keeping a record of all the data coming from your clients. This plan does not limit the user to only one share, as in the Free Plan, which is enough to give you comfort in case of an accident. If a breach happens, the one-to-many features increase the chances of data recovery. For as little as $3 per month, any freelancer on a budget can afford this plan. 

LastPass Family Plan: Family or Smaller Business

As the name suggests, the Family Plan is intended for a family or small business of up to 6 employees sharing their personal information and accessing all data from all kinds of devices. All users under this plan will have premium accounts that allow them to manage and monitor account security, control membership by granting access and organize the shared data.

The family manager dashboard allows you to manage users and security. Every family member gets an encrypted password vault that only they get access to. Not even the people sharing this plan are allowed access to this vault. This is perfect for securing and separating personal and business data.

LastPass Teams Plan: Larger Teams or Mid-Sized Businesses

The Teams Plan is more suitable for small to mid-sized businesses whose work is cloud-based. If you are a business with too many passwords for your accounts or servers, this is your choice. 

The passwordless login feature allows users to access the shared account without needing the master password. This simplifies the entire workflow for a company working remotely. 

The Teams Plan offers a capacity for up to 50 people and personal vaults for each person within the plan. However, you should know that LastPass Teams Plan doesn’t come with SSO or any other available add-on.

LastPass Business Plan: Larger Businesses

The Business Plan is an all-inclusive plan that comes with various features suitable for larger companies or teams. One of the main perks of this plan is the unlimited number of users and 3 SSO apps with multi factor authentication that further protects the data and simplifies the process. 

You also get 100+ customizable policies, customizable user management, and, more importantly, Advanced SSO and MFA add-ons. This plan is suitable for large enterprises or those planning to expand in the future.


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For an affordable price of $4 per month, you get a personal vault for up to 50 people within the plan. Contact LastPass today and get more information.

Overview of LastPass Pricing Plans

point new Free PlanBest for personal use and freelancers
point new Premium PlanBest for freelancers and smaller teams
point new Family PlanBest for family or smaller businesses
point new Teams PlanBest for larger teams or mid-sized businesses
point new Business PlanBest for larger organizations and enterprises

Benefits of Using LastPass Pricing Plans

All LastPass pricing plans come with their own advantages worth considering when it comes to advanced password managers. However, we picked the top 5 benefits you can expect to enjoy by subscribing to LastPass. 

point new High-end Security for Free

All LastPass plans, including the Free Plan, come with high-end security that begins with the 265-bit AES encryption method, twofold authentication, and passwordless login to enter your vault. As mentioned, 265-bit encryption is a robust method used to secure bank and military data. 

point new Emergency Sharing with One or More LastPass Users

Depending on your plan, you can share it with other LastPass users during times of emergency. Note that the Free Plan allows you one-to-one sharing, but you have one-to-many sharing with other users if you opt for the paid plan. That increases the chances of you getting out of crises faster and more effectively instead of simply being out there on your own.

point new Dark Web Monitoring

All Business Plans, including the Free Plan, allow using the dark web monitoring feature. This feature allows monitoring of the dark web for potential data breaches 24/7. If there is a potential of breaking into the account or vault, LastPass will inform you immediately to react and prevent data theft and usage of your sensitive data.

point new Works on Many Devices 

Whether you are using LastPass pricing plans for single use only or the Business Plan, you can access your password vault from all devices, not just the desktop or mobile. The mobile UI is intuitive, so you will not struggle to navigate the site. The mobile version is also super fast, which allows you to run your business straight from your mobile device instead of rushing to your laptop/desktop.

point new Super Compatible Storage for Sensitive Information

LastPass is commonly known as a tool or a verification card used to access the desired site or mail without waiting too long. However, LastPass stores not only your passwords but also your personal information, such as security numbers, credit cards, financial documents, and other sensitive data. 

LastPass Pricing: Additional Features and Add-ons

Apart from the regular features offered in the LastPass pricing plans, more features are available to integrate into the Business Plan and improve the security of shared data. However, these features come as add-ons and are only available for the Business Plan. 

point new Single Sign-On Add-on Features

LastPass offers an advanced single sign-on feature to include in your plan for only $2 per user billed monthly. This feature allows your all-around identity to improve your password management. 

point new Advanced MFA Add-on Feature

Besides the SSO, LastPass includes the Advanced Multifactor Authentication add-on feature to boost security as a double-fold layer. This feature costs only $3 per user, billed extra every month. Once you get it, you can rest assured that a data breach is only possible if you’re careless and give your password to an untrustworthy person. 

point new Advanced SSO and MFA Add-on Bundle

LastPass also has a special offer for all Business Plan users: the advanced SSO and MFA add-on bundle. The bundle comes as part of the Business Plan for only $9 extra per user per month, but the features it unlocks are amazing. You get to have unlimited apps and policies with the advanced SSO and extend passwordless authentication with the MFA.


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Save and store unlimited passwords by signing up for the Free plan and get access from only one user account absolutely free. Join today.

Which is the Best LastPass Pricing Plan?

LastPass tailored its pricing plans according to individual and business demands for improved password management. However, it can be really difficult to pick your ideal pricing plan. One of the safe ways to see what plan suits you the most is to use the trial period and see how each plan applies to your needs. That way, you can make an informed decision based on which plan meets your needs.

How to Choose the Right LastPass Pricing Plan?

The best LastPass pricing plan is not the cheapest or the most expensive plan but the one that adheres to your needs. If you run a business and work remotely, the Business Plan is probably your best option as it fully improves the workflow of sharing passwords, approvals, etc.

However, if you need a security vault for your passwords and other sensitive data, then choose between the Free or Premium Plans as the most suitable. You don’t need to pay extra dollars for Business Plan features you won’t use. 

How do I Pay for my LastPass Subscription?

The LastPass subscription can be paid with major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club Credit, and JCB.

LastPass Customer Support

The customer support level will vary depending on your plan. Users of the Free plan can use the Basic support that includes Support Articles and Community. The Personal customer support includes the previous two plus 24/7 phone support and is available with the Premium and Families Plans. The third level of support is Business support available for users of Teams and Business plans. 

LastPass Alternative: Bitwarden

They are both designed for password management, but they do differ in certain ways. LastPass has a very intuitive user interface, a clear pop-up, offers major alerts, and flags weak passwords. Bitwarden is an open-source software with affordable pricing and an outdated interface. 

Pricing Plan FeaturesLastPassBitwarden
Monthly cost– Free Plan
– Premium Plan – $3
– Family Plan – $4
– Teams Plan – $4
– Business Plan – $7
– Free Plan
– Premium – less than $1
– Families – $3.33
– Teams Organization – $3
– Enterprise Organization – $5
Annual cost– Free Plan
– Premium Plan – $36
– Family Plan – $48
– Teams Plan – $48
– Business Plan – $84
– Free Plan
– Premium – $10
– Families – $40
– Teams Organization – $36
– Enterprise Organization – $60
Advantages – Free 14 to 30-day trial period for all plans
– Variety of plans
– Easy UI
– Best in-class free version
– Affordable pricing plans
– 2FA keys
Disadvantages– Insufficient customer support
– Company experienced data breaches in the past
– No address autofill
– Lack of premium features

Key Takeaways

Given that we deal with more and more accounts, remembering all passwords is nearly impossible and too risky, while writing them down in your notes is time-consuming. LastPass is one of the best password managers that allows you to save as many personal passwords as you like for free or super-affordable prices.

On the other hand, the Teams and Business Plans come with unique features that simplify the workflow for cloud-based businesses that mainly operate their business through many passwords and logins. The ideal pricing plan is the one that suits your demands and needs. 

The individual pricing plans are more suitable if you are a freelancer or a small company of up to 6 people. Mid-sized to large businesses will benefit more from the Business Plan as it has the capacity for unlimited accounts for your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LastPass offers a robust suite of password management tools. Whether it's worth the investment largely depends on individual needs, such as the volume of passwords, desired security features, and the convenience of having them securely stored in one location. Evaluating these factors can help determine if the cost aligns with the benefits received.

LastPass Premium has a yearly subscription fee at the time of writing of $36. The exact amount might vary over time or depending on promotional offers. It's best to check the official LastPass website or with authorized dealers to get the most current pricing.

While both LastPass Premium and Family offer advanced password management tools, the Family version caters more to households, allowing multiple users to securely store and share passwords. The Premium version is tailored for individual use. Comparing their features side by side can help ascertain which one aligns best with your needs.

Yes, there are several free password management tools available that might offer similar functionality to LastPass. However, the features, security protocols, and user experience might differ. It's essential to research and test these alternatives to determine which best suits your requirements.



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